Half Immortal Chapter 166

Half Immortal Chapter 166: Black Sea Town Coffin (5)

As soon as Yan Wei went out, he directly ran into Yan Mingguang’s arms. Now he stood straight, his eyes just stayed on the man’s collar, and he could vaguely see the swallow Necklace hidden under the collar. Even if they have recovered their memory and data now, Yan Mingguang still wears the necklace of the swallow pendant. Even if he completely changed his clothes in this copy, he didn’t put it away.

I don’t know if I can take this out of the building as a souvenir.

Yan Wei’s thoughts floated back and said, “he sent me a message very early. I haven’t seen black ring and didn’t reply to him.”

This copy does not suppress anything, and all the functions of the black ring can be used normally. But after Yan Wei recovered the data, even the body index was accumulated twice, which was higher than other players who were good at body index.

Not to mention his perception, which he has always been good at.

So since Yan Wei entered this copy, he has been doing things with his perception. He hasn’t used much props, let alone black ring.

Just now, every step he took, there were countless Yan Mingguang and himself in front of him. There were strange ways of death, and even some words that Yan Mingguang couldn’t say.

At the beginning, Yan Wei’s mood stirred a little.

Even if you know that those are not true, false illusions can arouse people’s unrest in an instant.

Later, he took a few more steps and saw more, but he had some leisure to watch. I also saw some interesting pictures. After thinking about them, I shared them with Yan Mingguang, so I took out black ring and wanted to record some images.

It was found that such images could not be recorded at all. Instead, I saw the news sent by song Chengan in the morning.

Yan Wei temporarily closed the projection perspective and said, “after I recovered the data, all the contacts added by black ring have come back, just…”

But most of the names are gray.

Yan Mingguang slightly clenched his hand.

Yan Wei smiled: “Song Chengan is one of the few people I met for the first time… Forget it, it’s all before. Anyway, he contacted me in the morning and said that he had another player with a positive purpose. Now he’s waiting for us in Zhongbao Guanyin hall.”

The Guanyin Temple of other Dharma phases surrounds the main hall. They come out of the scripture holding Guanyin temple and go down around the main hall.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang rushed to song Cheng’an and said something they had just met in the side hall.

Yan Mingguang knew it for a long time, but he still listened to Yan Wei’s narration and said, “it also came to me. Let me in and have time to accompany you downstairs.”

But he didn’t. He just stood at the door and waited for Yan Wei to come out.

Yan Wei sneered: “I have reached the top floor with you for the second time. How can it still feel that this illusion can shake me?”

“Because it only has evil, the greed, anger and infatuation in the building are absorbed by it,” Yan Mingguang explained slowly. When he mentioned evil thoughts, his disdain in his tone is deeper than Yan Wei. “Its root idea is different from us. We can’t think about it with normal people’s logic.”

That’s what all players’ greed, anger, ignorance and evil have condensed into since the world in the building has existed for so long. It doesn’t even make sense to live. It just wants to exist, because it absorbs the desire of many players to live at all costs, so it also wants to exist for a long time.

Therefore, it will always tempt Yan Wei with the “long-term” that Yan Wei despises, and even look forward to shaking hands and making peace.

They can not start from the root of good to understand what evil thoughts think, and evil thoughts can not start from the root of evil to understand Yan Weidu’s pursuit of the world.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang crossed their fingers, stepping on the soft snow and walking in the Sanskrit incense.

He was about to reopen his perspective when he made a sudden move.

Yan Mingguang stopped and looked back at him.

“Yan Mingguang.” Yan Wei called him.


“If you have any discovery or idea, don’t make a decision,” he finally said. “You must discuss it with me.”

Perhaps it was because the second time he climbed the stairs, every time evil thoughts appeared, he and Yan Mingguang were always separated, which brought him a subtle feeling. Perhaps it is because Yan Mingguang’s feeling is getting more and more blurred at the end of the moment.

Yan Wei’s heart is more and more clear. He felt that he would not be a man in the dark.

He vaguely felt that even if he found him coming back, he should never tell him anything and let him get his memory back.

Is there something he didn’t remember and left for himself.

Did he anticipate the current situation and Yan Mingguang’s possible concealment and prepare for it?

He believes in Yan Mingguang and himself. Believe in yourself for the first time.

In that case, it is left to his own arrangement to solve these vague things. He only asked Yan Mingguang to have nothing against him, which was enough.

They had quickly reached the Guanyin hall, the treasure of song Cheng’an, but they stopped in the snow. The warm breath condensed into essence in the cold air, and the hot air dispersed, drawing a few hazy strokes between the two.

Yan Wei took Yan Mingguang and waited until the other party gave a gentle “um”.

He then reopened the main perspective of projection.

Under the endless long monument, the whole world in the building can see this huge projection on all sides. When the players saw Yan Wei seriously leave the scripture holding Guanyin hall without looking back, they were all silent.

They didn’t expect that Yan Wei was really not tempted by the landing channel, and there was no trace of hostility in his heart, and he didn’t look back.

Too many people have been immersed in the world in the building for too long and have long forgotten the backbone and pride they used to take for granted. The longer you live on the edge of life and death, the more you cherish life.

Over time, high-level players would rather not enter the top copy than live. For the downstairs channel, it is a retreat as a life-saving straw.

“Can you really have no evil thoughts in your heart…?”

“I don’t quite understand his act of giving up his retreat… Now the downstairs passage is destroyed. If this copy is really as difficult as other top-level copies, isn’t it equal to giving up the chance to live?”

“Yan Wei, is it possible that a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers? He went to the replica above the 90th floor for the first time. Didn’t he know that the replica above the 90th floor would die if he took a wrong step? Meng Lin is already dead…”

“His ambition seems great. He doesn’t just want to go to the top and leave.”

In the crowd, Xue Wan was holding a long knife and his face was slightly heavy.

He remembered Yan Wei. More than half a year ago, Yan Wei became the first person to let him fail.

Xue Wan is similar to Xu Miaomiao. He is a person cultivated by a large organization like Qixing with all its resources. As long as there is no accident, sooner or later, they will become super high-level players who are also qualified to attack the top-level copy and replace those who accidentally die in the super high-level copy.

He really didn’t suffer so much before he entered the 49th floor.

When he came out from the 49th floor, he knew that he was not the only seed player who had failed because of Yan Wei. He is not the first, not even the last.

Xue Wan was a little unconvinced.

How come he is still hitting the 90th floor, and Yan Wei has directly entered the top-level copy, even leading a group of experienced super-high-level players at the moment?

He sneered: “ambitious? Did he think he was v? V rushed to the top floor with many super high-level players who were willing to follow him and die for him. The purpose was to end everything for all players in the world inside the building. Does Yan Wei have that ability?”

He is already a high-level player. He lives close to the endless monument. He arrived early when the projection appeared, and there are quite high-level players around him. They’ve all heard V of it.

“V what a pity… No one knew what happened to the top-level copy at last. V may have died in the copy…”

“Even if Yan Wei has ambition, he may not have such a detached idea? Not everyone can be the same as v. even if I have that ability, I won’t challenge the authority of Lou.”

Xiang Ying, standing not far away, turned the string of Buddha beads in his hand. While regretting that he did not enter the copy that was very in line with his skills, he remembered the attitude of Lin Qingding Xiao and others towards Yan Wei in the copy on the 89th floor that had just come out.

The idea vaguely generated in the copy suddenly broke a shell and appeared clearly in front of him.

Lin Qing and Ding Xiao are both players who have intersected with the legendary player. They are also one of the few players who have seen V in their lives.

Their attitude towards Yan Wei was obedient and respectful.

Xiang Ying was surprised. The string of Buddha beads in his hand almost fell to the ground.

The more he thinks about it, the more likely he feels!

He narrowed his eyes, looked at Xue Wan and said, “don’t say that too early.”

Xiang Ying is a super high-level player with old data. He has been to the 89th floor several times and succeeded in the copies above the 90th floor several times. As soon as he said this, the surroundings were quiet and no one dared to refute it.

Xue Wan choked and was stunned for a long time before he said: “Why, do you think he really has this ambition? Even if he has this ambition, does Yan Wei have the corresponding strength? On the first day of entering the replica, he fought with Yue mang Yu Zhengqing. Everyone saw that he released a little more perception than Yu Zhengqing. Yu Zhengqing is not a player with outstanding perception. This data is far less than that of the one in those years, And want to do the same thing? ”

Xiang Ying shook his head.

Perhaps Yan Wei’s guess that it was V made him a little rebellious towards the building, or perhaps the picture that Yan Wei had not looked back just now aroused his backbone that had been suppressed for a long time. In the copy, he has always been wise to protect himself, but now he impulsively said: “Then we might as well gamble. He has such strength and character. I don’t bully you. If I don’t gamble on those props, I’ll gamble with you with my life. Dare you?”

The people around took a breath.

Xue Wan smiled, “OK, I’ll bet with you.”

Zhongbao Guanyin hall.

The main hall was not stolen, but the snow two days ago crushed the eaves, and the people of Guanyin Temple closed the side hall together. Pilgrims are temporarily prohibited from entering these days, which is just cheap. Song Chengan and others found a safe place where they can’t meet outsiders.

At the moment, in the side hall, in addition to song Cheng’an sitting on the futon, there are three other people.

Two of them are Yu Zhengqing and Lin Qiao, who were loaded into the copy together with song Chengan at the beginning. Both of them are yuemang’s and their initial identities are Taoist priests who came to deliver magic tools to Guanyin temple.

They also ran into two other people in yuemang. Their tasks are completely different and their directions are not quite the same. Obviously, the other two people are from another camp – yuemang’s super high-level players are not indisputable. Although they are yuemang’s players, they have long been at odds privately. It’s normal to be divided into two different camps after they come in.

The other one is circling around Song Chengan, who wants to kill his teammates.

His name is Zhong Bufan. He is named in broken sickle. He is a player with high perception. He used to be a Xuanniao player. Later, because he was too tired, he was directly removed by Lin Qing and thrown out of Xuanniao headquarters.

Song Chengan didn’t expect that this clock was very annoying and entered this copy. It is likely to be in the same camp with him.

“…” it’s annoying to think about it.

They waited here for Yan Wei. Zhong Bufan took a futon and sat down next to song Cheng’an, saying: “Lao song, why don’t you talk? I used to look for you in the world inside the building, but you ignored me. I finally caught you this time. You have to tell me about it. I’ve seen the copy you used to have with V for six times, but all of you have closed the film and television corner. I still don’t know how V cracked it. Tell me about it.”

Song Chengan turned a direction, turned his back to Zhong Bufan and said, “I told you long ago. I have forgotten the copy too long ago.”

Zhong Bufan picked up the futon again, turned 180 degrees, and sat in front of song Cheng’an.

Song Chengan: ”

Zhong Bufan: “think again? The copy record summary I made for V is almost impossible to complete. You have two copies.”

Song Chengan turned around again and turned back to the original direction, “forgot.”

In fact, it’s not forgotten. Even if they are not good at perception, they won’t completely forget anything. Just that copy, he was hanged and beaten by Yan Wei all the way, so he really doesn’t want to mention it.

“Think again, how can you forget.” Zhong Bufan ran 180 degrees again holding the futon, returned to the origin, and faced song Chengan.

Song Chengan turned around again, “not everyone is like you. Skills are unforgettable.”

Zhong Bufan followed again.

Song Chengan himself was almost dizzy. He pressed his forehead and said, “shut up.”

Zhong Bufan is a novice super high-level player who has just climbed the 90th floor. He is not in the same period as song Chengan. When he got up, V he had already disappeared with the secret of the top-level copy.

In fact, Zhong Bufan’s strength is not bad. His skills are unforgettable, and he is good at breaking games related to perception. His copy deduction ability is first-class. Each copy can always help other players sort out all the details, which is very suitable for team cooperation. He can even be said to be a good partner – provided that the cooperating players do not know v.

Zhong Bufan has thoroughly studied all the copy records left by V and knows all the deeds that V has made public. While taking V’s first-class deduction ability as a mantra, he wants to have a chance to compete with V.

In short, Zhong Bufan has a very complex emotion of love and hate for V.

Therefore, he cooperates with those super high-level players who don’t know V, that is, a worry-free and powerful teammate. However, when he meets someone who has met V and is still alive, he will pester him to ask East and West and ask people about autism.

Because of this, Lin Qing didn’t even want Zhong Bufan’s strength and directly removed people from Xuanniao.

Zhong Bufan is not angry either. He changes to a broken sickle and hangs a name. He continues to love and hate v.

Song Chengan saw that Zhong Bufan had to ask, but his perception had already met Yan Wei. His cold face finally fluctuated for a moment and said to Zhong Bufan, “Yan Wei, they are coming. I advise you not to talk first.”

He really wants to save his current teammate’s life.

On one side, Yu Zhengqing snorted: “the more you live, the more you go back. We’re asked to wait for a novice at the top here. Yan Wei and several other xuanniaos with him are not newcomers except Lin Qing. Lin Qing is missing, but we’re waiting for them here.”

Song Cheng’an lifted his eyelids and looked at Yu Zhengqing coolly without talking.

Lin Qiao, who is also a yuemang player, also thinks about what happened before entering the replica. In addition, the resentment of mang Xuanniao last month is deep. Naturally, it is impossible to have any good feelings for Xuanniao, saying: “We’ve got the task right, and we’ve got two camps from other players. The next step is to figure out how many props we have to deal with female ghosts. Just let Yan Wei and Lin Zhen tell us what props they have.”

Song Chengan suddenly felt that Zhong was very annoying and was not bothered at all.

Yu Zhengqing said quietly, “yes, with the strength of the four of us, we are sitting here waiting for someone. I don’t know. I thought we were waiting for V in such a big battle.”

Zhong Bufan is a restless man. At the moment, he has walked around the hall and reached the gate of the main hall. He doesn’t forget to rob song Cheng’an and say, “I don’t agree with that. What’s the danger of Yan, who hasn’t been to the 90th floor and doesn’t know where to compare with V?”

At the same time, song Chengan’s perceptual power just connected with Yan Wei. He heard the other party say to him with perceptual power: [I’m here.]

He immediately got up from the futon and stood up straight. His face was serious. He expected Yan Wei to open his perception. He didn’t hear the conversation just now.

At the next moment, the gate of Zhongbao Guanyin hall was slowly pushed open. The young man in Guanyin school’s green shirt and robe stood in front of the door, surrounded by a man in white, taller than him, with snow behind him.

His eyes and eyebrows are gentle, and his eyes are shaped like the petals of peach blossoms in spring. He is naturally friendly and clever, which is much more relaxing than the cool men around him.

Zhong Bufan had no sense at all just now. He didn’t notice anyone approaching. At the moment, he stood at the door and was suddenly blinded by the cold wind blowing in. He looked at the young man in front of him: “who are you?”

Yan Wei smiled: “it’s the Yan who hasn’t been to the ninetieth floor from nowhere.”

Song Chengan: “…” he tried.

Zhong Bufan: “


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