Half Immortal Chapter 173

Half Immortal Chapter 173: Black Sea Town Coffin (12)

“Can I venture to ask?” Song Chengan suddenly said.

Yan Wei had turned and walked back a few steps. When he heard the speech, he stopped, turned around and looked back at Song Cheng’an. He just had a slight chin and didn’t say anything.

Song Chengan got permission, and just then he unconsciously relaxed his tight body a little. He asked, “what are you doing on the top floor… This time?”

He didn’t ask why. As he and Yan Wei, they couldn’t talk about it. And these problems are no longer necessary. Only the purpose and result are the current things.

In front, Yan Wei’s eyebrows and eyes were slightly bent and smiled: “exchange Pandora’s box, wish everything to end, and destroy the building with its own strength.”

Song Chengan was as like as two peas.

He was the one who watched Yan Wei walk past him and watched each other go farther and farther until the end. After a few years, he came to the end. Unexpectedly, he and Yan Wei went to the end again.

Yan Wei said that, but he turned and continued to walk back. No one walked along the remote path. He walked on the soft snow and left footprints on the path like a quiet passer-by.

Song Chengan stood where he was, looked at Yan Wei’s back, smiled and sighed for a long time.

He didn’t know whether it was a good time or bad luck to hit this copy. It seems that the people who originally entered this instance are super high-level players who have a way back and have some ability – so is he. But now it seems that there should have been some competition between Lou and Yan Wei, and Yan Wei finally entered this copy.

Now, it’s one thing whether you can find the downstairs passage or not. What this copy will become in the end is another thing. Other people only need to decide the outcome with the enemy camp, but they don’t know that the biggest competition in this replica lies not between players, but between players and the greatest power in the whole world.

I don’t know whether it’s lucky or unfortunate.

He came in to live, but he had to face the greatest consideration of life and death.

Floor also specially arranged the confrontation between the camps, I’m afraid it’s also to consume Yan Wei.

Yan Wei wants to do great good and find an end for everyone, but before that, he has to step on the bones of others and give up the small good between these individuals. Is there such a choice in V’s once powerful first climb to the top?

Song Chengan shook his head, abandoned those miscellaneous ideas, raised his feet, and was ready to complete the things explained by Yan Wei.

At this time, under the projection of the world in the building, Yan Wei’s sentence “make a wish that everything will end and destroy the building with its own strength” startled thousands of waves.

Song Chengan’s question has no beginning or end. Listening to others, it’s like simply asking Yan Wei what he wants to do.

——What he wants to do is challenge the building itself.

“He really has this ambition!??”

“Lou won’t tolerate it… Although Lou seems to keep the copy running all the time, I’ve heard that the last time v climbed to the top to challenge the authority of Lou, it seems to have encountered a target.”

“It’s different. Who’s V? It can’t be compared, can it?”

Xue Wan chuckled: “ambition is one thing, ability is another.”

Xiang Ying said, “wait and see.”

In another place, where Ding Xiao and Xu Miaomiao are, no one dares to talk about anything – Ding Xiao is standing in front, smiling with a dagger.

In addition to Ding Xiao, other places in the building were boiling.

Most high-level players don’t care about low-level things. Most of them haven’t seen Yan Wei at all. Even if they listen to those low-level players, they won’t see Yan Wei’s previous copy when the top-level projection is in progress. And they always stand high, but they don’t believe that someone can suddenly stand higher.

In the periphery, where players are not high-level players, the content they talk about is completely different from the inner periphery.

“What a great ambition. I remember him. When he first appeared, he lifted the building very quickly. When he reached the 49th floor, he suddenly disappeared for half a year. Why is he on the top floor…”

“I lost my bet on the copy on the first floor.”

Ning Yi stood in the crowd, looked up at the distant projection suspended in the air, and his cold face moved. She thought of Yan Wei in the copy on the ninth floor – in the blink of an eye, the other party had said such heroic words as destroying the building in the copy on the ninth floor.

She also thought Yan Wei’s words were incredible, but somehow, looking at Yan Wei’s back farther and farther from the perspective of song Cheng’an, she unconsciously recalled the corners of her mouth.

Further away, Gao Ming squeezed into the crowd and said to himself, “come on.”

Yu Zhengqing sat in the pavilion and stared at Lin Qing for a long time. He saw that Zhong Bufan was still sorting out logic there, and Lin Qing was calmly waiting for Yan Wei to come back.

He wondered.

Song Chengan was extremely cold to him, and his attitude towards Yan Wei was as good as he wanted. Lin Qing didn’t rush to solve the trust problem between Xuanniao and them, but waited for Yan Wei here leisurely?

There seems to be something he doesn’t know between these people.

Yu Zhengqing immediately sat up straight.

This is more worrying than Lin Qing alone. To survive in this copy, it’s not enough to deal with ghosts, but also to deal with players from opposing camps. The same camp has something to hide from him, and the consequences can be large or small.

At this moment, he was suddenly worried. What if Lin Qing is not the only one who may have problems? We just checked the method last time, and we can’t really be completely sure. What if Yan Wei and song Chengan have problems?

“I’ll go to other places in the school. Zhong Bufan, don’t walk around so that Lin Qing won’t have a chance.” he got up and planned to secretly see what song Chengan and Yan Wei were talking about. Maybe he could find a chance to secretly take Yan Wei alone to ask – after all, Yan Wei seems to be the easiest breakthrough among them.

Zhong Bufan is full of Lin Qing, so naturally let him. Lin Qing can’t stop him.

Yu Zhengqing gets up and walks in the direction where song Chengan and Yan Wei left just now.

People in Guanyin Town have been in a panic for so long. At the beginning of the school, there were many people from other places and it was more lively. However, people from other places obviously found the atmosphere here these days. In addition, a person just died inexplicably today, and there were basically no people on the road.

Yu Zhengqing walks out a section of the road and is thinking of quietly finding Yan Wei. A white figure suddenly appears in front of him.

Yan Mingguang was dressed in a pure white long gun, and his cool temperament seemed to melt into the snow, mixing with the surrounding white. But the coldness around him was more pressing than the snow. Even if he stood there without moving, Yu Zhengqing suddenly stopped his steps.

He said, “Why are you here?”

Yan Mingguang turned his head and looked at him. The snow shadow was reflected in his pure black eyes, which was cold and frightening.

Yu Zhengqing subconsciously took a step back.

At the next moment, Yan Mingguang suddenly came forward and the whip in his hand broke through the air!

Yu Zhengqing quickly took out props to deal with the shock, but Yan Mingguang’s action and strength were too fast. For such a moment, the other party threw the whip directly on him with his data, and beat Yu Zhengqing to the ground with great strength.

Yu Zhengqing groaned and fell into the snow. In the blink of an eye, Yan Mingguang had arrived in front of him. The man’s face remained unchanged, and his actions just now didn’t seem to consume him at all. He easily attached himself and directly took one of the props used to suppress female ghosts from him.

This is a prop related to the success or failure of the copy. At the moment, it’s easy to change the owner. His face has changed greatly.

Yan Mingguang just took back his whip and looked at the coffin sealing symbol in his speech. His tone was indifferent: “you came out secretly and played the idea of looking for a chance to fight Yan Wei. Accept this idea. If you become a drag on him, I don’t mind violating my principles…”

The coffin seal was only in Yan Mingguang’s hands for a while. The man raised his hand and threw one of the props that the two camps were fighting for into the air at will.

The spell prop floated out of an inclined angle in the air, and Yan Mingguang had disappeared in front of him.

Yu Zhengqing quickly got up, grabbed the coffin seal, looked left and right, and hurriedly hid the prop back in his sleeve. He took a few breaths, which pulled him out of the oppression brought by Yan Mingguang just now. After regaining consciousness, Yu Zhengqing has completely lost his mind to find fault with Yan Wei.

Yan Mingguang has been with Yan Wei all the time. He never said much. He seems to be just a colder ordinary player. Unexpectedly, he didn’t even have any chance to respond!

Although Yan Mingguang didn’t finish what he said after “violating my principles”, Yu Zhengqing could imagine what the consequences would be if the other party was angry.

If Yan Wei is really from the enemy camp, Yan Mingguang can rob him of his props as soon as he makes a move, why do some thankless things?

Although Yu Zhengqing was not angry, he also knew that Yan Mingguang intimidated him, and directly made him understand that these players of Xuanniao could not be from the hostile camp.

He skimmed the snow water on his body and said angrily: “I don’t know where the Yan danger is good, one by one…”

Yan Wei walked out of the way and saw Yan Mingguang waiting for him in front.

“Didn’t you say it’s inconvenient to come in?” he stepped forward.

Due to his task, he couldn’t see Yan Mingguang for most of the past two days. At the moment, seeing the other party suddenly appear in front of her, Yan Wei quickly stepped forward and raised his hand to hold Yan Mingguang’s sleeve.

The man reacted faster than him. Before he pulled it, his hand was covered in the palm of his hand by the other party.

“Mr. Bai is back,” said Yan Mingguang. “I handed him a prayer card and came in.”

Yan Wei said “Oh” and walked with Yan Mingguang towards the door of Guanyin school. Song Chengan soon sent him a message saying that he and Zhong Bufan planned a plan. Yu Feizhou and Yu Zhengqing went to explore the whereabouts of players in the hostile camp. Lin Qing and Lin Zhen were responsible for one in the open and one in the dark to intercept players in the hostile camp to confuse the public.

Before he went out of Guanyin school, song Chengan arranged it. Yan Wei was surprised that Yu Zhengqing and Zhong Bufan didn’t trust him much, especially Yu Zhengqing, song Chengan did it so quickly.

When he was surprised, Yan Mingguang asked him, “what did you find today?”

“I’ve received a branch mission related to the origin of female ghosts. I think we have to do this branch mission. We should use props to suppress female ghosts. Knowing the information related to female ghosts must be beneficial without harm. Moreover, when this branch is completed, we can also know the number of camps on both sides, which is too important for our current state. I really don’t want to spend too much time with players And energy. ”

His biggest enemy is the evil thoughts parasitic on the building, not just the players in front of him.

They have come to the gate of Guanyin school.

Yan Mingguang did not know why. He stepped slightly and said, “do you know the number of people on both sides?”

“Well, yes, listening to the tone means that it should tell me how many people are in our camp and in the hostile camp among the 25 people who came in.”

Yan Mingguang looked at Yan Wei with a quiet look.

They have now reached the gate of the school. Yan Wei’s attention is completely attracted by the people at the gate.

There was a magnificent carriage parked on the street outside the school. A slight heat could be seen around the carriage. It seemed that there were some rich people inside. There was a big heater in the carriage that went out. In front of the carriage, in addition to the coachman, there was a man dressed as a housekeeper talking to the schoolboy.

Yan Wei listened carefully as he walked out the door with Yan Mingguang.

This carriage seems to come from a place called Shen Zhai. Look at this posture, it’s a good family in Guanyin Town. The owner of Shen’s house heard that Mr. Bai had come back and specially came to put it on display. But the boy’s words were rather cramped. After talking for a long time, he politely refused the request. I think Mr. Bai was not very happy with his opinion.

Yan Wei glanced at these people, and his perception spread slightly. He was not aware of the existence of any other players. The people in this carriage are not players.

He also left a little mind, wrote down the existence of Shen Zhai, and continued to rush to Wanhua building with Yan Mingguang.

Guanyin Town is really not peaceful in recent years. Fewer people are willing to go out without anything. Some small theatres and brothels can’t survive. Wanhua building is a rare brothel that still continues to operate. Therefore, Yan Wei didn’t make any effort. He asked a local people a little, and then came to Wanhua building smoothly.

Wanhua building is close to the sea, but fortunately it is not completely close to the sea. There are markets around it. You can’t see the dark sea water from Wanhua building, so the Black Sea doesn’t affect the sound of Wanhua building. As the largest brothel in Guanyin Town, even on this snowy day, there are several hospitality girls standing in front of the door, and the heat they breathe out is entangled together.

Yan Wei only wanted to find out about the female ghost. Today he is in an ordinary state. It is safer to act with Yan Mingguang. The rest don’t think too much.

But when he and Yan Mingguang walked to the door of Wanhua building and saw those, Yan Wei suddenly felt something was wrong.

If you want to check female ghosts, you need to find a girl related to Impatiens cards.

If you want to find that girl, you have to enter the Wanhua building.

To enter the Wanhua building, you have to tell the girls at the door that they want to go in and have a look at some girls.

Yan Wei: ”

… he brought Yan Mingguang with him to order a girl.

Yan Mingguang stood upright, but Yan Wei’s eyes were wandering, looking left and right.

He suddenly regretted and wanted to find a reason to do other things first and come back to Wanhua building when he was alone. But he and Yan Mingguang stood on the aisle and were more conspicuous than the passers-by. The girl in front of the door noticed their existence at a glance and didn’t give Yan Wei a chance to turn around and leave. Someone came forward and smiled to take Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang in.

Yan Mingguang took the lead and crossed the threshold without squinting.

Yan Wei had no choice but to follow in.

At the moment, it is still in broad daylight, and Sheng songs are ringing through the building. On the central stage, there are several girls in scarlet dresses dancing. There is a lot of noise in front of the stage. Colored lights are hung around during the day, up layer by layer, bright and eye-catching.

Yan Wei’s face was smiling, and there was a bit of romantic smell at the end of his eyes. His slender fingers held the flower cards of Wanhua building. When he raised his hands and feet, he actually had a bit of the taste of a childe who came to visit the flower building.

Yan Mingguang, dressed in white, is particularly peaceful among these colorful. He looked the same from beginning to end. He was cold all over. No matter how handsome he was, the girls around him didn’t dare to look at him. In such a place, Yan Wei obviously makes people more willing to get close.

Someone came up to them, looked directly at Yan Wei and asked him, “what kind of girl do you like? Let me find it for you.” then the man gave Yan Wei a Yingying weak smile and moved forward.

Yan Wei kept smiling on the surface, but actually took a step back quietly.

When he first went upstairs, it was not that he had not entered a copy of this era background, and he had not been to the brothel. But in the past, I mostly did some quiet things in the middle of the night. At most, I turned the window and climbed the wall. I’ve never come in so openly.

For a moment, Yan Wei didn’t answer.

The girl asked timidly: “young master? Do you like me? Or do you have any type you like? There are all kinds of girls here. I’ll find them for you…”

On his side, in the sound of Sheng song, the man wrapped in green pine snow, and his cool voice suddenly sounded: “he likes quiet, a little higher than him, strong, and can protect him.”

Girl: ”

Yan Wei: “


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