Half Immortal Chapter 163

Half Immortal Chapter 163: Black Sea Town Coffin (2)

Lin Zhen opened his mouth and finally chose direct autism.

It seemed more terrible to him than this copy. Just now he saw the moving coffin thrown into the water. He still jumped on the car, but now he looked dejected.

Yan Wei didn’t expect to discuss anything with Lin Zhen. He was quiet, and Yan Wei was also happy to meditate.

His body shook slightly with the shaking of the carriage, and the cold wind blew in slightly from the cloth curtains on both sides. He leaned aside and slightly opened the cloth curtains of the carriage.

The huge Guanyin Town is covered with snow, but they don’t seem to have entered the deep winter. The snow has melted on the tile roofs on both sides. The more you go inside, the intersection of white and black will be completely invisible, leaving only the prosperous towns and the overlapping roofs overlooking the past.

The snow on the road may be because there are too many pedestrians, which has turned into wet water. Several carriages walked slowly, leaving the sound of horse hoofs landing.

Walking through the busy market just now, the sound of Hawking gradually decreases. There are similar houses on both sides around. It seems that there are some bacon and other things hanging in the door.

This area is obviously a small residence.

Yan Wei watched one side of the house slide by. Suddenly, a few white copper money like paper money floated in front of him, which floated obliquely with the snow.

His eyes were shocked.

In front of the house, two long bamboo poles are inserted in front of the door. Each bamboo pole is inserted with a thick stack of paper money at the top. The falling paper money should be blown down from the top by the wind. Flower knots made of white cloth were also hung on the horizontal bar of the door, and elegant and pale cloth hung from both sides. Looking slightly inside, it seems that white lanterns are hanging in the houses of this family.

Is this the one that sent the funeral just now?

When the carriage passed by the family, Yan Wei was trying to take back his sight, and a little paper money mixed in the snow floated in front of him.

But a moment later, another family was doing white work.

He reached out his hand from the side window of the carriage and gently caught one of the paper money. The cold touch came from his fingertips. Yan Wei was a little cold by the wind and withdrew with this paper money.

The paper money was also stained with some snowflakes. Yan Wei took it in. The snowflakes melted and slightly wetted the paper money.

He looked down at the ordinary paper money in his hand and said, “Lin Zhen, look out of your window.”

“Oh, good.”

For a moment, Lin Zhen’s head almost poked out and exclaimed, “this town is very fun. Several families are doing funerals.”

Yan Wei’s eyebrows moved slightly, his eyelids lifted, looked at the window over Lin Zhen, and vaguely saw white.

He said, “my side is also big.”

“But their life is quite normal. Is it just winter? There are more old people who can’t stand it? I remember before I entered the building, many old people can’t survive every winter. I often see first aid and funeral on the road.” Lin Zhen shrunk back and pulled up the curtain.

“The density is too high, and Guanyin Town is not a place that covers a vast area and has a particularly large population. There are three or four families in a street, which is unlikely to be normal death. As for their normal life… This can only show that they are numb or getting used to it, but they are still afraid.” Yan Wei recalled that it was only below the black coast, “When throwing the coffin, the schoolboy was startled when I shouted, and the others were even more nervous.”


“….” Yan Wei didn’t want to talk to him, “do you think I know?”

“Don’t you know everything?”

“Or I’ll throw you under the sea? Maybe I can find out.”


“It’s not an overnight thing to make people get used to corpses. There should have been an accident in Guanyin Town for several years. The sea water will turn black, which may be related to their funeral customs, but the funeral customs can’t last only a few years. It must not be just because of the funeral customs.”

The carriage stopped suddenly.

The coachman of several carriages pulled the horses to both sides of the road. In front of him came the sadness and music Yan Wei had just heard at the seaside, as well as the footsteps of a large number of people. Some of them were very heavy and seemed to carry heavy things.

After the carriage stopped, Yan Wei opened a gap slightly and looked out. Sure enough, he saw a funeral procession. There were a group of nervous people standing in front of and behind, and several people in the middle were carrying the coffin. The coffin was tighter than the one just sealed, and all the nails that could reach around the coffin, with thick hemp rope tied outside the coffin.

Another funeral procession.

When the team passed, the coachman picked up the horse again.

Yan Wei patted Lin Zhen.


“I don’t think it’s necessary to wait until school,” he said. “It’s after noon. It’ll take time to come out when you get to school.”

He thought there was no other clue before. When he arrived at the school, he would see if there was any other information. However, along the way, the road was obviously unusual.

Yan Wei always feels that there is something wrong with their current task. Although his task is the same as that of Lin Zhen, the prompt sound has specially added a qualifier, which can’t be superfluous.

If the real tasks are different and the players have different goals, he has a competitive relationship with those players who are not fuel-efficient lights one by one, and the time can not be calculated from the bottom line of completing the task. What he has to do is not to complete the task, but to finish the task before the competitors as soon as possible.

Yan Wei, who was born, said to the carriage driving the car, “master, we missed some things when we came. I saw several shops selling them in the place we passed by just now. Can you let us get off and buy them first?”

The driver pulled the horse and said, “can you find the way? I’ll drive there?”

This should be just an ordinary NC.

Yan Wei said, “no, those shops are at the fork of the road we pass by. The way in is a little narrow. It’s inconvenient for carriages to go in. We remember the way.”

The driver had no objection and spoke to the schoolboy who came to pick them up. The schoolboy came and told them to come back after buying. Don’t run around. They got out of the car, and several other carriages continued to go to Guanyin school. Their carriage was pulled aside, and the driver waited for them to come back alone.

Yan Wei and Lin Zhen got out of the car and didn’t go to the shops. Instead, they came to the place where they had just crossed the funeral procession.

Since this family is being buried, something must have happened. Compared with those who have closed their doors to do white work, this family can at least see people.

“No chase?”

“If they don’t chase, they still carry the coffin. If they chase, they will see the coffin thrown into the water again. They will go this way and naturally come back.”

Yan Wei and Lin Zhen found a hidden place on the roadside and waited for a few moments. Yan Wei’s cheeks were a little red with cold, which made his white face more gentle. Only his amber eyes were very flexible.

Fortunately, this copy does not suppress the data. Although he is cold, he does not feel frozen.

Another moment later, the funeral procession returned the same way.

The coffin had disappeared, leaving only two thick wooden sticks used to carry the coffin. The team walked back in a hurry and nervously, with floating paper money at the front.

Yan Wei and Lin Zhen secretly followed these people and walked several streets around. Fortunately, the terrain of the whole Guanyin Town is square and the road is not difficult to remember. These people are just ordinary NC and can’t find them two players who are not ordinary people.

When these people arrived at the door of the house, Yan Wei looked at the open door in front of them and the memorial tablets inside. At the door stood a doorboy in mourning clothes, receiving those who came to mourn.

He pushed Lin Zhen: “go and knock out one of the people carrying the coffin. Put on the mourning clothes and follow in.”

“Isn’t that what I look like?”

“No, these coffin bearers are strong, and their expression is a little lighter than others. They are more like people who are specialized in this kind of work to earn money. They are certainly not familiar faces. You are the safest to dress up as them for the time being. Moreover, there are strange things in this town. As long as you don’t show up, the person who is knocked unconscious by you won’t think of people. They will think about things related to Haunted corpses Things. ”

Lin Zhen understood. He rolled up the dazzling robe sleeves and was about to go. Yan Wei grabbed him and said, “after you go in, you just need to find out who the dead people in this family are, when they died, and what kind of people they were before they died.”

“Don’t ask about the black sea?”

“You want to be found out that you sneaked in?”

“Also.” Lin Zhen shook his sleeve and said, “then I’ll go.”

Yan Wei hides aside and waits for Lin Zhen to come out.

There is no downtown here. There are people in the town. There are not many people walking around. Yan Wei looks at the snow in front of him and waits bored. Unconsciously, he thinks of Yan Mingguang.

Where has Yan Mingguang been scattered to the replica? What kind of identity is it? What tricks will malicious people play in this top-level replica? Will there be… Two more Yan Mingguang?

Yan Wei doesn’t know yet.

They are inseparable along the way. Even if they are separated, it is only a moment. Now there is no one to see since entering the copy. Yan Wei always feels uneasy.

It seems that a good living man will run away without looking at Yan Mingguang.

He knew that Yan Mingguang had secrets, but he also firmly believed that Yan Mingguang would not do anything unfavorable to him. He wanted to ask, but also knew that Yan Mingguang would not say. He guessed faintly in his heart. If he guessed more, the feeling of insecurity became more and more obvious.

The man was always with him on the road.

He must lack the most critical memory. In the memory, the most real Yan Mingguang is the sureness he wants to find.

After a while, Lin Zhen swaggered out of the house in his mourning clothes.

The mourning clothes are always solemn. He is so dressed in hemp and filial piety that he looks like Lin Qing for a moment. But this serious appearance was destroyed by Lin Zhen’s opening: “here, little pet, it’s too easy for me to find out – it’s too easy to go in. There’s a memorial tablet, on which there’s a name and date of death. If you listen to them casually, you’ll hear everything you want me to hear.”

“How’s it going?” Yan Wei asked.

“He Qu, 32, has been dead for 13 days. It snowed heavily a few days ago and it was warmer today, so we arranged to carry the coffin for burial today. Other people should be the same, so we saw several groups. He died strangely. He was still alive the day before, and died suddenly on the bed the next morning. His body was covered with corpses, as if he had been dead for many days. As for others, they seem to be taboo and no one talks about them. ”

“Is there anything special about this man?”

“No, it’s very common. I can read some books and write, sell and draw for a living. Sometimes I sneak to the brothel behind my wife’s back and quarrel when I’m found. Oh, there’s a six-year-old child. They didn’t talk about the others. I stayed for a while and they didn’t say anything else. I went in as a worker and didn’t talk very well, so I came out.”

Yan Wei nodded: “enough.”

“They didn’t mention anything about the Black Sea, water burial and corpse removal. They don’t want to go in and ask? If we ask, we must be seen not to be locals.”

“We really need to sneak in and ask,” said Yan Wei. “Our goal is to find out the secrets related to the Black Sea – or what all the people in Guanyin Town don’t declare but taboo. Let’s go to the clothes shop next to and buy something.”

“Isn’t shopping a reason?”

Yan Wei just smiled.

He took Lin Zhen with him and the silver they were carrying in their current identity. He went to an ordinary clothing store nearby and bought two fitting and new funeral clothes.

Lin Zhen: “Oh, yes, change your clothes first and then mix in.”

Yan Wei glanced at him and took him back to the family’s house.

Just as Lin Zhen was about to steal an invitation from the guest who came to mourn, Yan Wei turned a corner and took him to the… Opposite door of the family.

Lin Zhen: ”

Yan Wei has knocked on the opposite door of the funeral.

If he goes directly to the funeral home to ask, his identity as an “outsider” will certainly arouse vigilance. If he comes directly to the door to ask, others don’t trust him. He takes the information of the funeral home, knocks on the opposite door and makes an information difference.

Anyway, the whole town knows the strangeness of Guanyin Town. There is no need to go to someone else who handles the funeral.

It was a child who opened the door. Less than Yan Wei’s chest was high, he opened a crack in the door and looked up at him slightly. His young voice was vigilant: “is the childe?”

The young man was dressed in a mourning suit made of coarse hemp. The mourning suit was white and yellow. It was with his already white skin color. It was very clear in the snowy sky. His cheeks were red and seemed to be blown by the wind.

The child watched and unconsciously widened the crack in the door. He was not so vigilant.

Lin Zhen rolled his eyes in the back, completely unaware of what Yan Wei was doing.

Yan Wei just tensed his face and whispered nervously like those who did funerals: “can the master let me in? He Qu is my cousin. My sister-in-law really can’t bear to let him go so suddenly. A few days ago, he secretly invited the mage to do some extra magic work, but the mage said something uneasy about the house and implicated your house. I asked me to tell you.”

The child said “wait a minute”, then closed the door again, and there came the sound of running quickly.

A moment later, an old woman came to open the door.

The old woman looked haggard with thick dark circles under her eyes. She completely opened the door and said, “please come in, gentlemen.”

Yan Wei and Lin Zhen followed in. As soon as they entered the door, the child with a bun in the sky immediately closed the door, as if they were afraid of something unclean running in.

As soon as the family entered the door, there was a patio. There were small drainage canals in all directions. At the moment, it was full of frozen snow. Further inside, there was the hall. It was very simple. Except for the tea table, there was only a small stool with children’s toys stacked on it, and a red silk was tied to the handle of the chair. There was really nothing to see.

The old woman asked them to sit down and said anxiously, “did the mage see anything unclean?”

Lin Zhen couldn’t sit still. He was playing leisurely. Yan Wei knew he was measured and didn’t bother to take care of him.

He went to the empty chair next to the chair with toys, sat down in front of the old woman and said in a low voice, “isn’t it? We invited a foreign mage and didn’t tell the mage about things in town. After reading it, the mage said that my cousin had something in his house, and now my cousin… Hey, that thing ran to your house.”

The old woman was surprised and suddenly stood up. Then she sat down trembling and flustered: “this thing has been causing trouble for several years. Why is it our turn…”

This thing?

Yan Wei’s eyes moved slightly and said quietly, “calm down first -”

“Oh, hey, how can I calm down?” the old woman’s face was almost wrinkled, “My daughter suddenly told me half a month ago that she saw something unclean, and everyone was talking about it. As a result, she was scared crazy that night. She went to see a doctor. The doctor said it was amnesia, and it didn’t get better after so many days. You young people always like to say that there are too many corpses piled up in the water burial, and the resentment in the sea brought dirty things, but how many years has the water burial been? My grandparents told him They were all buried in water. At that time, the town was very peaceful.

“I see, that female ghost is a woman who can’t die easily. All the dead are young men… They still die restlessly. They have to get up in the coffin. Isn’t that just trying to find a female ghost for revenge?”

Female ghost?

The sea was not black at first. Is it because this female ghost appeared in Guanyin Town recently?

Yan Wei said, “don’t worry, it won’t take long for the sea to turn black.”

“Four or five years, not long? That is, you young people think four or five years is not long. Half of my body is going to be buried in the soil. These four or five years have been frightening. Some foreigners asked and lied to them that it’s just monsters on the sea! Pity my daughter. My husband died early and took his children alone. Now he has lost his soul and left us orphans and widows…”

Yan Wei frowned and touched the paper money that the Chinese side had just picked up. Finally, he understood why Guanyin Town was so strange.

He got up and said, “don’t be afraid. Although the mage said that things had gone here, the female ghost didn’t have much hostility in your house. She didn’t want to harm people and left for a while. The mage said, buy more pieces of aloe wood to burn in your house. Aloe wood is a evil thing. After burning for a long time, she will stay in another place. The older the aloe wood is, the more useful it is.”

The old woman quickly thanked her.

When the goal is achieved, Yan Wei excuses that there are still many funeral chores to do at home. He shouts Lin Zhen and turns around to leave.

As soon as I turned around, I hit a line of sight.

A woman with disheveled hair and light clothes was standing at the door. She looked stunned and looked straight at him. Lin Zhen had already seen her. At the moment, she stood beside the woman with a smile and raised her hand to wave in front of the woman.

Yan Wei: ”

The woman didn’t seem to see Lin Zhen. She just looked straight at this side. After looking at it for a while, she suddenly showed a frightened expression, turned her head and ran to the side.

The old woman hurried out.

It seems that this is the daughter who was frightened into ecstasy by the female ghost.

Under such circumstances, the old woman naturally had no time to take care of them. Yan Wei patted the child on the head, stuffed the child with some silver, and dragged Lin Zhen out of the house.

At the moment of stepping out of the door, the prompt sound of the building sounded in Yan Wei’s mind.

[congratulations to the player on completing your main task at present – understand the origin of the Black Sea around Guanyin Town, learn about the water burial customs and the strange things in the town, obtain 5 progress rewards and start the next stage of the task.]

[please note to all players that a player has completed the first main task corresponding to that player and started the next stage. Please make persistent efforts and keep up with the progress.]

In front of the wharf in Guanyin Town, a young man dressed in a blue and gray Taoist robe and holding a Taiji compass in his hand made a move.

“… has someone finished the first task?”

Under the endless monument.

The great crowd in Ukraine broke out ten times and a hundred times the sound of discussion.

“The copy was given before midnight? It was only in the afternoon. It was not dark, so he finished…”

“Does Yan Wei really have only a few copies? From the perspective of God, we know that the top copy has different camps. How did he speculate that it is faster than the opposite camp in such a short time?”

“Song Chengan has never lost in the exploration of copy progress. He is even faster than song Chengan? Song Chengan is near the dock!!”


In the distance, in the apartment where the player on the ground floor is located, an ordinary player looks at Yan Wei from Lin Zhen’s perspective.

He is just one of the players struggling in the replica layer after layer in the world inside the building. He has no special features or advantages. He can’t go upstairs and run faster than anyone at the moment when he sends the replica like those geniuses.

He just went upstairs layer by layer. After the first floor, he went to the second floor, and after the second floor, he went to the third floor. Sometimes he lost in the copy, and he came down from the lower floors.

Ordinary and ordinary, like others, pay attention to the top-level copy that shocks the whole world in the building.

He looked at the young people in plain white mourning clothes and clear and spiritual temperament in the projection picture. He always felt that this face was somewhat familiar. It was not easy to remember such an outstanding face.

It seems that a few years ago, he once saw this person in the copy on the fifth and sixth floors. At that time, the copy reached unprecedented difficulty. Many people entered the copy, and many people died every day. When they went out, they were covered with blood. Only that person was very cold from beginning to end. Finally, all the NC in the copy fled.

He was lucky enough to live to the end. Thanks to the blessing of the man, he survived and successfully made a copy. Because it was too difficult, the gifts he received after settlement also made him a lot of profits in the subsequent copies.

He can’t remember the people he met in many copies, but he clearly remembers that the best player of that copy, code named “V”, later became the legendary black bird in charge of the world in the building. When he was still struggling on more than ten floors, V had opened the top copy, which caused a shock in the world in the building a few years ago.

The young man in front of me looks like

The man shook his head.

How could it be? V it was a few years ago. He either died in the 99th floor replica a few years ago, or he may have left the world in the building with his ability.

He must have remembered wrong.

Guanyin Town.

Players scattered everywhere heard the prompt sound and took a breath.

Yan Wei, the source of the hint sound, just walked out of the old woman’s house, went to the door of the family opposite the funeral, took out the paper money he had just caught in the carriage and threw it into the air.

White paper money rises and falls with snow and other paper money flying out of the family.

Lin Zhen scratched his head: “what are you doing?”

“I offer flowers to Buddha to thank the dead for bringing us clues.”

After that, Yan Wei and Lin Zhen heard the prompt sound about the task of the next stage.


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