Half Immortal Chapter 178

Half Immortal Chapter 178: Black Sea Town Coffin (17)

Can Yan Wei see the situation clearly? Bai, are you sure Geng Liang is himself? At that moment, he? Ming? Who is the one who is more white.

Other people’s logic and identity are very consistent, only

Yan Ming? Light.

Yan Ming? When did the light load the copy? Unlike them, the place where the copy is loaded is just next to Shen’s house. This person is not very positive about this branch line task, and has been dragging him to complete the branch line task in the daytime?, It’s the opposite of the previous crisp style.

In the daytime, when the tone said there were eight of them, Yan Wei felt strange – he thought he really thought too much.

Now it seems that the eighth person is Geng Liang at all. Is he? I didn’t think much from beginning to end.

But he didn’t speak, either? Didn’t explain why. Start from the beginning?, Too? Long.

Geng Liang is completely unable to? Reason? Solution, but also? Don’t dare ask. He felt that since the person in front of him who didn’t know his name decided so, there must be his reason?.

After all, this is a more powerful figure than drosidon.

“Although my props are repeated in their camp, Zhuo Xidong must be afraid that someone will come if I leak something.”

Yan Wei nodded.

Geng Liang and Yan Wei? Checked it? Guanyin? They already have props from the Tang camp, Geng Liang, Yan Wei? Just let him? Keep it. After all, a player with props must weigh much more in the camp than a player without props.

Since Geng Liang has successfully convinced the hostile camp, is this a better move? Okay? Use.

He opened the information panel of heijie and left contact information and respective information with Geng Liang, so that he could secretly send back any information he had. Then Lin Zhen took Geng Liang away in a fog.

Yan Wei just sat at the table and didn’t get up? Body. In this era, there are no lights, and there are lights in the room? Extinguished candle, under the moonlight? Shaking the light and shadow, Yan Wei slightly lowered his head and looked at the front? The jaw lines are buried in the shadow. Does he? I don’t know what I’m looking at. The focus of my eyes is quite scattered, like meditation.

His perception spread slightly, but after a while, he? Feel Guanyin? There was a fight outside the hall.

——The players of shenzhai camp are here.

Although Lin Zhen is not very good at ordinary times? Seriously, it’s still stable to handle such a big event, not to mention Lin Qing and song Chengan. It’s not difficult to send Geng Liang back without trace. Ming? You should be able to get the method of using props to suppress female ghosts from Mr. Bai on the 20th?, After getting it, they have to find the Guanyin clean bottle of water before the people in Shen’s house.

Yan Wei knows well, but he still feels empty.

Learn? The fight beside the hall was very fierce. Yan Wei didn’t spread his perception too much? Open, then? Can you hear the arrows coming and going?, Mixed with the movement of the intersection of sharp blades. Zhuo Xidong didn’t seem to come. This man’s perception and body index are higher than others. Only he and Yan Ming? Light can compare with energy. If he really comes, he will feel it.

Zhuoxidong should be busy dealing with it? Cracks in the Shen Zhai camp.

If Zhuo Xidong comes, he may have to help Lin Qing. Why didn’t he come? Save more trouble.

There was no light in the whole world when he first went upstairs. How many times did he fight Zhuo Xidong? Times, but never met, also? I wonder if zhuoxidong can recognize him this time.

Yan Wei is silent? He sighed and began to cry? Open the door and jump up through the door and window? The roof.

The houses of this era are made of bricks and tiles. In the days of heavy snow, there is a cold chill. Yan Wei steps on? On the roof, wipe a piece out and sit down? Come on? It’s cold. But how is he? Why? It’s a player who has boarded the building twice. What’s his body data? Not a strong point, either? More than these super high-level players, even if? Cold, but also? Not cold, will sit down steadily? Come on.

Just sat down? Look outside, then? Can you see Lin Qing, Lin Zhen and song Chengan? Two unknown players fought together?, Geng Liang got mixed up in it and looked like he was going to run away.

No one can find Yan Wei watching.

There are many people in Shen Zhai camp. Six people came to save Geng Liang. It’s very easy for Lin Qing to pretend to be defeated. Not long after, Geng Liang will? By these? People “saved”.

But these days? People don’t seem to be enough, either? I don’t know if it was Zhuo Xidong’s account. They “saved” Geng Liang and still continued to fight against Lin Zhen. There is a posture that they not only want to save one but also want to seize one.

Again? Lay down like this? Go, Lin Zhen. They’ll be found if they keep their hands.

Yan Wei naturally can’t let the six succeed. Is he quiet? The heart, perception completely dispersed, and rushed to the six people with a sharp edge.

This time, the enemy and we are clear?, No? Once Yu Zhengqing and his temptation, Yan Wei has no reservation. Two ascents? To double the perception of those players? He killed the six men, but suddenly he didn’t participate in the fight, so did the six? Still one after another, his face was very white.

Inability to perceive? It directly hurts people, but it can greatly oppress people’s spirit.

And under such oppression?, For a while? Didn’t react, the action of the fight stopped for a while?. Although Lin Zhen knew they were acting, he didn’t? Didn’t you intend to miss such an opportunity to raise your hand and draw a bow and an arrow feather? Pierced one of the players’ shoulder blades!

The man snorted?, How many others? The man held him and his face changed greatly.

How many high-level players have experienced? Second life and death, this kind of oppression can not make them collapse. What really changes their face is not the sudden impact of perception, but the value of each other’s perception.

A person’s understatement of the impact of perception, and even the other party did not show up, easily achieved this effect.

Who is this man?

Why do they have the impression that there are no such characters in super high-level players?

A Zhuo Xidong has surprised them. Guanyin? In the Tang camp, there is another perception value higher than Zhuo Xidong? Many players!?

Under Geng Liang’s heart? Ming? Bai, this man must be the young man named Yan Wei just now?. But although he knew Yan Wei was not simple, he did not know it? I didn’t expect Yan Wei’s value to be higher than those of them. Really? For a moment.

But he knew the inside story, reacted faster, and was stunned? “Let’s go first!”

The other six players of shenzhai camp immediately recovered and ran away with Geng Liang who had just been “saved” and the player seriously injured by Lin Zhen.

Lin Zhen exclaimed, “the little pet is powerful!”

Lin looked as usual. In his eyes, Yan Wei is the belief he follows, which is omnipotent.

Song Chengan weighed his hands too? The polar compass sighed, “I’ve worked hard to set up an array. It’s better for him to do it casually. I haven’t seen him for many years. My old friend is better than the past.”

Yanwei this night? Next? Come on, I haven’t closed his perspective.

From his vigorous and resolute efforts to obtain information from Geng Liang, to his categorical assertion that their camp has no undercover, what’s the projection? The players watching have been very noisy. They marveled at the separation? The plan can finally achieve such a great effect, okay? It’s not easy to face up to the “raw face” among the super high-level players. Yan Wei came to a place where he didn’t look for an undercover.

It is obvious that there is a problem with the number of people, but Yan Wei said that there is no undercover, which makes no sense.

This is a top-level copy.

If Yan Wei’s judgment is wrong, what about Guanyin? Don’s camp, how many? Almost a devastating blow.

——But Lin Qing and song Chengan really have no doubt.

The names of these two people in the world inside the building can be called out, but now they don’t know what medicine they have taken wrong. They are meaningless for Yan Wei’s decision without reason.

Players in the building world are used to gambling. There is no gambling mechanism in the top copy, but they themselves? I couldn’t help opening the dish. The bet on which side will win has long been opened. This time, the bet is Guanyin school? Will the Tang camp fall apart because of Yan Wei’s decision.

Song Chengan and Lin Qing take the wrong medicine. They will not be Yu Zhengqing and Zhong Bufan? Brain card?

The game is very hot. Perhaps when the top-level copy was just opened, they all held a glimmer of hope.

After all? Once the top floor is opened, it is dominated by V. He opened the top-level copy with everyone’s hope to end everything. Even if the copy ended without any trouble, all players stayed on the top-level copy? Once, so they think the top copy may also be? It’s their hope.

But from the beginning of this copy to now, they gradually feel that this hope is too much? It’s slim.

Those players who are usually famous in the world in the building are cautious in this copy. What is the deeper pursuit?

There is only one V after all.

Lost the hope of the outcome of the copy, they can only start to see between these super high-level players in the copy? Who will die in it? How will you die?

The edge of life and death has been wandering for a long time. Everyone has an expectation of destruction that is close to the evil of human nature.

So such a gamble opened.

But not long after driving, they saw Yan Wei sitting on the roof in the distance?, The seven players of Shen Zhai camp were pushed back directly with their perceptual power.

In a moment?, The whole world in the building seemed quiet.

Thousands of words are at this moment, ending with Yan Wei’s hand.

long time.

“… this perception is 20000, isn’t it?”

“How is this possible!! hasn’t someone calculated it? The copy that passes the landing won’t have a reward. The reward for simply going upstairs can only be about 10000…”

“I already think his perceptual data is very strong after his test with Yu Zhengqing that day. It turns out that he was playing with Yu Zhengqing that day!”

“It’s impossible, impossible… Is there a bug in the building? This data is impossible to reach… I’ve never heard of such players in the world inside the building!”

The core, under the endless monument? Fang, senior players react much faster than other ordinary players.

Xue Wan smiled angrily: “when I passed the 49th floor with him, why didn’t I see him have this strength?”

Xiang Ying smiles but doesn’t speak.

Qiming? Other high-level players present at the star said, “are you interested? Let’s go over all known super high-level players? Whether they have names or only codes? As long as they have climbed the stairs, they can’t have no trace.”

“Twenty thousand perception can’t come out of thin air.”

The super high level is not stupid. At this moment, it can’t be seen. Yan Wei can’t be what others say. It’s just a “new player” who suddenly lifts the building from the 49th floor to the 89th floor and directly enters the top floor from the 89th floor.

His words were immediately agreed. These super high-level players who did not enter the top-level replica gathered together?, Want to find the answer to a question.

——Who is Yanwei?

“Who am I?”

Lin Qing jumped up? Yan Wei just closed the roof? own? From the perspective of projection, I asked this sentence.

The players of shenzhai camp retreat with Geng Liang. Lin Qing and Lin Zhen can’t hide their existence. Zhuo Xidong will re integrate the players of shenzhai after this loss. They take it? Come and tell you the truth? Dead, I’m alive.

Lin Zhen and song Cheng’an have gone back to rest. When Lin Qing sees Yan Wei still sitting in the cold night, he turns to work? The roof.

He didn’t ask Yan Wei what happened to Geng Liang, but said, “do you like it? I’m not happy.”

“Who am I?” Yan Wei sighed. “I used to think I was a living person. I had something I wanted to do, and even a utopian idea.”

“Now you? Yes.”

“I’m not. I’m more indifferent than before. I want to give a good ending to the people I think important. I just want to protect the people around me, you, Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou,… Yan Mingguang.”

Lin Qing sat down beside him?, He was handed a small stove to warm his hands.

“It seems that your unhappiness has something to do with Yan Mingguang.” Lin Qing’s words are very stable without any emotional bias. “I don’t know him. I only had a copy with you. Later, in your copy records, there was a person who never opened his eyes.”

But Yan Ming? Light never showed any edge, as if it was just an ordinary player in the copy, so the copy of V has been studied by so many players, Yan Ming? Light never intruded into the vision of others.

“Although I don’t know why, I don’t get along well with his character, but we have one place that is the same. He won’t hurt you?”

Yan Wei smiled.

“You? It’s true that you can’t carry any pot. It’s because he won’t hurt me… I’m just a person who wants to protect the present. Why does he think I need to be accomplished?”

“There seems to be no difference.”


“The ending is the same, isn’t it? You last time? And you this time? Even if the reason is different, the purpose and end point have not changed. Yan Wei, you have always been a great good. Although I don’t know what you mean, great good usually needs sacrifice and fulfillment.”

Not the players in those copies? Show mercy or? A little kindness to help. On the contrary, Yan Wei is completely indifferent to the struggles that occur all the time, because those greed, anger, infatuation and evil will not end because of temporary prevention. These will end only when the root causes are completely removed.

Lin Qing suddenly felt that he put himself? It’s not good to cut out your sensibility? Yes.

He can’t? Feel the struggle of Yan Wei at the moment.

For him, just do what he wants to do and remove all obstacles.

Yan Wei holds the stove Lin Qing gave him, and the palm transmits the temperature. He said, “Yan Ming? Just a fool.”

Lin Qing: ”

“And lying.”


“I went to bed.”


The next morning, Guanyin school? Another scholar died in the hall.

Yan Wei et al? People already know the general inside story, but they are not surprised at the dead this time. Early in the morning, the schoolboy called them, Yan weibian? Song Chengan and they followed the bookboy to find Mr. Bai.

Just arrived at the gate of Mr. Bai’s courtyard, Yan Wei? Hit? Yan Ming, who also came to visit Mr. Bai? Light.

Is this what they discussed yesterday? of Yan Wei and song Chengan are they studying? At the appointed time in the hall? To see Mr. Bai, Yan Ming? Light at about the same time? Send a prayer post so that they can come together? Go see Mr. Bai.

The two sides are coming face to face, Yan Ming? The sight of light immediately fell on Yan Wei?.

His eyes blinked? How much softer? Degrees, what time? Step by step, you will come to Yan Wei’s side.

Yan Wei glanced at him, took his hands, turned and walked quickly into Mr. Bai’s yard.

Yan Ming? The light was stunned.

The rest of the people behind Yan Wei said: ”

What is this?


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