Half Immortal Chapter 162

Black Sea Town Coffin (1)

Half Immortal Chapter 162: Black Sea Town Coffin (1)

The eyes are full of white, but the distance is thick black.

Even if the snow is gloomy, the pallor all over the ground should bring some brightness, but the world is cloudy. The sun above, which is not covered by clouds, also emits a bleak light, but it is far inferior to the haze like covering the sky.

At the junction of land and water, thick black began to spread out.

It is the treacherous Black Sea that sets off the long white snow days, as if it has absorbed all the light.

Yan Wei’s eyes flickered like the earth and mountains. When he was calm again, he was stepping down the wooden boat docked on the shore. His sleeves rolled around in the strong wind on the beach and almost didn’t paste on his face.

He glanced at himself in his long robe: ”

He made a movement here, and the people waiting behind him and by the boat began to urge him: “don’t wait, the sea is not peaceful. If you come to school, come down quickly and stay in the school.”

Yan Wei closed his eyes and sleeves, stepped down the plank and stepped on the wet bank.

The tone sounded at this moment.

[the top-level copy “coffin of Black Sea town” was officially loaded, and a total of 25 players entered. The copy lasted a long time, covered a large range and involved a large number of NC, so we randomly scattered all players. Please be prepared. This top-level copy provides a landing channel.]

[the replica projection has been turned on in real time. Twenty five players can choose whether to turn on the viewing angle. The number of players and survival tracking are not provided in the replica. Please judge by yourself. Six players have chosen to turn on the viewing angle.]

[open viewing angle?]

On the wooden boat, young people dressed in robes similar to Yan Wei quickly walked down. From the reaction, they were mostly NC.

He is now at the edge of a very old-fashioned wharf. In front of the wharf, there are some people of different ages and simple clothes standing beside the wharf, obviously to pick up these young people. The surrounding buildings are mostly made of wood and tiles. Looking inside, the houses on one or two floors are stacked together. Obviously, there is a huge town inside.

In terms of appearance, it was at least hundreds of thousands of years ago. Unlike most replicas that put players into small places, this time, they seem to have collectively entered a previous period.

From the point of view of the times, everything here is normal, except that the sea water is black.

Needless to say, I can see that the Black Sea is strange. Looking out, it is full of black water, and looking inside, it is a town with layers of buildings.

It seems that their map is really big.

Yan Wei only thought for a moment, and after he was roughly aware of his situation, he chose to open the projection perspective.

The more players go to the top, the less they like to open the projection angle, because everyone has his own cards. In dungeons, players are usually opponents of each other. If they open the projection angle of view, the next copy, the opposite player knows his cards, which is bad after all.

But now it’s the top floor.

For Yan Wei, this is the second time he has put all his eggs in one basket. He won’t look for the way down the building. He will only go straight ahead and won’t turn back when he hits the south wall.

In that case, it’s better to open the projection. If there is any accident, this record can be regarded as a modest contribution for later people.

I think the six players who have opened think so.

[the player has opened the perspective.]

[the replica is officially opened at Guanyin Town. The destination of the current stage is Guanyin school. Since the player’s name does not affect the replica information, the player’s identity in the current replica will be consistent with the player’s own name.]

[your current identity is a student from other places to study in Guanyin Town. You are the young distant cousin of Mr. Bai of Guanyin school. You have been entrusted by Mr. Bai. In addition to studying in the school, you also secretly brought the Millennium aloes bought by your family. You always respect Mr. Bai, and you will take good care of what he entrusted.]

The inner side of Yan Wei’s robe moved slightly, and a small section of Millennium aloes wood mentioned in the prompt sound appeared.

This is a restricted item in the copy. He tried. He couldn’t put it in the black ring. He had to take it with him.

[due to the particularity of the top-level replica, players can choose to leave the world in the building and take away their current abilities after customs clearance. This replica adopts replica progress reward, and the progress percentage of replica exploration is the reward percentage that players can get. If the progress of player’s replica exploration is 100%, you can take away 100% of data strength during customs clearance. The more progress of exploration, you can take away The more strength you have. Please actively explore and strive to survive.]

[for you, the current task of this copy is to understand the origin of the Black Sea around Guanyin Town before midnight today.]

[your immortality will start at midnight tonight.]

Yan Wei frowned. “What does” for you “mean? And this mission prop is also very strange.

The Millennium aloe tree in his hand is obviously a prop related to the strange place of the copy. He gave it to him as soon as he entered the copy. Would there be other related props? Maybe it’s with other players, maybe it’s NC there.

There are thousands of years of aloes wood can not be put into the black ring, which is very thought-provoking. In the copy, the things that are not allowed to be put into the black ring are generally for the convenience of snatching.

His intuition is that this copy, some people have different tasks, and may even be the opposite.

At the end of the prompt sound, Yan Wei thought, and several people on the ship came down one after another. He was thinking of going to the Guanyin school with these people to settle down, and then looking for other scattered people to complete the task of the first stage. He saw that the last person was completely different from other students and jumped off the ship.

Yan Wei: ”

Lin Zhen: “… Hi. Why do you feel surprised and helpless?”

“I was surprised to meet my teammates, but I met a teammate who can only fight. I’m glad to see you, but it doesn’t seem to be of any use. In short, if I choose someone who can protect me, I just want to see Yan Mingguang, but I can only make do with you.”


The schoolboy of Guanyin Hall said, “childe, come with me. The accommodation in the school has been arranged.”

The sound of the fairy tale in this book has just fallen. Not far away, there is a desolate sadness and music in the roaring sound of the sea wind. A group of people in mourning clothes approached in two rows. The two people in the front led a large bamboo basket with paper money of various shapes and colors. The two people were leading the team to the shore with paper money. The paper money fell with the sea wind and drifted to the coffin carried by the two pairs of people behind.

Snow and paper money fell together, and for a moment they were mixed together, full of white.

At last, the people in front were blowing sad music, but the people in front didn’t look sad. Instead, they looked stiff, nervous and jumpy.

The people on the dock immediately separated on both sides and made way for them to the shore.

Yan Wei and Lin Zhen crowded into the retreating crowd and watched the mourning team approach with coffins.

Yan Wei thought for a moment and said to the schoolboy of Guanyin school who came to pick them up, “I’ve just come from other places. It’s convenient to ask why they go to the beach?”

The schoolboy stared at the group and looked very nervous. When he heard Yan Wei’s words, he was shocked. He turned around and found that he was a handsome young childe, which was a relief.

He whispered, “this is mourning.”

Going to the beach?

Yan Wei returns to Lin Zhen.

“A little strange.”

Lin Zhen asked, “you mean this team? It may be some strange funeral tradition.”

“There’s no problem with the funeral,” Yan Wei shook his head. “Look at these people’s expressions. Others are afraid of bad luck at the funeral. Even if they are nervous and flustered, the funeral families are also very nervous. None of them are crying and sad.”

After a while, these people came to the shore completely, and then went on to the vast black sea.

Suddenly, the coffin that was carried suddenly earned!

The man carrying the coffin didn’t react for a moment and didn’t catch it. The coffin moved and fell to the ground with a “Dong -” sound. The coffin plate, which should have been nailed to death, shook violently and broke a fine crack between shaking.

In an instant, half a blue palm climbed out of the gap!

Just halfway out, someone in the mourning team shouted, “come on! Close it!”

Those who carried the coffin rushed to the four corners of the coffin and pushed the lid of the coffin. The owner of the hand seemed to be alive. His fingers moved and his hand was pushed back. The coffin shook more violently. It looked like a living man was madly bumping around, and the dull sound of impact rang out one after another.

Everyone around them jerked back several steps, but no one spoke – it didn’t seem that they had seen such a scene for the first time.

Yan Wei followed the others back, watched the couple hurriedly put several layers of nails on the coffin, quickly picked up the shaking coffin and threw it into the invisible black sea.

This time, the coffin fell into the water with a dull “Dong -“.

The coffin fell straight down, and the newly fallen snowflakes floated on the Black Sea, but the coffin never floated again.

The people at the wharf were quiet for a while, but they were used to it. After a while, they resumed their activities. What should they do. The schoolboy also waved and asked them to follow.

Lin Zhen asked, “how?”

“Go to school.”

The six or seven outsiders who came to Guanyin Town got into the carriage already prepared. Yan Wei and Lin Zhen got into the same car. The carriage swayed slowly to Guanyin school.

Outside the carriage, even though the boundless black sea water on the bank was full of ghost, the day in Guanyin Town seemed nothing different. The streets are still full of voices, people’s voices one after another, and they are also full of Hawking voices only passing through the busy market.

When Yan Wei got on the bus, he spread out his majestic perception and knew about the terrain here. Guanyin Town seems to be a seaside town with half of the sea and half of the land, but it is not a common circle, but a rather regular rectangle. There are many houses in the corners of the four directions, which is more prosperous than the sides of the four directions. Inside the rectangle are dense houses and streets, and countless people.

There is some space in the middle, like a large building.

Yan Wei just asked about the location of Guanyin school. At the moment, his perception swept the terrain and estimated that it would take less than half an hour to reach Guanyin school according to the time scale here.

As soon as he touched the general outline of the terrain, he bumped into another perceptual force that had just hit the face – Yu Zhengqing’s.

Obviously, the other party also felt his existence. His perception not only didn’t recover, but also aggressively extended to him, as if he wanted to break Yan Wei’s perception.

Yan Wei looked heavy.

He was not polite. His perception rushed towards Yu Zhengqing’s perception. He worried that it would affect the players who suddenly appeared. He grasped the measure and only used about one-third of his perception, just under the head of Zhengqing.

The majestic perception rushed in the direction of Yu Zhengqing, stopped there for a while, and retreated angrily.

Yan Wei withdrew his perception and opened his eyes.

Outside the copy, the world inside the building is projected by endless long steles.

Usually, the sparsely populated central area is filled with people. Even if you can see this projection from a distance, players with a little strength in the world inside the building still arrive here and watch the long lost top-level copy projection from a close distance.

Replica is a difficulty that no one has ever succeeded in legend. The players in the replica are almost all the top-level players in the world.

If one of them succeeds, it means that tens of thousands of people who are watching in front of the projection now also see the hope of success.

So this is not just a replica projection that can be viewed in real time.

At the moment, from Lin Zhen’s subjective perspective, there is only Yan Wei sitting on the other side of the carriage. The projection showed the players’ perception in a visible way. Everyone watched Yan Wei with their own eyes. In a blink, they released enough perception to press Zhengqing. The first time they met in the copy, they beat Yu Zhengqing back.

“Is this the newcomer of Xuanniao? He also entered the top floor!??”

“Not only has he entered the top floor, but his perception is higher than that of Yu Zhengqing… Isn’t Yu Zhengqing the oldest player in yuemang? He has been in the building world for more than 20 years.”

“Who said Yu Zhengqing was going to give him a bully just now? It was obviously Yan Wei who gave Yu Zhengqing a gift.”

“Yu Zhengqing is an old fox. He is not reckless. He should try Yan Wei’s strength and decide what attitude to use when making a copy. I really think he is impulsive to provoke?”

“I’m not very interested in what Yu Zhengqing wants to do. I only know that he can’t do a young man who hasn’t had many copies. So why is Yan Wei a newcomer with such high data!?”


In the crowd, Xu Miaomiao stared at Yan Wei and Lin Zhen’s perspective.

Ding Xiao narrowed her eyes. She had forgotten a lot of things parasitic on the puppet, but she still remembered some of the past related to Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang.

She smiled and said, “he doesn’t even use half of the data.”

In the copy, the snow is getting heavier and heavier, as if deliberately delaying their time to school.

Yan Wei opened his eyes and looked inside the carriage. The inside of the carriage is very exquisite. Although the inside is small, the chairs and stools on both sides are padded. There is also a small table in the middle, with a plate of cakes stacked several layers on top.

Lin zhencha didn’t check either. He took it up and put it in his mouth.

Yan Wei knows that with such a long copy, there is generally no problem with the food, and he doesn’t care about Lin Zhen’s greedy eating. He said, “did you hear the mission introduction?”

“I heard it,” said Lin Zhen with a puffy cheek and some vague words, “that is to say, it’s a little strange here. Let me first understand why it’s strange and give me a limited time before midnight today.”

Yan Wei breathed a little relieved. At least Lin Zhen is no different from his task. Not everyone is different.

He asked, “did you get any restricted props in the copy?”

“Yes, a knife can cut everything. That’s not nonsense. I can cut my own knife. I won’t put this one away.”

“I also have props. Maybe everyone has them, or they may be different. There are 25 people. I don’t think there are so many things. Moreover, when introducing the task on the floor, it was specially limited that this is my task. Generally speaking, the copy with the same goal of everyone will not be like this. Almost all the 25 people are separated. I think the task is likely to be more than us.”

“If you have more than one, you can finish it.”

“Yan Wei raised his eyebrows.

“Why do you look at me like a fool?”

Yan Wei: “because you are stupid enough to ask this question.”

Lin Zhen: ”

“The tasks are different, and everyone’s goals may not be the same. The prompt sound said that everyone must find out the unknown of Guanyin Town and solve it? Yes, we have all got the props, and we have to find the unknown. Maybe we have to deal with the unknown, but when is the righteousness of the building supreme?”

“You mean someone may be on the unknown side?”

“I don’t rule out this tendency, but if it’s true, at least I don’t know people on different sides. Otherwise, as long as someone’s relationship exceeds their interests, they don’t have to collude with this copy. Even if everyone’s task is the same, if someone has props and someone doesn’t, only those with props can complete the task and leave alive. You say that those without props deal with evil first Why don’t you deal with us first? You must put away your things. ”


The horse pulling the cart walked forward on the snow. Yan Wei didn’t adapt to this primitive means of transportation and stretched himself in the car.

These copies are colder than one climate. Yan Wei rubbed his hands, folded his hands and said, “I forgot to ask you, what’s your identity this time?”

Lin Zhen finished the last piece of cake and swallowed it in a hurry before he said, “that’s Mr. Bai’s cousin.”

Yan Wei lifted his eyelids and looked at him vaguely.

“What’s the matter? What’s your identity?”

Yan Wei suddenly couldn’t bear it: “let’s go to the school first. Since the starting place is Guanyin school, there should be clues related to the boundless Black Sea.”

Lin Zhen insisted: “what is your identity? You must have an identity if you want to sneak into this school.”

“Also Mr. Bai’s relative. It’s Mr. Bai’s distant House -”

“Isn’t that like me? You’re also a cousin or something? Then we’re brothers.”

“… distant cousin.”

Lin Zhen looked sluggish.

Yan Wei’s eyes moved and carefully calculated the generation. He only felt that the generation was really complex. He, who never went to relatives, actually encountered a blind area of knowledge.

So he said, “call Grandpa.”



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