Half Immortal Chapter 168

Half Immortal Chapter 168: Black Sea Town Coffin (7)

Not long after, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou arrived. They came from the snow outside the temple, with an air conditioner outside.

Zhong Bufan and the two of them also talked about the method of confirming the camp. The nine people sat down in a circle and secretly recorded the tasks they received and the limited props in the copy they had with the props for recording information.

Song Chengan originally planned to sit between Zhengqing and Lin Qiao, but Yan Wei took the initiative to sit between yuemang and him.

Compared with song Chengan, Yan Wei is not only unfamiliar with Yue Mang, but also has an old grudge with Yue mang. Zhong Bufan will not object.

After Yan Wei changed his seat, he was held by Yue Mang and sat between Zhengqing and Lin Qiao. He wrote his own task information and got Lin Qiao’s task information at the same time.

Zhong Bufan is responsible for coordination, and Yan Wei is also happy to be lazy. Under the coordination of Zhong Bufan, they collected the task information of the person sitting on their right hand and opened it at the same time. Yan Wei opens the task information in his hand, and Yu Zhengqing also opens the task information handed to him by Yan Wei.

There was silence in the side hall. Only Lin Zhen was boring and pulling out the cotton in the futon.

Yufeizhou looked at Yu Zhengqing’s task information. He was about to speak out his judgment first. Yu Zhengqing suddenly said, “the task direction of Yan Wei and I is completely different.”

The crowd looked at each other, and song Cheng frowned when he settled down. Yu Zhengqing checked Yan Wei’s mission information. If what he said is true, there must be a different camp between Yu Zhengqing and Yan Wei. Moreover, song Chengan is roughly right with Yu Zhengqing. It seems that there is no problem. If they are different, Yan Wei is very likely to be an opposite camp.

Yan Wei didn’t move either, but smiled faintly, and her amber eyes moistened with a clean smile.

Others said that they got information from the same camp, but Yu Zhengqing bit Yan Wei to death, which was different.

Yan Mingguang gave Yu Zhengqing a cold look. Yu Feizhou said seriously, “do you need to judge again? Yan Wei and I were a little right before.”

“I’ve read it carefully,” Yu Zhengqing said coldly. “Although we have private enemies, things like the camp are related to the success or failure of the whole copy. The gratitude and resentment between organizations and individuals can’t compare with this top-level copy fight. I’m not going to lie about this matter.”

Everyone stood up one after another. Lin Zhen already took out his long bow and smiled: “I don’t know whether you want to avenge yourself, but if you say Yan Wei is an undercover who sneaked into our camp, I’ll kill you. Buy one and get one free. It’s my fault to take away the scourge of you.”

Yu Zhengqing’s face was iron green: “if you don’t believe it, you can check my task information with the one Yan Wei gave me!”

“Don’t check.”

Yan Wei suddenly said, “what I gave you is not my task information.”

Everyone has a meal.

“Just now when Lin Qiao handed me her task information,” he seemed to say it very slowly, “I handed it directly to you. What I opened was my own information.”

——Yu Zhengqing and Lin Qiao are different!

At the next moment, Lin Zhen reacted very quickly. As soon as he pulled the long bow string, the arrow feather went towards Lin Qiao’s shoulder blade.

But Lin Qiao seems to be ready. Lin Zhen’s arrow feather just came out, and Lin Qiao disappeared into the Guanyin hall!

The fish flying boat sighed: “it seems that she has been prepared.”

Yu Zhengqing looked at the place where Lin Qiao disappeared. After a long time, he said, “she’s from the opposite camp!??”

Lin Zhen smiled and applauded: “yes, old man, you yuemang, the three of you are in another camp, and you are in our camp. Wow, it turns out that it is not the super high-level players of your yuemang who have been at odds with you for a long time.”

“You –”

Zhong Bufan looked at Yan Wei from beginning to end. He had just shrunk a lot. At the moment, his eyes had taken some appreciation: “you actually know the purpose of my arrangement?”

Lin Zhen: “what’s the arrangement?”

The people present are basically human spirits. Where didn’t you understand? This method, checked one by one, separated the familiar people. It seems that it is really to check the camp and prevent too much information leakage. However, if all the people present are really in the same direction as everyone said, this method is not very useful. In the end, we will get the same answer.

If someone’s camp is different, if the person disguises well, he can still mix in, but this method prevents the undercover from knowing too much of their information.

But Zhong Bufan didn’t intend to follow the rules completely from the beginning.

This method seems to only prevent players from getting more information, but in fact, it also eliminates the possible undercover vigilance among them – no matter who is sitting next to the undercover, they are unfamiliar with the undercover.

Then, the information given to that person by the undercover will be fabricated according to some tasks heard by the undercover, and I want to muddle through like this.

Lin Qiao is in the opposite camp, but she and Yu Zhengqing load a copy together. She knows that some of Yu Zhengqing’s mission content must be made up by someone familiar with her – that is, Yu Zhengqing’s mission content. Anyway, only Yan Wei saw the content she made up. Yan Wei could judge the direction of the task at most, and could not detect what was wrong, because the task did exist.

It can be found that what she made up was Yu Zhengqing, because she used Yu Zhengqing’s task content. But the person who checked her was Yan Wei, so she relaxed her vigilance, made up some at will and handed them to Yan Wei, thinking that this pass would pass.

Yan Wei turns around and hands it to Yu Zhengqing. When Yu Zhengqing sees the task information fabricated by imitating his task content, can he see the problem at a glance?

That’s how Lin Qiao was exposed.

Zhong Bufan was actually doing the same thing just now. After he got the information of the fish flying boat, he secretly handed it to Lin Zhen, and his information was left. But Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou seem to have no problem. On the contrary, there is something wrong with Yu Zhengqing and Lin Qiao.

Zhong Bufan thought of Yan Wei’s initiative to change seats and change to Yu Zhengqing and Lin Qiao

His heart was startled – could it be that Yan Wei had already found out that Lin Qiao had a problem?

“– yes!” Zhong Bufan patted on the forehead. “Old song, you and Yu Zhengqing came from Taoist temples in other places. The general purpose is to bring magic tools to Guanyin temple that can temporarily replace those stolen items. Taoist temple… Lin Qiao is a female player. She will have the same task, except that the copy ignores the gender difference.”

This is also possible, and because everyone loading copies is only the beginning, no one cares too much about the origin of identity, so that a leaf blinds the eyes. He didn’t think of what’s wrong with Lin Qiao mixing song Cheng’an and Yu Zhengqing for the first time.

Lin Qiao is not only from the opposing camp, but also probably one of the players who stole the magic tools in the Guanyin hall. That’s why she knew the purpose and route of Yu Zhengqing and song Chengan.

Zhong Bufan was amazed. Yan Wei aimed at Lin Qiao from the beginning. He wanted to test Lin Qiao in this way. Unexpectedly, he tried to solve Lin Qiao’s problem. Although Lin Qiao ran away now, they can now confirm that everyone’s camp has no problem, and they have not leaked too much information to the people of the opposite camp. It can be said that killing two birds with one stone.

He will put forward this method, which is completely because he studied the copy of V no less than five times and grasped the details and psychological game very accurately, so he dared to copy V’s method. How did Yan Wei know to do this? Is it as like as two peas? The words that Yan had never said before were actually the same as those he put forward.

Thinking that the novice obtained the legendary props scattered by V in the 19th floor replica, Zhong Bufan’s eyes brightened: “Yan Wei, have you always studied the breaking method and style of V? Heroes think alike! But I study this to surpass V one day. If you study it, I can teach you.”

He raised his hand to pat Yan Wei on the shoulder. Yan Wei looked at his fingers with fragrant ash, frowned and took a step back.

Zhong Bufan: ”

Yan Wei just said: “this method may not be useful again and again. V’s breaking style is not unfavourable. It still depends on the situation.”

Yu Zhengqing was helped by Yan Wei just now, but he couldn’t let go of that face. He listened to Yan Wei’s boasting and said faintly: “I haven’t admired a few people in the world inside the building. V is one of them. It’s not only because of his strength, but also because he is far more ambitious and kind than all players. You, a super high-level newcomer, happened to enter the top floor and see through Lin Qiao. Don’t be too proud. You’re still much worse than v.”

Yan Wei: ”

Song Chengan: ”

Lin Zhen was impatient: “well, the undercover found it. Don’t we want to see the props?”

He didn’t care. He took it out of his sleeve and threw a sharp and cold blade in front of everyone. He said, “this is my prop since I entered the copy, soul cutting blade.”

Yan Wei also took out his own, “mine is Millennium aloes wood.”

Song Chengan pointed to the Taiji compass in his hand: “mine is him. I hold it in my hand just to confuse the enemies who may be in the dark and make them think this compass is not important.”

Yan Mingguang looked faint and couldn’t see anything. He just slowly took out a prop and put it on the ground. His voice was low: “this is the prop in my copy.”

Fish flying boat and others also took out their own props.

People suddenly found something wrong.

“… Yan Mingguang’s is also a soul cutting blade? Zhong Bufan’s is also a millennium aloe tree? Now, aren’t we, two millennium aloe trees, two soul cutting blades, a Taiji compass, a willow branch, a coffin seal, and two props are repeated…” Yan Wei muttered to himself, “So it is. If we want to deal with female ghosts, we must use these props. There must be a list of props or a way to deal with evil spirits, which will tell us – which props need to be used? How to use those props? And among the props that need to be used…”

Yan Mingguang concluded: “there will be repeated props to confuse the players of the opposite camp who come to rob.”

The camps of players are antagonistic. Generally, the purposes of both sides are in conflict. There are two ways to win: the first is to complete the camp on their side faster, and the second is to prevent the local camp from completing any. They are all players at the top level. Naturally, they can’t be naive. Everyone will use two methods in parallel to complete their own and obstruct others.

The way to obstruct others is to rob props, so that the enemy camp lacks props, spends more time and even cannot complete the task directly.

The repeated props are a cover up and room for them to deal with.

Similarly, the enemy camp must also have duplicate props. If they want to rob the enemy camp’s props, they have to find a way to rob the unique ones – otherwise, the other party still has one left. What’s the use?

Lin Zhen scratched his head: “I’m good at robbing things. But these props… How do we use them?”

As soon as his voice fell, Yan Wei heard the prompt sound of the building in his mind.

[congratulations to the player who took the lead in discovering and proving that there are two camps in the replica. As a player who turns on the camp mode, you get 8% of the main line progress reward, and your camp also gets 5% of the main line progress reward. Now your main line progress is 13%, please continue to refuel and strive to complete the task.]

[the camp mode is completely turned on. Please find the corresponding camp accurately and continue to complete the task.]

[the next stage of the mission starts. For you, there are three tasks at this stage: first, find out the list of props that your camp needs to collect; second, find out the origin of female ghosts; third, use props to suppress female ghosts that cause the sea water around Guanyin Town to turn black. Players can assign tasks in the camp or complete them together. Please note: there are two camps. Your tasks play with the enemy camp Please plan your time properly if there is a conflict at home.]


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