Half Immortal Chapter 169

Half Immortal Chapter 169: Black Sea Town Coffin (8)

These tasks seem to be three, but in fact they are one – suppressing female ghosts.

Props or the origin of female ghosts are all ways to assist the third task. But these three come out together, and the significance is intriguing.

In the previous tasks, we must complete the current main line or know the answer from other people before we can promote the main line to the next main line task. But this time, the copy did not ask them to confirm what props were needed to suppress the female ghost, but released the task together

Is there no absolute necessity to suppress female ghosts and find a way to suppress female ghosts with props?

At present, there are no big eyebrows. Yan Wei just flashed this doubt in his heart, and then pressed it temporarily.

Yan Wei didn’t speak while thinking, while song Cheng’an looked at Yan Wei and saw that the Giant Buddha, which was more oppressive than the Guanyin statue in the hall, didn’t move for a long time. For a moment, he was somewhat cautious about Yan Wei’s attitude.

These people, whether in terms of strength or seniority, Yan Wei is undoubtedly the first. Song Chengan remembers that Yan Mingguang didn’t pay much attention to people from beginning to end. Yan Wei took the lead from the beginning. The whole copy was Yan Wei’s edge.

At that time, song Chengan was also arrogant. At the beginning, he had friction with Yan Wei in this regard. But by the end of the copy, he was completely convinced.

He didn’t meet V later. Yan Mingguang seems to be very low-key and hasn’t appeared in anyone’s sight, but he also knows that V has reached the top floor all the way and declared that the world in the building is only increasing. V never opened the perspective. Except for a few players he worked with, there was never a name, and there were very few images and materials. However, the copy records and what he said in the copy were speculated over and over by many people.

Other players go upstairs to live.

Yan Wei went upstairs to challenge the authority of the building. So he has a sharp edge. Wherever he is, he will always be the dominant position.

Once Yan Wei, a scenery.

Now I don’t know what happened. V disappeared for a long time and appeared at the top again, but it seemed to converge all the exposed edges at the beginning. The young man just stood quietly thinking. His temperament was mild and casual. If song Chengan didn’t know the mystery, he would regard Yan Wei as an excellent latecomer like Yu Zhengqing and Zhong Bufan. He was eye-catching, but he wouldn’t be dazzling and hot.

But he is not a latecomer, he is a returnee.

Song Chengan looked at Yan Wei intentionally or unintentionally for a long time until he ran into Yan Mingguang’s cold eyes. He suddenly took back his eyes.

——Yan Wei may no longer want to be sharp. He thought.

So he took the lead and said: “The camp has been determined for the time being, the mission has been issued, and the next step is to suppress female ghosts. I have everyone’s contact information, so you’re welcome to be the news transit point. Zhong Bufan lives in a nearby family, and the rest of us are in Guanyin temple and Guanyin school. We’ll go to their respective neighborhood soon, so if there’s any situation, I’ll pass the black mail immediately Stop sending messages. ”

Yan Wei nodded, “OK.”

He nodded, and the other people he brought naturally had no opinion. Although Yu Zhengqing was old, his strength was really not as good as song Chengan, and Zhong Bufan had just been on the super high level. Although he was a little annoyed, he also knew that song Chengan had a higher voice than him and didn’t say anything.

Song Chengan just paid attention to Yan Wei’s expression. Seeing that Yan Wei looked as usual, he was relieved.

Yan Wei this time… It seems that he doesn’t have any desire for the views of those fame, organizations and other players. Instead, he is like a lone wolf walking towards the day, just trying to finish the top copy of this time.

Although song Chengan relaxed a lot when he knew what Yan Wei thought, he glanced at Yan Wei from time to time while he was talking to confirm that the little ancestor had no opinion.

“How to suppress female ghosts may need to be learned from Mr. Bai of Guanyin school. As for the props, we may need to find out which players have been loaded into the players who stole the magic tools of Guanyin temple, so that we can feel the situation of the enemy camp.”

“We are in Guanyin school,” Yan Wei said this time. “I’ll take care of Mr. Bai.”

Yu Zhengqing immediately frowned: “you haven’t even been to more than 90 floors? Mr. Bai has so many clues. Lin Qiao also knows that you come from Guanyin school. What if people from the hostile camp start from you these two days? Otherwise, I’ll find a reason to borrow Guanyin school so that I can take care of you.”

When he saw Lin Zhen, he immediately turned his head and looked very reluctant.

Yan Wei just said, “no, we have enough.”

Yu Zhengqing was about to continue. Song Chengan immediately interrupted him: “since it’s up to me, listen to me quietly.”

He was just cautious in front of Yan Wei. Facing Yu Zhengqing, song Cheng’an was completely cold, and his tone was not polite at all.

Yu Zhengqing was so offended that he wanted to say why song Chengan didn’t say that when Yan Wei said that just now. In the end, he just turned red and held his breath. Anyway, Xuanniao’s young newcomers have to beg him if they really have a problem.

Yan Wei saw Yu Zhengqing’s reaction and felt helpless. In fact, he didn’t care much about these cooperative distributions. His ultimate goal was to suppress female ghosts. Anyway, he would go to the most important line.

Song Chengan then said, “let’s investigate the person who stole the magic weapon. You can find out what happened to Mr. Bai. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.”

Lin Zhen yawned: “yes, call me in a fight.”

Yan Wei: ”

Zhong Bufan added: “we don’t know how many people are in their respective camps. Next, other players may come to us and say they are in the same camp. Don’t exchange any mission information first, and don’t directly pull people in. Observe first.”

“I don’t quite agree.”

Zhong Bufan turns to look at Yan Wei.

Yan Wei said slowly: “In this way, if it’s really someone from our camp, we’re still suspicious, but the hostile camp knows that person is not theirs, so we immediately come to the conclusion that someone here is alone. If this person has props or information, it’s basically equivalent to giving it to the enemy camp. If it’s really an undercover from the hostile camp, why not directly pull it in? He said They want our information. Why can’t we dig information from the undercover they send to the door? ”

“My opinion is opposite. As long as someone comes, they can be brought directly into the camp.”

Zhong Bufan was stunned. Maybe he hadn’t met anyone who directly opposed his views for a long time. He thought for more than ten seconds before saying: “… I actually think what you said is reasonable?”

He boasts that he is good at deduction. He can’t climb the stairs faster than V, but he is also faster than those old players. He is the most prominent among the new super high-level players. Naturally, the reasons are his mastery of V’s behavior style and game breaking techniques, as well as his own good sense and knowledge.

——But now he actually thinks what Yan Wei said is particularly reasonable!??

Zhong Bufan began to look at Yan Wei.

He was cheeky and didn’t look as good as Yu Zhengqing. He immediately patted his legs and said, “yes, that’s it! Ah, you -”

He raised his hand to put on Yan Wei’s shoulder. Yan Wei frowned again, looked at the incense ash on his hand and stepped back three steps.

Zhong Bufan, who was rejected one after another: ”

After they finished, Yan Wei and others had to wait for Mr. Bai to appear. The three stolen props in Guanyin Temple had been clarified, and it was meaningless to stay in Zhongbao Guanyin hall. After they left the contact information of black ring to each other, Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen went to other places in Guanyin Town to find Lin Qing. Yan Wei came to the downtown of Guanyin Town after walking out of Guanyin temple.

Just after the Buddha worship ceremony, the haze about the Black Sea in the town was slightly dispelled. In the busy city, the people came and went, although they still had a tension that could not be dispelled, they were a little less than in the previous few days.

Yan Wei completely ignored their turning back in the street, took Yan Mingguang and said, “why don’t you ask me?”

“Downtown has a lot of ears,” Yan Mingguang said.

“I want to hear more about the dead.”

Outside the copy.

There are more and more people under the endless monument. Many people who come out of the replica during this period also try to postpone the time of the next replica, or temporarily put aside the replica analysis they usually have to do, and all pay attention to the opening of the top-level replica this time.

Some people come for experience. But more, many people who stand far away and can’t squeeze into the center, in fact, they never think they have the opportunity to hit the top. They come to see it just because the top represents


This time, the top-level replica, perhaps because of the particularity of the opening time, most of the people who entered opened the perspective. This is also the most complete projection of the top-level replica. As long as the players see the end from the beginning, they basically see the process of the gradual opening of the camps on both sides.

Yan Wei’s process of exposing Lin Qiao to Zhengqing was naturally seen completely.

“I saw such a complete high-level player playing chess for the first time. I really lost one step at a time…”

“Not necessarily. You see, Lin Qiao is not simple. She has long been ready for fixed-point transmission, and she has not lost anything after exposure. Now she has joined up with the people in her camp and started to take action. There is not much difference between the two sides now. Song Chengan is one head ahead.”

“This team is indeed song Chengan’s leader. Song Chengan has no weakness in perception and body index. The experience of more than 90 layers of replicas is more than all my replicas. His replica records are always neat and clean. This time, the focus of their camp is song Chengan.”

“Zhong Bufan, this method is wonderful.”

“That’s V’s method. V used this method to play ghosts in the copy. Zhong Bufan also learned layer skin. As for Yan Wei, he probably learned root hair.”

A man whispered, “why do I think Yan Wei is better? Although Zhong Bufan used the same method as Yan Wei, he chose to check the fish flying boat and Lin Zhen, but Yan Wei targeted Lin Qiao. Is this really luck…”

The man spoke too quietly. Maybe he didn’t have much confidence himself. This sentence soon disappeared in other people’s discussion of familiar super high-level players.

Xue Wan is not an ordinary player who looks one-sided. He can see clearly. He has just gambled with Xiang Ying. At the moment, Yan Wei finds out the undercover and establishes the camp at one go, but smiles: “it’s a little interesting.”

Xiang Ying shook his head: “the tip of the iceberg.”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang spent the whole afternoon in a crowded place in Guanyin Town. When it was dark, Yan Mingguang had to go back to the house first because of his arranged identity. They could only be separated.

But they did hear a lot of news.

The people of Guanyin Town are afraid of this phenomenon and taboo it. They can’t help talking to others because of their fear. What’s more, so many people have died these days, and the funeral team needs to line up for water burial by the sea. How can no one talk privately?

As long as Yan Wei goes to a crowded place and spreads his perception, he can always catch some words about the dead.

It is true that most of these dead are young men, but they are not absolute. Young men are only the group that dies the most, and there are still some people who do not have anything in common, including children, women and the elderly. Some people don’t become ecstatic.

There are many things in common between men in their prime of life – there are many scholars, but most of them are not scholars with the breeze of the moon.

Love to go to brothels most.

When the brothel was launched, it began to get dark. This copy took a long time and couldn’t eat fat at one breath. Yan Wei wrote down the feature of brothel, separated from Yan Mingguang and returned to Guanyin school. Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou searched for a day, but there was still no news of Lin Qing.

The night fell, and the starry night fell in such a hurry.

Yan Wei specially told Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen that if there was something moving in his room, they didn’t have to come too fast. He piled up the data of climbing the stairs twice, and now his body index is enough to deal with most situations that need hands, so he won’t have no resistance.

He also wanted to relax his vigilance and see if the female ghost would come. It would be best if he could see the whole picture of the female ghost.

It’s a pity that the ghost didn’t come to him again.

Perhaps it was because he saw Yan Mingguang. He was a little uneasy and fell to the ground. He slept very well tonight.

The next day, there was an accident at Guanyin school.


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