Half Immortal Chapter 179

Half Immortal Chapter 179: Black Sea Town Coffin (18)

After Yan Wei turned and went in, he wanted to see Yan Mingguang’s expression. He felt that he had held back all the way. Now what? When I went to see Yan Mingguang, I felt a little lost momentum. Yan Mingguang didn’t do this for the first time. When he was in the puppet castle, the man began to hide him and help him. At that time, he lost his temper a little, with the return of his memory and data? Come on, it’s over.

If Yan Mingguang easily passed this time, will it be next time?

Or… The part he has always had is not practical, the part of his heart? The doubt that knows the belly but doesn’t say it, that vague room? Maybe a short memory is missing. Is it with Yan Mingguang? For your accomplishment?

In fact, he is not a person with a temper. Even if he loses his temper, he can’t make any noise? Come on.

Not so much health? It’s better to show Yan Mingguang an attitude and let this person know his attitude.

So? He walked into Mr. White with a straight back and a very calm surface? My courtyard, but my perception doesn’t move? I want to pay attention to Yan Mingguang’s reaction.

There seems to be a short conversation between Yan Mingguang and Lin Qing in the rear?, Yan Wei listened attentively, and Yan Mingguang briefly asked about last night. Lin Zhen is also on the side. Lin Qing doesn’t say much. Lin Zhen is basically repeating it. Yan Mingguang’s pace was steady, and he said “um” a few times from time to time?.

Lin Zhen won’t fall off the chain at the critical moment, although he mentioned? Geng Liang, but also according to Yan Wei’s orders, not in front of everyone? Say that Geng Liang is his own.

But when Lin Zhen finished, Yan Mingguang was silent for a moment, not even a simple “um”.

With? This man is smart, even if Lin Zhen doesn’t say

——Yan Mingguang should know why he was born? Angry.

Yan Wei, don’t worry? You’re ready to take it back? Perception, in the rear, a neat but soft perception suddenly hit him and didn’t come back? Your perception.

Yan Wei: ”

His moment? Too cramped to be? In front of you? The threshold of the door is mixed. Move forward? Stumbled a step. The people behind him reacted quickly. Before he could stand firm, Yan Mingguang was dead? Hold him.

The schoolboy said, “be careful.”

Yan Wei glanced over at Yan Mingguang.

“Right? I can’t afford it.”

Apologize so quickly every time.

Yan Wei? He looked away from Yan Mingguang’s hand and said calmly, “I’m not angry.”

Then he regretted it himself.

How does this sound like meaningless coquetry. Yan Mingguang seems right? He knew all his reactions like the back of his hand. Now he knew both what he was angry and his empty voice? Potential – they walked two? All over? Death, it should be. They all know each other best, don’t they? Fang’s people.

You know everything.

Yan Wei suddenly felt that he Sheng was questioned? It doesn’t make any sense to be angry. He knows why Yan Mingguang didn’t tell him. Yan Mingguang knows how to respond? Everything is clear. He stopped talking, straightened his clothes and continued to follow the bookboy? Let’s go.

They didn’t speak, but Zhong Bufan kept asking around Song Cheng’an.

Mr. Bai? The small courtyard is behind the school, behind a path surrounded by snow, quiet and remote. Two? There are rockeries next to them. It seems that there are still some green plants. Only in the cold winter and December, there are only barren stones left, which adds a bit of coolness. front? Convenience is an open bamboo house, in which there is only a collapse and a tea table. Can you see it vaguely? Mr. Bai? already? Sit there and wait, clean and empty.

The whole Guanyin Town has such an atmosphere, with a little strange in the cold. But Mr. White? It only gives people a feeling of emptiness and does not have any popularity. It is different from the noble and dignified feeling of Guanyin school. This residence can not even see any emotion.

There is also a simple stage next to the bamboo house.

Yan Wei looked at the stage and paused slightly. The schoolboy knew his question without asking him. He said, “sir? He likes to listen to the theater, but these years… The town is not peaceful, and there are few theatres left outside. Therefore, he set up his own. He is idle, and occasionally invites the few remaining theatrical troupes in the town to sing to relieve the boredom.”

“Mr. Bai? Really elegant.”

“That’s not true,” smiled the schoolboy. “Sir? But the most learned people in Guanyin Town, the mages of Guanyin temple have great respect for you. But the greater the prestige, the greater the responsibility. In recent years, sir? Depressed and very worried? Don’t say sir? Who doesn’t worry? Ah, I shiver every night when I sleep. I’m afraid that evil thing will come to me.”

Yan Wei took it back from the stage? Eyes, said: “it will be solved.”

He followed the bookboy to? At the bamboo house, the schoolboy shouted inside: “Sir? Here we are.”

“Come straight in.”

The schoolboy stepped back.

Yan Wei takes the lead in. Mr. Bai? Sitting at the coffee table? Waiting for them, wine was boiling on the stove on one side, and the aroma of smoked wine floated in the air, covering the cold snow outside.

Mr. Bai? Wearing simple robes and coats, hair tied, without any additional decoration. His facial features are not particularly good-looking, but they can also be called handsome, with a thick scholar? Temperament, and Yanwei see these days? The peddlers and pawns are completely different.

Before the coffee table? already? Just enough cushions have been placed.

Knowing Yan Wei’s cleanliness, Yan Mingguang patted the cushion for Yan Wei and handed it to him. Yan Wei took it. As soon as he sat down, he saw the man sitting down beside him naturally.

In order to pay attention to the details without trace, he sat next to him. Song Chengan walked in and saw Yan Wei’s seat, so he hardened his head and sat down? Right in the middle?, And Mr. Bai? Greetings began.

Although Zhong Bufan is usually very annoying, he obviously plays an important role at this time? It worked. He and song Chengan, you and me, Mr. Bai? Chatted casually, breaking the ice cold in the house.

Yan Wei took advantage of this time?, Looked around.

He didn’t feel it? Any props exist, but the smell, except health? The necessities of life are all paper, pens and books. There are many books in particular. There are all inclusive books on the shelf on one side. From the sun and snow? Xialiba people’s playbooks have everything.

Mr. Bai? I poured each of them a glass of wine to warm them up.

Yan Wei took a drink, got up and walked at will. Holding a small warm wine glass in his hand, he went to? Next to the bookshelf, I glanced at the books. Is he right? Books in this era didn’t cover much. Many of them were classics with names heard in memory, but they didn’t know what to say, and he was not interested.

On the contrary, it was a drama script. He was more familiar with it. He caught a glimpse of drama scripts such as Tianxianpei and Liangzhu.

“Can you do me a favor?”

Yan Wei was stunned. Why? Too much, right? Mr. Shangbai? The line of sight.

Mr. Bai? He didn’t mind Yan Wei’s blind look and said, “you happen to be standing. Can you help me get a book?”

Yan Wei nodded, “it’s a small matter.”

Mr. Bai? After ordering a seat on the bookshelf, Yan Wei took out a book from there.

This book has just been taken out. Everyone present, except Mr. Bai? All the others looked slightly – this is a prop!

“Excuse me? I’m also very sorry. Some of you came all the way with magic tools to ward off evil spirits, but I… hey, didn’t succeed. Please come back, master.” Mr. Bai? Pointing to the book Yanwei took out, “I really can’t bear it these years. I’ve watched so many people die in vain. I’ve been looking for a long time before I found such a way to solve the matter of the Black Sea. It says the array of using tools to suppress evil deeds. Everything is complete, but I went to the Shen house secretly. There’s resentment on the coffin, which must be purified by the mage before I can use the method of suppression, but the mage Suddenly, there was an accident. Only Guanyin clean bottle of water can purify the resentment. ”

Mr. Bai was full of sadness: “I don’t want to trouble you about Guanyin Town. I take the liberty to ask you to leave these evil things first, and I’ll find a way. You can? Look at the methods in this book to verify whether my words are false. As for these things, I can also exchange them for what I have. You can? Leave Guanyin Town first, so as not to be targeted by evil spirits.”

As soon as his voice fell, the prompt sound of the copy rang out in the minds of all the people in their camp.

[congratulations to players for thoroughly understanding the Black Sea dilemma in Guanyin Town and discovering the source of the Black Sea problem. All players in this camp have obtained 10% of the main line task progress. At present, your camp has more main line progress. Please try your best to keep it.]

[the progress of the copy has entered the next stage. Please note that for you, the task at this stage is to suppress resentment.]

[both sides of this task have the same camp. Only the one who takes the lead in completing this task can get the progress reward brought by this task and break the game successfully.]

The people looked at each other and naturally understood the meaning.

Mr. Bai told them to go first because Mr. Bai is an NPC. All they have to do is take over the matter and solve the trouble in Guanyin Town.

Song Chengan looked at Yan Wei and nodded when he saw Yan Wei. He said, “we’ve all come. Now we’re gone. It’s too shameful to leave the problem to Mr. alone. Sir? If you don’t mind, you might as well give us this array first. I’m in this business. I’ll work with you these days.”

Song Chengan is not wrong.

His skill is array arrangement, and his identity in this copy is also a Taoist. It is obviously most appropriate for him to take over this job.

He put it forward, Mr. Bai. After careful consideration, he said, “if there is any danger, please tell me as soon as possible.”

This task is next.

Yan Wei gave the array to song Cheng’an. Song Cheng’an is better at this than him.

They have to race against time to find the female ghost of “Guanyin Jingping” and “Jiang Jingyun’s hatred of soul”. It’s not necessary to drag here. Several people pretend to leave. Yan Wei slowly stands up and hears Mr. Bai say to him, “it’s cold outside. Drink this glass of wine before you go out.”

Yan Wei’s drinking capacity is not good, but there is not much wine. He didn’t refuse and drank it all at once.

The strong smell of wine in the air intoxicates people? God.

Mr. Bai got up and sent them out. Yan Wei walked last. When he stepped out of the threshold, he suddenly said, “sir.”

The dignified scholar turned to look at him with a smile, “please.”

“I’m not a quiet person. I don’t read many books. Many things are based on what I see and hear, and most people around me are like this. When I met such a well-read person like Mr. for the first time, I suddenly wanted to ask a question.”

Mr. White? Look at him.

Yan Wei didn’t know why he wanted to ask an NPC. He was right at first. These NPCs were indifferent. No matter how fresh and real they were, they were not from the same world as him. But he suddenly thought of Yan Mingguang’s words – for these NPCs, they were passers-by.

Perhaps in their eyes, players are incomplete existence and transient passers-by.

No one is illusory.

He said, “Sir, you want to solve the evil in Guanyin Town, but in fact, sir, you can also leave Guanyin Town and use your financial resources. Isn’t it difficult?”

Mr. Bai? Seems stunned.

“The individual is to everyone, sir? Have you made a choice?”

This time, Mr. Bai smiled?.

“There are so many books in this world. Even if the books are piled up in my bamboo house, I can’t say I have read widely. But there is no answer to this question in the books I have read. Do you want me to solve your doubts or do I choose for you? But if there is a fixed answer to this question, it won’t be a problem.”

There was a heavy snow outside. He stood at the door. The cold wind outside collided with the aroma of wine inside. He was sober and trance. Snowflakes fell, and one of them hung on Yan Wei’s eyelashes, slightly blurring Yan Wei’s sight.

Geng Liang sent him a message at this time.

He blinked and said, “it seems that sir? I’ve thought about this problem too. I’m going to find Guanyin clean bottle of water.”

Yan Wei walks out under the eaves of the bamboo house, facing the snow, and comes to Yan Mingguang, who is waiting for him in front of the courtyard. The snow is too heavy. In a moment, Yan Mingguang has piled some snowflakes on his shoulders. Subconsciously, Yan Wei raises his hand to help him get rid of it.

“Not angry?” Yan Mingguang asked him.

Yan Wei gritted his teeth: “I’ve never been angry.”

“OK, you’re not angry, but you can’t afford it. I’m worried? You’re embarrassed.”

“I know what you think, and I won’t be motivated to give up this last copy for you. The copy prompt doesn’t say what will happen to the loser. As long as you don’t take risks deliberately, there will be no reward at most. After the game is broken successfully, the players who don’t die but fail will return to the world in the building. If I exchange it for Pandora’s box, everything will be the same. We It’s just a Pandora’s box missing. ”

Yan Mingguang grabbed his hand and covered his fingertips soaked in ice and snow.

Yan Wei stepped forward and whispered: “Geng Liang – Oh, the one who ‘exchanged’ his camp with you just now sent me a message. Your camp got the news of” water purification bottle “. The mage who helped Shen Yuanwai had Guanyin water purification bottle. He took it to Shen house and died in Shen house before he could use it. So, in fact, Guanyin water purification bottle was in Shen house, but neither of us found it? , they are in Shen’s house. We have to find a way to sneak in and grab a bottle of water. ”

“You think of a way.”

“Shen Yuanwai is going to pick up several girls from Wanhua mansion these two days. Feng Xian is dead, but Wanhua mansion has to hand over the girls. Do you think they are in a mess now and want to find a girl who can go to Shen mansion to replace them?”

As he said this, he looked at Yan Mingguang with bright eyes.

Yan Mingguang’s eyes moved lightly and sighed: “I haven’t been angry yet. Isn’t this a public revenge?”

“Then you promised,” Yan Wei scratched his fingertips in Yan Mingguang’s palm. “Miss Yan.”


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