Half Immortal Chapter 18

Half Immortal Chapter 18: The Promenade Hotel (end)

Yan Mingguang was injured.

The man just called all the way. No matter how tired Yan Wei was and how clever he was, the ghost like the woman in the picture couldn’t hurt Yan Mingguang at all. But at the moment, Yan Mingguang’s cold face had been stained with some fresh blood.

Yan Wei just thought for a moment, but his reaction was only so slow. Unexpectedly, the skeleton grabbed his wrist in an instant, the sharp bone hand pierced his arm, and the sleeve of the windbreaker was immediately stained with blood.

He frowned hard and tried his best to stop the skeleton’s other bone hand extending to his eyes. But the strength gap between him and the skeleton is too big. The blocking action is a drop in the bucket. The bone hand will poke into his eyes!

Behind Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang raised his whip, wrapped it around Yan Wei’s waist and pulled it hard.

The skeleton finger that stabbed Yan Wei’s arm was pulled out alive, and Yan Wei’s left hand was bleeding instantly. Under the reaction force, Yan Wei suddenly fell to the ground and rolled several times. It happened that he fell next to the bathroom in room 1.

He stood up in pain and looked at the mirror wrapped in the bathroom.

Misleading again!

The doctor said that her eyes were hidden in the studio by the painter. Was it really hidden in the studio?

In the past ten years, she has wandered in the mirror and searched all the places with mirrors, so she naturally feels that her eyes must be hidden in the blind area of perspective. The only studio without a mirror in the whole Corridor Hotel is the blind spot of the doctor’s perspective.

The eyes that can’t be found must be in the visual blind area, but the visual blind area is not just the studio.

Doctors who can move freely in places with mirrors also have a blind area of perspective!

Yan Wei struggled to get up. Ignoring the blood and dust, he ran into the bathroom and pulled down the sheet wrapped in the mirror without hesitation. The bright and clean mirror reflects an image that won’t blink. Yan Wei raises his uninjured right hand and breaks the corners of the mirror.

No breaking.

The corners of the mirror seem to have been reinforced by something with strong viscosity. At the moment, he is in a very low state and can’t move the mirror at all. The self-defense dagger he carried with him before also fell into the fight just now. Yan Wei had no choice but to turn around and shout to Yan Mingguang, who desperately stopped the skeleton: “I know what the problem is! Yan Mingguang, I need you to come and help me!”

Yan Mingguang was bleeding at the corner of his mouth. His cold silver hair was quite scattered. He also rolled a lot of dust and blood stains on the ground. Rao is so, his cold face is not only not flustered, but colder and deeper.

He seemed not afraid of death at all and was happy to fight skeletons.

Yan Mingguang was stunned when he heard Yan Wei’s words. Then he stopped and ran quickly to the bathroom.

Obviously, the doctor also found the movement of the three people and shouted angrily, “you all have to die… You all have to die!!”

Seeing that the skeleton was about to stop Yan Mingguang, Gao Ming, who had just been overturned on the ground, suddenly raised his hand, lay on the ground and hugged the lower body of the skeleton. He shouted, “I’ll stop her!! I believe you –!”

In a blink of time, Yan Mingguang has successfully run to the mirror in the bathroom and stood with Yan Wei.

Yan Wei glanced at the doctor’s wisdom.

The fire in the studio has reached the door of room 1, and the temperature of the flame is burning hot. In the choking smoke of the house, the spacious room No. 1 now has broken and scattered furniture, and the whole room is full of the mess caused by the fight. Already wounded, Gao Mingyi hugged the skeleton’s legs without looking back. The skeleton bent down, and his bloody hands directly grabbed Gao Mingyi’s hands.

Yan Wei felt a tremor in his heart.

He still clearly remembered that when the waiter assigned the room at the beginning, Gao Ming hesitated and gave up living in room 5 with him. But now

Worried that the doctor would hear it, he quickly whispered to Yan Mingguang on his side, “her eyes are not in the studio, behind this mirror. I just tried, and this mirror has been reinforced.”

Behind us is the eternal blind spot of perspective.

The doctors who can walk around the hotel by the mirror are not only the blind area of the studio. The mirror is her medium. Behind all the mirrors is the blind area of her perspective.

The most dangerous place is the safest place. In addition to the clues from the painters and female doctors, they actually have another clue source, that is, the waiter. The waiter was not gouged, but he died. The waiter is a person who helps the painter. Naturally, it can’t be the painter. It must be the female doctor.

The female doctor killed him, and the waiter was influenced by the resentment of the hotel and became a vicious ghost, but the female doctor didn’t dig his eyes or completely tear up the waiter. All this shows a problem – waiters are also useful to female doctors.

What’s the use?

Look for eyes.

As a painter’s helper, the waiter is probably the one who hides the artist’s eyes. So the female doctor didn’t tear up the waiter, and even kept the waiter, hoping to find out where her eyes were from the waiter.

Where did the waiter hide his eyes?

In fact, on the first day of entering the copy, the waiter told them – the bigger the label, the worse the room. Room 5 and room 1, where Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang live, are the best. At first, they thought this was just talking about the degree of danger, but now it seems that the so-called “good” and “bad” are not from the perspective of players, but from the perspective of NPCs.

In the hearts of painters who like to dig their eyes and waiters who follow painters, the room with hidden eyes is naturally the best room.

The female doctor’s eyes are not in the studio, but behind the mirror in room 1!

Yan Wei didn’t need to explain too much. Without saying a word, Yan Mingguang took out his short blade and smashed it at the huge mirror!

At the same time, the skeleton’s other bone hand had reached into the orbit of one eye——

“Your eyes are mine… Give them to me… You all deserve to die…”

Gao Ming screamed, “ah, ah, ah!!!!!”

The scream was accompanied by the fragmented sound of the mirror. Yan Wei was tense and held her breath. Finally, behind the broken mirror, she saw a pair of eyes filled with glass cans and soaked in transparent chemicals!

At the moment when the glass jar appeared, the skeleton who had just inserted his bone hand into his smart eyes immediately stopped, turned his head and faced the direction of the bathroom.

“My eyes… I feel my eyes…”

The skeleton took out the hand that had just been inserted into the wise eye and quickly came this way in the wise scream. Yan Mingguang waved the whip. Yan Wei, who had been ready for a long time, squeezed out his strength and suddenly grabbed the glass bottle and threw it at the burning flame at the door!

The moment the glass jar fell into the flames——

The skeleton suddenly stopped and made a deafening scream of a woman. Yan Mingguang waved the whip, but he didn’t hit empty, and directly split the skeleton!!!

In room 1, a pure black ladder that obviously doesn’t belong here slowly appears. It was dark above, and the steps were very short, but the end could not be seen.

At the same time, the sound of the building rang out in their minds.

[congratulations to players. The stairs have appeared in the high difficulty replica Corridor Hotel on the first floor. Please survive players to climb the stairs to settle the rewards, and all wounds in the replicas will be recovered after climbing the stairs. After the rewards are settled, the invitation letter for the next replica will be distributed to players. Note: the invitation letter is the ticket for the replica on the next floor. One invitation letter for the replica below the fifth floor is only for one person, and the invitation letter for the replica on the fifth floor is only for one person According to the information on the invitation letter, players can bring more than one person to enter together.]

[this copy has opened the gambling mechanism, and the gambling result: you have successfully passed the pass.]

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang looked at each other, ran forward quickly, picked up one eye from left to right, and quickly went to the black ladder.

I don’t know if the building interfered with the burning of the flame, but in a moment, the flame has burned into room 1. Thick smoke billowed, the air was billowed by the heat, and only the black steps were not affected at all.

The moment they climbed the stairs, all the wounds healed in an instant.

Gao Ming still covered his eyes, scolded his mouth and said, “it’s too painful, my God… I have to wear glasses when I go back to the world inside the building. Yan Wei, don’t we go up? We’ll settle the reward when we go up.”

Yan Wei stood on the stairs and looked at the top floor of the corridor hotel gradually swept by the fire. He blinked. The light brown eyes reflected the accumulated fire, and the thick eyelashes cast a shadow.

“What are you looking at?” thought the man in a cold voice.

Yan Wei hooked the corner of his mouth.

“Do you remember when the long skirt woman died on the first night? Her husband didn’t care about her life or death at that time. He only thought about himself and didn’t try to save his wife under the painter’s hands.” Yan Wei shrugged at the broken body of the painter submerged in the fire and the skeleton scattered by Yan Mingguang, “In the eyes of painters, painting is more important than the life of their lovers. Don’t you think if they don’t find objects like me, they won’t have so many things?”

Yan Mingguang took a deep look at the skeleton gradually covered by the sea of fire.

He said, “she was also a poor man.”

Gambling area.

After sun Shi was killed by the painter, the projection went into darkness and couldn’t see anything.

As long as players with gambling experience know what’s going on – all players willing to open the live view die, but the copy is not over. There are still players alive, but all the remaining players have turned on their privacy.

No picture can be projected, and the onlookers can only see the darkness.

However, in order to let players know nothing about the progress of the copy, after the screen is completely black, the projection will show the success probability of the current copy.

After sun Shi’s death, the probability of success has been swinging at 40%.

Jiang Xiu and his brother Jiang Ping didn’t leave, and Lin Zhen stood there all the time, looking at the figure of “40%” with interest.

Jiang Xiu’s face was not very good: “what’s the matter? Sun Shi is dead, and there are only those three players who didn’t act with sun Shi? Can they have 40%?”

Lin Zhen laughed: “they say you’re a fool.”

Jiang Xiu frowned.

Although he is strong, his brother Jiang Ping is a real straw bag. Jiang Ping has been in the building for so long, but he is only a four story player. During this period, several copies failed. He only came down to the building to survive by relying on the props given by Jiang Xiu. In the early stage, Jiang Xiu and his friends can also take Jiang Ping. Now Jiang Ping is still staying on the third and fourth floors. Jiang Xiu and Jiang Ping will only improve the difficulty of the copy, but it’s not good.

Moreover, the invitation letter to enter the low-level copy usually can’t carry others like the higher copy. Even if he can find a player with a simple low-level copy by his contacts, Jiang Ping can’t get it.

Jiang Xiu’s plan is to let Jiang Ping bet on a copy. With his eyes, he is sure to win the bet. After winning the bet, Jiang Ping selects the simplest copy to enter and can spend this time safely.

He looked at the “40%” on the black projection suddenly began to decline, directly to “35%”. Originally, some bad faces suddenly got better. He sneered: “it was those three players who bumped into something by mistake just now. It’s starting to fall now. They should be almost destroyed by the boss.”

Lin Zhen picked his eyebrows and smiled low: “have you ever heard of a word?”


“Small people succeed.”

“Lin Zhen, you!” Jiang Xiu’s face sank. Just when he wanted to attack, the numbers on the screen moved again.

This time, the number began to slide down rapidly from 35% – 33%, 32%, 30%, 27%, 22%, 15%, 8%

The clearance probability of the final copy stops at a very small “4%”.

Jiang Xiu mocked: “Lin Zhen, that’s what you said. Some of the three players are very strong? Four percent. I haven’t seen any gambling house copies that can kill. Fools should see more copy experience. I advise you to contact quickly to see if there is any simple copy invitation letter to take you. Otherwise, you will admit defeat this time. Tut Tut, difficult copies…”

Lin Zhen gave him a white eye directly.

Before the projection, most players showed a happy look. After all, this is a highly difficult one-level copy. There are too many initial players, usually the whole army is destroyed. Naturally, the most people fail to break through the pass.

As for the life and death of the players in the copy… What does it have to do with them?

In the world inside the building, the least precious is human life.

They cheered, and others had talked about how to get into the copy together.

Before long, the blood red number on the all black projection jumped again and slid to “3%”. But before the players who bet on Yan Wei’s failure to pass the pass were happy, the number stagnated for a few seconds and suddenly began to jump rapidly again.

This time, the numbers are rolling up, and the rolling express delivery is extremely fast!


The next moment, the player who placed the bet sounded the prompt sound of the floor in his mind.

[the copy of the current gambling house ends, and the copy result: the player successfully broke through the light.]

When Lin Zhen heard the prompt sound, he immediately used the authority to win the bet to select a copy that met the number of layers and difficulty he wanted. He smiled lightly, raised his eyebrows and looked at Jiang Xiu. His evil eyes were full of disdain. This time, he didn’t even bother to ridicule and turned away.

Jiang Xiu’s eyes widened: “how could this be possible? Why did it change from 3% to 100% in an instant? How could the initial player complete such a difficult anti kill!!!”

On his side, Jiang Ping caught him in a daze: “brother! Brother, help me. I’m assigned to five layers of super difficult copies. I can only pass through three or four layers of simple copies!! brother, help me, brother –”

Without speaking, the time limit for Jiang Ping to enter the copy came.

He was directly pulled into the difficult copy assigned after losing the bet.

After climbing the ladder, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang Gaoming seemed to be automatically dispersed by the mechanism of the building.

His eyes were dark and he could only see the information panel – a bit like he felt when he entered the building.

He looked at what was added to his information panel and heard a tone that belonged to him alone.

[congratulations on the player’s successful landing. The player’s current floor: 1st floor, and the copy of the next natural floor: 2nd floor. Since the player turns on the gambling floor mechanism and passes the customs perfectly, it is determined that the customs clearance reward is: 5 points for body index, 5 points for perception and 5 points for points.]

[in the current replica, the player obtains 7 points of body index, 7 points of perception and 6 points of points. Since the player bet on the gambling house, he obtains the feedback from the gambling house: double the points and choose the replica independently in the replica pool once.]

[congratulations to players who have obtained a copy of the drop item: the eye of the skeleton. Permanent item. Any copy can be used to see danger. Each copy can only be used once.]

There are props?

Yan Wei was not in a hurry to check the prop called skeleton eye, but patiently listened to the prompt sound and continued to report.

[player’s current data update: body index 11, perception 33, highest level 1, score 12.]

[will the player choose a copy now?]

Yan Wei thought for a moment. He will enter the world inside the building later. Now he doesn’t know the copy and the world inside the building. Blind selection may be wrong.

He chose No.

After the information bar reserved him a copy pool selection button that can be clicked in within a certain period of time, the prompt tone of the building sounded again.

[after evaluation, you are the most outstanding player in this replica and the best player in this replica. Opening the replica of the gambling building will display the code of the best player. Please enter your code in the information column. Note: the code will be recorded in the gambling record of the gambling building. All players in the building can view the code. It is not required to be their real name. Players can set it at will.]

At the next moment, a filling interface pops up in the information bar in front of Yan Wei.

Best player? Code?

There’s still this thing. Floor, this is… There’s no need to promote the enthusiasm of players

Yan Wei raised his hand and subconsciously entered his commonly used “V” on the filling interface. But before pressing the confirm key, he paused with his fingertips and deleted the “V”.

He refilled the code of the best player in this copy on the interface.



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