Half Immortal Chapter 17

Half Immortal Chapter 17: The Promenade Hotel (17)

The painter has come out in the flames of beating and spreading. The fire seems to touch the bottom line of all the people in the painting. The shrill cry of the woman is intertwined with the angry cry of the painter.

Yan Mingguang glanced at the burning studio and said in a faint voice, “you burned the studio.”

Gao Ming is still at a loss.

Fortunately, Yan Mingguang had completely reacted. They pulled Gao Ming together and rushed towards the more crazy ghosts and ran in the direction of room 1.

Yan Wei said in a deep voice, “we were all wrong. At the beginning, all players were misled. The painter is not the biggest danger in this copy at all. The skeleton of the female doctor we saw in the basement is!!!”

From the beginning, the furnishings of this copy and the paintings of the waiter brought the biggest misleading to all players.

From the moment when he was taken to the restaurant in the lobby of the hotel, whether Yan Wei himself or others, all his attention was focused on the painting. Because portraits are most densely distributed on the corridor, and all the painter’s stories are related to painting.

But they ignored the most important point – the most things in the whole Corridor Hotel, corridor and room, in addition to portraits and mirrors!

The hotel is misleading them, but it is also reminding them. All the dead players seem to have died of eye digging, but the death faces of players are different, and the waiter’s choice to clean up the bodies also brings hints.

The difference represents… The ghosts of this copy are not only the painter and the people in the painting controlled by the painter, but there are two groups of ghosts.

When Yan Wei just saw that he didn’t blink in the mirror, he had a vague guess until he saw sun Shi’s body in the studio.

Everything they found about the painter was right. A painter who was born with great talent in portrait painting, became famous for his ability and opened hotels and exhibitions. But one day, the painter’s talent was exhausted, and he could no longer draw smart eyes. The artist who always pursues perfectionism can no longer complete perfect paintings. He goes to the hospital to see the disease of psychological disorder, and gradually stays with the female doctor who sees him.

Later, the painter suddenly found a way – that is, dig out other people’s eyes, and he can draw that person’s eyes.

The female doctor has a pair of beautiful eyes. The painter gouged out his lover’s eyes with a knife.

Like the memory shared by the skeleton in the basement, after his eyes were gouged out, the painter took away the eyes of the female doctor and completed the portrait of the female doctor. But the female doctor died because her eyes were gouged out alive. The body was thrown into the gym on the ground floor by the hotel waiter.

What happened after that was not the information shared by female doctors! Yan Wei was very strange from the beginning. Why did the painter only kill a female doctor in the past ten years? Why did he dig out only one pair of eyes and die of enucleation himself? Would a person obsessed with painting be willing to dig out his eyes and die the second?

That must be impossible. There is only one answer to these questions, that is, the painter just dug out the female doctor’s eyes, and he himself was gouged out by others.

By whom?

A female doctor who is turned into a ghost by resentment after death and persistently wants to find her eyes! After the female doctor died, she turned into a fierce ghost and parasitized on her own body. She had the resentment of her life and wanted to find herself a pair of eyes. The artist’s obsession made the artist want to dig out her eyes to fill in the picture, and the resentment of the female doctor made her want to dig out her eyes to fill in her lost. So she dug out the painter’s eyes, and the dead painter turned into a fierce ghost even before the body rotted.

The painter disguised himself as a fierce ghost and hid it in the painting. The doctor still couldn’t find the eyes she had been dug out. She kept looking for eyes, so she dug the eyes of two players last night. It’s a pity that these eyes are not hers. The painter hid her eyes well. She still didn’t find her own eyes.

Long skirt women and middle-aged men were killed by painters, but the two players on the 13th floor were killed by female doctors! Today, the information they got on the ground floor was also lied to them by female doctors.

“So this skeleton is the biggest danger! She is the first victim, but she is also the second murderer. Yesterday, the painter said to me, ‘you will die tomorrow’, and the waiter muttered ‘he will kill you all’. In fact, he didn’t do it to us. The waiter said ‘she’, not ‘he’ – the doctor will kill us all.” Yan Wei dodged the sharp nails stabbed at his shoulder, gasped slightly, and finished all the inference, “she won’t let us go. The way to resolve the danger of the hotel is simply false.”

Gao Ming was stunned, and there were several wounds pulled out by ghosts. When Yan Wei finished, Gao Ming couldn’t dodge. His thigh was dug out by the blood hand stretched out from the portrait hanging on the wall.

He hissed, “my God, how did you think of this? And what are we doing burning the studio? I don’t have enough brains.”

Yan Wei: “there are too many ghosts in the corridor. Let’s talk about it when we enter the room!”

From burning the studio to running to room 1, it took less than a minute. With the Kung Fu of lightning, stone and fire, the painters were about to catch up with them. The three finally arrived at the door of room 1. Yan Mingguang first turned around and stepped into the room. He cleaned up a few ghosts in the room. The three immediately flashed into room 1 and closed the door.

The moment they entered the room, there was a sudden change in the corridor——

On both sides of the corridor, the floor mirrors, which were not covered by blood and water, suddenly vibrated many times. Several people just ran to the door of room 1. On a mirror, a skeleton came out slowly!

The rim of the skull’s orbital bone is very uneven. It is obvious that it was damaged by sharp tools.

——This is the skeleton of the female doctor Yan Wei and others saw on the ground floor!

But this time, the skeleton came out of the mirror, acted on its own and roared angrily: “you burned the studio!! there are my eyes, you burned my eyes!! damn you!!!”

As soon as the skeleton came out, the ghosts who came out of the painting seemed to encounter something that frightened them, and the bloody hands on the wall shrank back. The blind women who had hit and scratched the door of room 1 also retreated and dispersed one after another.

The skeleton and the chasing painter hit each other.

The female doctor and painter who just shouted to kill Yan Wei and others fought directly on the corridor.

Gao Ming pressed the door hard, heard the movement outside, turned back, took a look at Yan Wei and asked, “what’s the matter? The two bosses fought themselves?”

Yan Wei is very tired.

The ghosts in the room were cleaned up by Yan Mingguang. After the fight, Yan Mingguang seemed as if nothing had happened. Yan Wei gasped more and more heavily. He leaned against the wall and took a few deep breaths before he said, “they dug each other’s eyes. Of course, there is a great hatred. If my guess is correct, the painters usually rely on these portraits, while the female doctors move by the mirror. They can’t meet anyone. They met each other today to kill us, of course.”

In their conversation room, after listening to Yan Wei’s brief explanation, Yan Mingguang began to quickly cover or wrap all the mirrors found in the room with sheets and other things.

The people in the painting in this room have been cleaned up, and the media mirror that the female doctor can move freely has been temporarily covered, so they can get temporary breathing.

“Outside, I feel…” Yan Wei listened to the movement outside.

Yan Mingguang said, “skeletons are stronger.”

Yan Wei concluded: “that is to say, the winner will be the skeleton. If she cleans up the painter, the first thing must be to smash the door and come in and clean up us.”

At this time, the fire in the studio next door seemed to be getting worse and worse, and the burning smell spread on the top floor. Across a thick wall, the three also gradually smelled the smell of flame and countless pieces of paper burning to ashes.

“Ah, the hands of the people in these paintings are too strong and hurt me. If we can’t pass the customs, will we be gouged out by the skeleton alive? My God… Yan Wei, how did you guess?”

The door of room one was hit hard.

The painter and the skeleton are involved in each other, and the people in the painting under the painter still want to come in. Fortunately, these ordinary ghosts don’t have much intelligence. Without painting as the medium, they can’t move in instantly. They just impact awkwardly outside the door.

The wooden door creaked and crumbled. Yan Mingguang directly blocked the sofa at the door, making the door stick longer.

But they don’t have much time to break the game.

“To make a long story short,” Yan Wei leaned against the wall and said in a hurry, “Gao Ming, do you remember when I asked you when your roommate died?”

“Remember, around eleven last night.”

The sound of knocking against the door sounded. A sharp fingered hand directly pierced the wooden door. His bloody arm was moving on the pierced hole, as if he wanted to scratch something.

Yan Wei smiled at such a critical moment.

His cut side face was bleeding slightly, and his cheeks were stained with some dirt. But those light brown eyes are still bright as stars under the influence of smile, as if the sky fell, and they can’t put panic on these beautiful eyes.

He said: “At eleven o’clock last night, the painter wanted to kill me. After I went to bed, I was transferred to the studio by the painter – perhaps through painting. I won’t elaborate on what happened at that time. I escaped the trigger of death and left alive, but I remember very clearly that the time was eleven o’clock. At that time, Yan Mingguang also met the waiter. The painter was in front of me and was convinced In front of Yan Mingguang, who killed your roommate? ”

“The painter’s mobile medium is portrait painting, which we knew the next day. The female doctor’s mobile medium, I guess, is a mirror, because the gym is also covered with mirrors, and those black blood and water don’t dare to flow through the mirror at all. Moreover, she needs to trick us into going to the studio to help her get her eyes, indicating that she can’t go to the studio – there is no mirror in the studio. Last night, she died on the 13th floor What are there near the bodies of the two dead players? ”

Yan Mingguang whispered, “mirror.”

“Yes, mirror!” Yan Wei pulled at the corners of his mouth. “The first night, Yan Mingguang and I also met the death trigger. At that time, I was very surprised why there was no painting in the room and there was no movement to open the door. The ghost could come in and leave blood fingerprints everywhere. Now I think it was the female doctor who came into our room at that time.”

So the blood fingerprints are very thin.

The skeleton of the female doctor went in and out of their room directly through the bathroom mirror, while the doll placed by their bed was actually placed by the waiter in their room to attract the skeleton – this was the trigger condition for death on the first night.

They threw the doll out, the skeleton dug the doll’s eyes, and they escaped. The long skirt woman next door triggered the painter’s death condition and gouged out her eyes to die.

The chronological order at that time was that the long skirt woman died first. The body was thrown to the ground floor by the waiter and stayed with the skeleton. The blood from the long skirt woman’s body was stained on the skeleton. In the middle of the night, the skeleton came to their room. Because the skeletons were covered with the blood of women in long skirts on the ground floor, their rooms were full of blood fingerprints.

The next night, the gambling mechanism was opened, the difficulty was higher, and the ghost restriction was reduced. Skeletons have no restrictions on dolls at the head of the bed. They can kill people only through the mirror. There is a mirror in their room and bathroom, so when they wash their hands, their roommate faces the mirror and is instantly gouged out by a skeleton. In sun Shi’s room, there is a dressing table beside the player who died, and there is also a mirror on the dressing table.

There were no blood fingerprints at the place where the two players died, only a few around Sun Shi’s roommate, because this time the skeleton shot first, the painter killed again, and the waiter cleaned up the body, so the skeleton’s hands were not stained with blood. Only after killing the smart roommate, the skeleton’s hands were stained with blood, and then kill sun Shi’s roommate. There were some blood fingerprints where sun Shi’s roommate died.

Therefore, the bodies of the two players on the 13th floor were not thrown to the ground floor by the waiter. The wounds of the dug eyes were very consistent with the wounds of the painter. They were directly pierced by hard things – that was the hand of the skeleton.

But the skeleton dug so many eyes and still couldn’t find her eyes. The painter has been hiding in the painting. The doctor can’t find the painter or her eyes.

So she targeted the “guests” – that is, their players – who were still alive and looked useful.

She tricked the rest of the players to lead the painter out of the studio, and searched all the paintings in the studio, hoping that the players could find out her eyes.

The clue sun Shi found in the painting exhibition… Should be related to this. Sun Shi thought what he found was the key to breaking the game. In fact, it was just the false information that the skeleton deliberately showed him. Finally, sun Shi’s strength was not good. Although he was deceived by the skeleton, he didn’t even have the ability to lead out the painter. He died directly in the studio.

The skeleton came to deceive them again. They made up a seemingly complete logical chain for them to take the female doctor’s eyes out of the studio.

The female doctor didn’t say from beginning to end that they could survive after they found their eyes. Even if they bring out their eyes, female doctors and painters can’t let them go. At the moment they enter the copy, all players just look for eyes and provide tools for eyes in front of the two ghosts.

On the closed door of room 1, holes have been poked by the hands of many women in the painting, and one arm after another with black blood stretched forward.

The floor of the whole hotel shook from time to time. All three of them could hear the noise caused by the female doctor directly bumping the painter into the wall.

“… but I think one thing, she didn’t lie to us – her eyes should be the key to this break. If we find eyes, all the grievances in this hotel will dissipate. But since we help her find eyes, it’s death – Sun Shi’s death has helped us try and make a mistake, what can we do if we find eyes?” Yan Wei’s eyes coagulated, “So I think what we have to do is not to help the female doctor find her eyes, but…”

“Ruined your eyes.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows. The hero looked at Yan Mingguang who said this.

Gao Ming covered his wound and suddenly realized, “that’s why you burn the studio! We don’t have to risk going in to find our eyes and just destroy the whole studio…”

Yan Wei nodded: “yes. Moreover, the painter and the female doctor must not tolerate water and fire. If we want to live under them, we should lead out the painter and the doctor at the same time, let them bite the dog, and give us time to burn down the studio completely.”

At the moment, Gao Ming was covered with color all over his body, and several blood holes in his arms and legs were caught by blood hands. This was the fourth copy of his experience, but such a dangerous low-level copy was the first time. He endured the pain, his eyes stopped on Yan Wei’s face, and his mind was completely overwhelmed by surprise.

The young man’s windbreaker was damaged in many places, and his arm was also punctured by the fingernails of his bloody hand. The blood stained the clothes in that place. The scarf he was wearing was stained with some blood, a shallow wound was cut on his cheek, and his face was tired but energetic – it was because of his bright eyes.

Even in such an underground environment, every creak of the door pulls up the wise heart, but Yan Wei can keep calm.

When they got out of the elevator to the studio, Yan Wei suddenly burned the studio. The three of them hid in room 1 for refuge. It was only a few minutes later. But Yan Wei could find out the misdirection of the copy, find out the real direction of thinking, and immediately came up with the method of killing two birds with one stone.

Gao Ming is just an ordinary low-level player. Thanks to the professional convenience before entering the building, he barely survived several copies. He has not been in contact with any big people or talents in the building world, but when he lives in the building world, he has heard the legends of many powerful people, and even watched several live gambling houses of emerging players who have attracted much attention.

Mysterious Lin Zhen and Jiang Xiu with unfathomable force

Yan Wei is no worse than these people.

What’s more, there is Yan Mingguang, who is silent and can’t touch the bottom, but now you can see that the initial body index must be against the sky.

Gao Ming sighed: “although I’m nervous now, I think I’m really lucky. If I didn’t meet you, this copy… I must be unable to get out.”

“Did you see a black building towering into the sky and walk in by yourself?”

“How can you? So you came in on your own initiative? It’s worthy of you,” Gao Ming laughed at himself by pushing his old black frame glasses, which were somewhat damaged, “I almost thought I was hallucinating and wanted to go to the hospital. As a result, one day, the building appeared directly in front of me, and I stepped in without paying attention. I don’t want to stay here at all, I just want to leave completely… When you get to the world inside the building, you can exchange points for everything, but you will also find that many people only think about it before saving enough points Get rid of the life that has been entering the replica, but the points and layers are enough… They change their mind. ”

Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang.

The man’s silver framed glasses had long been put away during the fight, and his deep but pale face appeared in front of him. Except for his hair, the man’s appearance was still unchanged at the moment. It seemed that the fight just now had left no trace on Yan Mingguang.

When Yan Wei mentioned entering the building, the man just lowered his head and looked at his swallow necklace hanging around his neck, speechless.

When the man mentioned the past and came, he was still three minutes more quiet than usual. Yan Wei knew that Yan Mingguang would not want to say it, but at the moment of the pressure of life, he actually wanted to peel it.

He raised his eyebrow: “why do you always look at your necklace? Is it from your first lover? Eh, Yan Mingguang, should I help you with some lovelorn psychological counseling -”

Yan Mingguang glanced at him and said calmly, “you should shut up.”

Yan Wei: “… At least it’s a teammate. Be polite.”

At the moment, the burning smell is getting heavier and heavier, and the temperature in room 1 is gradually rising. All three people are full of sweat. The door of room 1 is also completely smashed, but there are many fewer people in the picture, and only a few stars are left to rush in. They are solved by Yan Mingguang at the moment they come in.

Obviously, the painter is losing.

Yan Wei got up, walked slowly to the smashed door and looked out. The flame had spread from the other side of the studio. The fire was getting bigger and bigger, and room 1 was about to be burned.

The painter is still tangled with the doctor. But now, the painter’s limbs have only one hand and one leg, and he has completely lost the ability to resist. At this moment, the painter’s hoarse voice still sounded low: “I won’t give back your eyes… They are mine! They belong to my perfect painting -!”

The skeleton bent down and stretched out his bony hands to tear the painter alive!!!

At the moment when the painter was torn apart, all the portraits were painted in pieces, and the women in the remaining paintings disappeared in an instant. The skeleton slowly got up in front of the fire tongue, twisted his neck, and pitted and empty eyes pointed straight at Yan Wei.

“Now it’s your turn… You burned the studio! Burned my eyes!! I’ll empty your eyes and empty your blood!!!”

Yan Wei hurried back to the room.

He turned back and looked at Yan Mingguang. Almost at the same time, they said, “no!”

According to the inference just now, find the eyes, and go the opposite way to what the skeleton said. If you destroy the eyes, the ladder of this copy will appear. But at the moment, judging from the burning degree, the studio can’t burn any more, and everything should be destroyed… Why hasn’t this copy ended yet?

In a moment, the skeleton was close.

At the moment when she was about to reach out to Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang strode forward, pulled Yan Wei behind her, raised her hand and stabbed the skeleton with a short blade.

The skeleton’s face, which should not have an expression, seemed to smile grimly.

The next moment, she grabbed Yan Mingguang’s hands, and the other bone hand attacked Yan Mingguang’s eyes. Yan Mingguang responded in time, raised his foot and kicked, but at the moment when he was about to kick the skeleton, he was directly thrown out by the skeleton!

Although Yan Mingguang quickly grasped the short blade and stood up, Yan Wei was still surprised, and Gao Ming even showed panic in an instant.

Even Yan Mingguang is not an opponent. This skeleton… Is not a boss who can pass the customs with violence at all! I’m afraid the strength of skeleton completely exceeds the strength level of low-level copies. It can’t succeed with brute force alone.

The studio next door was burning, and light black choking smoke came from it. The rising temperature was so hot that people were dizzy.

Yan Mingguang, who lost the battle with the skeleton again, vomited the blood flowing from his throat during the collision, as if he felt something. Yan Mingguang quickly took it out of his pocket and took out the painter’s self portrait.

The next moment, the self portrait dissipated in his hands and turned into a dark gray whip floating in front of Yan Mingguang!

Gao Mingyi was so happy that he quickly shouted: “seize it! This is a copy of the implosion prop, which is bigger than the bonus of ordinary cold weapons!”

Before the voice fell, Yan Mingguang grabbed the handle of the whip and waved it hard to compete with the skeleton again.

But although this prop brought help, it was not worth mentioning in front of the strength gap between the skeleton and the three. The female doctor obviously found that the smart strength of the three was the weakest. The bone hand grabbed the whip, and the reaction force pulled Yan Mingguang away again and came to the smart face in an instant!

Yan Wei suddenly grabbed Gao Ming to dodge.

He stumbled, tried to cooperate with Yan Mingguang, and pulled Gao Ming to dodge.

However, a moment’s effort, the three have been consumed a lot, and they can’t last for a few minutes!

Yan Wei dodged again and took a deep breath. He tried to calm himself down, and his reason was running in his mind.

The studio has burned down, and the fire is about to spread to them, but the copy is not over, and the ladder does not appear. There must be something they ignore and fail to do.

What’s wrong? The idea of destroying the eyes? No, No. the doctor was tricking them before and never wanted to let them live. The doctor’s method of breaking the situation must be false, and sun Shi also paid the price of his life. The only way is to do the opposite, find the eyes and destroy the eyes, so that all grievances in the hotel will die out because of the disappearance of the eyes.

It’s no problem to destroy your eyes. What’s going on now? Haven’t your eyes been burned?

Doctors can walk in the mirror. Except for the only place without a mirror in the studio, doctors can go everywhere in the hotel. They must have searched all over the place. They can’t find eyes anywhere else, so the doctor is very sure that her eyes are in the studio, the only place she can’t go.

But the studio burned and the doctor’s eyes were not destroyed.

Thoughts flashed back and forth in Yan Wei’s mind——

Yan Wei’s eyes brightened.

He understands!

The doctor’s eyes are not in the studio!


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