Half Immortal Chapter 167

Half Immortal Chapter 167: Black Sea Town Coffin (6)

For a moment, everyone in the room looked different.

Yu Zhengqing and Lin Qiao just glanced at Yan Wei and still sat there waiting for Yan Wei to come in.

Zhong Bufan is tired of removing Lin Qing from Xuanniao. Naturally, he has a thick skin that Lin Zhen can’t compare with. His embarrassment lasted less than a second, and the next moment he smiled, “ah, hello.”

Then, Zhong Bufan walked to song Chengan and sat down. He seemed ready to continue to annoy song Chengan at any time.

Song Chengan has stood straight.

Since Yan Wei pushed the door, he has been looking at the door nervously. He walks without looking at the road on weekdays. Other players should give him three points of courtesy when they see him. Novices and junior generation have to flatter him and ask him about the experience of super senior management. It has been a long time since he had this feeling of anxiety.

Like many others who had climbed the building with Yan Wei, he was unconvinced at first.

Until he watched Yan Wei go farther and faster than anyone. When he was still struggling to climb the stairs, Yan Wei had begun to challenge the authority of the building.

Song Chengan was left with awe.

Even if everyone later said that V was missing, most of them died in the top copy, song Chengan still felt that he could not compare with the other party.

Among them, not counting Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, who is always inseparable from Yan Wei, song Chengan can have an absolute right to speak. Although Yu Zhengqing is old, his strength is not as good as song Chengan.

But this time he saw the familiar old man in the copy, and he also belonged to the same camp as Yan Wei. He immediately restrained his arrogance and calmly planned to hand over the right to speak in their camp to Yan Wei.

… it’s just that other people in their camp are falling off the chain one by one.

Song Chengan still has the shelf of super high-level players. He straightened his look, walked slowly to the door and said, “come in and sit down. Yu Zhengqing said that five Xuanniao came in this time, and the other three…”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang walked into the side hall. Yan Wei said with a smile: “I just informed Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou that they were coming. They were in the Guanyin school opposite. They came in a few minutes. We haven’t contacted Lin Qing at present. I haven’t found his trace in the whole Guanyin Town. It should be either that it’s not the time for him to load the copy, or the identity he loaded is somewhere else and hasn’t returned to Guanyin Town.”

Song Chengan naturally walks behind Yan Wei and helps Yan Wei close the door.

Yan Wei casually finds a futon and sits down. Yan Mingguang sits next to Yan Wei without saying a word.

When the door of the hall was closed, the sky light outside and the brightness of the white snow were slightly blocked. The light beam was scattered through the window paper and reflected the floating dust. In the hall, the treasure Guanyin Dharma stood in the center, casting a shadow and overlooking the people in the dust.

Yan Wei looked up at the dead object with the Guanyin statue and felt a slight discomfort again. This feeling came from his intuition in life and death and from his feedback of super-high perception.

The great Guanyin temple is positive both from its vigorous incense and from the fairy tales of its origin. Why does he often look at these Guanyin statues and suddenly give rise to a trace of uncertainty?

This feeling is very light, very slight, slight to Yan Wei, only a moment of discomfort, and several others have stayed in this side hall for a long time without feeling anything.

Is there any connection between Guanyin temple and Black Sea female ghost? Is the connection the restricted props in the three missing copies?

Song Chengan has returned to his original seat, and he deliberately turns around and continues to turn his back to Zhong Bufan “I’ve been to the task of everyone here. It’s completely different from the direction of the other people we met. If everyone’s idea is right, it’s almost certain to divide the camp. We’re basically in the same camp. We just don’t know what task Lin Qing is.”

Yan Wei: “eight, nine, ten, and we are in the same camp.”

Yu Zhengqing said in a deep voice, “if you don’t have any private grudges with Lin Qing, he must be on our side. When dividing the camp, it seems that the relationship between players is taken into account.”

Zhong Bufan pesters song Chengan and doesn’t forget to join the discussion: “It’s not like it, it’s for sure. From the beginning of the mission design of this replica, it’s doomed that there will be a life and death competition between players. If it arranges two familiar people in different camps, if one of them thinks that the other person is more important than the victory or defeat of the replica and the life and death of one person, then this person will become an undercover willing to sacrifice, and the other person will It’s easier to be on the side. So even if Lao Lin hasn’t come yet, he won’t have a problem as long as he’s not superficial friends with you. ”

“There’s no problem between us and Lin Qing,” Yan Wei said slowly. “We can’t compare with each other. In the end, the people we organize are divided into two sides.”

Although Yu Zhengqing didn’t mention it at all, when Yan Wei opened the door and saw that there were only yuemang, he immediately guessed that the other two yuemang came in might have gone to another camp.

Yu Zhengqing was very impatient to wait for Yan Wei. At the moment, he was excited by Yan Wei and said coldly, “so what are your props?”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows and didn’t speak.

Song Cheng’an was calm on the surface, but he scolded Yu Zhengqing, who had no eyesight.

Of course, he knows why Yan Wei doesn’t answer. Even though the camp in this copy is a certainty, they don’t have any public camp list. They gather together at the moment and say that they have similar tasks and the same purpose, but they are all one-sided words. No one can see what their mission is. Even if it’s a prop, some players really take one of themselves The props came out and said they were sent in duplicate, and we can’t verify them immediately.

How can people like Yan Wei expose information to others under all vague circumstances?

Song Chengan stared at Yan Wei for a few seconds and confirmed that the little ancestor had no intention of guiding cooperation. He said, “they and I just roughly checked the tasks and props. When Xuanniao and the other two came, we can check them together?”

Although Yan Wei has left a deep psychological shadow on Song Chengan, song Chengan still doesn’t have much burden when talking to Yan Wei – this naturally has a docile and clever face. No one can get too much fear. Most of them are the same as those who have followed Yan Wei. They have respect in their hearts, but they intersect as usual on the surface.

But he said this carefully because Yan Mingguang with a cold face next to Yan Wei.

When song Cheng’an saw Yan Mingguang in the previous copy, the man stayed with Yan Wei. He didn’t talk much and seemed to be able to do anything. Song Cheng’an didn’t know where he came from and what kind of person he was. Even when V this code spread all over the world in the building, Yan Mingguang’s name was ignored. Yan Wei didn’t mention it, others I dare not mention it.

Yan Mingguang stood nearby, leaning slightly against the long column in the hall without saying a word.

Song Chengan felt like a mountain on his back and was under great pressure.

He added, “I’ve almost finished my task when we met that day.”

Yan Wei smiled at him: “wait for Lin Zhen to come.”

Song Chengan breathed a sigh of relief.

Yu Zhengqing did not let him rest assured and suddenly said: “When Xuanniao’s people come, there are nine of us. How can we be sure that no one will listen to what others say, put it on ourselves and pretend to be in the same camp as us? Moreover, in case someone is from another camp, we all tell our tasks and props now. Even if we recognize the people from the opposite camp, the people from the opposite camp have already sent our letter Xi Quan listened. As long as the man ran away and told all the information to the players of the other camp, we would be one notch behind. ”

Yan Wei didn’t feel much about Zhengqing’s question this time.

What Yu Zhengqing said is really a problem. Most of what they have to do is related to so many props, but if they want to check each other’s camp and props, someone must say first and then. If the later person directly copies the words of the first person, can they completely blend into their camp? Or the people who blend into their camp hear it , didn’t you get all the information at once?

But it’s not hard.

Yan Wei said, “we can –”

As soon as he spoke, Zhong Bufan already said a lot: “It’s easy to solve this problem. Why are you so reckless? Some things just need to be done in a different way. What we’re afraid of is that someone sneaks in and listens to everyone’s answers. In fact, we just don’t say it in public. When the people arrive, the nine of us will make a circle according to the distance between our relatives, and there are unfamiliar people sitting next to us, such as Yu Zhengqing You can sit next to me and Lin Qiao, so as to avoid the possibility of collusion. After sitting down, we all record our tasks and props and pass them to the people on the right, so that everyone has the task information of the people on the left. ”

Zhong Bufan got up, completely decorated the treasure Guanyin statue in the center of the hall, swaggered to the incense burner in front of the Guanyin statue and rubbed some incense ashes.

Then he went back to the crowd again, drew a circle on the ground with incense ash, and roughly arranged everyone’s seat.

As he said, all the people sat next to strangers, avoiding collusion.

“In this way, we just need to read the tasks and props of the people sitting on our left and judge whether they are consistent with our own direction and whether the style of the prompt sound is the same. We only need to say a yes or no answer. Not everyone will know other people’s tasks, and we have told the people on our right to copy the answers. Even if there is People sneak in, and all he knows is the task and prop information of the person on his left, which has little impact. ”

Zhong Bufan patted the incense ash in his clapping hands, looked at Yan Wei and said, “this is the discrimination method I learned from a ghost of V mixing with the player’s copy, which can most effectively prevent the information from being stolen by the hostile camp. You just seem to want to put forward something else? Anyway, there can’t be a good method of V.”

Yan Wei: ”

Song Chengan couldn’t bear to look straight at the beginning.

Yu Zhengqing hummed and almost spoke through his nostrils: “the method of V is naturally good. There is no need to waste time talking about the ideas of new people. Some people don’t think they have got V. The Moon wheel scattered at the beginning is v.”

Song Chengan sighed silently.

He really tried.

Yan Wei took a serious look at the circle drawn by Zhong Bufan with incense ash on the ground and said, “that’s OK. Who’s this?”

He pointed to the circle next to his assigned seat. There were two people next to Yan Wei’s name. One was “song”. He saw that it was song Chengan, but on the other side was the word “clock”, which he didn’t recognize.

Zhong Bufan: “… It’s me.”

“Who are you?”

Zhong Bufan really stopped talking. Although he is a newcomer in the super high-level players, he is also a person who can shout a name in the whole building world. He was stunned for a long time and was about to answer. Yan Wei just clicked his name and said, “change your seat. I know song Chengan.”

Song Chengan nodded: “I’ll sit between Lin Qiao and Yu Zhengqing.”

Yu Zhengqing, Lin Qiaoqiao, and Zhong Bufan were surprised. Song Chengan really knew Yan Wei? Before they entered the replica, they were very different. They had no chance to enter the same replica together. How could they know each other?

It seems that song Chengan is also very polite.

Yu Zhengqing stayed in the world inside the building for so long, but he didn’t see song Chengan polite to him. At the moment, he was very angry.

“That’s OK.” Zhong Bufan wanted to talk to Yan Wei about who he is, but on second thought, he wouldn’t argue with a new generation. After all, everyone probably wants to advance and retreat together. Yan Wei seems to have no objection to his method, even if he doesn’t.

The side hall was so quiet, waiting for Lin Zhen and the fish flying boat to arrive.

Zhong Bufan couldn’t calm down. He glanced at Yan Wei and song Chengan, who seemed to have a headache all the time. While thinking about borrowing the moon wheel from the new generation – after all, it was V once a legendary prop scattered at the top, he wanted to pester song Chengan to ask about the missing record.

Finally, Yan Mingguang’s air pressure around Yan Wei was too high, and Zhong Bufan chose to continue bothering song Chengan.

He held the futon again, ran to song Chengan and said: As like as two peas, game player, game, and so on. I think the way I used to say is the copy of your game player. I remember that there were ghosts in the game player. V used this method to find out the ghost. But there are two identical players, and then the angle of view is closed. How did you find out who was fake after that and killed the dirty thing? Copy? ”

Song Chengan didn’t want to recall the past of being hanged by Yan Wei just now. Now he doesn’t want to recall his past in front of the people who hanged him.

He just said with a cold face, “shut up!”

“Judging from your expression, you don’t remember at all, but don’t want to say,” Zhong Bufan is the best at guessing and observing. He can see the subtle expression changes of song Chengan at a glance, “So you remember. Tell me about it. I’ve deduced many ways to break the game. Now I need you to tell me V how to do it. Let me see who does better with him. I don’t believe it. Can’t I really compare with him once?”

Song Chengan clenched his teeth and wanted to say that he was annoyed with Zhong. He went to the one in front of him and asked.

Fortunately, Yan Wei saved him this time.

“In that copy, the ghost is disguised as a dead player,” Yan Wei said slowly. “Both are actually fake, but the ghost conceals the truth that the player died long ago.”

Zhong Bufan suddenly looked at Yan Wei and said, “how do you know?… Lao song, you’re really lying to me and said you don’t remember. You told the new couple about this copy and didn’t tell me.”

Song Chengan denied: “I didn’t.”

Zhong Bufan didn’t believe it: “cheat ghosts. Other players in that link were elsewhere. At that time, it was only you and V. you didn’t tell him. Is it difficult or V?”

Song Chengan chose silence.


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