Half Immortal Chapter 159

Endless train (end)

Half Immortal Chapter 159: Endless train (end)

As soon as Yan Wei’s voice fell, the iron floor of the train began to shake. Those thick blood had been attached to the four corners of the carriage. I don’t know when it will completely spread.

The rotten smell became more than ten times stronger in an instant.

Even if the perception is sealed, everyone present can feel the crisis from the package, and the pressure is almost suffocating.

Xu Miaomiao was surprised: “you mean carriage zero!”

When they first got on the bus, they were in the dining car, while Yan Wei and Xu Miaomiao chose to live in the sleeper room in car 11, which was separated from the dining car. So the dining car was car No. 9. At the beginning, they lived in car No. 11, while the night before they lived in Zhao Jingchen’s room was in car No. 12.

The first car from car 12 is car 11, and the second car from car 11 where they live is car 9. Then, the number from car 12 to car 9 is exactly countdown to zero.

The head of an old train is usually not in the marshalling. It can be said to be the head in front of carriage No. 0 or carriage No. 1.

Xiang Ying stirred the string of Buddha beads hanging on his hand and said quickly, “it’s impossible. Who hasn’t walked dozens of sections? Even if it’s a cover up, it’s impossible. There are only nine carriages ahead.”

“There are indeed more than nine carriages in front of us, but our habitual thinking makes us fall into a particularly fatal logical trap, that is, we think that we can’t walk through the front of the same carriages in front of us.”

They all think too much.

Including Yan Wei himself, before that, I felt that the so-called locomotive was not the front of the concrete train, but the representative of the abstract “starting point”.

But in fact, their speculation on the concept of infinity is completely wrong. In fact, this mistake has a loophole that is particularly easy to find, but this loophole was covered by all of them on the first day they got on the bus.

When the train shook, Yan Wei got up and walked to the front window.

The curtains were pulled tightly. Some thick blood has fallen on the curtain cloth, dyeing the light and shadow with a treacherous color.

Yan Wei raised his hand. His fingertips had touched the edge of the window curtain.

Xiang Ying hurriedly said, “wait first! The glass reflects light and will attract ghosts!”

Yan Wei looked back.

The carriage shook as if the earth were falling apart and the earth was shaking. The blood color turned everyone’s face red. Yan Wei’s face also reflected some dark color, but his clear eyes were still bright.

He looked at the blood dripping on the ground: “are you still afraid of ghosts now?”

Xiang wins the action he wants to stop.

Yan Mingguang already took out the slender whip in his hand. Lin Qing turned back and pulled the bow, aiming at the window in front of him.

Xu Miaomiao glanced: “ghosts are coming out. It doesn’t make any difference whether they recruit or not.”

Yan Wei moved his hand and suddenly opened the curtain!

At the next moment, the slightly bright daylight scattered into the car, slightly dispelled the darkness in the car, the fine raindrops by the window fell slowly, and the outline of the rain outside appeared vaguely.

On the left and right sides of the carriage, Yan Mingguang waved his whip and directly knocked down all the curtains on one side. Lin Qing released the black arrow in his hand, wiped the window, lifted the curtains, and finally nailed the curtain hanging the window to the iron sheet at the end.

All the curtains and shelters were pulled open.

There was a thunderbolt in the distant sky, and the sky was bright for a moment, so that the car was bright for a moment.

Xu Miaomiao grew up slightly.

“This is not…” Xiang Ying couldn’t even care about the blood flowing on the iron sheet. He leaned over to the window and looked at the scenery outside the window. “Isn’t this still the barren mountain we just got on the bus? We took the train for three days and didn’t drive out…”

Outside the window is the mountain wall with barren grass and rocks.

There is no difference from the scene Yan Wei and his colleagues saw on the platform. The wilderness is full of weeds and rocks, soaked by rain, and the train seems to be moving forward in a slightly curved arc, passing through the desolation.

Like fate, the next moment, the distance getting closer and closer outside the window gradually became clear.

Everyone in the carriage watched the train pass by the platform outside, which was the platform where they entered and got on the train on the first day. The train as like as two peas of the first day got on the train.

Xu Miaomiao murmured, “it’s not that we didn’t drive out. We… Have been circling the mountain.”

The train didn’t rain everywhere, but the barren mountain was in the rainy season. They didn’t leave here from beginning to end, so the thunder and rain never stopped.

“Have you heard of the snake with a tail?” Yan Wei drew close to Yan Mingguang’s coat on his body and said word by word, “it is said that the ancestor creature who swallowed his tail to form a ring. Its most well-known implication is infinite circulation, self swallowing, and also the symbol of immortality.” [1]

Li Maogen didn’t have an endless track that could supply the train to run endlessly.

All he has is a rail as long as the train body. The rail is a circle, which surrounds the hillside where they are.

The train is also a circle. Like a snake, the front of the car and the parking space are spliced together in a circle. The circular car runs on the circular closed rail, and the engine is always driven by the blessing of resentment. It moves around the circular rail forever, but it is trapped here forever and can’t leave.

They moved forward as like as two peas in a hard seat carriage, creating a sense of uncertainty that would never come to an end. This endless is actually caused by ending. Players have to go out of at least hundreds of carriages to return to the origin whether they go forward or backward.

But when they get out of dozens of cars, they will be attacked by ghosts and monsters. They have no chance to find this at all.

If they can always look at the scenery outside the window, they will find that the train will continue to return to the starting point the next day. They will find that the scenery outside the window will always repeat at intervals. They will find that the train is simply circling.

But they can’t find it, because it’s the easiest to find a loophole in the breaking method, which was blocked by them on the first day they got on the bus.

Why do reflective things attract ghosts? This has nothing to do with the blue sky plan, but it has become an incentive to trigger the emergence of ghosts?

In order to prevent the “passengers” from seeing the scene outside the window, they will not find that the scene will repeat.

——A leaf blinds the eye.

Ding Xiao was targeted by Li Mao precisely because in the backtracking she saw, the workers put forward the crucial logical loophole of the railway track.

“The car of blue sky is a tail snake driven forever. The car in front of car No. 1 is the front of the car and the tail of the car where the tail snake devours the tail. It is an eternal cycle and Prometheus who is bound to the rock and tortured day after day.” Yan Wei said, walking towards the car in front, and Yan Mingguang pulled him behind him.

“Li Mao is ahead,” said the man calmly. “You are in an ordinary state today. I’ll go ahead and take you there with my skills.”

Yan Wei didn’t push away. He turned aside and let Yan Mingguang go ahead.

Xu Miaomiao drives puppetry and follows Yan Wei with Ding Xiao. Lin Qing and Xiang win behind the palace.

The iron sheet on the ground has cracked like skin, slowly cracking, dirty hair drilling out of the gap, and it seems that there are bloody ghosts covered with corpses slowly emerging in the front and rear carriages. It was the body of the worker who was sealed in the carriage after being killed by Li Mao.

The ghosts in the dining car appeared first.

At the moment, the thing was covered with rotten insects, half of its broken neck shook constantly with the shaking of the carriage, and its green and white hands stretched out to them. It was only at the end of the carriage, but it moved two meters in the blink of an eye.

At the end of Xiang Ying, Lin Qing quickly threw out a high-level prop. Lin Qing turned back and pulled the bow. The black long arrow “whew” broke through the air. He was wearing the thrown high-level prop and shooting at the ghost with the high-level prop.

The arrow feather silently hit the ghost’s eyebrow.

Although the data of Lin Qing was sealed, the arrow feather was hung with high-level props. The ghost was hit by Zheng Zheng, and his action was slow for a moment.

Yan Wei and others rushed out of several carriages, but suddenly stopped.

On the hard seat carriage covered with blood, the dark red and the thick green on the hard seat are intertwined, which is very dazzling. Wearing a white steward’s dress, Li Mao sat on one of the seats. The blood flowing from the iron sheets on both sides had dyed most of his clothes red, but he didn’t move. He just looked at Yan Wei and others who came.

Yan Wei pulled Yan Mingguang’s hand with a slight force. They can’t beat Li Mao head-on. They can only avoid it by skills.

Yan Mingguang nodded with him and was ready to use his skills at any time.

Li Mao’s plain face is full of Yin at the moment. His face is thin and his eyes are empty. He is dark and can’t see the bottom.

Xiang Ying said “ah” and said: “resentment conflict, resentment! The black gas on him is almost drowning himself. He was also a ghost.”

nothing surprising.

All the people on the bus have died, and the anger has turned into a fierce ghost, and the resentment stays forever. Among these people, Li Mao is the most persistent. His resentment is heavier and thicker than everyone else.

“I just want eternity,” he said, his voice hoarse. “Why is it so difficult.”

These words blocked the corridor like train. Yan Mingguang in the front looked slightly undetectable, and his eyes flashed a trace of movement. But this subtle change came and went quickly, so fast that no one found it.

Yan Wei frowned.

He has heard many ghost confessions in the copies, most of which are obsessive and unwilling under greed, anger and infatuation. If he hears too much, no matter how kind people are, they will be numb.

But this time, he always felt a little uncomfortable. It seems to poke some points that he cares about or has experienced in his heart, and poke the most unspeakable pain.

But there was nothing in his memory that could be related to this sentence.

Yan Mingguang has used his skills.

He pulls Yan Wei, Yan Wei pulls Xu Miaomiao’s bone stick behind him, and Xu Miaomiao pulls Lin Qing. Lin Qing pulls Xiang Ying, and they come out of several carriages in an instant.

Ahead is the front with the tail.

In the front and back, the dead workers rushed out from the bottom of the carriage, and the mutilated bodies ran towards them. Li Mao just sat there and muttered, “I just want eternity…”

This sound is very small, but it is repeated through the mouth of each ghost, as if thousands of mouths open at the same time on the whole train, overlapping together, stimulating people’s nerves.

Yan Mingguang threw the props very neatly in front, but in a moment, he swept away the ghost and took Yan Wei to the scenery photo hanging at the end of the carriage.

Xiang Ying was not easy in the rear. He just threw a prop with Lin Qing, and the other side was suddenly scratched by the ghost’s hand.

The ghost grinned with a bloody mouth, his dark eyes bent and showed a frightening smile. With the gouged out blood hole, it suddenly pulled Xiang Ying into a pile full of ghosts!

Lin Qing raised his hand and wanted to catch it——

I caught a bald head that was slippery but not slippery. I slipped my hand and didn’t catch it.

Lin Qing: ”

He reached out again, grabbed Xiang Ying’s collar and pulled back the man who had broken his arm.

“Hiss -” Xiang Ying grabbed the Buddha bead with his other hand, and his whole face was twisted in pain.

“The wound can be cured when it goes up the stairs,” Lin Qing shot a few more arrows and said, “sorry, I just wanted to catch you back by pulling your hair like I used to catch my brother.”

He paused and said seriously, “forget you’re bald.”

Xiang Ying: ”

In front, Yan Wei has removed the hanging picture of this carriage under the cover of Yan Mingguang and Xu Miaomiao.

He turned the picture over.

The back is also like a picture frame. Inside the picture frame is an old photo with several bloody and miserable dead bodies.

——The evidence left by the workers found!

But the ladder did not appear.

Xu Miaomiao has used up the props given by Yan Wei just now. The bone stick is caught by the ghost. She grabs it suddenly, pulls back the bone stick, and hits the bloody iron wall behind her under the action of inertia. Seeing that Ding Xiao in front of her was about to be pierced by a ghost in her arm, even if she knew that the other party was a puppet and could repair the wound under her puppet operation, she stood up and stood in front.

The nearest dirty thing pulled a whole piece of flesh from the side of her neck in an instant.

She didn’t hum. Ding Xiao took several legendary props from Yan Wei again and threw them forward. He said with concern, “are you okay?”

Xu Miaomiao shook her head and wanted to shout Yan Wei to hurry up. On second thought, she thought how terrible the ancestor was. She couldn’t shout out in an instant. She would rather face the terrible ghosts in front of her.

Yan Wei was protected in the center by everyone, holding the picture frame in his hand, and said to himself, “where’s the ladder…”

Beside him, Yan Mingguang’s calm voice came: “Prometheus.”

Yan Wei blinked.

In myth, the story of Prometheus is actually divided into three stages. [2]

He first stole the fire, then was punished by Zeus, and finally rescued by Hercules.

The workers who found out the truth were the ones who stole the fire. They discovered Li Mao’s plan, left evidence, told all those who were kept in the dark, and gave everyone a chance to escape – although they failed in the end.

It is precisely for this reason that these people were regarded as traitors by Li Mao, who tied them to the end-to-end train and tortured day after day, just like Prometheus who was pecked by evil Eagles every day.

This photo, should be the first stage, is to bring fire to Prometheus on earth.

What they have to do now is to break the shackles and shoot down the evil Eagle like Hercules.

Yan Wei’s eyes lit up.

He grabbed the photo frame in one hand and took out a dagger in the other hand. He neatly opened the huge wooden frame stained with blood.

The wooden frame is broken, and the front and rear photos are scattered, revealing the picture sandwiched in the middle. In the picture, the chain that bound the man had broken, the eagle fell to the ground, a dark arrow feather was inserted in the heart, and the man stood up from the rock. [2]

Instead of falling, the picture rose slowly. Ahead, at the junction of the carriage, a hot flame from nowhere is still tenacious in the rain. It burned the connection of the carriage and disconnected the tail.

The chains were broken, Prometheus was saved, the connection between the head and the tail was cut off, and the end was endless.

The next moment, the oil painting emits a dark light, and the ghosts around suddenly stop at this moment. The shaking of the train, the rain and thunder outside the window, and the blood seeping from the iron sheet all stop.

The black stairs passed through the carriage and the stagnant ghosts, all the way to Yan Wei and others.

Xu Miaomiao breathed a sigh of relief: “ah, it hurts me…”

Lin Qing glanced at Xiang Ying around him and saw that the man was pale because of his broken arm and leaned against the iron wall. He thought about it and helped Xiang Ying up.

Xiang Ying felt Lin Qing’s eyes on his head and asked, “what are you looking at?”

Lin Qing: “take a picture, I find that there seems to be a little blood on my face.”

Xiang Ying: ”

“Your head seems a little reflective, but you don’t recruit ghosts?”


Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang. The man took out the glasses that could block the cold and put them on slowly. Finally, his cold face was a little gentle and less combed.

Yan Mingguang smiled at him, “let’s go.”

Get more than 90 invitations and go to the top floor again.

Yan Wei was dazzled by Yan Mingguang’s rare smile. When he came back, he had walked to the stairs with Yan Mingguang holding hands.

The prompt tone that didn’t appear in the whole copy finally sounded without waves: [death oppresses the end of this “endless train”, please climb the ladder as soon as possible for reward settlement.]


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