Half Immortal Chapter 170

Half Immortal Chapter 170: Black Sea Town Coffin (9)

Yan Wei took Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou to wait for the rabbit, and specially put those props in a conspicuous place. Not only did she not attract people from the opposite camp, but the female ghost didn’t approach any of them all night.

But when they got up in the morning and walked out of the door, they found that the atmosphere in the school suddenly became gloomy.

Some NC students who got up earlier turned pale one after another. Some hurried back to their rooms, while others clamored to invite a mage.

Yan Wei dispersed his perception and found that the main problem seemed to be that they lived in one of the rooms, and a group of people surrounded the front hall of the school. He asked Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou to take a look at the room, while he went to the front hall.

There were a lot of people in the front hall, but most of them were dressed in plain white robes and looked nervous. Several people were flustered and a little sad. They stood in the lobby, in the middle of which stood a coffin.

“I’m out of breath in the morning. I’m covered with corpses,” the schoolboy said to the people around the coffin in a hurry. “We’ll find someone to buy the coffin and call you right away. We really can’t open it. If we open the evil door…”

It was obviously not the school. Among the people, a middle-aged woman said, “my son was fine yesterday. Why did I move in at night and I couldn’t even see the body the next day? Well… What if I recognize the wrong person?”

She lay on the coffin and began to cry.

The schoolboy was even more flustered and wanted to come forward and pull people up. But he was also very afraid. As soon as he approached the coffin, he subconsciously stepped back and hesitated aside, so he had to say, “this… This is not unknown. Otherwise, when the gentleman comes back to have a look? But it’s really not the way to put the body here. There are many people in the school.”

Someone pulled the woman and said, “why don’t you carry the coffin home first? It’s so evil these years. It’s really bad to open the coffin and pretend to be a corpse. I also hope the school admits its mistake, but this… Hey, he’s the only one living in that room. Who else can it be if he’s not?”

The schoolboy immediately echoed: “he told me yesterday that after packing up and moving into the school, he would secretly go to Huayun building to find a girl. The school prohibits these things. I told him, but he didn’t seem to listen very much. Although he was covered with body spots, his face won’t admit mistakes.”

The men pestered for a while. Finally, the middle-aged woman greeted the strong men who had brought them and carried the coffin away.

When the coffin passed Yan Wei’s place, there was not only no rotten smell of the corpse, but also a faint smell of wood, which was the smell of aloes wood. However, the aloe wood used for the coffin board is obviously not as good as that in Yan Wei’s hand, even far from it. The smell is very weak. Only Yan Wei’s almost abnormal perception can smell some from a distance.

At this time, the fish flying boat seen at the residence was also connected with Yan Wei’s perception.

[Yan Wei, I’ve made it clear. A student who just came last night died in this room just now. Others dare not come and take a detour. We are staying in his room now.]

[I also saw his body in the front hall.] Yan Wei said, “is there anything different?”

No… no, I should say… Yes


Lin Zhen foolishly bumped into Yan Wei’s perception: [it’s just that it’s too normal here. It’s a little strange. There’s no fragrance of flowers on the day when the female ghost appeared, and there’s no trace of struggle. From my experience of fighting with people every day, nothing happened in this room.]

Fish flying boat: [I can’t see how this man was killed by a female ghost last night.]

Yan Wei came out of the dark and said, “I can’t see it. That means the female ghost didn’t kill him last night.”

He was curious before. When the female ghost secretly attacked him at night, it was clearly a burst of flower fragrance that brought up the unspeakable dream, but he didn’t notice the flower fragrance whether he sneaked into the dead man’s house or went to the dead place these days.

It takes time for the fragrance to dissipate.

Judging from the time of these people’s sudden death, if the invisible female ghost killed a person at that time, the body accelerated decay, and then was found and buried in a coffin, the middle time should not be enough to dissipate the fragrance of the flowers to a point that his perception could not detect.

He tends to think that female ghosts started earlier than the dead.

The way she kills people is different from most of the fierce ghosts they have experienced. The victim may have been recruited before, but it took some time from recruitment to death. So the dead seemed to die suddenly, covered with body spots and described as thin, as if they had been drained and moved in an instant. In fact, the dead had long been caught and had been losing their spirit, but the genius of death suddenly appeared.

If he really indulged in the spring dream that night, I’m afraid he wouldn’t die immediately. Instead, he would wait for a period of time until his spirit was completely taken away, and then he would die suddenly.

This man was not killed in the school last night – otherwise they were all there, the Guanyin Temple opposite and song Chengan. It’s impossible for everyone to be unaware of it. Otherwise, it’s easy for them to do what the female ghost wants.

This person is more likely to have been recruited before coming to school.

Where is that?

At this time, the rest of the school may be worried about bad luck and have long dispersed.

Yan Wei just hid aside and watched these people carry their coffins and leave the school. Combined with what Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen said, he roughly understood and figured out some of the reasons and walked into the front hall.

The schoolboy seemed to dislike that the coffin had just been let go here. He hurried away nervously and didn’t clean up the mess in the front hall at all.

Maybe it’s because the man died in a hurry, the family only cared about carrying the coffin, and there were some pre life items stacked on the tea table. Yan Wei stepped forward and looked. It was nothing valuable. It was just some paper, pen, ink, and some scattered things.

Yan Wei turned over and didn’t see anything related to evil. He was about to stop. Yu Guang glanced at a wooden card in the corner of these sundries.

This wooden card is about half the size of the palm of an adult man. It is engraved with a flower. It seems that the pattern case is impatiens. This brand doesn’t look like something a man can carry with him, but it doesn’t look like a accessory. There is no tether on it.

Like… House number.

There was a noise at the school gate, and there seemed to be some conversation. Someone is at the door.

Yan Wei’s eyes were slightly restrained. He sent a message to song Cheng’an and asked them to help find out the source of the Impatiens flower and wood card. He picked up the card and turned to the door of the school.

In my mind, the prompt sound suddenly sounded.

[congratulations to players for opening related branches of the main line, obtaining the mission restricted prop “Impatiens card” and obtaining the main line mission progress 2. You currently have a total of 15 main line progress, ranking first among all players in this copy.]

Will there be a prompt to stay first?

In other words, as long as he keeps leading, he can know the progress limit of the owner of the whole copy. Or he can get information when he is suddenly not the first.

The fastest progress has such a hidden advantage.

[turn on the branch Quest – ask the player to explore the clues related to the prop and get the cause of death of most inexplicable dead. Please note: this branch quest is only an additional trigger, which is helpful to the main quest, but it is not necessary. You can choose to complete it or give it up directly.]

[if the branch mission is completed, players will receive additional rewards in addition to the corresponding copy progress reward: know the number of camps on both sides.]

Yan Wei stepped forward.

Know the number of camps on both sides?

This reward seems to be just a number, but its role is self-evident.

Moreover, the branch line task does not affect the main line, but the branch line is also an extension of the main line. The information obtained after completion is bound to be helpful to the main line task, which can not slow down the main line.

In an instant, Yan Wei decided to find out how the female ghost killed these men first.

He walked to the school gate facing the cold outside, and silently put the Impatiens card into his sleeve.

There were more people coming and going along the aisle, more raw faces Yan Wei had not seen these days, and several people carrying several boxes passed by him. When he reached the door, he found that several people were unloading their luggage from several carriages.

Two men stood at the head of the carriages.

One is a man in his thirties. He is wearing a very simple blue linen shirt. His appearance is not that eye-catching and good-looking, but he is also clearly defined and three-dimensional. As a whole, he gives people a very comfortable temperament. The man is directing the people to carry their luggage.

He didn’t have to guess. He just looked at the schoolboy and several people in the school. He knew that this was Mr. Bai who had been waiting for them for several days.

Yan Wei’s identity is Mr. Bai’s distant cousin. Under the action of the copy, Mr. Bai naturally recognizes him. Seeing him coming, Mr. Bai smiled at him.

Now there are too many people nearby, and the players and NC may not be clear. Yan Wei did not intend to have any communication with Mr. Bai here. After returning a smile, he glanced at another person around Mr. Bai.

This man is very familiar with Yan Wei.

“Why are you standing there in a daze?” someone shouted to Yan Wei. “There aren’t enough hands. Come and give me a hand.”

Lin Qing glanced at the man and said faintly, “you can’t move yourself?”

The man immediately stopped, picked up his heavy luggage and made heavy footprints on the snow. There was snow on the luggage, which seemed to have some moisture and ice beads on it.

Yan Wei and Lin Qing looked at each other and didn’t speak for the time being.

After carrying the luggage, surrounded by some schoolchildren and students, Mr. Bai walked slowly into the school with his hands. He looked calm from beginning to end. His temperament was broad, but his body was straight, just like the feeling of this school – high integrity and strict rules.

Just this face-to-face, Yan Wei couldn’t see what such a person would have to do with the Black Sea and female ghosts.

When Mr. Bai passed Yan Wei, he deliberately stopped and said a few words with Yan Wei. Generally speaking, he has been busy these days. He still needs to deal with some school affairs when he comes back. He will talk to him in private tomorrow.

Yan danger should be good.

But Mr. Bai is a key figure. I’m afraid both camps already know something. Just ignore it. If the enemy camp directly starts to NC obstruct them, it will be a lot of trouble. Yan Wei uses his skills to tell Lin Zhen that he is secretly optimistic about Mr. Bai. Then he and Lin Qing find a small pavilion where there is no one in the school.

The cold wind was blowing all over the pavilion, and the people’s cheeks were cold. Surrounded by houses and white snow, all the light was scattered, but most of the sound was absorbed. The school just had a strange death. Except those people who carried the coffin and Mr. Bai came back, it was quiet everywhere.

“If you don’t show up again,” Yan Wei sat down on the bench on one side of the pavilion and joked, “I almost thought you were divided into a hostile camp.”

Lin Qing replied seriously, “shouldn’t it be more important to appear and set you up?”

Yan Wei: “…” it seems that Lin Qing is really from the hostile camp.

Lin Qing said seriously, “but I won’t do such a thing. I should kill my own people directly. I can help you take one away.”

Yan Wei: “……” that’s not true.

He must have shaken his hands when he split up and distributed all the humor cells to Lin Zhen.

He simply went straight to the point: “so what’s your identity? How did you come back with Mr. Bai?”

Lin Qing was suddenly serious. He frowned and said in a deep voice, “my identity is just a cover to integrate into the background of the copy, but why did I come back with Mr. Bai… You did ask the point. I think it’s a witness to arrange a player, that is, me, to accompany Mr. Bai on a long trip and come back after loading the copy.”

“Witness what?”

“I know Mr. Bai sent a letter to find some things that can dispel evil spirits. Should those things be on you? And the reason why he wanted these things is to solve the unknown situation of Guanyin Town in recent years. Mr. Bai is going to invite a mage who is able to use these props to dispel evil spirits for Guanyin Town.”

Yan Wei’s eyebrows moved and his eyes sank. He had expected what Lin Qing was going to say.

“When I accompanied Mr. Bai to find someone, I saw the mage die in front of the Buddha.”

After Song Chengan received the news of Yan Wei, without any delay, he directly sent a message to Yu Zhengqing and Zhong Bufan, intending to find out where the Impatiens card came from and what it was used for.

They assembled in front of the side hall of a deserted Guanyin temple.

Song Chengan waited for a moment. Instead of living in the Guanyin temple, Zhong Bufan arrived first. As soon as he arrived, the man began to circle around him and asked v all kinds of things. This time, there were many tricks, including the performance of Yan Wei’s copy several times.

But in Song Chengan’s ears, Zhong Bufan said all about Yan Wei. His head hurt.

He put on a face three minutes colder than the surrounding snow, ignored Zhong Bufan, and waited at the gate of the side hall for a long time.

“No,” Song Chengan said suddenly.

The chirping clock suddenly stopped. He frowned: “what about Yu Zhengqing? Isn’t he closer?”

“Did your black ring receive any messages from him?”


They looked at each other and set off for Yu Zhengqing’s residence in Guanyin temple.

Song Chengan took the lead in arriving. The door of Yu Zhengqing’s residence was wide open, and there was a continuous collision sound inside.

He rushed in directly and saw Yu Zhengqing struggling with a blue short fight and masked player with legendary props.

The player’s body data from nowhere does not seem to be as high as Yu Zhengqing, an old super high-level player, but this person is vigorous and dexterous. Moreover, he did not fight with Yu Zhengqing, and has been pulling towards Zhengqing’s sleeves.

As soon as song Chengan came in, Zhong Bufan immediately took out his props.

Before they started, the man realized that he was outnumbered. He suddenly took out a long bow in his hand, pulled the bow string, and two black arrow feathers went towards song Cheng’an and Zhong Bufan.

The two subconsciously turned to avoid the arrow feather. In a blink, the man had disappeared in front of the three.

Zhong Bufan wanted to catch up. Yu Zhengqing shouted to him, “can’t catch up. He should run far. Lin Qiao’s skill is to use two items to transmit at a fixed point. He should have something given by Lin Qiao, which is transmitted directly to a distance. We don’t know the end point of the fixed-point transmission, so we can’t catch up.”

Song Chengan asked, “where are your props?”

He has the highest prestige and strength among these players. At the moment, Yan Wei is not there. Song Chengan puts on airs as usual, and his words are full of questioning and oppression.

Yu Zhengqing dared not offend song Chengan and immediately said, “don’t worry, he didn’t take it away. But… This…”

Zhong Bufan has bent down and picked up the two arrows just shot at them.

“I don’t recognize this arrow.” Zhong Bufan said, “I just arrived at the super high level. Not long ago, many players haven’t cooperated or fought. You two are more qualified than me. Have a look?”

Song Chengan obviously knows it.

His face was suddenly not very good-looking.

Yu Zhengqing pointed to the arrow and said, “I’ve seen this! Lin Zhen, the little rabbit, took a man directly into our yuemang headquarters before this copy was opened. His arrow looks like this! The man just used the same way as him. A long bow without an arrow will appear automatically as long as he pulls the bow string.”

Zhong Bufan looks at Song Chengan – he sees that song Chengan looks wrong.

“I’ve seen this arrow,” he said, “but it’s not Lin Zhen. Lin Qing and I have entered the super high-level replica twice, and I’ve seen him use it.”


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