Half Immortal Chapter 165

Half Immortal Chapter 165: Black Sea Town Coffin (4)

He asked, “do you know other people’s tasks? At present, I’m right with Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou. The four of us are the same, and the people we know are almost the same. By the way, I also met song Chengan. I didn’t expect to see him here. His tasks are a little different from mine, but they are positive.”

“What is song Chengan’s mission?” Yan Mingguang asked him.

At the moment, the man was holding incense candles in one hand and Yanwei in the other, and slowly climbed up the steps of Guanyin temple.

Guanyin Town has been haunted for so long that the people have become more suspicious and advocate the theory of ghosts and gods. More and more people come to the Guanyin temple to offer incense, and the steps are full of people coming and going.

Today’s personality is more.

Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei held hands like this. Several people passing by them always couldn’t help casting their eyes.

Yan Wei didn’t pay attention at all. He also felt that his other hand was a little cold. He became more and more fierce. Both hands held Yan Mingguang’s hand, and his fingers moved restlessly.

Yan Mingguang by him.

He said: “Song Chengan and Yu Zhengqing came by dry road. They were Taoist priests from other Taoist temples. They said that something had broken down in Guanyin temple. Maybe there was no Buddhist temple nearby, so they went to the Taoist temple and asked for some magic tools to use for a while. They sent things and now live in the temple.”

“By the way, what about you?”

They stepped over the threshold of the gate and entered the temple.

Guanyin temple is full of incense. Entering the gate is the grand hall. In front of it, there is a large incense burner tall enough for two people on the open-air square. On a cold day, the fireworks of the incense burner came out, the smoke curled out, and there was even a little fire in it – it was the scene that too many incense candles would burn.

Yan Mingguang handed him three handfuls of incense and said, “incense first. Someone was watching at the door. Only those who incense can enter.”

He obviously had some knowledge of Guanyin temple.

Without saying anything, Yan Wei lit a little on the lotus candle lamp with incense. He only heard Yan Mingguang say slowly: “my identity is a former Guanyin Town man.”


“It’s Mr. Bai’s classmate. I read books with him when I was a child, but I didn’t know him well and didn’t talk to him. But later, my family prospered, went to other places and came back recently. It’s been nearly a month since I came back, but I only loaded the copy yesterday.”

Yan Wei nodded: “your identity has nothing to do with Guanyin school. It’s really not suitable to go in directly.”

“Just wait for Mr. Bai to come back.”

“HMM. Mr. Bai… I don’t know what kind of NC he is. He is a scholar according to his name and identity, but he let us players, that is, many locals and outsiders who haven’t been in touch for a long time, bring things and look like they want to deal with that female ghost.”

“Female ghosts are not difficult to deal with, but the camp.”

Yan Wei was stunned: “are you sure you have a camp?”

“After I loaded the copy, the neighbor was doing a funeral. I met another super high-level player in that house.”

Yan Mingguang roughly told Yan Wei about his experience when he just loaded the copy yesterday.

Yan Mingguang has a good identity and family background. He lives in the mountainous area of Guanyin Town. There are almost large families. He has a magnificent funeral and invited many people. Yan Mingguang, as a “neighbor”, was naturally invited.

After he entered the family’s house, he met another player, Meng Lin, an old female player. Her purpose is very direct, that is to open the coffin and look at the body.

“I met her face-to-face. Her task is completely different from yours,” Yan Mingguang said. “After she loaded the copy, she knew about the Black Sea and female ghosts. The first main task is to understand the danger of the corpse and the situation of the dead, and take a corpse.”

Sure enough, there are different camps. Although song Chengan’s task is different from him, their goal and direction are the same, but Meng Lin’s task, even the focus is different from them, or even less positive. It is not to solve the problem of the body, but to take the body away.

In this way, there should be two camps. One is a completely positive camp, that is, Yan Wei’s side, which does everything to solve the problem of evil. The other team is Meng Lin, focusing on the evil spirit itself.

“Has she finished the task?”

“She died. After opening the coffin, the dead picked up the body and killed her.”

Yan Wei stepped in and said, “this is the first main task. Meng Lin’s name… I remember, she always wants stability. And I’ve seen the corpse. At that time, when I was at the seaside, the corpse of the dead man was about to climb out. The bereaved man covered the coffin and went back.”

Ordinary people can get rid of the corpse and kill a super high-level player?

Yan Mingguang saw Yan Wei’s doubts at a glance. He said, “at first, the body was very weak, but it can’t kill. The more it kills, the stronger it becomes.”

“Meng Lin was consumed to death.”

Yan Wei’s doubts after meeting the female ghost a few nights ago were slightly solved.

That night, Lin Zhen could make the red figure disappear with an arrow. The female ghost was much weaker than he thought. It seemed that she could not reach the level of boss of the top copy. But if it exists, the corpses killed by female ghosts will become stronger and stronger. Even the ability of these dirty things can transfer and gather with each other. Female ghosts can also use the corpses that have not been buried in water to become stronger.

So for so many years, the people of Guanyin Town didn’t take the way of cremation or burial, because they couldn’t deal with those strange dead bodies. Knowing that the sea was getting darker and darker, they had no choice but to continue the water burial.

The corpse is more dangerous than expected. In addition, the obvious purposes are different now. The purposes of the two sides may even be completely conflicting. The success of one side represents the failure of the other.

It seems that the difficulty lies not in the female ghost itself, but in the Black Sea involved behind the female ghost, the corpse will be stronger and stronger, and the opposing camp of Mr. Bai and another team who do not know the purpose at present.

They had walked into the main hall with incense. The front of the main hall was full of whispers of the people, which were vows to the Guanyin Buddha one after another.

Yan Wei stood behind the futon, the incense in his hand rose, and the smoke blurred a little in front of him. Through the smoke and dust, he raised his eyes and looked at the huge golden statue of Guanyin standing in the center of the hall.

It was a female phase Guanyin with a willow branch in her right hand and a clean bottle in her left hand. It was the most common phase of the willow Guanyin method. Guanyin is as high as the whole Guanyin temple. Looking up, Guanyin’s crown is almost up to the roof of the third floor. In the three floor temple with a courtyard, no matter which floor you stand on, there is the Guanyin golden statue in the center. The circular corridor on the third floor can even look at the Guanyin golden statue.

The golden statue is full of gold and has a plump face, as if overlooking the blessings of ordinary people.

Most of the people bowed their heads and knelt down to pray for the Buddha. Yan Wei looked up, but he felt that Guanyin looked at all sentient beings as if he were condescending and arrogant.

After only one look, Yan Wei looked away uncomfortably.

“The reason why I made an appointment with Guanyin temple is that I feel very uncomfortable here,” Yan Wei whispered. “In addition, song Cheng’an told me that several side halls of Guanyin temple were damaged. I think this temple should also be related to the main line. You even have incense and candles ready. It seems that there is a problem here?”

“I inquired,” Yan Mingguang said. “Those side halls lost things.”

“Do you also think it’s a restricted prop in the copy?”

Yan Mingguang looked at him with a smile and was sure.

“I have Millennium aloes wood in my hand, Lin Zhen has soul cutting blade in his hand, fish flying boat, and you should also have them. If these props are related to dealing with female ghosts, I suspect that the things lost in Guanyin Temple are also related to the goals of our players dealing with female ghosts.”

“Go to the side hall and have a look,” Yan Mingguang said.

He and Yan Mingguang walked forward, passed through the people praying for Buddha on both sides of the futon, and inserted the burning incense into the big incense burner in front, but they didn’t worship.

Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei were tall, and their appearance was particularly prominent among this group of ordinary people. On others, they could only be said to be plain clothes, but they had a little more temperament. Yan Wei was born with docile and clever facial features. His eyes were as gentle as peach blossoms. He could be said to be a young man. Yan Mingguang was a slender young man and a handsome man.

A woman came forward to insert incense. I don’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional. When she passed Yan Mingguang, a sachet fell down and fell to Yan Mingguang’s feet.

Yan Wei: ”

Before the girl opened her mouth, he took out his coin completely different from the background of the times from his sleeve pocket and threw it rigidly to the ground.

“Clang -”

The coin fell beside the sachet and shook with a cold metal sound, steadily revealing the side carved with a swallow.

Yan Mingguang sighed gently. His black eyes seemed to be filled with helpless emotions, but they were still full of Yan Wei’s figure.

He bent down, picked up the coin and got up. Completely ignoring Yan Wei’s hand stretched out to receive the coin, he took the coin and slightly pulled Yan Wei’s skirt. His slender fingers clamped the coin. The temperature of his fingertips warmed the cold, which was thrown into the pocket inside Yan Wei’s skirt.

Finally, the man pulled his skirt and helped him trim his hair and clothes.

The girl looked at Yan Mingguang patting Yan Wei’s collar. Her face was whiter than the snow outside.

Yan Wei blushed, quickly lowered his head and squatted down and picked up the sachet for the girl. The girl turned around with the sachet and quickly left the hall. Yan Wei listened to the Sanskrit chanting of monks on both sides of the hall. The villain complained first and whispered, “pick up your things.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t speak.

Outside the hall suddenly came the hustle and bustle of people, with Qingming Sanskrit sounds louder than those in the hall, getting louder and louder from far to near.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang took a look, turned around and walked out of the hall with the crowd in the hall.

Outside the hall, in front of the Guanyin temple, a large float was pulled in, with monks in robes on both sides and a team playing music behind. The float was filled with lotus flowers made of silk. In the center stood a woman wearing Guanyin brocade robe and holding willow branches in her hand. The woman sang a song and swayed with the Qingming Sanskrit sound.

At the front of the float, there was a man in a pure black cloak and a ghost mask.

The man was obviously playing something, rolling in front of the float and wailing in pain.

The float stopped at the front of the hall, and the “Guanyin master” was still singing. It seemed that there was a story in the song. The monks on both sides had walked into the crowd and seemed to be looking for someone.

Yan Wei dispersed his perception, listened to the conversation of the people around him, leaned in Yan Mingguang’s ear and whispered: “This is their custom. It shows the legend of Guanyin Town. It says that Guanyin Town used to be a wasteland full of evil spirits. Evil spirits turned into one and harmed the creatures who came here. Later, Guanyin heard the sad sound here, sprinkled a bottle of water with willow branches and suppressed all ghosts. Suddenly, the weather here was good and the harvest was good every year. Gradually, Guanyin Town came into being.”

“So they built the Guanyin temple and occasionally held such a Buddha worship ceremony to sing the legend of the ghost in Guanyin Town. Every time the float goes around the city and returns to the Guanyin temple, they will choose several people from the pilgrims to dress up as the mage who greeted Guanyin.”

He held hands with Yan Mingguang and bit his ears. Over there, a monk came to them and silently worshipped them.

The people around immediately cast envious eyes.

Yan Wei: ”

This is selected.

He glanced at several young men and women who had been selected. Although their looks were not the best, they were also superior to ordinary people.

… is this a wizard or a beauty pageant?

“Go,” Yan Mingguang said to him. “According to the customs of Guanyin Town, they all think that the selected people will have the blessing brought by Guanyin.”

It’s weird not to go.

Yan Wei naturally understood this truth. After a few words, he took the Buddhist robe given by the monk, put it on his body with Yan Mingguang, and followed behind the float.

Sanskrit continued to ring, and the woman’s song lit up the cold sky. The people around worshipped the Guanyin stone statue in the hall, and the incense became more and more vigorous. The float started from the front of the main hall and pulled to the side hall. The Sanskrit slightly dispelled some clouds brought by trouble.

Out of the triangle shaped main hall, there are some side halls around. The roof is decorated with stone carvings of different Guanyin dharmas, hoping to worship different Guanyin statues.

Walking through several side halls, a side hall with closed doors and chains came into view.

These temporary “mages” followed behind the float. Yan Wei walked behind Yan Mingguang, gently pulled Yan Mingguang’s robe which was very different from his killing temperament, and said, “teacher Yan.”

Ahead, Yan Mingguang paused.

“Are we even going to be monks together?”

Yan Mingguang grabbed his hand holding the clothes and said, “it’s better to return to vulgarity together.”

With that, the man took his hand and ran out of the team.

They were not ordinary people. Yan Mingguang used his skills a little, but in the blink of an eye, they came to the locked gate of the hall. The float team is still moving forward. No one finds that they are missing. They are still moving forward and have passed the side hall.

Yan Mingguang took off his robe and was helping Yan Wei untie his clothes and “return to the common customs” together.

Yan Wei looked at the lock hanging on the door.

“These halls are locked, which should be the side halls that have lost things.” this ordinary lock has no blocking effect on their players. He raised his hand, moved the lock a few times, and the lock opened, “Go in and have a look. If the lost props in the hall are props, I don’t think it’s quite right, because Mr. Bai doesn’t need to steal props. With Mr. Bai’s reputation, he can borrow them directly from Guanyin temple.”

There must be someone else sneaking into the Guanyin temple, and they are not the same as the people Mr. Bai found.

Yan Wei hung the lock on the doorknob and pushed open the door of the side hall.

There was no candlelight inside the door. The daylight outside the door poured in and shone on the Guanyin statue in front of it. There were candlesticks on both sides, and a small incense burner was placed in front of the Guanyin statue. This Guanyin statue was not as big as the gold statue of Guanyin in the main hall. It was only as tall as a person, carved out of wood, and its hands were empty.

Yan Wei walked in a few steps, went to the Guanyin statue, saw the mural behind the Guanyin statue, and said, “this Guanyin statue is holding the Scriptures and Guanyin, and should have the Scriptures in his hand… The Scriptures were taken away, which is also a prop that can deal with female ghosts?”

Is it difficult? The last thing the two camps have to do is get enough props?

What is missing in this side hall is Guanyin scriptures. What are the other side halls?

A shadow fell on his side. Yan Wei turned his head and asked Yan Mingguang: “do you think there will be players? The loaded characters are the people who once came to Guanyin temple to steal these things?”

Like him, once a copy is entered, there is an identity entrusted to bring Millennium aloes wood. Other players should also have it, including those who steal these things. It’s normal.

The man looked at him slightly, and his voice was faint: “it’s very possible.”

Yan Wei gave a look.

The sky light and the darkness in the side hall staggered, and the other party’s face was half in the daytime light and half buried in the dark. The daytime light illuminated the floating dust clearly, and the dust obscured his sight. He looked at the man’s pure black eyes and suddenly stepped back.

“- I played this trick on the top-level copy last time. Don’t I have any new tricks this time?”

The door of the hall suddenly closed!

Some light of the day came in through the paper pasted on the door, for example, it was much dimmer. But the faint dust in the light beam stopped floating, and everything in front of us seemed to solidify. Only Yan Wei and “Yan Mingguang” were alive.

Malice smiled with that always cold face, and the ethereal voice sounded from all directions: “I never expected you to admit your mistake. I just wanted to ask you if you changed your mind.”

Yan Wei said coldly, “where’s Yan Mingguang?”

Maliciously raised his hand slightly. Behind the Guanyin statue and on the mural, there suddenly appeared a dark hole with enough people to pass through.

It exudes a smell that can be recognized by players in the building. Yan Wei is familiar with it, but he has never used it.

Yan Wei frowned – it was the way down the stairs.

“If you go down from here, won’t you be with him longer?”

“This descending passage is the only descending passage in Guanyin temple, and it is also the only descending passage in this copy. It is located behind Guanyin, and each side hall can be opened, symbolizing that ‘suffering is boundless, my Buddha is merciful, walking behind Guanyin, you can get through the disaster’.”

“You always like to tell these lies to hide your desires… Hey, I opened it for you. You just go back… Go back… If you don’t go down this time, the downstairs passage will be destroyed.”

Yan Mingguang suddenly dissipated, the dust in the beam began to float again, and time and space resumed circulation at this moment.

Since he just stepped into the hall, I’m afraid malice has come. He suspended everything in the hall and opened the downstairs passage.

Malice doesn’t want him to exchange Pandora’s box through the top floor.

He already knew that.

The malice grew in his mind.

Just when such an idea came out, Yan Wei only felt that there was a push from somewhere behind him. He pushed him closer to the landing channel. Yan Wei turned his head and looked, but there was nothing behind him.

“… so it is,” he murmured. “- ‘suffering is boundless. My Buddha is merciful. If you walk behind Guanyin, you can get through the disaster’. As long as you have a bad mood in your heart, you will be crossed by the Buddha.”

Just now, he was disdaining evil thoughts and suffering. In front of the Guanyin statue, this is what needs to be “crossed”. Therefore, the descending channel will push him. The more suffering in his heart, the easier it will be pushed into the descending channel.

Only with a clear mind and a good heart can we get out of the Sutra holding Guanyin hall, and the downstairs passage will be completely closed because no one has stepped in.

No wonder this malice is coming. Take this opportunity to “help” him open the landing channel in front of him. It can’t change the copy rules, but can use the copy rules to lure him away from this layer.

But he won’t go.

Yan Wei glanced at the landing passage that he could step into with one foot, swept away his thoughts, turned around without hesitation, and planned to find Yan Mingguang outside the hall.

But as soon as I turned around, there was Yan Mingguang and… Himself.

“Yan Mingguang” held a whip in his hand, a whip handle in one hand, and a whip body in the other hand, slightly attached to his body. While “he” sat on the ground, strangled by the familiar slender whip, struggling powerlessly, but he lost his breath for a moment.

Yan Wei was in a mess and was almost pushed into the downstairs passage behind him.


He took a deep breath, meditated and took a step forward.

In front of him, “Yan Mingguang” killed his illusion and disappeared. Instead, it was another “Yan Mingguang”. This time, “Yan Mingguang” clenched the dagger and stabbed him in the heart.

Countless illusions floated around him, all of which were Yan Mingguang who started on him.

The world inside the building is under the endless monument.

Players can’t see the moment of malicious pause, but they can see the picture of Yan Wei’s landing channel after entering the hall.

“This is actually a reverse downstairs passage. The more negative emotions in your heart, the easier it is to be absorbed by the downstairs passage. On the contrary, you can get out of this hall only when you are calm.”

“So what did Yan Wei see and why did he walk so hard?”

“Isn’t the point that Yan Wei chose to fight against the landing channel instead!? this copy only revealed the tip of the iceberg. Meng Lin won the best players, not 50 but also 20. She died. It will only be more dangerous next. As a novice, he can experience a top-level copy and trigger the landing channel. Wouldn’t it be better to leave now?”

“A fool -”

The man uttered a sudden scream.

“Ah –!”

The players scattered around, leaving an open space. I saw that the man had fallen to the ground, his arm was cut off from his shoulder, and the ground was full of blood.

The crowd looked at Ding Xiao beside the man. For a moment, they were respectful and afraid. They didn’t know why the man had provoked the aunt of the other shore flower just now, and they didn’t dare to take the initiative to provoke her.

Ding Xiao stood up slowly with a knife. He smiled softly, but his voice moistened the ice: “it’s OK to speak ill of him. Don’t let me hear it.”

Outside the Guanyin temple.

Yan Mingguang stood on the thick snow, his clothes swaying slightly with the cold wind. His back was straight and his sight fell directly on the closed gate of the side hall.

His body, as like as two peas, smiled and laughed. “This is the specially designed corridor for me to drop down the building for him. He will see countless times you kill him. He looks at the loved ones in different ways and tries to kill them again and again. I don’t believe he will not be evil.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t look at him.

Evil thoughts were very proud: “is it ironic that this downstairs passage is called my Buddha compassion? Merciful people want to stay, and those who have evil thoughts you despise can leave here instead.”

Yan Mingguang finally turned his head and looked at him.

The face as like as two peas did not change his appearance. He simply said, “why do you know what a bad idea is?”

A bad thought.

“Because you will regard cowardly leaving as a good thing, living in the building cycle as a good thing, but the good going against the current and leaving a dangerous heart as a bad thing.”

Evil thoughts said, but he just laughed more wildly: “ha ha ha ha!! so what, anyway, as long as he has evil thoughts, he will be sucked away by the downstairs passage. You might as well go in and leave with him now, and you can start playing from the copy on the 89th floor.”

“‘My Buddha is merciful ‘? Ha ha ha!! I don’t believe he has that compassion. He can watch you kill thousands of times and have no distractions! Yan Wei is no matter how kind he is? He’s not a Buddha and doesn’t have the heart to sacrifice himself for others!”

Yan Mingguang raised his feet and took a step forward. It seems that he is ready to pick up Yan Wei.

His voice was faint, “Buddha is merciful for the world, he is also merciful for the world, and I am also the world.”

Evil thoughts have been fighting with Yan Wei for so long, but they are far from understanding Yan Wei.

Yan Wei was never afraid of this. He always boasted of self-interest and selfishness, but he was always more obsessed with breaking the shackles of the world in the building than anyone else.

He raised his hand, snapped his fingers and said, “you should go.”

The sound of evil thoughts suddenly stopped.

For a moment, the door of the side hall was pushed open. The young man took a breath at the door and looked at him with clear eyes.

Yan Wei ran quickly and bumped into Yan Mingguang’s arms. He whispered, “the silly thing that can only dream just now used the downstairs passage to pit me. I’ve seen 360 kinds of death methods. It’s the best to be stabbed to death.”

Yan Mingguang smiled.

He flicked Yan Wei’s forehead and said, “I just saw two other stolen side halls. The few are Guanyin sitting lotus and Guanyin fish basket. There are no other clues.”

“It’s nothing to look at. It’s estimated that there are three props related to the main line, which are similar to my aloe wood. We went to find song Chengan, and I found that he just contacted me, and there are almost all the people in our camp.”


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