Half Immortal Chapter 176

Half Immortal Chapter 176: Black Sea Town Coffin (15)

Outside the copy.

This time, the top floor may be opened in a different way. Most of the players who go in are not too self-conscious. The player’s main viewing angle has opened a 77 / 88. Millions of players in the world inside the building look at these perspectives and watch what happens in both camps at the same time.

Geng Liang’s perspective is also open.

When he started loading copies, he was almost surrounded by players from the shenzhai camp.

Even if evil thoughts wish Yan Wei were in absolute weakness, there is always a fair principle in the copy. The number of Shen Zhai camp is almost twice that of Guanyin school camp, but relatively, the tasks faced by more than a dozen players in Shen Zhai are also difficult, and they need to deal with the grievances of Shen Zhai far more than other places from the beginning.

On the other hand, each side’s camp has a player initially loaded in the enemy camp.

Yan Wei, Lin Qiao is in this position. Although she has the same place and time as song Chengan and Yu Zhengqing, she is actually the camp of Shen Zhai.

Geng Liang is in the camp of Guanyin school, but his loading place is shenzhai.

Like Lin Qiao, Geng Liang simply followed his situation and pretended to be a player of Shen Zhai camp. He was undercover in Shen Zhai. This camp has also experienced the stage of undercover investigation, but Lin Qiao was caught by Yan Wei on Yan Wei’s side, while Geng Liang did a lot of tricks on Shen Zhai’s side and successfully mixed into the hostile camp.

Players outside the copy clearly watched how Geng Liang mixed into the shenzhai camp from his perspective.

At this moment, in the copy, the players of Guanyin School Camp get the number of camps on both sides, and the players outside the copy also know the number of camps.

“That’s not right… There are already eight people in Guanyin school, led by song Chengan. In addition, Geng Liang and nine people undercover in Shen house do not match the number given in the copy.”

“There can be no problem with the number given by the copy. Only people can have problems.”

“I think the same as Geng Liang. There is an undercover in the camp of Guanyin school. One of the two sides has infiltrated into the other camp, so the number of people on both sides is the same, but in fact, they have infiltrated into the hostile camp. But the people infiltrating Shen Zhai are Geng Liang. It is obvious that Lin Qiao, who was originally an undercover, has also been found. Which side of Guanyin school is sincere?”


In the conversation, Ding smiled and sighed.

She doesn’t remember much, but she still remembers Yan Mingguang’s things and Yan Wei’s past. Sometimes she remembers something more important than herself.

“Sister Ding,” Xu Miaomiao found something wrong with her, “what’s the matter with you? What’s the matter with the two camps? There’s no one like an undercover in Yanwei. It’s impossible that someone doesn’t know he’s in the wrong camp.”

Ding smiled and shook his head, “he knows. Even if he knows, he will always only stand on Yan Wei’s side.”

After learning the number of the camp, the schoolboy knocked on the door of Yan Wei’s room and said that Mr. Bai had almost rested. He made an appointment with Yan Wei to talk about Guanyin Town tomorrow.

Lin Qing and them haven’t come back yet. Yan Wei helps them. The schoolboy leaves them a time and leaves.

Yan Wei closed the door and looked back. He saw Yan Mingguang sitting by the bed and looking up at him.

Yan Mingguang’s eyebrows were naturally cold, and his pupils were very dark, like an endless deep pool. But his eyes are always soft and gentle when he looks at Yan Wei. His eyes are always hanging on Yan Wei, as if he would run if he wasn’t careful.

This time, Yan Mingguang looked at his eyes as soft as ever.

But Yan Wei felt that Yan Mingguang saw him a lot more times than before.

Instead of looking at him intentionally or unintentionally, he looked at every part of him deliberately and strongly.

Such eyes, on the contrary, seem to be a final love, as if every moment and every second are precious, as if there is no chance without looking at it at this time. When Yan Wei was young, he always met such eyes when he occasionally met the dying of his relatives before their death.

Such eyes were too long and affectionate. When he turned back, Yan Mingguang still looked at him for a while, which restrained his eyes.

He was stunned, raised his feet to Yan Mingguang, put his hands on each other’s shoulders, lowered his head, and put his forehead on Yan Mingguang’s forehead. When Yan Wei closed the projection perspective, the man hugged him.

Yan Wei’s uneasiness became more and more serious.

The number of the camp was clearly determined, and he beat back the temptation and persuasion of evil thoughts several times. Everything went step by step in all kinds of accidents. Why is it getting more and more insecure?

He said, “Mr. Yan –”

Yan Mingguang has blocked his mouth.

The warm feeling came from her lips and ignited the heat of Yan Wei’s whole body.

The sun dropped slowly from the center to the West. The snow on the ground almost didn’t melt and scattered dazzling white. The light is particularly hazy under the reflection of snow, and separated by a thin layer of window paper. When it comes in, it is surrounded by floating dust.

The love brought by the blurred aroma in the flower building finally came slowly at this moment.

Lin Zhen knocked on the door more than ten times.

There was someone inside. Yan Wei didn’t know what he was doing. He sent a message and knocked on the door. There was only a quick “wait a minute”.

The doors and windows of this era do not have any blocking ability in front of people like them. He can easily enter if he works a little harder or breaks through the window. Lin Zhen knocked over and raised his hand to hit the door. Behind him, Lin Qing raised his hand indifferently and grabbed Lin Zhen’s hair.

“Ouch, ouch!!!”

Lin Qing: “wait.”

“Line, line, line.”

After a while, the door finally opened.

Yan Mingguang was dressed in a decent white dress, but his outer shirt was quite casually worn. He looked very hurried.

He looked as usual: “whose room is next door?”

The fish flying boat replied, “it’s mine on the left and Lin Zhen’s on the right.”

Yan Mingguang came out, turned back, slowly closed the door and said, “go to your room first.”

When he finished, without waiting for other people’s opinions, he turned first and walked towards the room of the fish flying boat. Lin Qing followed him with a wooden face. Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen didn’t care. They immediately followed him. Song Chengan won’t have any objection to these two words at all. He raised his feet and followed them.

Yu Zhengqing held back for a long time. Thinking of Yan Mingguang’s previous hand, he turned angrily without saying anything.

Zhong Bufan: ”

Why is Yu Zhengqing suddenly so obedient?

In this copy with players on base, he has always been at the core, responsible for planning and arranging all actions. This time, although it is a top-level copy, aren’t they all old friends who have almost met the world in the building? How come this time, he brought several new high-level players, but he looked like a little brother?

Zhong Bufan glanced at the closed door, quickly followed the people who went to talk in the fish flying boat room and shouted, “Hey, where’s Yan Wei? He seems to know V’s game breaking techniques, and I want to talk more about V with him…”

In the room, Yan Wei slowly put on his robe.

The clothes of this era were much more cumbersome than their daily clothes. He made trouble inside and outside for a long time before he put them back in order. When I picked up the last warm outer shirt and put it on, I caught a glimpse of the swallow pendant at the head of the bed.

Yan Wei made a move.

Just now

This seemed to be where he wanted to bite Yan Mingguang in his hazy consciousness, but he was not too willing. Finally, he bit on the pendant, pulled it down to him and landed at the head of the bed.

Yan Wei reached out and picked up the pendant.

This swallow pendant is not any prop at all, but just an ordinary decoration, but it is precisely because of this that Yan Mingguang and his backhand can stay on it and will not be connected and formatted by the building. Although it’s useless now, Yan Mingguang still wears it.

The same goes for his coin. One of the two coins he brought into the building, which he customized to play with, contained the fragments of the moon wheel and all his data memory, turned into a copy and kept it, so that he could retrieve all the coins before formatting on the 49th floor. The other coin, because it was not used as any props in the building, entered the first floor again when he came back.

If you go out later… These things can be regarded as a witness.

Yan Wei put away the pendant and turned to find Yan Mingguang and them.

When he walked into the fish flying boat room, Yan Mingguang just finished what they found. Yufeizhou was saying, “there is indeed a person in their camp who imitates skills. After we succeeded in provoking discord, we hid next to Shen’s house and observed it for a while. They fought directly halfway because they didn’t talk well. That person also used Yu Zhengqing’s skills.”

Yu Zhengqing said, “I didn’t learn much.”

Lin Qing: “I don’t know that person. I think he is a super high-level player earlier than all of us. Judging from the extent of their quarrel, this person’s position in that camp is not low.”

If you are just an ordinary member of the camp, if you really doubt it, you should exclude it first. However, after Lin Zhen and Lin Qing took action, Shen Zhai immediately quarreled and seemed to have to solve the suspected things immediately. That only shows that this person who can imitate other people’s skills has a key position in the hostile camp.

Yan Wei stepped into the door and said, “I know this man.”

The crowd immediately looked at him.

His face remained unchanged, “His name is Zhuo Xidong. He has been playing in the building world for a long time. His skill is to copy the skills and props of people he has seen within a limited number of times and time. In the earliest days, there were not so many players in the copies of the building world, and there were few camp confrontation or economic modes. His skill can only be regarded as an auxiliary skill, which can be repeated when breaking the game Reuse the required skills and props. However, later, the player’s internal friction mode became more and more, and he was like a duck to water. He was a difficult opponent. I didn’t expect that he was still alive… ”

For such a long time, Yan Wei hasn’t heard or seen any news about Zhuo Xidong. He thought that Zhuo Xidong, like those super high-level players he once knew, died in a copy of the ninetieth floor in the waste of time.

He and zhuoxidong are old rivals.

Zhuo Xidong is an opponent he also thinks he should face up to. Zhuo Xidong doesn’t want to meet him – after all, his copy is always the most dangerous. Zhuo Xidong, an old player who has lived so long, cherishes his life and is most afraid of meeting him.

They exchanged hands in a copy, but they didn’t see each other. Unexpectedly, at this moment, they were aboveboard again.

Yan Wei suddenly felt a strange sense of fate. Those who had not caught up with him now stood side by side with him again, and those who had dealt with under the wrong circumstances also ran into him again at this moment.

“With Zhuo Xidong’s ability, Shen Zhai camp, he must be the leader,” Yan Wei said.

Zhong Bufan exclaimed, “how dare you know this man? Lao song doesn’t know!”

Song Chengan quickly waved his hand and said, “no, I didn’t know much.” he didn’t dare to steal the limelight with Yan Wei.

Zhong Bufan didn’t understand: “I’ve brushed many copies of records. Why haven’t I seen this Zhuo Xidong?”

“Because he is a player who has never opened the main view and has never participated in the copy of passively opening the view.” Yan Wei said, “in fact, he participated in a very famous copy – Ghost marsh, and he is the second in that copy.”

Zhong Bufan suddenly realized: “the mysterious player who lost V one chip is him! I have studied the copy of ghost marsh for several times. There is no light in the copy and it is all black from beginning to end. I can’t see who it is in the record. Up to now, there is no information about the second mysterious player. It turns out that he is the second.”

He raised his hand and pointed to Yan Wei: “I’ve seen the copy of V so many times that I don’t know, but you know that you obviously study V and study it harder than me! Song Chengan also lied to me that you haven’t seen the copy record of V.”

Song Chengan: “…” he really didn’t lie.

Yan Wei: “……” why did he look at his copy of the record?

“I really haven’t seen it.” Yan Wei didn’t ask Guan Zhong. He just sat down next to Yan Mingguang and brought the topic back to the game between the two sides.

“Now it is obvious that Shen Zhai is another camp, but we know too little about them.”

Song Chengan nodded: “If Jiang Jingyun’s death in Shen house is the root of all grievances, will her ghost or body still be in Shen house? That makes sense. Shen house’s source of grievances is much more dangerous than ours, so the players in their camp are almost twice as many as ours. However, they should know more about Shen house and members outside Shen. We must pull back This information is poor. ”

Zhong Bufan patted his thigh and said, “it’s not easy. Their posture during the day doesn’t make sense. Sooner or later, they will come to the point of solving it with violence. When they fight, let Lin Qing and Lin Zhen go to Shen’s house to pick up a leak. They can not only continue to confuse them, but also try to catch someone back.”

Zhong Bufan said, and Yan Wei saved his tongue.

He smiled. Song Chengan already understood what he meant: “then at night, I sneaked into Shen’s house with Lin Qing and Lin Zhen, and took advantage of their infighting to catch a player from their camp.”


Yan Wei listens to the prompt sound of his immortal state opening. Suddenly, there is a collision sound from the window. His door is clearly open, but Lin Zhen wants to turn over the window and enter. He still carries a man bound by flowers in his hand.

“Little pet, I helped you catch someone,” Lin Zhen threw the man to the ground. “They did fight. They fought fiercely and hurt several people. My brother and I took the opportunity to catch one back. Zhong Bufan asked me to catch someone during the day and asked him to ask, can I bring it to you first?”

Yan Wei can’t laugh or cry.

He asked Lin Zhen to fix the window. He got up and went to the player who was tied into zongzi by Lin Zhen and whose mouth was sealed. The man’s eye was still covered with cloth, but the cloth was very exquisite. It didn’t look like Lin Zhenmeng’s, but it looked more like the man’s own.

He squatted down calmly, looked at the other party’s hesitation, simply raised his hand and untied the prop that sealed the player’s mouth.

“Come on,” he said with a smile, “you seem to want to talk. Why don’t you introduce yourself?”

Geng Liang, who successfully sneaked into the enemy as his own undercover, but was tied back by his own people from the enemy: “yes.”

For a moment, I didn’t know what to say.

Asking is fate.


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