Half Immortal Chapter 16

Half Immortal Chapter 16: The Promenade Hotel (16)

On the corridors layer after layer, the arms stretched out in the portrait slowly stained with blood, and thick black blood flowed out of the portrait and dripping on the ground of the corridor. A lot of blood flowed down from the wall, covering it irregularly, except for the floor mirror hanging staggered with the portrait.

Blood stained portraits and clean landing will be staggered together, and the mirror reflects the strange corridor.

The smell of blood came to my nose.

Sun Shi finished his breakfast in the restaurant, got ready and took the diary upstairs. The elevator didn’t know why it had been shown to stay on the first floor underground. Sun Shi couldn’t press it. Forced by time, he finally decided to go up the stairs.

The whole hotel is full of treacherous and gloomy atmosphere. The smell of corruption and blood of the body are mixed together. The voices of many women mistily shout “eyes” and “give me eyes”.

Sun Shi drips the black blood spreading on the ground, and the sound of footsteps is mixed with a greasy sound. The stairway was very dark. Sun Shi ran up the escalator with the notebook found behind the mirror of the exhibition in his arms.

He gasped and saw that he was about to go to the top stairs. Some cool wind blew through his neck. He felt something patting him on the shoulder.

Sun Shi suddenly turned back.

Behind him was the dark steps that had been climbed below. Thick black blood flowed slowly from top to bottom, and there was nothing.

He breathed a sigh of relief and hurried back to finish the last few floors. In the gasping breath, the vision turned from the darkness with nothing in the rear to the stairway safety door close in front——

A woman’s face with two blood holes in her eyes suddenly appeared!

The woman was wearing the western style court dress in the painting, smiled at him with her mouth slightly open, and her exposed teeth were full of thick black blood and smelled fishy. The empty eyes seemed to see him and looked straight at him.

“Ah, eyes… If you have eyes, you might as well give them to me…”

“Ah –!”

Sun Shi suddenly stepped back a few steps, stepped on the falling ladder behind him, stumbled a step, fell directly, and rolled several times on the stairway.

Thick black blood immediately stained his whole body.

Sun Shi didn’t care so much and hurriedly stood up.

The eyeless woman in a western style court dress had walked slowly down the steps and approached him, shouting the word “eyes” in her mouth. Although she was moving, there was no sound in her footsteps.

Sun Shi is a player who has broken through several layers of copies. He glanced at the upcoming 15th floor and immediately realized that he had to bypass the woman and run to the studio. He took out his weapon from his arms and attacked the blind woman with a cruel heart.

The ghost’s strength is not strong. Sun Shi has hurt the key several times, but he gradually finds out that it is wrong – the man in the painting has no heart and is only bleeding endless black blood after being hurt by weapons, which can’t be hurt at all. Behind him, there was another blind woman who came out of the picture, all muttering to dig his eyes.

Sun Shi gradually lost his strength. When he waved his weapon, the diary on the inside of his clothes pocket fell down. He was stunned and lowered his head to pick up the diary that was wet with black blood. Unexpectedly, the eyeless women in front of and behind him suddenly stopped.

The people in the two paintings showed a frightened look at the same time. They didn’t care about sun Shi at all, and disappeared in the stairwell in a moment.

Sun Shi was stunned and rejoiced: “they are afraid of this diary? This thing is really the key to finding the ladder. Yan Mingguang and they don’t follow me, let them die here…”

He was covered with blood, holding this diary, and even the black blood flowing under his feet flowed around him. The strange scenes brought by the portrait seemed to be afraid of him and did not entangle with him at all.

Sun Shi easily arrived at the studio.

The studio was very quiet. The blood outside did not affect the studio at all. The portraits without eyes were still scattered on the ground, and there was no black blood inside.

Sun Shi was so happy that he couldn’t wait to run in with his notebook.

“Just mend your eyes… There are probably thousands of paintings in this room. If you paint your eyes casually, you can finish painting before sunset…”

He looked and saw tools and chairs beside the easel. He simply sat down, put his diary aside, picked up his pen and filled it in front of the eyeless portrait.

He just wanted to mend his eyes. The painting was not fine at all, but he mended a few in a moment.

Soon… This copy is more terrible than the one he has been to before, and it is almost over

Sun Shi was overjoyed. He threw away the mended one and picked up another one. He was preparing to write. A hoarse and gloomy voice sounded in his ear.

“What are you doing?”

Sun Shi subconsciously turned his head.

Beside him, a man covered with dried blood stood suspended, his head slightly sideways, and his empty eyes were quietly facing him. The male ghost’s expression was very angry, which set off the terrible blood on his face.

There are so many blind women coming out of the portrait, but this one in front of me is actually a man!

Moreover, sun Shi’s increased perception after several copies told him that this male ghost without eyes is stronger than those little ghosts he met before! He can’t be the man’s opponent at all.

Sun Shi immediately panicked. As soon as he threw away his painting tools, he got up and ran out of the studio around the male ghost.

Seeing sun Shi’s escape, the painter smiled darkly. His empty eyes were moved by the smile, which made his bloody face more terrible.

He just turned around. Sun Shi, who was running away, didn’t know why, so he tripped and fell to the ground.

The painter bent down and stretched out his hand to sun Shi, who was crawling on the ground. His angry voice echoed in the empty Studio: “you defiled my perfect painting!! damn you! Take your eyes to compensate me -!”

The last scene sun Shi saw in front of him was that the dirty hands of the male ghost stretched out to him and quickly… Poked into his eyes!!!

“Ah ah –!”

On the ground floor, the bodies of two players and old skeletons were quietly displayed in the gym. The mirrors around the gym scattered a pale halo, and the ethereal women’s voices penetrated from all directions upstairs one after another.

Yan Wei stood in front of the skeleton, seemingly casually copying his pocket and holding the small dagger in his hand.

He raised his eyebrows: “do you think the smell of blood has suddenly thickened a lot?”

Yan Mingguang nodded, “yes.”

“What should have happened upstairs.”

Gao Ming also stood up, looked at Yan Wei with some eagerness and said, “now we know the way to find the ladder. Go now?”

Yan Wei’s eyes moved, holding the dagger in one hand and taking out the coin from his pocket in the other. His eyes were slightly out of focus and he tossed a coin, thinking about all the information he had just got.

Just now, after they were close to the skeleton, maybe it was because the resentment before the skeleton died was too heavy. They were directly affected by the resentment of the skeleton and saw the memory belonging to the body.

This skeleton, that is, the female doctor who treated the painter, attracted and became together with the painter in the process of showing the painter heart disease. But I didn’t expect that the painter obsessed with painting a complete portrait found the method of digging eyes to fill in the painting. As long as the painter dug out a person’s eyes, he could draw the same eyes.

The feelings between them are not worth mentioning in front of the painter’s obsession. The painter finally lost his reason in his growing paranoia. He dug out the doctor’s eyes and completed the portrait of the female doctor.

After that, the painter went completely crazy.

In order to complete his painting, he even dug his eyes in his own hotel and killed himself. Moreover, after the painter died, due to his obsession and obsession with the painting, he turned into a fierce ghost, stayed in the hotel, hid the eyes of the female doctor and the painter’s own body, and wandered every day to complete other portraits without eyes.

The female doctor’s resentment has not dissipated because she lost her eyes.

She wants her eyes back.

In the information they got, the female doctor told them that as long as she found her dug out eyes and put them back, the artist’s obsession before death would be meaningless. All the anger and resentment in this hotel will dissipate and everything will return to normal.

As long as the obsession is gone, everything will end.

“… the information the skeleton just told me said,” Yan Wei blinked, her eyelashes trembled, and sprinkled a fine shadow on the bottom of her eyes. “Her eyes may be hidden in the studio.”

Gao Ming nodded and rubbed his hands excitedly: “Yes! But the painter can swim in his paintings. We should take the painter out of the studio and look for the hidden eyes in the studio. She also told us that the painter pays most attention to his paintings in his life. As long as we start painting, such as casually painting some ugly eyes, the painter will be unbearable. However, we must be careful not to lead the painter away He died when he left the studio. The painter is very strong. ”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “then we just have to find a way to survive, lead the painter out of the studio and let one of them go in and search for his eyes?”

Gao Ming continued to nod fiercely, “it seems that this copy is not particularly difficult, but we need to find the right clue. As long as we come to the basement, everything will be solved. As long as we take the right method, it will be very simple…”

Yan Wei narrowed his eyes.

His starlit eyes were now full of calm and reason, quite different from his usual smile.

He clenched the dagger in his pocket again. His whole body was tense and his nerves were highly vigilant. If he looked carefully at his posture at the moment, he might see that Yan Wei was in a posture that could be shot at any time.

He muttered to himself, “yes, it’s very simple. But it’s too simple…”

Caused a copy of the gambling mechanism, is it really solved in this way?

Everything seems to be justified. In order to cling to the painter who killed his lover and finally bound himself, we can solve all grievances by finding the body and eyes and returning them to the owner.

But why didn’t the waiter pick up the bodies of the two players on the 13th floor? Why are puppet dolls triggered by their death, and the death conditions are different from those of long skirt women? Why

Gao Ming has been immersed in the joy of finding clues, but Yan Wei always feels something wrong. He even felt that his sense of danger was becoming more and more serious, and his whole body subconsciously entered a state of vigilance.

Yan Mingguang glanced at Yan Wei.

I don’t know how many times the coin tossed fell into Yan Wei’s palm again. He folded his palm and wrapped the coin in it.

The cold touch of the metal came from the palm. The low temperature made people sober. Yan Wei said, “anyway, there should be nothing else here. Let’s go to the top floor.”

Yan Mingguang: “yes.”

Gao Ming naturally followed up without saying a word.

When the three walked to the elevator together, they found that the elevator had been stopped on their floor. Without waiting, they took the elevator and directly pressed it to the 15th floor.

“Drop -”

When the elevator reached the 15th floor, the heavy door opened slowly.

Yan Wei understood the origin of the gradual aggravation of the bloody smell.

He could only endure the habit of cleanliness and stepped out. With the thick black blood flowing slowly on the ground, the three carefully walked out of the elevator, avoided the bloody hand stretched out from the portrait, and looked at the corridor that had completely changed at the moment.

Gao Ming sweated on his forehead, pushed his eyes and said, “when we go down, the upstairs will change. These hands are still white when we go to the underground floor… Can’t we cover the mirror when the blood flows down? It’s more and more frightening to look at the shadow and bloody hands in the mirror.”

Yan Wei, who was walking in the middle, suddenly stopped and looked back at him.

Gao Ming was stunned: “what am I doing?”

The young man’s eyes moved slightly.

There were blood stains shaking people’s eyes around. The blood stains slowly gathered on the ground had gone beyond the soles of his shoes. Yan Wei stood there. The blood color made his face more white, and it was very dusty in such a dirty place.

“I think,” Yan Wei actually hooked the corner of his mouth this time, and his smile finally reached the bottom of his eyes this time, “you seem to remind me.”


In front, Yan Mingguang suddenly threw out the short knife in his hand, and the blade scratched in the air. At the same time, in front of the corridor, a blind woman with blood on her hands suddenly appeared.

At the moment when the eyeless woman appeared, the short blade accurately inserted into the woman’s empty eyes!

The blind woman screamed sharply and quickly dissipated into pieces of paper.

Yan Wei still didn’t move.

From the moment he got out of the elevator, he felt that the surrounding environment was inexplicably strange. He knew what the dangers of the hotel were at the moment, but he didn’t notice.

Now he looked in the mirror.

“Yan Wei? Won’t you go? The studio is right in front.” Gao Ming said.

Yan Wei looked straight ahead and just looked at himself in the mirror.

He blinked, but only saw that his influence in the mirror was still looking straight ahead, and his eyes never blinked.

Yan Wei blinked quickly – sure enough, the image in the mirror didn’t blink once!

He looked at the brilliant image in the mirror again. Similarly, the brilliant image did not blink!

“Yan Wei, are you leaving?”

This time Yan Mingguang called him. The man’s cold but steady voice crossed the blood, as if he just shouted to him at random. While the man was talking, he strode across the pool of blood, passed through the arms stretched out from the wall, and lightly picked up his folding knife in the pool of blood.

As soon as he picked up the short blade, a blind woman suddenly appeared behind him and reached out to him. Yan Mingguang straightened up, turned around and waved. Carrying his body on his back, he stabbed the ghost in the eye.

In the blink of an eye, in front of and behind the corridor, there were blind women walking continuously.

Yan Mingguang had just finished one. The pieces of paper floated on the blood. Several blind women also appeared behind Gao Ming. His arms extended from the portrait and stretched out towards Yan Wei standing in the middle.

Yan Wei has always been in a state of high vigilance. His perception beyond ordinary people makes him feel the danger in an instant. He turned over, took out a small dagger from his pocket and thrust it into his outstretched arm.

Gao Ming shouted: “what to do!? there seem to be more and more monsters. If we don’t find the stairs quickly, they can pile us up! Let’s go to the studio to try the method that the dead female doctor said, and lead the painter out to look for eyes and bodies.”

Manpower is limited, but ghosts seem endless. If they don’t find the ladder right away, they will be consumed.

However, in a moment, Gao Ming, the worst, had been scratched on his arm, and a piece of meat was grabbed from his right forearm. Gao Ming is a person who has mixed several copies. He just makes a painful cry, and then covers his arm and says nothing.

“Are you okay?”

Gao Ming’s whole face was almost screwed together, but he nodded: “it’s OK.”

“I just found that we can’t blink in the mirror. Our eyes seem to be dead. There should be something wrong here. Let’s go!” Yan Wei took back his eyes from the mirror and clenched the little dagger in his hand. “Go to the studio first.”

Yan Mingguang immediately stepped forward and skilfully circled between the pool of blood and the eyeless woman. The pieces of paper scattered by the eyeless woman floated full on the corridor. Yan Wei couldn’t help dodging and cut off his outstretched fingers with a dagger from time to time. His windbreaker was also stained with some thick black blood. When his cheek was scratched by the ghost’s fingernails, the warm blood slipped slightly and stained a few drops on his scarf.

In such an awkward situation, the blood color on his face made his delicate facial features more beautiful, with some quiet beauty.

Very different from the usual sense of kindness.

The corridor was long and narrow, but more and more ghosts came. The whole corridor was full of danger. Only when I passed room 1, the room was very calm. They passed by room No. 1. Yan Mingguang opened the way. Yan Wei and Gao Ming were still colored and came to the door of the studio.

The door of the studio was open. Like room 1, all the chaos and blood in the corridor did not affect the room. The room was very quiet. The three looked in outside the door and saw only the same portraits on the wall and the ground as before, and the body of sun Shi lying on the ground… With his eyes dug out.

They had planned to go in directly, but the moment they saw sun Shi’s body, the feeling of something wrong in Yan Wei’s mind intensified. He quickly stopped in front of the door and pulled Yan Mingguang and Gao Ming: “wait!”

Sun Shi’s expression was still shocked. It seemed that he had encountered incredible things when he died. On his side, there was a relatively new book. I don’t know what was written in it.

They didn’t go in. Yan Mingguang turned around and dealt with a wave of blind women.

Yan Wei gasped slightly, leaned against the door of the studio, looked sideways at Sun Shi’s body in the studio and asked, “Gao Ming, can you see when sun Shi died?”

Gao Ming was shocked: “judging from the body and the degree of bleeding, he just died!! but we have to go in…”

Just died means that this seemingly calm studio is more dangerous than the corridor!

“Let’s go in and try the female doctor’s method now?” Gao Ming asked.

The female doctor said that if you do something on the painting and draw out the painter, you can find eyes in the studio and solve the grievances in the hotel.


Yan Wei stared at Sun Shi’s body. Next to the body, there are also several paintings, in which the eyes are filled with clumsily – obviously made by sun Shi.

Sun Shigang was also fiddling with the painting, but Sun Shi died.

He thought the clues to the exhibition were either useless or wrong.

The explanation that digging eyes and filling in paintings are bound up in a cocoon seems to have justified itself.

But the untreated corpse, sun Shi who died in the studio, the painter who also died in eye digging, the mirror through which blood and water are unwilling to pass, they never blink in the mirror, and three corpses with different times in the gym… These things intertwined and collided in Yan Wei’s mind, and finally merged into another complete logical network!

Some thoughts floated through his mind.

Yanwei grabbed it!

He took a deep breath and quickly asked Gao Ming, “do you remember when the player you lived with went to the bathroom?”

“Ah?” Gao Ming covered his arm and thought for a moment. “It seems that it’s about 10:00 to 11:00 in the evening? I looked at the clock before we went to bed. It was 9:00 at that time. I wanted to go to the bathroom after I slept for a while, so I have a little concept of the passage of time. It’s almost 1:00 before 11:00.”

Yan Wei slowly showed a suddenly enlightened look.

He quickly managed his expression and calmed down from his thoughts just now.

He shouted to Yan Mingguang, who stopped the ghost: “Yan Mingguang, do you smoke? Give me one too. I want to smoke.”

Yan Mingguang, who was dealing with ghosts, said, “No.”

Yan Wei: ”

When the man said no, he took out a cigarette and threw it back.

Gao Ming was stunned: “smoking? Don’t we hurry to go in and move those paintings? You… If you really want to smoke, I’ll try it first. After all, I always rely on you and should do things…”

“No,” said Yan Wei, taking the cigarette thrown by Yan Mingguang without saying a word, slightly raising his head against the door frame, “sharpening the knife doesn’t miss the woodcutter. Before we go in and use the female doctor’s method, I’ll smoke a cigarette and be mentally prepared. Why do you only give me cigarettes? Lighters?”

The last two questions were naturally addressed to Yan Mingguang.

The man with the greatest pressure in the face of ghosts threw a lighter at him without saying a word again.

Yan Wei raised his hand to catch it, whispered the cigarette in his mouth and lit the lighter at will.

Young people’s facial features are quite in line with the oriental classical aesthetics. They look good at a glance. Therefore, Gao Ming preconceived that Yan Wei was a person who needed protection from the beginning. Such a face with a cigarette in its mouth is really too disobedient.

He also seemed to be really doing psychological relaxation. He slid the switch of the lighter several times in the siege of ghosts and monsters, and slowly approached the cigarette end with the tongue of the lighter.

He had a tense look, and his whole body made a posture that wanted to relax but couldn’t relax, and the cigarette shook constantly in his mouth. But at the moment when the flame was about to light the cigarette end——

Yan Wei’s light brown eyes suddenly flashed, and her eyes showed insight into everything.

With a turn in his hand, he squatted down suddenly, stretched out his hand, picked up a portrait and lit it against the tongue of the lighter!

The next moment, he threw the lit portrait into the studio and threw it with his other hand. The lighter broke in the center of the flame and scattered the flammable oil in the lighter. Flammable oil spilled out, with a little spark, the flame swept through the studio in an instant!!

Gao Ming was shocked and said, “my God, what are you doing burning the studio?! don’t we have to find out the eyes and find the ladder according to the female doctor? If the eyes are in the studio, we’ll die if the studio burns!”

In the studio, the flames spread rapidly in the studio full of paper products, and the bloody painter came out of an unlit painting. His stiff face was full of anger, and his voice was hoarse and gloomy: “who! Who burned my painting!! I killed you!”

“I know the truth. I’ll talk later.” Yan Wei didn’t have time to talk to Gao Ming. He turned his head, grabbed Gao Ming’s hand and ran out, shouting Yan Mingguang: “run! Hurry up, there are at least ghosts in room 1. Let’s go to room 1 next door!!!”


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