Half Immortal Chapter 174

Half Immortal Chapter 174: Black Sea Town Coffin (13)

The girl who came together was completely confused by Yan Mingguang’s answer. However, even if Yan Mingguang said such words, she looked lonely and proud. The girl held it for a long time and smiled: “it’s, it’s a little difficult…”

Yan Wei was still smiling.

After a moment of helplessness, he smiled and stuck it to Yan Mingguang’s ear. He whispered in the noisy song, “teacher Yan – ah no, Miss Yan, are you jealous?”

He put his hand on Yan Mingguang’s shoulder and leaned to the utmost. His lips were almost close to Yan Mingguang’s earlobes. Even the girl who came up to meet them was stunned and unconsciously blushed.

While talking, Yan Wei’s breath sprinkled on Yan Mingguang’s ear, warm.

Yan Mingguang’s eyes darkened, raised his hand to hold Yan Wei’s arm and gently took him away. The man said, “No.”

Yan Wei nodded and smiled: “sure enough, I’m jealous.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Several girls who came forward to rob Yan Wei, the guest, looked at each other. They could vaguely see that there seemed to be some friends between the two who didn’t want to visit the flower building together normally, but they felt something wrong – what are those people with that kind of relationship doing together?

They hesitated and dared not move forward. Yan Mingguang just glanced at the girls in bright clothes and looked back at Yan Wei.

He looked at Yan Wei with his eyes closed. The sharp outline was particularly three-dimensional under the bright light and shadow of the flower building, which was incompatible with the colorful world around him.

It’s not just in such places. Even in other copies, Yan Mingguang is a different one, whether it’s a sea of corpses or a sea of ghosts. He looks aloof and cold, but he is not as arrogant as song Chengan, but unique as an independent person.

People like song Chengan are proud because he despises many people who are inferior to him.

Yan Mingguang’s arrogance is entirely because the people in front of him always feel dwarfed. He looked too indifferent, but made the people he looked at feel too narrow.

No matter how many people died in front of him, Yan Mingguang’s principles and bottom line will always exist. He will never be malicious to others, but treat others from goodwill.

… it’s just some duplicity. It’s an open and aboveboard way to do things, but what you say is another way.

So Yan Wei likes to tease Yan Mingguang in this regard. But this time, Yan Mingguang didn’t know if he was the same as him. He wanted to do it again. He thought differently in some places. In the past, Yan Mingguang’s strength would be more obvious, rather than being so introverted and restrained, but he was a little jealous by insinuation.

If Yan Mingguang had been before, he would have dragged his hand into the room.

He thought and said: “… Why are you getting bored.”

“Yan Wei,” Yan Mingguang’s eyes moved, “do you want me to do something in front of them?”

Yan Wei raised his eyes slightly and looked at Yan Mingguang’s line of sight. For a moment, those words that wanted to tease Yan Mingguang choked back. Instead, his embarrassment that he tried hard to cover up was all revealed.

Yan Mingguang’s mouth seemed to tick, “nervous.”

Yan Wei: “…” can’t refute.

He shook Yan Mingguang’s hand, turned back, took out the Impatiens card turned out from the dead’s relics and said, “I’m looking for her.”

There are many brands in Wanhua building. Most of the guests who have been here will have several convenient brands to recognize people. As soon as he took it out, the girls looked disappointed. One of them said, “I’ll help you shout.”

They looked at Yan Mingguang again. Seeing that Yan Mingguang didn’t say a word, they gave up completely and went to help Yan Wei call the owner of the Impatiens card.

Yan Mingguang also took out the silver money and gave the girls enough money to redeem themselves.

Those people hurriedly received it, thanked one after another, ran errands for Yan Wei more diligently, and disappeared in an instant.

“They are just the living NC in the copy,” said Yan Wei. “You can save them.”

“For them, this copy is all.”

Yan Wei smiled: “for them, we may be passers-by.”

But after a while, a girl dressed in the maid’s clothes in the flower building came towards them. The woman looks not young – at least not young in this era. She is about 30 years old. Although the makeup on her face slightly masks her age, her appearance is really general and is too insignificant in this flower building.

When she came to Yan Wei, the woman said her name was ah Yu, a chore in the Wanhua building. The Impatiens are in the room now. She will take them there.

This Impatiens flower card really corresponds to a girl in the Wanhua building.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang followed ah Yu up two floors. The more they went up, the fewer people there were. A faint fragrance of flowers floated in the whole corridor. But the fragrance of the flowers was very mixed, like the smell of rouge powder used by all the girls in the building. Yan Wei smelled it carefully and couldn’t smell what was in the fragrance.

Ah Yu walked ahead and led them to the Fengxian room.

Yan Wei observed for a moment and felt that the girls living upstairs seemed quiet, a little like

It’s a bit like the nervous people in Guanyin Town.

He couldn’t see anything else. He took back the God and pretended to casually ask ah Yu in front: “are the Impatiens busy these two days?”

Ah Yu looked back and said, “the girl is in a bad mood these days. She doesn’t go out except for her guests. She’s not busy.”

“Not in a good mood?”

Ah Yu paused. As soon as they reached the third floor, ah Yu stopped at the top of the steps and looked very sad: “Shen Yuanwai said to pick up the girl a few days ago. From that day on, the girl was not very happy.”

Yan Wei frowned.

Shen Yuanwai?

He thought of the carriage that came to visit at the gate of Guanyin school. He claimed that the place he came from was Shen’s house. Shen Yuanwai can pick up a girl from Hualou casually. I don’t think he is an ordinary family. Is it the owner of the Shen house?

Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang knew what he wanted to ask, and whispered, “I have a good family background. I live in only a few prominent families. Shen’s house is one of them. Shen Yuanwai is indeed the owner of Shen’s house. However, these houses cover a vast area and are far away from the neighboring houses. I didn’t go to Shen’s house.”

“There is something wrong with this Shen house,” said Yan Wei.

It’s OK to appear at the gate of Guanyin school. Now it has something to do with the Wanhua building. Moreover, judging from ah Yu’s expression and Impatiens’ unhappiness, Shen Yuanwai is obviously not easy to meet.

He followed up three steps and two steps, looked anxious, and then asked, “when did Shen Yuanwai say that? I… I also want to redeem the impatiens. I didn’t come two days ago. Why did Shen Yuanwai say to pick her up now?”

Ah Yu did not doubt him and replied, “young master is a little late. The day after tomorrow, Shen Yuanwai will come to the building to pick up some girls. If you really have a plan…”

She sighed, “forget it, I’ve been working here for so long. Which time has the girl shen wants to buy failed? His family often carries the girl’s body in two days, and no one wants to go. But Shen’s family has a great career. Who really can’t go? Impatiens doesn’t want to go, but what can she do?”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang looked at each other and understood the information hidden in these words.

This Shen Yuanwai often buys a woman from the wind and dust to go back and abuse her. Sometimes she abuses her to death, that is, she carries the body away and buries it. The Impatiens they are looking for is one of the girls favored by Shen.

They said, already bypassing a long corridor.

There is no daylight in these winding places upstairs. Even in broad daylight, they are black and can only be illuminated by candles on both sides. There were candlelight lamps on both sides of the corridor, but they shone brighter.

Yan Wei lowered his head when he saw Ah Yu. He deliberately avoided the candle light, lowered his head and buried her face in the shadow.

Thinking of the woman’s appearance and where they are now, Yan Wei knew. His tone was easy-going and his voice was clear: “sometimes it’s a disaster to look good.”

Although this woman looks ordinary, she is too inferior to those girls in this Wanhua building. She is an insignificant facial feature in the crowd, but it may not be a good thing in such a place.

Ah Yu listened to him and still lowered her head. She just said, “thank you. Miss Impatiens’s room is in front -”

A sharp cry suddenly interrupted her.

On the corridor, a woman with disheveled hair and gorgeous clothes suddenly ran over. Her face was full of panic, she walked in a hurry, and she was still shouting, “help!! don’t come here!!”

She just ran forward desperately and didn’t see anyone in front of her. Yan Wei looked back and saw that the woman was about to hit him.

Yan Mingguang pulled him, Yan Wei leaned aside, and ah Yu in front immediately pushed aside.

The woman was followed by some servants of the brothel.

She ran disorderly, but for a moment, as soon as she ran in front of Yan Wei and others, the strong servants caught up and pressed the people firmly from the left and right. The woman earned and moved, and her already scattered hair became more and more messy. She muttered to herself, “she, she… Don’t, don’t come here…”

The servants seemed to be used to it. They didn’t change their face. They pressed the woman and walked back. One of them came to Yan Wei and said in front of them, “sorry to disturb you. She’s crazy and used to it. Today, we didn’t pay attention and let her run out of the room.”

After apologizing, the talent and several others hurriedly dragged the crazy woman away.

Before Yan Wei asked, ah Yu said, “she is also a girl in our Wanhua building. Before… Like some other people in the town, she said she had hit a sneaker and suffered from psychosis.”

“I see.”

Yan Wei thought of the girl he saw the first day he loaded the copy. It was as like as two peas at the opposite door of the deceased, a widow’s family. The three generations of the grandparents were in a state of dependence. The old woman’s daughter said that she had been hit by a ghost. They saw the mad woman running away in panic and the same girl as she saw.

It’s all ghosts. I’m scared crazy.

The evil thing in Guanyin Town seems to have no interest in the lives of young women. Most of the dead are young men. Although there are some old and weak women and children, they are only a few. The woman ran into that thing. She was probably crazy.

It’s like there’s no soul.

Ah Yu said to him, “don’t be frightened, young master. She’s just crazy. She won’t hurt anyone.”

Yan Wei shook his head: “No.”

Ah Yu took them as like as two peas to a wooden lantern, which was just like the wooden card of Yan.

“Girl,” ah Yu knocked at the door, “there are guests.”

Yan Wei turned back and looked at Yan Mingguang.

The Impatiens need to ask about the situation, but the girl who suffered from amnesia just now also has to see what’s going on.

The man nodded to him and whispered to him, “call me immediately.”


Yan Mingguang turned around and quietly followed the way that the servants had just pulled the woman away.

Ah Yu knocked on the door for a long time. No one answered. Looking back at him, he found that Yan Mingguang was gone and said in surprise: “where’s the childe?”

Yan Wei said, “he has something to do temporarily. Let’s go first.”

Hualou is not a clean place. There will always be all kinds of guests. Yan Wei looked for the reason at will, but ah Yu didn’t ask him much. He said to him, “usually I knock these times and the girl will open the door. I don’t know what’s wrong today. Maybe the girl is in a bad mood and has died of sleep these days. Young master, can you wait here for a moment and I’ll shout again?”

Yan Wei listened to her, and her perception had been released. She explored the surroundings and the room a little.

There seemed to be no breathing sound of living people in the room. The smell of flowers around seemed to be mixed with a very weak smell of blood, but the door was locked from the inside. It was terribly quiet, but there was no danger.

Ah Yu was still knocking at the door. Yan Wei warned, “is something wrong?”

Ah Yu was stunned: “no……”

After thinking for a while, she felt that the Impatiens was really in a bad mood because of what member Shen liked. She hurried to find the servant in the building.

Yan Wei stood waiting. There was no movement in the Impatiens’ room.

After a while, ah Yu came with some men. Several men hit the door hard and finally broke the latch.

Ah Yu exclaimed, “girl!!!”

Yan Wei looked in with ah Yu’s eyes and saw that the Impatiens was lying on the table, one hand drooping, and the blood on his wrist slowly flowing down, which was almost frozen. There was a little dagger stained with blood on the table, and most of the blood had fainted on the ground and on the table.

Several people rushed in immediately and pulled up the body of the impatiens. As expected, there was no breath.

Ah Yu immediately turned pale.

Hualou, a place mixed with dragons and snakes, didn’t respond much to this kind of thing. Those people immediately went to the steward to deal with the matter. For a moment, Yan Wei and ah Yu stood on the side of the corridor. The steward of Hualou and several servants came in and out. From time to time, several girls came to take a look at it quietly, and then ran away in fear.

This kind of scene is really too gentle for Yan Wei. He calmly looked at the body of Impatiens, looked at the environment in the room, and roughly understood that the girl really committed suicide. Combined with what ah Yu said, the Impatiens are not in a good mood these days because they are liked by Shen Yuanwai. Obviously, the Impatiens directly commit suicide to avoid being bought by Shen Yuanwai.

How terrible is Shen Yuanwai’s reputation for abusing women, so that a girl in Hualou is afraid to commit suicide?

Most of the female ghost in the red dress has something to do with the Wanhua building, and Shen Yuanwai of the Shen house often buys girls in the Wanhua building and often abuses people to death

Mr. Bai, who has been a gentle and gentle teacher for a month, actually avoided this member Shen directly. In addition, Mr. Bai is the one who invited players from their camp to suppress female ghosts. Is it difficult… This Shen house is another place?

Seeing that the people in the flower building dealt with the Impatiens neatly, Yan Wei looked at ah Yu, who was left here by the steward waiting for questioning. In a very sad tone, he whispered, “miss ah Yu, why did the Impatiens suddenly… Can’t think of it? If she was bought by member Shen, she may not die, but there are no direct people right now.”

Ah Yu was suddenly shocked by his question. Then she said nervously, “I heard that Shen Yuanwai played human tricks… It’s better to die quickly.”

Yan Wei was easygoing. At such a flustered moment, he still stood aside with a gentle look, easing a lot of gloomy atmosphere. Ah Yu didn’t seem too wary, and then said to him: “Over the years, Shen came to our building and bought many girls, but only two of them came back. After they came back, they were all abandoned. The girls were gentle and few people cared about coming and going. That is, the childe was just coming to find them today… Hey, I just met them. No one wants to be liked by Shen. Miss Fengxian said two days ago that it would be better to die and die I think she really… ”

Yan Wei saw that the more she said, the more afraid she was. It was not like regret at all. Instead, she was in a panic.

He said tentatively, “those girls are unwilling to die…”

Ah Yu’s face was white and hesitated: “who will die willingly…”

Yan Wei said a few more words, but ah Yu didn’t say any more – but he already knew something in his heart. Most of the copies of the world in the building are rooted in people’s hearts, or they are greedy, angry, crazy, disgusting and unwilling. The core of the copies is these dirty things, and the root of these dirty things or evil deeds is resentment.

Resentment and unwillingness are basically the problems of the copy.

The girl who died quietly in Shen’s house in Wanhua building in recent years is enough to have such great resentment and reluctance.

He thought, Yan Mingguang also sent him a message: [where are you?]

Yan Wei: [I’m still in the Fengxian room. Fengxian committed suicide. I think the student’s death really has something to do with the flower building, but he should only be the guest of Fengxian. It has little to do with Fengxian. The real clues should be the women who were abused and killed by Shen Yuanwai.]

[I found a clue about a woman in wanhualou. Now I’ll come back to you.]


For a moment, the people in the flower building quietly cleaned up the body of the impatiens. The girls in the surrounding rooms who had not received guests came out and looked like ah Yu and returned to the room in panic. The people in the Wanhua building didn’t look very good. In words, they didn’t care about the life of the Impatiens, but worried about how to communicate with Shen in two days.

The steward is also worried about the impact on his life downstairs. He specially comes to make amends with Yan Wei, hoping that Yan Wei can hide it. Yan Wei’s original intention is to check clues. Naturally, he doesn’t care if these businesses are not business. He should nod well, but he doesn’t know whether he promised too casually, so the steward is not at ease.

The other party thought Yan Wei was a guest visiting the flower building, and wanted to give some sweets to Yan Wei to seal it. In Yan Wei’s perfunctory promise, the steward asked the next servant to do something. Yan Wei was waiting for Yan Mingguang, so he said a few words to the other party absently. When the servant came back, he held a lot of wooden cards.

Yan Wei: ”

“I’m really sorry to scare the guests. This is really the first time we’ve encountered this kind of situation. I hope you don’t spread it out.” the steward smiled and handed Yan Wei these wooden cards engraved with all kinds of flower patterns. “These rights should be an apology. We only need a girl’s wooden card to enter the girl’s room. These are the wooden cards of all the girls in the building…”

The steward smiled meaningfully: “I’m sure you’ll be satisfied next time.”

Yan Wei: ”

These wooden cards are also recognized by this damn copy as limited props in the copy and can not be stored in the black ring.

Yan Wei: “……”

When Yan Mingguang came back, Yan Wei was standing on the side of the aisle. He was buried in the flickering candle light, holding a lot of wooden cards engraved with various flower patterns. Some girls around him always secretly looked at the wooden cards in Yan Wei’s hand, expecting him to choose one of them.

Yan Weiquan thought that the girls who deliberately wandered in front of him were the air.

He looked at the man approaching step by step. His bright eyes flashed, preempted and whispered, “the girl I want to order is not here – I like quiet, taller than me, strong and can protect me.”


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