Half Immortal Chapter 161

Half Immortal Chapter 161

Lin Zhen looked back at them, and then looked at the pure black projection suspended in the sky outside the window.

“There are still sixteen people,” he chuckled. “Then I’ve succeeded. Little pet, sign quickly.”

The fish flying boat still turned its back to Lin Zhen, closed its eyes and said to itself, “I didn’t see anything.”

Yan Wei: ”

He walked forward and swept everything in front of him. He roughly understood what Lin Zhen had done.

This is the headquarters of yuemang. There are a lot of players who are facing off with yuemang and Xuanniao. These are obviously all the super high-level players who can enter the 99th floor replica of yuemang. Lin Zhen should have used Lin Qing’s power to transfer a large number of Xuanniao people, rushed to yuemang headquarters and caught yuemang’s son.

Yue Mang’s name is Yu Zhengqing, and Yan Wei knows him. I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard it.

When he was a newcomer when he first went upstairs, yuemang was in charge of his family. Compared with the black bird he brought up with his own hands, the moon awn is an organization with a very thick foundation and has existed for a long time. Even looking back, among the living players, basically no one can say when the moon awn appeared.

But it is precisely because they have enough information that they are familiar with the experiences that the top-level copy has opened, and they are very clear about the horror of the top-level copy.

So even if these people were there when Yan Wei first entered the building, Yan Wei didn’t see these people.

They are well aware of the fate of the top floor. The pride and ambition of climbing up from the first floor have become a compromise in the slow years. As soon as the time comes when they must enter the replica, these people will always choose the replica from the 90th floor to the 98th floor to enter. Some people died in the copy several times ago. Those who survived each time went in more and more times, were more afraid of climbing to the top, and became more and more skilled in keeping the state of escape by constantly descending and climbing.

These people had long been paralyzed when they went upstairs and downstairs on the ninetieth floor. When Yan Wei first went upstairs, either he was a new star and these people would not pay attention to him at all, or he had reached the super high level and went directly to the ninetieth floor, so he couldn’t touch these people on the ninetieth floor.

They are the so-called “forever” in the malicious mouth.

Is the last person Yan Wei wants to be.

He knew that Lin Qing and the fish flying boat had no accident, and his face returned to calm. He collected his eyes, copied his pocket with one hand and threw a pure black invitation to the fish flying boat with the other. Yan Mingguang also went to Lin Zhen and handed Lin Zhen the invitation letter he took in this copy.

Lin Zhen is still holding yuemang’s son. He holds the dagger with the invitation letter in his other hand. The blood is stained with the invitation letter and exudes a treacherous dark.

Yan Wei said, “when we chose the invitation letter, we wrote the choice of the 99th floor. These two letters are the invitation letters of the 99th floor. Take them.”

Lin Zhen: “Yo, all five of us go in?”


Yu Zheng looked at Yan Yan and seemed to plan to go in. He still had a feeling of Lin. Now the mysterious bird has the final say. He looked at Lin Qing and said in a low voice, “your brother, surnamed Lin, doesn’t care? Just rush in so openly. It’s unreasonable not to let go of my son now?”

Lin Zhen “cut” and said, “I let go and you signed immediately. How do my brother and Yan Wei get in?”

“It’s not just this time on the 99th floor!”

“Then why don’t you go down and go in?”

“There’s a way down this time -”

“Think about going in and looking for the vegetable chicken in the downstairs passage. What are you doing on the top floor?”

“You -” Yu Zhengqing choked for several times, almost started directly, glanced out of the window and still stayed at the number of “16”, finally endured it and said, “I’m discussing with your brother. What are you talking about?”

“My last name is Lin, too.”

Yu Zhengqing took a deep breath.

Lin Zhen didn’t think it was enough: “I’m so angry. I’m so angry that your coward son cries for his father and mother.”

Yu Zhengqing is naturally angry. To get to this point today, the ordinary method of stimulating will simply can’t work.

He looked at Lin Qing coldly: “If we wait any longer, maybe two people who are not sure have moved their minds. We are doing our Kung Fu here for nothing. Lou just said that when there are more than 18 people, we should close the copy channel. He didn’t say that there must be only 18 people. Why don’t we step back and sign our names at the same time so that everyone can go in. After entering, the current affairs will be written off. There are more people in the copy and say no We will have more chances of success. Now that we are going to the top floor, if we really succeed in leaving here, everything in the building has nothing to do with us, and we have nothing to revenge. ”

Lin Qing looks at Yan Wei and obviously doesn’t dare to decide alone.

Yan Wei silently hooked his lips.

Can you really write it off?

If people’s gratitude and hatred can be completely forgotten in a few words, where do countless desires and evil thoughts from the first floor to the 99th floor supply to the building endlessly?

He said: “well, on the count of three two one, Lin Zhen let go of the coward. We signed at the same time. Everyone and entered the top floor were happy. But…”

Yan Wei took out coins from his windbreaker pocket with one hand and the other. He rubbed them slowly in his hand. His eyes didn’t know where to go. His clear voice was moistened with cold snow at the moment: “Just write it off. If you want to do it, we don’t want to. Secondly, my ugly words are ahead. Although this time it sounds like a downstairs passage, it may not be as easy as you think.”

The downstairs passage is just something to attract others before he comes out.

Lin Zhen’s malicious plan is completely broken after such a drag. Yan Wei will enter with these people. The difficulty and danger of the copy will only be higher. You may not be able to find the access to the building.

Yu Zhengqing just said, “you agree. Just count and let’s sign.”

He only thought Yan Wei was alarmist. Who didn’t know the danger of the top floor? They have been walking around the 90th floor for so many years because they cherish their lives? But now, the copy of the top floor has a retreat, and the temptation is big enough for them to ignore those dangers.

Yu Zhengqing looked at Yan Wei from top to bottom.

He’s young, but he seems to have high data. He hasn’t seen it, but he’s heard the name several times.

It is the new show of Xuanniao. In one year, it has gone from the first floor to the top floor, and has a grudge against yuemang.

In a word, he is a young man who has never experienced the danger of the 90th floor. A newborn calf is not afraid of tigers. It’s also good for such a person to enter the replica together – after all, the top-level replica also needs a bit of a fool to die.

“It seems that the deal has been reached,” Lin Zhen loosened his hand and threw the dagger into the pool of blood on the ground. “Sign it. If you don’t abide by the agreement and do something to sign in advance, you go in, and I’ll take your son into the 89th floor to play.”

Even if Lin Zhen let go, the coward was pale and spread out there, shouting pain, but he didn’t dare to move.

After Yu Zhengqing knew that they were going in, yuemang’s others would naturally come to clean up for his son. They didn’t worry. He and the rest of yuemang took out the invitation letter and bit their fingers.

Yan Wei looked at each other.

He whispered, “you can’t go.”

He had been to the top floor for a long time. Even if the time to enter the top floor came so suddenly and unprepared under the malicious intervention, it was just moving towards the goal for him.

He is not afraid of death. He is a man who will go to the impossible sooner or later. The last time he was to save everyone, this time he was to save himself. But Lin Qing is different from them. They can choose to live in the long years, or they can choose to meet the final challenge in constant preparation.

In fact, these people don’t have to go to the place where they can’t see the end with him.

Yan Mingguang just cut his finger and put his fingertip on the invitation letter, ready to write his name at any time.

The fish flying boat smiled: “the invitations have been taken for us. How can we not go?”

Lin Zhen: “it’s not dangerous. I don’t want to go yet.”

Lin Qing nodded to Yan Wei.

Yan Wei smiled, “OK.”

“I counted it,” said Lin Zhen foolishly. “Don’t count it to the end. As a result, no one has seen it for a month. Three — two –”


Several people in yuemang fell their fingertips at the same time.

Yan Mingguang wrote his name smartly. Lin Qing’s expression hasn’t changed from beginning to end. The corners of the fish flying boat’s mouth are smiling, and Lin Zhen’s pen is full of dragons and snakes.

Yan Wei wrote down his name solemnly on the ninety-nine floor invitation without any hint. He wrote two words so hard for the first time.

The invitation letter, which is black with blood, is like the dark gate of hell. It has no bottom and no light.

With each stroke, Yan Wei’s mind will always come up with some dead names. There are passers-by on the way to the top for the first time, friends who have lost their last step and never have a chance to come back, enemies who have disappeared from life, and new old friends who have met again for the second time

“Yan Wei.”

Yan Wei suddenly heard Yan Mingguang’s cold voice.

He looked up and saw the man’s fingers fall on the invitation, but his pure black eyes looked at him directly.

“Do you want to go out?”

Yan Wei was stunned: “I want to take everyone out.”

Isn’t this the end they’ve always wanted to touch?

Between lightning, stone and fire, Yan Mingguang just said, “OK.”

The name is the last stroke. Yan Wei draws the last point with his fingertips and raises it slightly.

The world is spinning in front of us.

The dark sky suddenly fluctuated, and the calm air around me didn’t know where the wind came from. In the blink of an eye, Xuanniao and yuemang players were still facing each other outside, but the people who had just been at war disappeared into the waves, leaving only a pool of blood on the ground and several severed hands, and the young man with broken fingers lying limply on the table.

Around the endless monument, the suspended black projection also fluctuated. The next moment, the bloody “16” jumped and moved to “17”.

Many players have come to watch from beginning to end. The most lively gambling area in the past is now empty. Everywhere in the building, everyone looks up at the center and waits for the copy to open.

“Just one short…”

“It’s probably not easy. There are so few super high-level players. They’ve only moved one after they’ve been stuck at 16 for so long. Maybe it’ll take several days to get to 18.”

“But there’s a downstairs passage this time. Wait a minute. It’s estimated to be fast -”

The discussion stopped abruptly.

The number didn’t stop scrolling, but just after scrolling to “17”, the number fluctuated again for a moment and turned to “18”.

In the silence, the copy did not start, but the numbers began to roll one after another. 19, 20, 21

Finally stopped at “25”.

Everyone took a breath.

For countless days, how many players are still alive in the world inside the building who can enter the top floor? This number… Seems to be all clean, which is several times larger than the last top floor copy battle that Xuanniao took the lead in opening.

The misty prompt sound of the building sounded again from all directions and passed into every player’s ears.

[it is detected that the number of people signing the top-level copy invitation letter instantly exceeds 18, and the copy channel is closed. All the top-level invitations that have not been used at present are invalid. Please enter the 89th floor again to obtain a new invitation letter.]

The dark stele pierced the sky, the dark clouds pressed down, the birds rushed down from above, the cool wind blew from the distance, and there was a rustling sound.

[top level copy… Open.]



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