Half Immortal Chapter 160

Half Immortal Chapter 160

At this time, the world inside the building.

Lin Zhen looked at the completely dark projection, yawned and said, “I’ve finally finished typing this copy. I’m not interested in whether they can pass the customs. My brother has to let me see and learn, and I have to write a report. Is it annoying me to be a junior high school student listening to a speech? I’m dead without talking.”

The fish flying boat was surprised and said, “do you have it? I think you’ve been staring.”

Lin Zhen: “… Can you not have a long mouth?”

The fish flying boat smiled at him: “it seems a little difficult. This grew before I was born.”

Lin Zhen: ”

He waved his hand, decided not to quarrel with the fish flying boat, and said, “should they come out after settling the accounts? Go back to Xuanniao and wait for them first -”

Lin Zhen gave a speech.

A voice from the endless monument in the center suddenly sounded. The volume was not large, but it swept the whole world in the building like a ghost.

[- attention, players. Attention, all players who do not copy.]

Just now, the clear sky suddenly darkened. At this time, the world in the building was at noon, but the daytime light suddenly dimmed. Dark clouds surged in the sky, masking the sun hanging on the top.

Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou were stunned.

All the players in the world inside the building look towards the center.

The sounds with no reality whatever they heard as like as two peas. However, the world in the building is integrated into one, and the prompt sound only exists in the copy, rarely in this temporary resting place.

Lin Zhen raised his head, looked at the dark monument inserted into the dark clouds, and murmured, “how can I have a bad hunch…”

At the next moment, the tone goes on.

[the content of the next round of the 99th floor replica has been selected. This top floor replica provides a landing channel. Players entering can find it by themselves.]

[it is detected that the number of people who have selected the 99 level invitation has exceeded the number required for the copy. Please sign the name of the player who has the 99 level invitation and load the copy. When the channel is limited, once the number of people signing exceeds 18, the top-level copy will start immediately. Once the copy is opened, all existing 99 level invitations will be invalidated and the player needs to obtain a new invitation.]

[attention to players who have 99 layers of invitation! Players who need to enter the copy should sign their names as soon as possible. Once the number of signatories exceeds 18, the top layer copy will start immediately. After the copy is opened, the invitation will be invalidated immediately.]

[void immediately…]

The ethereal hint sounds like an ancient bell ringing in the clouds, echoing in the vast world for a long life.

At the next moment, the endless stone tablet in the center seemed to tremble. In the sky, huge projections slowly emerged from all sides of the long tablet. Each side has four as like as two peas.

The area of projection is extremely large, which blocks the sky and the sun when viewed from a close place.

Whether at the foot of endless stone tablets or at the remote edge of the world in the building, you can see one side as long as you look up slightly.

The high-level players who have been here for a long time gradually recognize what this is.

——Copy projection on the ninety-nine floor.

All copies of the world inside the building that exceed the difficulty limit will enter the gambling area after opening the gambling building and be watched by those players who rest in the world inside the building. The higher the level of the replica, the more you need viewing permission. On the 89th floor, the player viewing the projection must give permission to the player in the replica to see the perspective with permission.

Only one copy is an exception, but this exception rarely occurs.

That’s the 99th floor copy.

The ninety ninth floor replica is rarely opened. Every time it is opened, it will carry out real-time projection of the world in the whole building. It does not open the bet, but only provides projection images. Entering the top level of the copy, players can choose to close the perspective, or they can choose to leave the perspective to other players to see and leave experience.

This is not the gift of the building, but the cruelty of the building.

Before the last top-level copy was opened, the world in the building will be opened once a long time, but those copies only exist in word of mouth. Because the projection results of those top-level copies are destroyed without exception.

Over time, even high-level players are full of fear of the top. That’s an impossible goal. It’s a danger that you can’t get out once you get in. The so-called world projection in the whole building brings players not only the micro experience of the top-level copy, but also the terrible experience of the top-level copy.

Before the last time Xuanniao took the lead in opening the top-level copy, no one in the world in the building was willing to gamble on such a chance for a long time. Most high-level players go up and down the 90th floor, foolishly extending the time to the top floor as much as possible.

The once as like as two peas were launched, and the game player was on the rise. Several top rated players who spoke the name opened the whole open perspective. That time, the mysterious master of Xuanniao also entered the projection. But before long, those super high-level players who opened the projection died, and the projection entered the whole black again for a long time.

One day, the projections on all sides disappeared, and those high-level players never came out again.

Some people say that the Xuanniao died in it like everyone else. Others think that V can’t die so easily. They may have found a way to go down the building that shouldn’t exist, and just went down to cultivate themselves.

Anyway, after that, the top-level copy went into silence again, and no one opened it.

This time, it was urged to open by the building in a disguised form.

The projection hangs in all directions, waiting for the opening of the person with a heart.

The fish flying boat looked at the huge all black projection and frowned slightly. Lin Zhen picked his eyebrow and hissed: “play so big?”

“It’s hard to do, Yan Wei. They’re still settling accounts. It’s intentional,” said Yu Feizhou. Before Yan Wei went in, Yan Mingguang briefly told them about these origins. They looked at the copy on the 89th floor all the way and were more or less aware of the malice and Yan Wei.

“It’s over. It won’t be my bad hunch.”

“It’s not only bad, it’s bad! Although I can’t go to the top level replica, I also know the basic rules about the top level replica. The top level replica usually doesn’t have access to the floor, because the top level represents the only bet, either go out alive or come back dead. All the players who went to the top level replica opened many years ago died in it, I can’t find a way to go down. This time, the building directly and clearly told those who have the top-level invitation – there is a way down and there is a way back. ”

The words stopped here. Rao Shi Lin Zhen understood no matter these twists and turns.

This time there is a downstairs channel. Those super high-rise players who have waited for a long time and dare not enter will not want to have a try?

“The building is luring and urging those watching super high-level players to enter,” little pets, they are still settling accounts. If more than 18 people with top-level invitations have signed their names on the invitation and the copy has been opened when they come out, the invitation they got this time will be wasted. Yo, this treatment… ”

Lin Zhen showed an envious look: “the price of using the landing channel to attract players and opening the top-level copy is to invalidate the invitation in his hand and enter the copy on the 89th floor again? How fun would it be if I had this treatment!”

Fish flying boat: “the projection is moving.”

Above the four side projection, a line of blood words appeared at the same time: 99 floors.

Below the blood word, there is a number written in the same blood color. When the fish flying boat saw that the number appeared, it was still zero, and it had become “2” in the blink of an eye.

“Two people… He’s counting the number of players signed,” the fish flying boat’s face changed. “No, at this speed, we can’t wait for Yan Wei to come out.”

Lin Zhen took out his customary long bow, smiled and pulled the bow string, saying, “there are not many players who can go to the top floor? There are more than 20 at most.”

“Hmm?” the fish flying boat was a little confused and didn’t understand Lin Zhen’s meaning.

“What am I doing? Which organization has the most high-level players in the world in the building – Oh, right, Qi Xing and Yue Mang, right? It’s just that Yue mang has a grudge against us. Don’t be stunned. Copy the guy and take someone to yuemang headquarters. Their high-level players must be together to discuss now.”

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t let them in. The invitation letter to open the copy is invalid. My idea is relatively simple, so it can’t get people.”

When Yan Wei settled the account, he lost the sound of the prompt of the building for a long time.

This time, I don’t know why. The prompt tone was unwilling to delay for a while in the last settlement, but this time, the prompt tone not only delayed the appearance, but also slowed down the settlement.

Delaying time will not prevent him from successfully passing the customs. Will the malice of the building be unclear?

Yan Wei feels wrong.

It’s meaningless to swallow slowly.

At the end of the settlement, he got the invitation letter of his own reward and immediately selected the number of ninety-nine floors on the invitation letter.

The sky was spinning in front of her. In a moment, Yan Wei blinked again. It was the spacious apartment living room, the endless cloudy sky outside the landing window, and the particularly conspicuous pure black projection under the dark clouds.

“Ninety ninth floor, current number: 16.”

At the same time, as a player who has just returned to the world inside the building, he also received a prompt tone for the opening of the top-level copy.

Yan Wei jumped up from the sofa.

For a moment, he immediately understood what had happened.

“… not really? Hey,” he sneered, “even if the invitation is invalid, I have to go to the 89th floor again to get a new invitation, and you can kill me on the 89th floor? What you can’t do before, you can do it again?”

Far away, the sky is very silent. I don’t know if that thing has been heard.

The black ring on Yan Wei’s hand trembled and kept sending communication requests.

Yan Wei moved his fingertips and accepted the request.

He said, “we’ve brought out a new invitation. Now we’ll bring it to you right away. Before eighteen people arrive, we can sign at the same time and go in together. Where are you?”

“Great, you’re out?” the tone of the fish flying boat was quite excited, with a slight gasp. “Lin Zhen and I are now –”

Suddenly a shrill scream came from the background sound.

The number on the projection remains at “16”.

Yan Wei: ”

Fish flying boat: “we are now in yuemang. Things are a little complicated. You…”

Before he finished, Yan Wei hung up the communication.

In the building world, players can quickly reach their destination by bus, so Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang Lin Qing arrived at the scene at almost the same time.

The blood color number on the projection has been maintained at “16”. On the top floor of yuemang headquarters, a young man dressed very casually is being pressed on the table by Lin Zhen. His limbs are paralyzed and his face is pale.

With a bow on his back, Lin Zhen pressed the young man’s shoulder in one hand and a slender sharp dagger in the other hand. He was crossing the table and said leisurely: “don’t sign! Don’t sign, I’ll kill him and die together.”

He is used to being crazy in the world inside the building. No one dares not take this seriously.

What’s more, his dagger was covered with blood.

Yu Guangzhong, Lin Zhen glimpses a high-level player standing behind yuemang quietly taking out the invitation. He chuckles and the dagger goes straight down.

A part of the index finger fell to the ground and collided with the other two fingers on the ground. The blood still trickled down, dripping a pool of bright red soaked in the broken finger on the ground.

“Ah – Dad! Dad!!” the young man screamed, “I have a chance next time. I don’t want to die!!”

Yuemang is a middle-aged man in his thirties and nearly 40. He also holds a pure black invitation on the 99th floor, but he hasn’t signed his name yet. Hearing the young man’s painful cry, he stared at the high-level player behind him and motioned to the other party to put away the invitation first.

The young man is still shouting pain.

Lin Zhen couldn’t see it anymore: “are you coward? Isn’t this injury good? And if you die, I’ll give you a cushion, and I’ll lose.”

When Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang and Lin Qing came together, Yu Feizhou was facing Lin Zhen with his back and all the super high-level players four or five months behind him. They were right in sight with Yan Wei.

Yan Wei: “… Why do you turn your back to Lin Zhen?”

The fish flying boat said seriously, “you can’t see it.”


“I don’t think this kind of thing is very kind, but Lin Zhen has to do it. I turned around and didn’t see that Lin Zhen is not doing bad things.”

Lin Qing: “very reasonable.”


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