Half Immortal Chapter 171

Half Immortal Chapter 171: Black Sea Town Coffin (10)

Outside the copy.

“What’s going on…” Xu Miaomiao was surprised. “Lin Qing and Lin Zhen both opened their eyes. One of them was guarding Mr. Bai in the dark, and the other was talking to Yan Wei in the pavilion.”

Song Cheng’an and others in the copy naturally thought of Lin Qing and Lin Zhen for the first time, but the players outside the copy can see all the players with an open perspective, but they are more confused than song Cheng’an and others.

Xu Miaomiao turned to look at Ding and smiled, “sister Ding, you are more experienced than me -”

She gave a speech.

She saw Ding Xiao’s vacant look.

She always subconsciously seeks Ding Xiao’s guidance and help, and is used to throwing all her doubts to Ding Xiao. Even now, she always forgets what Yan Wei said – Ding Xiao doesn’t remember many things. Ding Xiao beside her is only a small part of the consciousness of the dead Ding Xiao, and even her character is not complete.

Ding Xiao is dead.

Xu Miaomiao immediately turned the conversation: “Yan Wei, they will be able to solve it.”

Ding Xiao’s vacant expression changed and smiled: “I can’t remember, but if it’s a player, there should be no problem with Yan Wei. Yan Wei… He has a good memory. At the beginning, even if he didn’t know many players, he can count them.”

“Song Chengan, they decided to check the Impatiens cards first,” Xu Miaomiao looked at the perspective of song Chengan and others, “eh” said, “they plan to put away the two arrows and find Yan Wei after checking them.”

Xu Miaomiao was suddenly curious.

She and Yan Wei have played against each other and cooperated with each other, but they are deep and shallow. Even though she has experienced life and death several times in the copy, Xu Miaomiao has never known Yan Wei.

At first, she thought Yan Wei was a budding dark horse. Several friends who went upstairs together did things and plans that others dared not do. They were bright stars, but not dazzling. Until the copy of the 89th floor just came out, she learned the truth behind Yan Wei in panic, and felt that the myth that had challenged the authority of the building in the legend was like the bright moon behind dark clouds, hazy and clear.

But she never knew what the real Yan Wei was like.

So she was curious – what kind of person was V at the beginning? After Song Chengan saw Lin Qing’s arrow, he almost entrusted 100% of his trust, pressed the doubts of Zhong Bufan and Yu Zhengqing, and still took them to complete the things explained by Yan Wei?

What kind of person can make Lin Qing say “I should kill my own people directly and help you take one by one”?

Even though Ding Xiao didn’t remember many things, Xu Miaomiao subconsciously asked, “Yan… No, v when he first reached the top, why did so many people follow…”

This time, Ding Xiao didn’t show the slightest confusion.

It seemed to her that it was a deep memory.

She said: “because he gives people a strong sense of faith. He always appears unwilling to care about everyone’s life and death, but in fact, what he thinks and wants is far beyond the reach of many people.”

“A sense of faith?”

“Let people believe that he can have a sense of faith. Last time, I didn’t go to the top level because of lack of strength, but I followed some powerful super high-level players. Even if they knew that they might never go out or come back again, they followed V in. Because V was not doing simple things of personal life and death, he was doing things that many people wanted to do but didn’t dare to do “They were confused and didn’t dare to try, V opened the head, to some extent…”

Xu Miaomiao smiled at Ding.

Then, Ding Xiao showed a gentle smile and said softly: “I told many people the meaning of ‘living’.”

A cold wind blew past, with a deep chill in the snow, making people’s skin slightly painful.

Yan Wei and Lin Qing talked here for a long time. They sat in the pavilion for a long time and didn’t move much. The more they sat, the colder they became.

He put his hands in his sleeves, with a gentle look and indifferent eyes. He was not affected by what Lin Qing said. He breathed, as if he thought the temperature around him was more concerned than the danger of the copy.

I’m afraid I know he doesn’t like the cold. The copies entered these times are very cold.

The front never beat him. It’s a pleasure to do these inferior and useless means. It’s worthy of the consciousness of the integration of thousands of evil thoughts in the building.

Yan Wei covered his hands, warmed up a little and said, “what I just said is roughly the identity and tasks they obtained after loading the copy, as well as our situation these days. Tell me about you carefully.”

Lin Qing nodded.

He noticed that Yan Wei was a little cold, exchanged a warm hand and put it on the stone table. He talked about his experience these days.

Like other players in this copy, Lin Qing is scattered to a loading location and assigned to tasks that belong to him alone.

He was the guide invited by Mr. Bai of Guanyin school. Because he was familiar with the way to other places in Guanyin Town, he received Mr. Bai’s money and accompanied Mr. Bai to find a famous teacher.

As for the task, it is to find out the purpose of Mr. Bai’s visit.

This task is not difficult at all, but it is not very simple — because Lin Qing met another player on the road. Although there was no communication, it is obvious that their task is completely the opposite.

Lin Qing accompanied Mr. Bai all the way to the ancient temple where the mage lived. The player was in the dark. He never faced Lin Qing directly, but he always shot Lin Qing and Mr. Bai openly and secretly. Every time he went at Mr. Bai. They fought many times. Lin Qing didn’t see the super high-level player from beginning to end.

Lin Qing guessed that the other party’s task was either to learn some information from Mr. Bai or to kill Mr. Bai directly. At the beginning, he had roughly guessed the confrontation between players, and because he was good at long-range attack, he stayed with Mr. Bai. Although he had been trying, he basically failed.

When Lin Qing said this, Yan Wei had a number in his heart. The task of Lin Qing is completely linked to Mr. Bai, which is obviously their camp. They are the people in charge of taking props, and Lin Qing just made up the reason why Mr. Bai wanted these props.

“So Mr. Bai went out to find this mage to suppress female ghosts?”

“Yes. I finished this task on the way – Mr. Bai has been worried about the evil in Guanyin Town for several years. He has been in contact with the mages of Guanyin temple for many years, but the mages of Guanyin temple can’t solve the problems in the town. They can only keep the people from spreading it out for the time being and find some excuses every time to try to suppress the impact of this matter on Guanyin Town. But this Treat the symptoms but not the root cause… ”

Lin Qing sighed: “so he contacted a teacher of another ancient temple. First, through a letter, he learned some things needed to ward off evil spirits from the teacher, and entrusted him to bring Guanyin Town. Then he found me to lead the way and went to the ancient temple to invite the teacher in person.”

Yan Wei thought: “then you fought with the player all the way to the ancient temple, and you saw that the teacher Mr. Bai was looking for died?”

Lin Qing nodded: “it’s the hand of the player in the hostile camp. He can’t kill Mr. Bai, so he went to kill the mage.”

No matter how powerful Lin Qing is, he is only a rising star after all. After Yan Wei disappeared that year, it took him some time to completely stabilize Xuanniao and stand firm among super high-level players.

There will be omissions in this confrontation.

Yan Wei sorted out the following ideas: “Well, our camp is basically in a line. We are all people who come around Mr. Bai’s desire to suppress evil spirits. Mr. Bai found something to ward off evil spirits and contacted the mage. Lin Zhen and I came with these suppression props, and you accompanied Bai Xian to a distant trip to invite the mage back and connect them…”

They looked at each other and were clear.

If Lin Qing had no choice but to guard Mr. Bai and invite him back to the division, their task of suppressing female ghosts would be much easier.

But now, the suppression props Mr. Bai wants are brought by these players, and the suppression mage is dead. The task of using props to suppress female ghosts can only be achieved by these players.

“Mr. Bai will go back to have a rest first,” said Lin Qing. “When he has a rest, he will come to you and tell you about the evil ward magic tools.”

Yan Wei stretched out and looked at him — he felt song Chengan and others close.

I should have found out about the Impatiens card.

He took back his thoughts, slightly groped for the coin in his sleeve with his fingertips, and his tone sank slightly: “The main line of suppressing female ghosts is very clear. I just found some clues in the front hall and asked song Chengan – you should know him. He also entered the top floor. I asked song Chengan to check the clue. When he comes, we can follow the clue to check the things related to female ghosts and see how to suppress them.”

“The main line is very clear. I’m mainly worried about the camp. Do you have an impression of the player who played against you?”

He was absent for a period of time. Zhong Bufan hardly knew the players who came to the super high level after him. He could only ask Lin Qing.

Lin Qing shook his head: “I can’t recognize it. I can’t even see what his skills are. At first, he used a prop and skills, which looks like a super high-level player I know, but before I’m sure, he changed another legendary prop with a completely different style. I really can’t recognize it.”

Lin Qing doesn’t recognize it. It can only be earlier.

——Which old player will Yan Wei have an impression on?

After using a skill, it seems like a complete change of props and skills

A possible name came out of Yan Wei’s mind.

He didn’t mention this idea for the time being, but just frowned, “this player can think of giving up the first main task, not killing Mr. Bai, saving time, and killing the mage to increase our difficulty. I’m afraid it’s not an ordinary role in the hostile camp. They completely conflict with our task, and we seem to have to kill each other.”

Lin Qing said decisively, “that’s life and death.”

As soon as his voice fell, three people came along the path, including song Chengan and others.

Song Chengan looked normal and silently led the way. Yu Zhengqing followed closely, but his face was extremely ugly. Zhong Bufan seemed to be thinking about something. He didn’t pay much attention to walking and almost ran into Yu Zhengqing in front.

The moment they saw Yan Wei, they looked at Lin Qing around Yan Wei at the same time.

Even song Chengan frowned slightly.

Yan Wei caught song Chengan’s subtle emotional change and felt something wrong.

“We found the source of Impatiens cards,” Song Chengan went to Yan Wei, “is it convenient to go aside?”

Yan Wei’s eyes remained unchanged. With his hands in his hands, he slowly stepped down the pavilion, stepped in the snow, and walked towards a deserted path nearby.

Agreed to speak alone.

Song Chengan glanced at Lin Qing again and immediately turned around to keep up with Yan Wei.

Lin Qing kept a face all the way. When Yan Wei was there, his silence and seriousness were not aggressive. When Yan Wei was away, his eyebrows were cold.

Yu Zhengqing’s questions were forced back.

Zhong Bufan looked at Yan Wei and song Cheng’an, who had gone far away and completely disappeared. He was still thinking whether to ask Lin Qing directly.

The archer is not Lin Zhen. Lin Zhen is just a new high-level player who hasn’t even been to the 89th floor. Even if he is powerful, he is still a little crazy. In terms of strength, he can’t meet Yu Zhengqing. According to the information Yan Wei told them that day, if Lin Qing and Lin Zhen are brothers, Lin Zhen himself makes sense as well as the props used by Lin Qing.

Song Chengan himself said as like as two peas, the arrow is exactly the same as the arrow feather from the forest.

Is Lin Qing still credible?

Both Zhong Bufan and Yu Zhengqing feel that Lin Qing needs to exclude their camp temporarily. Even if there may be other doubts, they also need to find out first. It’s better to kill by mistake than let go. Once they accidentally completely trust the people of the hostile camp, they basically lose everything.

Song Chengan insisted that there would be no problem with the people who came in with Yan Wei.

Zhong Bufan pondered for a long time. Along the way, he arrived here from the place where he found the Impatiens flower card. They talked for a long time. Zhong Bufan and song Cheng’an reached a more conciliatory result. Song Chengan exchanges the clues of Impatiens flower cards with Yan Wei alone to avoid being heard by outsiders, while he and Yu Zhengqing leave him and Lin Qing to test one or two.

Song Chengan has repeatedly stressed that they are superfluous.

He knows Yan Wei very well. He hasn’t paid attention to the world inside the building for a long time. He doesn’t know why he went upstairs again this time V, but he knows very well the last time.

The people who follow Yan Wei, even the hostile camp, can never betray Yan Wei.

Song Chengan doesn’t know whether Yan Wei can directly talk to Zhong Bufan and Yu Zhengqing. He just repeats Lin Qing again and again. There is probably no problem. Yu Zhengqing doesn’t believe it at all. Zhong Bufan is skeptical and doesn’t let down his guard.

So he can only go to one side and talk to Yan Wei. For the time being, Lin Qing won’t hear other clues. After solving the Impatiens flower card, he can discuss Lin Qing’s situation with Yan Wei.

Song Cheng’an and Yan Wei gradually walked away. Zhong Bufan took a look at their disappeared back, turned around and opened his mouth: “Lao Lin, I didn’t expect you to enter this copy, you – Hey!!! Cut first and then play, and there is no spirit of unity!!”

——Yu Zhengqing did it directly.

As soon as Yan Wei and song Chengan left, Yu Zhengqing stepped forward, raised his hand, took out the legendary props and went straight to Lin Qing!

Lin Qing flashed sideways. A long black bow appeared in his hand. He tightened the bow string and loosened it. The arrow feather shot through the attack prop thrown by Yu Zhengqing. The prop was directly carried by the arrow body and then stabbed into the wall with a sound of “when”.

His eyes were heavy and his tone was not answered: “Yu Zhengqing, what are you doing?”

Yu Zhengqing sneered and didn’t continue to do it.

Zhong Bufan goes to the place where Lin Qing shot the arrow feather just now and bends down to pick up the arrow feather that seems to be of little use.

Yu Zhengqing also took out the two arrow feathers left by the other party when he was attacked.

The two came as like as two peas.

Lin Qing’s face moved slightly and took the lead in saying, “where did you get my props?”

“It’s good to admit that it’s your prop,” Yu Zhengqing said. “No wonder I was attacked as soon as you appeared. You were the one who attacked me and wanted to rob the prop just now? The younger generation Yan Wei is still too young. He didn’t take any precautions against you just now.”

Zhong Bufan hurriedly said, “don’t come to a conclusion yet! We haven’t told Lao Lin about the situation.”

“What else to say? It’s not him, it’s his brother. I had a festival with their brothers, and Yan Wei said it himself at the beginning – even if I entered the top copy, the previous feud doesn’t have to be written off. It’s the best choice for him or his brother to sneak on me and rob the props.” Yu Zhengqing said, and the legendary props in his hand glowed slightly white again, Be ready to fight with Lin Qing’s arrow feather at any time.

Lin Qing didn’t move. He just frowned and said very seriously and seriously, “why did I sneak on you? I have a grudge against you. If I want to rob you, it must be a frontal robbery. What’s more, with your strength, I sneaked on you and made a big deal out of a molehill.”

Yu Zhengqing almost didn’t come up in one breath.

Zhong Bufan: ”

This point is really powerful.


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