Half Immortal Chapter 172

Half Immortal Chapter 172: Black Sea Town Coffin (11)

Yu Zhengqing’s strength is really not top.

He is only one of those players who have reached the 90th floor earlier. It is precisely because his strength is not the top among the super high-level players. Instead, he is more conservative than the super high-level players who shine to the extreme.

He dared not risk his life.

There are no high or low requirements for copies on the 89th floor and above. You can enter as long as there is an invitation. So he kept going back and forth to the copy on the 89th floor, constantly obtaining invitations for copies on the 90th floor and above, and directly lifting and lowering buildings on the 90th floor and the 89th floor. Only then did he live to the present.

At the beginning, when several open top-level copies ended without any trouble, Yu Zhengqing went back and forth between the 89th and 90th floors to survive.

A few years ago, when the legendary V was the most powerful, the favored children of heaven and V challenged the authority of the building, and Yu Zhengqing did not participate at all. He didn’t even see V at all, and the top-level copy ended with the disappearance of V.

Yu Zhengqing just holds the current position of Yue Mang, and never takes the risk even a little. If the top floor hadn’t provided a way down this time, he wouldn’t have come in at all.

Therefore, although he is old, he has more experience in super high-level replica, and the data may be a little higher than Lin Qing. But if he is really on the edge of life and death, he may not be as cruel as Lin Qing, and naturally he is unlikely to win Lin Qing. Even just now, he was secretly attacked by the masked man who didn’t know whether it was Lin Qing or not, he was indeed always in a conservative position and didn’t get the upper hand.

What’s more, Lin Qing is the one who once followed V out. He went upstairs all the way. Except for the copy he had with V, he took all the best players.

Yu Zhengqing had some points in his mind, but he was directly pointed out by Lin Qing. He still made some face.

He held it for a long time and threw the two arrows on the stone table in the pavilion. He didn’t have a good way: “who knows what you think? Sneaking attack is easier than grabbing directly.”

Lin Qing glanced at the stone table.

He vaguely guessed what had happened, but his face was as smooth as ever, and there was not even any questioned anger and anger – he didn’t have this emotion.

If Lin Zhen stood here, I’m afraid he would directly pull Yu Zhengqing’s collar with an arrow. But Lin Qing was here. He just calmly thought about what Yu Zhengqing and Zhong Bufan said. He said calmly, “someone attacked you with the same bow and arrow as me.”

Zhong Bufan sat down on the cold stone table and looked left and right with the two arrow feathers.

He said, “Lao Lin, what you mean by this is to directly deny that the person is not you?”

Lin Qing just raised his hand again and raised his bow.

Yu Zhengqing subconsciously wants to do it again, but Lin Qing just glances at him faintly, pulls the bow string, and the tip of the arrow deviates, aiming at a void air.

He gently pulled the bow string, and the dark long arrow broke through the cold air, with the sharp wind, “whew” nailed into the dead wood on one side.

“It’s easy to get my bow and arrow,” he said. “My prop is an arrow with infinite regeneration, so I never look back and pick up the arrow I shot. For example, now, for example, this arrow, I won’t take it back. If someone passes here and pulls this arrow down after we leave, that person will have my arrow.”

Players like him who use long-range attack weapons usually deliberately throw away some distance from other players when pulling the bow, so as to strengthen the effect of long-range attack.

So even the players like Zhong Bufan, who have met Lin Qing in the copy and joined Xuanniao, have not observed Lin Qing’s Longbow closely.

In this way, as long as the longbow is seen from a distance, it can be confused with the real as Lin Qing’s. Arrows that can be observed at close range can be picked up. Bows can be disguised as Lin Qing as long as they look like and wear masks.

——But it’s not enough to have camouflage props. You also need the same skills as Lin Qing, which can’t be explained.

“This is not a matter to consider at all,” said Lin Qing. “If I really want to sneak attack with a mask…”

He paused and looked at Yu Zhengqing with disgust. He still didn’t want to say the word “sneak attack”.

Yu Zhengqing snorted coldly and turned away.

Lin Qing took back his eyes and continued to say rather disgustingly, “I really want to sneak into him. Why should I use my own props? There is no silver three hundred Liang here.”

Zhong Bufan thought of the key while Lin Qing was talking. He smiled: “you convinced me. Although you can’t let me completely let go of my guard, what you said is really reasonable. But Lao Lin, these are things of different opinions. Whether it’s you or not, we can’t trust completely, even the descendants of the Xuanniao under your hand.”

Whether it was intentional or not, it makes sense to say that Lin Qing wanted to cover up and attack against logic, and it also makes sense to say that the other party provoked discord.

Zhong Bufan knew that as long as there was no way to completely solve the matter, the seed of doubt between the man who secretly attacked Yu Zhengqing, whether Lin Qing or not, had been buried. In the case of life and death between the two camps, even the slightest seed of doubt may pull out huge flaws and be fatal.

If it was the conspiracy of the people of the opposing camp, the other party did succeed. Because even if they knew it might be a conspiracy, they had nothing to do.

Zhong Bufan understood that they actually lost the enemy camp in this contest. He played with the two arrows a little impatiently, and his face was slightly sad.

Lin Qing didn’t move from beginning to end. He even had no feeling for Zhong Bufan and Yu Zhengqing’s query. He just said, “it has nothing to do with Yan Wei.”

Zhong Bufan muttered, “you’re still very protective.” he usually wants to ask V about Lin Qing, but now it’s obviously inappropriate. It’s rare that he didn’t say much.

Lin Qing sat down and waited quietly for Yan Wei to come back. Yu Zhengqing sat down on the other side and stared at Lin Qing. He was obviously worried that Lin Qing had a problem.

It’s useless to talk about it. The three people have their own thoughts and have nothing to say to each other.

Under the endless monument.

It’s evening in the world inside the building. The stars are high in the sky. The dark long monument pierces into the night sky and melts into the dark night. Only the surrounding projection is very bright.

In the projection, the copy is in the daytime. Most of the viewing angles are full of snow and bright.

The whole world inside the building pays attention to this copy, and the players outside the copy are very clear about the current development. They can see not only the situation of Yan Wei’s camp, but also the progress of another camp.

“The camp of Guanyin school is not very good… Lin Qing represents the super high-level players who enter Xuanniao. Five people in Xuanniao basically occupy half of the camp of Guanyin school. The mysterious player completely split the camp of Guanyin school.”

“Shen Zhai camp, who is that mysterious player? This move is Yin enough.”

“What’s the matter with the top-level copy this time? The internal friction is too serious. Even if the copy puts pressure on the players, the players have to fight.”

A player who has been in the building world for many years said: “the last time the top-level copy was opened, it was the same. But that time, it seemed that V brought people in. His purpose was the building itself, which directly challenged the authority of the building. It was probably the internal friction copy allocated by the building to organize v. I didn’t expect it this time…”

Xue Wan chuckled and glanced at Xiang Ying: “Yan Wei is too busy for himself. It’s hard to say whether he can live to the next task. You look like you’re going to lose.”

Xiang Ying didn’t look nervous.

He turned the string of Buddha beads in his hand and said, “where is this? Kid, don’t worry, it’s still early.”

Not only did he not like others, he was not very optimistic about Yan Wei’s camp. The more he looked, the more he affirmed his judgment.

Others, blinded by a leaf, first recognized that V was unlikely to appear again. Naturally, they would not think of Yan Wei in that way. But he took this idea to see, whether it was Lin Qing’s reaction or song Chengan’s attitude from beginning to end, it was enough to see that the two well-known players who knew V had very different attitudes towards Yan Wei.

Even though they seem to communicate with Yan Wei only in general, Yan Wei is the main one in their words and deeds. Song Chengan has high qualifications and strong strength. He is always very proud of others. Only in front of Yan Wei, he poses like an ordinary player. Lin Qing is in charge of Xuanniao’s many words. He has the habit of giving orders in every move, but he always asks and solicits opinions in front of Yan Wei.

Besides the only one who dares to challenge the impossible V, who else can?

This separation seems simple but impeccable, but since it is the one, Xiang Ying blindly believes that the one can be solved.

He sighed.

Xue Wan raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “why, you regret gambling?”

Xiang Ying muttered to himself: “… I really regret it.”

I regret that I didn’t make a decision when I issued the copy, and didn’t choose to enter the top-level copy this time.

I regret that I lost an opportunity to chase the finish line with this. I can only be a spectator here. When others care about the camp confrontation, he only cares about the confrontation between Yan Wei and Lou.

On the other hand, Yan Wei just noticed that song Chengan and others looked wrong. Although he took song Chengan aside, his perception has been quietly covering the area of Guanyin school and paying attention to the situation of Lin Qing. Lin Qing, Zhong Bufan and Yu Zhengqing may not be as high as him in their perception. Naturally, no one found them.

Just staring for a while, sure enough, something happened there.

Yan Wei believes in Lin Qing’s ability and doesn’t show it. He just pays attention to the movement over there, but on the surface, he goes far away from Song Cheng’an.

They came to a remote path and stopped. Song Chengan whispered, “we have roughly found the wooden card you said. It’s not difficult to find it. We can find it with a little question.”

Yan Wei took out the wooden card, “are you sure it’s this Impatiens card?”

Song Chengan bowed his head. In the past, he had been waiting for others to deliver things to him. This time, he subconsciously took the wooden card from Yan Wei with his hands and palms facing up.

He looked at it carefully and said, “yes, that’s right. It’s not difficult to check. It’s a sign of a brothel in Guanyin Town. The brothel is called Wanhua building, and the girls in it are named after flowers. If they are their guests, they sometimes give such a sign with flowers engraved with their names, so that they can come next time.”

Yan Wei didn’t think it was an accident.

Some of the information about the dead he has been looking up in the past few days is indeed linked to the brothel.

The evil spirit making trouble is also a female ghost

Is it difficult that the dark sea water around and the dead who will die have something to do with the Wanhua building?

“That is to say, is this a flower card of a girl named Impatiens?”

“Yes, we may need to go to Wanhua building to continue the investigation. But before that, I’m sorry…” Song Chengan returned the wooden card to Yan Wei and frowned. “The reason why I need to tell you alone is because I’m afraid that these information will be stolen by the hostile camp. I don’t believe what you mean, just in case…”

Worried about Yan Wei’s misunderstanding, he quickly told the story of Yu Zhengqing’s attack.

“I as like as two peas, but the arrow left behind is exactly the same as the forest. Therefore, we will go back later and have to find a way to solve this problem.”

Yan Wei understood why the expressions of Zhong Bufan and Yu Zhengqing were so subtle just now.

“Lin Qing is impossible,” he said

“I know, as like as two peas, but the chance is very low. We can never trust anyone who has been able to do this. After all, we can not trust anyone completely. And the ability of the raids and the forest is really the same.”

Yan Wei just smiled.

He looked at the Impatiens cards in his hand and briefly said a few words about Lin Qing’s tasks and experiences these days.

“On the way to Lin Qing, he also met a player who had changed two skills, but he didn’t see his face. That person had already fought with Lin Qing. It’s too easy to know what Lin Qing’s props look like and take a few more Lin Qing’s arrows. As for the consistency of shooting style and skills…”

Yan Wei’s eyebrows and eyes are slightly curved, and her eyes are clear and bright. He said: “I know someone who has such skills and can imitate other people he has met in a short time. He went to the ninth and tenth floors very early, very early, earlier than Yu Zhengqing… No wonder, I said who can fight with Lin Qing for so long and didn’t show up. Moreover, he has such decisive power. He directly gave up the task of killing Mr. Bai and killed the mage before Lin Qing arrived. It turned out that So. ”

Song Chengan’s worries completely dissipated.

He has complete trust in Yan Wei, and since Yan Wei can mention such a person, it only shows that they have too little knowledge and don’t know such a super high-level player who imitates other people’s skills. Super high-level players earlier than Yu Zhengqing… They really don’t know several.

It seems that Lin Qing’s affair is a separatist scheme made by the hostile camp. It seems very simple and easy to figure out, but it is very effective. Even if they can guess that it may be a scheme, there is nothing they can do.

Song Chengan soon raised other concerns: “Yu Zhengqing and Zhong Bufan… Empty words, they may not be able to dispel all their doubts.”

“Then let them see that person with their own eyes and know the existence of the skill of imitating others.”

Song Chengan was stunned.

“The man’s track of action is actually very obvious. He first received the task opposite to Lin Qing, and then after Lin Qing came back, he pretended to be Lin Qing and shot Zhengqing, which affected our trust. There is a reason why he imitated Lin Qing, because he saw few players in the hostile camp these days, and only Lin Qing was familiar with. This copy will not be made public He didn’t know the player’s information. Lin Zhen was also in this copy. ”

“As like as two peas, the enemy camp will feel that there are only two players in the copy that are now using the same black long bow, one is the forest who is good at bow and arrow, and the other is their game player who can imitate the forest game player.

Song Chengan’s eyes lit up: “but there are actually three. It’s just this information. We know, they don’t know.”

What if the opposing camp encounters two attacks with black longbows in a row?

They don’t know the existence of Lin Zhen. When they see the first one, they will think of Lin Qing. When they see the second one, they will think of who? Do they also think that it is the player who can imitate Lin Qing’s skills and attack them under the guise of Lin Qing? Do they doubt that the player is undercover?

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “treat him in his own way.”

The enemy camp can see through the separatism at a glance and make them doubt Lin Qing. They can also use this to oppose the first army.

“Yu Zhengqing and Lin Qiao have been friends for so long. Do you know a little about her skills? I’ll ask Lin Qing and Lin Zhen to act with you later, and you can take Yu Zhengqing and Zhong Bufan with you. I’ll leave it to you. You’ll ask Yu Zhengqing to find out where Lin Qiao’s fixed-point transmission is, and at least find the whereabouts of a player from a hostile camp,” Yan Wei said slowly, “There’s no need to do anything. Zhong Bufan plans Lin Qing and Lin Zhen’s course of action and asks Lin Qing to fight back and forth with the player first. When the player runs away, let Lin Zhen block it. It’s best to grab a prop. It doesn’t matter if you can’t grab it. Anyway, just let them be attacked by Lin Qing and Lin Zhen.”

Song Chengan is busy.

“So you…?”

Yan Wei tossed the Impatiens card and suddenly felt Yan Mingguang nearby.

He said, “I sent a message to Lin Qing. Take them to do it. I’ll go to Wanhua building to check female ghosts.”


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