Half Immortal Chapter 175

Half Immortal Chapter 175: Black Sea Town Coffin (14)

Yan Mingguang stepped forward and looked down at the wooden card in his hand for a while.

Yan Wei’s eyes flickered, and he was stunned. He didn’t mean to face Yan Mingguang’s eyes. He looked around, and the girls who were watching secretly also left. I wonder if they were frightened by Yan Mingguang’s cold atmosphere.

Guanyin Town has been making trouble for so long, and Hualou has just committed suicide. Most of the girls’ boudoirs above Wanhua Lou are quite immersed. When Yan Mingguang comes, few people move around deliberately. It was quiet around, and the sound of silk and bamboo came up little by little, mistily rolling the candles around.

Yan Mingguang did not speak, and his eyes moved from the wooden card to Yan Wei’s face. He seemed to be looking at Yan Wei’s eyes, looking very serious, just looking straight at him.

Yan Wei didn’t dare to look at each other. He hung his eyes for a long time and didn’t hear what Yan Mingguang said.

The flower building is filled with the fragrance of smoked flowers. They are mixed together and make people confused.

Yan Wei is holding such a lot of hot potato in his hand. He can’t stand it. His Adam’s apple rolled gently and opened his mouth. Before he opened his mouth, there was a faint smile in front of him.

Yan Mingguang’s voice is always like a green pine with snow, low but mixed with a cold tone. This time, it seemed to moisten a little spring: “why don’t you like more things…”

This is like a joke with a smile, but it seems a little helpless.

Yan Wei was stunned. He forgot his embarrassment just now. Holding the girls’ cards in his hands, he raised his eyes and looked at Yan Mingguang.

“What?” he said.

Is this jealous or something else?

Why didn’t he quite understand?

Yan Mingguang’s pure black pupils reflected Yan Wei’s figure. The candles in his eyes shook like bright stars, and there was no emotion.

Yan Mingguang said, “go.”

At the same time, Yan Wei suddenly took back his wandering mind – he felt a strange and evil breath.

The fragrance of flowers around him seems to be rich, mixed with some familiar flavor of Yan Wei… It was the fragrance of flowers when the female ghost attacked him that night!

Yan Wei closed his eyes slightly, spread his perception, listened attentively, and seemed to hear the sounds of beautiful men and women in a place. That’s where the fragrance of flowers floats.

He and Yan Mingguang looked at each other, and the other party nodded at him. He could no longer care about the cards in his hand. Like in his hand, the wooden cards fell to the ground. Yan Mingguang took Yan Wei’s hand and disappeared into the flower building.

Now they don’t even know how to suppress female ghosts. Only Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang have so many props. It’s not wise to brazenly match dirty things. Yan Mingguang naturally knew this without Yan Wei. With his skills and Yan Wei, he suddenly appeared on an unmanned path a few blocks away from wanhualou.

This path is quite remote, and then there is the strange black sea. The people basically don’t go except for funeral and pick-up. They both appeared out of thin air, and no one found out.

Yan Wei’s sight flashed. When he got to the station, he saw the quiet alley.

Yan Mingguang still held his hand.

Yan Wei gently pressed the back of Yan Mingguang’s hand with his fingertips and unconsciously rubbed it slightly. He still felt that what Yan Mingguang had just said was strange, and even touched his vague feeling of being concealed.

But he looked at Yan Mingguang and finally swallowed his further inquiry.

If Yan Mingguang really wanted to say something, he would have said it long ago and wouldn’t wait for him to ask. Asking is the most meaningless action. It’s better for him to find the answer himself.

He already has some eyebrows.

Yan Wei took back his eyes and glanced over the swallow Necklace Yan Mingguang was wearing all the time. His eyes were slightly restrained and recovered all his normal expressions.

“The man who died in the school today,” he said, “caught the ghost’s word when he came to the Wanhua building?”

Yan Mingguang nodded gently: “it’s probably true.”

Over the years, most of the dead who died in that strange way suddenly died in the room or where there were no signs of fighting. Moreover, after they died, their bodies rotted quickly, but one day they would be covered with body spots, and they would be blue and stiff all over, and they would suddenly rise up in the coffin.

Yan Wei speculated that they didn’t hold the female ghost’s word at the moment of death, but earlier. It’s just that evil spirits absorb essence and Qi from them. At a certain critical point, those people will suddenly die.

Yan Wei has experienced the way female ghosts haunt – it’s an unspeakable matter between men and women, which makes people sink into it unconsciously.

In a place like wanhualou, those people come here and are confused. They don’t know whether they are working with people or ghosts. Those people didn’t realize it. They died suddenly after going back for some time. In addition, there were some old and weak women and children who had an accident. Naturally, the people of Guanyin Town wouldn’t think of Wanhua building here.

Now it seems that most of the old and weak women and children who died strangely, or those who were scared to suffer from psychosis, are just a cover for female ghosts, but they have expanded the scope of the dead, making people think that female ghosts are everywhere. In addition, some of the deceased’s neighbors also had an accident, and the people would only think that there was evil in the deceased’s house.

Judging from the current clues, there is no doubt for the time being.

But where the hell did the ghost come from? Why do you mainly attack the male guests of Wanhua building? What does it have to do with the evil Shen Zhai in ah Yu’s mouth?

Yan Wei looks at Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang said, “I just learned something from the man who had lost his soul.”

He said and paused, but he didn’t go on.

Yan Wei blinked. “That’s what you know. My branch task should be almost the same. So this female ghost –”

“Go back first.” Yan Mingguang looked as usual, but his tone was a little hasty.

Yan Wei wanted to finish the task and confirm the number of people as soon as possible, but it’s not unreasonable for Yan Mingguang to drag back first – after all, it’s possible to enter this replica, but everyone in the super high-level players has some cards. It’s bad if someone overhears them in the dark.

It’s just that… This man was not such a cautious person in the past. This time, he took the initiative to ask to go back and say?

Yan Wei always thought Yan Mingguang was wrong, but Yan Mingguang behaved normally from beginning to end. He couldn’t find anything wrong.

He had to say, “OK.”

They went back to Guanyin school hand in hand.

On the way, Yan Wei met two more funeral teams, and the whole Guanyin Town was filled with panic.

After returning, Yan Wei specially went to Lin Zhen’s room. There was no one in the room. He should still be doing what he had told him before. Whether it is to find out the trace of players in the hostile camp or to let Lin Zhen and Lin Qing fight one after another without leaving a trace, it is not a simple thing. It is normal not to come back so soon.

He sent a message to Lin Qing and song Cheng’an respectively, asking them not to fight among themselves. After cooperation, he immediately went back to Guanyin school to discuss the next things with him.

Later, Yan Wei took Yan Mingguang back to his room in Guanyin school.

They sat down next to each other by the bed. Yan Wei held Yan Mingguang’s arm and saw the man take out a folded picture from his sleeve.

The man moves slowly. The sky light penetrated through the paper window, and the dust swayed in the halo. The light outlined the outline of Yan Mingguang’s side face. Yan Wei stared at each other’s hands and saw him slowly take out the painting. He spread the painting for a long time. Unconsciously, his attention shifted to Yan Mingguang’s face.

After a few glances, Yan Wei unconsciously kissed Yan Mingguang on the jaw.

In the past, they often analyzed clues in dangerous copies. Yan Wei did this several times. After he kissed, he didn’t respond, but Yan Mingguang took the lead in pinching his chin.

“This copy is dangerous,” the man’s voice was steady and solemn. “Keep it down.”

Yan Wei: ”

Who couldn’t hold it on the train before?

“Duplicity,” he muttered, “hypocrite.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t refute him.

Yan Wei: “what is this picture? Why haven’t you opened it yet?”

He was anxious to know the number of people on both sides to confirm the camp problem. Yan Mingguang was warm. Yan Wei couldn’t wait and reached for the picture

After spreading out, a portrait of a woman drawn in fine brushwork came into view.

The portrait is not painted, only pure black lines. Women’s dress is very long, but the style is very simple. Looking up, the hair accessories are more elegant, and even look like men’s hair.

Her eyebrows were smiling, her eyes were slightly bent, the corners of her mouth were raised, and her beautiful face on the paper was full of a gentle smile.

I don’t know who painted this picture. The simple line drawing shows the woman’s gentle temperament. The strokes are elegant, but the strokes are like the wind. Whether from the painting skills of the person who painted the portrait or the woman’s own appearance, the painting can be said to be excellent.

But Yan Wei took it in his hand, and the cold touch of his fingertips was like the dark and strange in the middle of the night.

It was cold and quiet around him. He stared at it and felt even colder.

Yan Wei closed the painting and listened to Yan Mingguang say, “her name is Jiang Jingyun. She has been dead for five years. I found the painting in her room.”

“Wanhua building didn’t give her room to others?”

“No, because after her death, some people said they had seen her in the middle of the night. The woman with amnesia we saw also said that Jiang Jingyun was scared crazy. Therefore, no one dared to live in the room and was blocked.”

Yan Wei only asked, “is there any clothes she wore in the room? What color?”



Yan Wei put away the painting and listened to Yan Mingguang finish the whole story.

Just now, when he stayed in front of the Phoenix House to inquire about things outside Shen, Yan Mingguang followed the people who had caught the girl with amnesia back. When he found that the girl passed a locked house, he suddenly shouted and even nearly escaped from the servant who had caught her. But after that room, the woman was much better.

The servants, too, walked very fast and looked nervous as they passed by, as if they were afraid of being entangled by something unlucky.

Yan Mingguang opened the lock directly and went into the room to check.

Many parts of the room were dusty. As soon as the door was opened, it was gray. There was no candle light, only the dust floating everywhere.

He found many such portraits in the drawer of his room, as well as some poems and books. The clothes hanging in the wardrobe were either simple and neat clothes or mostly red women’s clothes. On the table near the wall, there were a lot of wooden cards similar to the Impatiens cards, but there was nothing above the cards, and it seemed that there was no time to engrave words.

Yan Mingguang took the painting out and spent a lot of money to find a older worker in Wanhua building to ask about the woman.

Jiang Jingyun is not the kind of girl who was bought into the flower building to raise and receive guests from childhood. She has her own name. Although her family background is not top-notch, she can be regarded as a lady with clean family. She is also different from other women. She doesn’t know where to learn poetry, songs, poems, books and articles, which are more eye-catching than ordinary women.

But the ginger family had an accident more than five years ago.

In this incident, Jiang Jingyun not only lost her parents and her family wealth, but also sold herself to Hualou and fell into the dust.

Shen Yuanwai has coveted Jiang Jingyun for a long time. The decline of the Jiang family doesn’t know how many of Shen Yuanwai’s handwriting are there. Just after Jiang Jingyun was sold into the Wanhua building, Shen Yuanwai spent ten thousand gold to buy people away. At that time, he was not the only one who came to buy Jiang Jingyun. It is said that some scholars of Guanyin school came every day. Unfortunately, Shen’s hands were too high. Finally, Shen took away Jiang Jingyun’s deed of sale.

Jiang Jingyun stayed in the Wanhua building for a few days, but the flower names were not taken and the flower cards were not engraved, so he was taken to the Shen house.

A few days later, the servant of Shen’s house let out the wind and said that Jiang Jingyun was dead.

Miss Hualou’s life is not life. Jiang Jingyun will die if she dies. Shen Zhai still searches for beautiful women every once in a while. However, some people began to hit ghosts in the Wanhua building. They said they saw a woman with long hair in red clothes wandering in the building. The girl with amnesia whom Yan Wei ran into in the Wanhua building was scared crazy at that time.

Wanhualou asked someone to do the Dharma, and this matter was suppressed.

Later, although there was an accident in Guanyin Town, the people involved were men, women, old and young, and they did not die in this brothel. Most of them died suddenly at home. Naturally, no one would take the initiative to associate things related to Wanhua building.

Yan Wei tossed a coin in his hand and said, “the source of evil in the Black Sea around Guanyin Town is these people who died abnormally. They are all related to Jiang Jingyun. This Jiang Jingyun’s death is Shen Yuanwai’s revenge… What we want to suppress is Jiang Jingyun’s resentful soul?”

Yan Wei’s voice just fell, and the prompt sound of the copy sounded in the minds of all players in the same camp as him.

[congratulations to some players in the player’s camp for completing the branch mission – get the cause of death of most inexplicably dead people and find out the source of resentment in the black sea of Guanyin Town. The branch mission is helpful to the main line progress. Players who complete the mission receive 3 progress rewards and other players in the camp receive 2 progress rewards.]

[congratulations to the player’s camp for obtaining the branch mission reward – the number of camps on both sides.]

[the total number of players loaded in this copy: 25, your current camp number: 8.]

After hearing the prompt, Yan Wei subconsciously glanced at Yan Mingguang.

Eight people… He, Yan Mingguang, Lin Qing and Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou, song Chengan, Zhong Bufan and Yu Zhengqing, exactly eight. There seems to be nothing wrong.

Just now Yan Mingguang hesitated and looked like he didn’t want him to complete this branch task. He thought

Maybe it’s just that he thinks too much.

Outside Shen’s house.

Lin Zhen, who had just finished the encirclement and interception, threw the arrow feather in his hand and smiled: “Wow, no, we are only 8 of 25 people? 17 to 8. It’s such a big game.”

Lin Qing just said, “it’s expected. Don’t throw arrows. Some of them can imitate our skills. We can’t get them any more.”

Lin Zhen stood up.

The fish flying boat shook its head helplessly, bent over and picked up the arrow.

Shen’s house.

Many players gathered in a guest room, and the sound of quarrel rang out one after another. The two people who used Lin Qing’s skills and props just now didn’t pull one out, so they became more and more noisy.

If you count the coats carefully, there are 16 people here, excluding the dead Meng Lin and including Lin Qiao.

A man with a black cloth over his eyes and dressed in black sat among them.

Although Geng Liang can’t see, his skills naturally connect his perception with the five senses. He feels that the complexion of several others has been extremely bad. But it has not yet reached the point of complete infighting. As an undercover who has successfully sneaked into this camp, since Lin Qing has provided such an excellent anti killing, it is really a waste not to expand the effect.

He took a chance and added a few words, but suddenly there was no sound.

[… The total number of players loaded in this copy: 25, your current camp number: 8.]

Geng Liang: “??”

According to this tone, there should be a total of 17 talents in the hostile camp he mixed in.

Meng Lin is dead, which means there should be 16 people in this camp.

They do have sixteen people here. That’s right

But he’s undercover!!


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