Half Immortal Chapter 164

Half Immortal Chapter 164: Black Sea Town Coffin (3)

[for you, the main task of the next stage is to go to Guanyin school to understand the purpose of Mr. Bai asking you to come to Guanyin Town.]

Yan Wei said his task and compared it with Lin Zhen. They are still the same at present.

He and Lin Zhen went to the shop again, pretended to buy something, and went back to the place where the coachman was waiting for them.

“It’s getting dark early in winter. The two CHILDES delayed for some time. I’m afraid it will be dark soon after they arrive.” the coachman hurried into the car, and his voice blew into the car with the wind. “Childe, there’s nothing to do. You’d better stay in the house. Mr. Bai won’t start class until a few days. You can take your time in the day.”

Yan Wei smiled and shouted, “thank you, master. My friends and I won’t go out at night.”

This NC should serve as a reminder to guide the player’s exploration direction.

He just pretended to be the family member of the deceased and learned from his neighbors that female ghosts have always haunted Guanyin Town in recent years, and the sea water near Guanyin Town has become darker and darker with the emergence of female ghosts in recent years. Mr. Bai, who had never met a certain face, asked them to bring these props to Guanyin Town, which is mostly related to dealing with evil spirits.

“Why are you so obedient?” Lin Zhen said.

“Just because I promise the coachman doesn’t mean I won’t go out.”

Lin Zhen: “… Yes.”

“His words are a guide. When he says that there is no peace and don’t act rashly at any time, it means that there is a problem at that time or place. When we go to Guanyin school, Yan Mingguang doesn’t know where they went or what their identity is.”

The sound of horse’s hoofs rang out, and the wheels ran over the ground, leaving a shallow water stain. After a while, it was not easy for the smaller snow to get bigger again. The thin snow scraps rolled bigger and bigger in the air, pulling a large white screen to the four corners of the world.

Yan Wei and Lin Zhen were obviously the last of their group to arrive at Guanyin school.

Yan Wei opened the curtain in front of him, stepped down from the carriage, stepped on the soft snow just paved on the ground, and saw the gate of Guanyin school.

Much more rustic than he thought. Beside the gate of the school stood two schoolchildren in big coats, rubbing their hands in the snow. Looking inside, it seems that there are many fake rocks. There is a small Guanyin stone statue in the middle. There are no people on both sides of the road. I think it’s so cold that there won’t be any students running around.

It’s very common but very disciplined.

Yan Wei, holding his hands, said to Lin Zhen who jumped out of the car: “this Mr. Bai must be very famous.”

Before Lin Zhen asked, he explained: “Didn’t the old lady say that? In recent years, Guanyin Town has been haunted. People dare not say that it’s all about monsters on the sea, so the sea turns black. Although it’s not haunted, it’s not a good thing to make monsters on the sea. All this is the case. We students come to take risks to study, which shows that Guanyin school must have a good reputation. At first, I thought it would be a big school , magnificent, but now look, the door is so simple, the schoolboy is so cool, and still abides by the door, which shows that the rules are strict. ”

Yan Wei can only think of one word – high moral integrity.

Mr. Bai is the key NC. After he goes in, he has to find a chance to talk to Mr. Bai.

“We really didn’t go to the wrong door?” Lin Zhen yawned and kicked the snow at his feet. “This one in the back looks very rich.”

Yan Wei followed the sound, turned around and looked at the magnificent building opposite Guanyin school.

It is a building similar to a triangle. It has about three floors. The third floor is very high. Looking from a distance, you can see the roof made of red bricks and green tiles. Different small Guanyin statues stand in every corner of the eaves.

“Those are thirty-three Guanyin dharmas. Didn’t you hear a lot of people say they want to go to the Guanyin temple to offer incense on the way here?”

Yan Wei saw it here when he observed the terrain with his perception. It is Guanyin temple, the most central building in Guanyin Town.

It’s just the Guanyin temple

Yan Wei looked at the small stone carvings of Guanyin Dharma on the roof. Instead of feeling peace, he felt uncomfortable. He looked away a little, and the sense of oppression and suffocation was lighter.

The coachman urged them to go in quickly. Yan Wei was about to lift his feet and suddenly gave a meal.

On the other side of the street, three people came on foot. Their purpose seemed to be the Guanyin temple on the other side of the wide street. At the moment Yan Wei looked at them, they also looked over.

Yu Zhengqing sneered, “are you going to enter this school?”

Yan Wei said impolitely, “are you blind?”

“What is your task?”

Yan Wei didn’t answer him, but looked at another young man wearing a blue and gray Taoist robe and holding a Taiji compass. Like them, this man became a dress integrated into the background of the copy, with a wooden hairpin, sword eyebrows and stars.

He looked at Yan Wei and was shocked. He opened his mouth and couldn’t speak for a long time.

In the wind and snow, Yan Wei smiled at him.

Song Chengan didn’t expect that he would see Yan Wei in this copy.

When everyone thought V was dead at the top, he just believed that V might have completed the goal that everyone thought impossible. He might have exchanged it for Pandora’s box and left this place full of evil.

But Yan Wei stood in front of him alive.

Did V go downstairs before? He wanted to ask, but he thought it was impossible, and V would not fail. They once broke through a replica together at the top, and song Chengan was only awed when he heard this code. Although he didn’t know the reason, he suddenly vaguely understood why the top replica would open in such an emergency after a few years away.

When he came to the Guanyin Temple with Yu Zhengqing and Lin Qiao just now, he kept a straight face, said nothing and was very lonely and arrogant. But when he saw Yan Wei, his arrogance immediately converged.

Song Chengan said slowly, “I’m a Taoist from the outer tunnel. Recently, several small temple statues in Guanyin temple have been damaged. People in the temple are afraid that they can’t stop the evil spirit, so they borrowed some magic tools from us. Our task in the first stage is to understand the strangeness of Guanyin Town, and the task in the second stage is to live in Guanyin temple first.”

He knows everything and seems to welcome Yan Wei’s inquiry.

Yu Zhengqing’s face sank immediately.

All the players who enter this copy are super high-level players. Everyone can find the strange task. He and song Chengan had the same task. But Yan Wei didn’t have the same task with them. Who can guarantee that he is an enemy or a friend? He also wanted to get the situation of Yan Wei first, but song Chengan took the initiative to explain it clearly.

Song Chengan is famous among high-level players. His eyes are higher than words?

He was livid, but he had a bad attack.

Yan Wei said with a smile, “our task is similar, but you are going to the Guanyin temple, and we are going to the Guanyin school opposite you. It seems that our purposes are positive, not opposite.”

“If you want to come to Guanyin temple, I can help.”

Song Chengan didn’t say much. He turned and stepped on the steps in front of the Guanyin temple.

Yu Zhengqing and Lin Qiao, another super high-level player of yuemang, followed him and said to song Chengan, “this cutting-edge may not be in the same camp. His perception is not weak. If he is in the opposite camp with us, now he knows some of our information, and we are behind now.”

Song Chengan, who had just talked to Yan Wei and was very friendly, just glanced at him, speechless and walked forward quickly.

Yu Zhengqing was a super high-level player in the world inside the building. As a result, after talking for a long time in this copy, he was rewarded with the back of song Chengan. His face was iron green. He had no choice but to shake his sleeve and angrily entered the Guanyin temple.

On the other side, Yan Wei and Lin Zhen choose two empty rooms next to each other to live under the guidance of the schoolboy.

Yan Wei shouted to the schoolboy, “where does Mr. Bai live?”

The schoolboy said, “Mr. Bai lives in the courtyard and has to go a little further. I can’t see anyone now. Mr. Bai has gone to other places and won’t come back for class until a few days. You can prepare for it these days.”

Yan Wei understands – no wonder the tone says that this copy takes a long time. They need to live here for a while. Just waiting for Mr. Bai to come back will be a few days. I’m afraid the real danger of the copy has only opened a weak corner now.

“Will you let me know if Mr. Bai comes back?” he said.

The schoolboy naturally responded.

Lin Zhen had planned to come to Yan Wei’s room to take care of him, but Yan Wei thought about it and thought it would be better not to break the rules first since one room for each person. Lin Zhen naturally didn’t care. He sorted out the next idea a little here and went to his own room next door before dark.

When the sun set completely, the already gloomy sky turned into thick black, which was as thick as the dark sea. It was so thick that people couldn’t see anything clearly.

There were candles in the room, but Yan Wei didn’t light them. He went to bed after dark.

The snow outside the window kept falling. There was a charcoal fire burning in the house. It was not cold, but it made people sleepy. Yan Wei fell asleep soon after he closed his eyes, but the sleep was not stable, and messy dreams came one after another.

The end of the dream is the vague Yan Mingguang.

He also dreamed of the scene of Yan Mingguang and him under the hot spring water. White ghosts were rampant on the shore. Under the water, Ding Xiao opened his eyes and looked at the hazy water. He and Yan Mingguang held their hands tightly and touched their lips and teeth.

I don’t know whether it is the hot spring water or his own temperature. He is very hot.

It was hot, the picture was fragmented, and suddenly became the sleeper of the seemingly endless train. The dark night wrapped the mechanical sound of the train, and Yan Mingguang looked down at him on his shoulder.

Yan Wei is getting hotter.

… but isn’t Guanyin Town in the cold winter?

His consciousness seemed to tremble and suddenly pulled out of his dream!

There was a faint fragrance of flowers in the house.

The cold around him immediately wrapped him. He suddenly opened his eyes and saw a figure standing by his bed. The dark night shrouded him, and the moonlight sprinkled slightly from the paper window, shining on the figure, showing a bright red dress and waist long hair.

The figure crept down slightly, and the long drooping hair rubbed his wrist coolly, like a snake letter slowly stretched out in a dirty swamp.

A pair of pale hands were slowly approaching his sleeves.

Yan Wei held his breath and was about to turn over and get out of bed and take out his props. Suddenly there was a “whew” outside the window. The dark arrow feather pierced the window paper and went straight towards the figure in red.

In the next moment, Yan Wei’s eyes flashed bright red. The arrow feather nailed into the wall and trembled constantly. The cool wind swept fiercely. Yan Wei’s bed was already empty.

The fragrance of the flowers suddenly disappeared.

Lin Zhen turned over the window and entered: “where’s the ghost?”

“Ran away.”

“The ghost is so counselled?”

Yan Wei got up from bed, recalled the situation just now, remembered those young men who suddenly died, and whispered, “it’s not advice, it’s just not necessary. How do you know it’s with me?”

“It also did something to me. After I slept, this thing stood in front of me. Then I smelled the fragrance of flowers and began to dream – it was introduced into my dream by dirt. My dream…” Lin Zhen’s expression was not very clear in the night, but he seemed very distressed, “My dream was impossible at first sight, and then I woke up and it left. I thought I’d come back and tell you tomorrow. As a result, I smelled the fragrance of flowers just now and knew you were talking too.”


Yan Wei looked rather embarrassed.

Just now he would dream that he was doing that with Yan Mingguang… It should be the female ghost that lured him into his spring dream.

In this respect, what he thought was much more complicated than Lin Zhen, but it was easier to say. Fortunately, he woke up at last. But why did the female ghost stare at him and Lin Zhen? Did the red figure just now make Guanyin Town such a evil spirit?

Those people who died inexplicably before were introduced into her spring dream day and night, and then lost their lives unconsciously. Then why did she focus on him and Lin Zhen? There are so many players, so many NC students and so many people in Guanyin Town. Where are they special?

Yan Wei’s eyes coagulated: “props.”


“Our props, my aloes wood, your knife, she came for these. We’re not sure we’re going to use these things against her. She wants to steal the props first.”

“How did she know we had?”

“Maybe the ghost can feel it, or maybe she has other ways. It’s just a problem. Now I think there’s a bigger problem…”

“Again, I’m a little sleepy…” Lin Zhen yawned, walked to the window and woke up in the wind.

“Do you think this female ghost is easy to deal with?”

“OK? She didn’t fight us head-on. But I don’t think it’s the danger level of one shot.”

Yan Wei sat by the bed with a dignified tone: “your brother, they haven’t come yet. It takes so long for this copy to get to the point, but the female ghost is not as strong as I imagined…”

“Go to bed first. We can only know some things if that NC Mr. Bai comes. Tomorrow we’ll take advantage of the day to see some of the dead and find Yan Mingguang and them by the way.”

Under the endless monument.

“How alert! Almost, the female ghost will suck him up…”

“Didn’t Lin Zhen find it over there?”

“But Lin Zhen didn’t get caught at all. Yan Wei got caught. He was already immersed in a dream and suddenly woke up.”

“Players coming from other roads are also coming. Are the top-level copies so long?”

“You’ve been paying attention to a newcomer who even went to the replica for the first time on more than 90 floors. What’s the matter? Isn’t song Chengan’s perspective good? Meng Lin has sneaked into the deceased’s residence and opened the coffin.”

“It’s because he hasn’t even entered the replica of more than 90 floors before. He and Lin Zhen are not super high-level players like those old foxes. The replica has just begun. Others are too stable. Look at him, I always expect him to die.” the man said, looking at the girl with a cold face around him, “Ning Yi, I remember you broke through the replica with him a long time ago?”

Ning Yi just said, “I was still on the ninth floor at that time.”

“Well, it’s early -” the man suddenly said, “ninth floor!? you met on the ninth floor. You’re in the thirties now. He’s already on the 99th floor!”

Ning Yi said calmly, “so instead of wondering when he will die, you’d better look forward to whether he will bring surprises.”

For the next two days, the ghost never came again.

In the daytime, Yan Wei’s perception often bumps into some strange players. The number of super high-level players who come to Guanyin Town began to increase gradually, reaching more than a dozen. Each of them has a corresponding identity. Some are local people and some are outsiders with a purpose.

Everyone is watching the change without much communication – no one knows whether other unfamiliar players are people or ghosts, enemies or friends.

Yan Wei and Lin Zhen came the next day. They were also students. They sneaked into some dead people’s homes or their neighbors in different ways to inquire about some of these deeds before their lives and roughly find out the time.

The sea began to turn black more than four years ago, and female ghosts appeared more than four years ago.

At first, the man killed by the female ghost was not so exaggerated. The dead just seemed to be drained of his essence, and his body was thin. The sea water was only light black. Later, the dead man’s body became more and more terrible. Within a day, it was covered with corpse spots and stiff. Sometimes it would be like an evil thing attached to the body. If one was careless, even the person caught by the corpse would die.

The sea water is getting darker and darker. Until now, it is so dark that it can’t see the bottom. People in Guanyin Town are terrified.

Other things, ordinary people don’t seem to know.

On the third day, Yan Wei finally contacted Yan Mingguang with his perception through his skills.

[Yan Mingguang? Where are you?]

Yan Mingguang seemed to pause, and then calmly said to him: [I’m outside the school.]

Don’t you come in

[the arranged identity is not convenient.]

Each player has an identity in this copy to facilitate the task and integration into Guanyin Town. Yan Mingguang must also have an identity. The specific person will naturally tell him in detail. He didn’t ask much, but said: [I’ll go out. I didn’t feel very comfortable in the Guanyin temple a few days ago. I just want to go to the Guanyin Temple opposite today. Wait for me at the gate of the temple?]


Without saying a word, Yan Wei changed a new dress just issued by the school. He greeted Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou and asked them to pay attention to when Mr. Bai would come back, but don’t act rashly. Then he quickly walked out of the school.

Today, there is no snow. It is a sunny day. The sun is hanging over the East, but Guanyin Town is full of white snow that has not melted. It’s getting colder and colder these two days, and the house is covered with a thick layer of white.

There was no heavy snow today, and the mourners piled up today.

As soon as Yan Wei walked out of the school gate, pieces of paper money fell in front of him. The atmosphere of the funeral procession was tense. The coffin was carried by six big men and shook constantly. There was a dull collision sound through the thick wood, and the sharp sound of fingernails scraping wood chips, as if the things inside were trying their best to think out.

The people around scattered and walked away.

Yan Wei stared at the group of people passing by, holding his hands and his eyes were heavy.

Two days ago, there was an occasional moment of corpse removal. But the dead in the coffin looked… Completely “alive”. Is the sea getting darker? That female ghost these two days… Can it be worse?

“Yan Wei.”

When the cold voice passed through the cold air and came into Yan Wei’s ears, it was wrapped with a heavy warmth, diluting the treacherous way of carrying the coffin just now.

Yan Weixun went and saw Yan Mingguang standing on the steps of Guanyin temple, looking at him slightly. The man was wearing a plain white robe, with a piece of green round jade pinned to his waist. The silver framed glasses were gone, and the hair color turned into pure black with the background of the copy, tied up high.

He was holding a bundle of incense in his hand and said to Yan Wei, “let’s go in and worship Guanyin.”

Yan Wei was a little stunned.

You don’t have to think about it. Yan Mingguang’s identity may be the son of a good family.

This man takes off those external things that are incompatible with the real world. Even though his white clothes make him more and more cold, he is more like a normal person in the human world. That black hair seemed to pull the immortal down to the world, and for a moment, many images of Yan Mingguang living in the ordinary world after he came out of the building with him emerged in his mind.

There is a difference in the flow rate between the world inside and outside the building. After their copy is broken, plus the time when he first climbed the building, it may be only three or four years outside, and there is still a lot of time.

He suddenly understood why the female ghost’s little trick could not trap Lin Zhen, but it could make him indulge.

If the female ghost was replaced by Yan Mingguang, he might never wake up again.

He can give up saving himself for Yan Mingguang, or he can give up saving himself for everyone. Will he give up saving everyone for Yan Mingguang? Such comparison set a balance in front of him. Yan Wei didn’t know why he thought about this problem, but felt a little suffocated.

He evaded the general and immediately put the problem behind him – for no reason.

He came to Yan Mingguang. The man looked at him. He just came out in a panic. He didn’t tidy his hair very well. He held incense candles in one hand and raised them in the other hand. He touched Yan Wei’s hairy head and helped him straighten out some curled broken hair.

Yan Wei was worried about the possibility of different camps. He thought that song Chengan had verified more than one task with him. He was worried about malice and made trouble from it. He hurriedly asked, “what’s your task?”

Yan Mingguang stopped his hand slightly, his face remained unchanged, a pair of black pupils reflected Yan Wei’s figure, and his mood was clear. He said lightly: “the first main task is to find out the strangeness of Guanyin Town, and the second main task is to find out what Mr. Bai of Guanyin school wants to do.”

Yan Wei breathed a sigh of relief.


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