Half Immortal Chapter 180

Half Immortal Chapter 180: Black Sea Town Coffin (19)

Yan Mingguang did not refute him.

Yan Mingguang will always silently agree with Yan Wei what he wants to do. All the copies they have experienced, except this time, he and Yan Mingguang chose Yan Mingguang to stand on the bright side, here? Before, Yan Mingguang kept a low profile as if he were not? A player?.

This man is clear that one person is enough to retreat from these dangerous and treacherous copies, but he is just? Yan Wei does whatever he says.

Yan Wei knows very well that even without the name of “public revenge for private revenge”?, What if he? If necessary, Yan Mingguang will agree.

Even though he hasn’t tried, Yan Wei is very determined, even if it is? Against morality, even? Contrary to Yan Mingguang’s principle, Yan Mingguang… Won’t say “no” to him.

Yan Wei was? Want to see Yan Mingguang’s reaction, to? Head? Instead, he was a little shy and subconsciously clenched Yan Mingguang’s hand.

They walked one after another, catching up with their forest situation in the small pavilion ahead? wait forsomeone.

Those people seem to have some differences of opinion.

“Guanyin bottle is as important as Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body!” Zhong Bufan’s tone this time? Quite tough, “even if we go all out to get the clean bottle of Guanyin water now, if Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body is controlled by those people in shenzhai, we will eventually rob Jiang Jingyun with them. Or if we go all out to catch Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body, it will be in vain without a clean bottle of water. We must do both.”

Yu Zhengqing frowned: “two pronged approach? Yes, but we have a limitation. Their number is twice that of us. They can act separately. We are not many. If we are separated, we will be at a complete disadvantage.”

Lin Zhen sneered: “that’s you? You have no ability. If you are at a disadvantage, you are at a disadvantage. Don’t count me in.”

“Who was it yesterday? A player from the enemy camp? I can’t catch it?”

“Can I catch it? Some people were still asleep yesterday.”

“Yes? I caught it, but I was rescued,” Yu Zhengqing wondered? About Dao Geng liang?, He felt that he had caught Lin Zhen’s painful foot. “If you let me do this, it would be absolutely impossible. Let them save people!”

“What’s my reason?” Lin Zhen said and smiled, his dark red pupils reflecting the snow. “You are so confident in your strength, let’s fight? My data is? No you? This old Wang Bagao who has been lying down for so long, but the data does not represent everything.”

He said, taking out the long bow in his hand.

Yu Zhengqing stopped for a while and subconsciously stepped back.

The fish flew to the boat and sighed?, Reluctantly smiled, grabbed Lin Zhen and said, “this is not the time for infighting. If you are really unhappy, ask him to fight when you have a copy. But the fight is bad after all. If you hurt someone, I will help you? Apologize and make amends.”

Lin Zhen said, “that’s OK.”

Yu Zhengqing: “…??”

Zhong Bufan was stunned: “ah, no, aren’t we the last copy? Can we still make an appointment after the copy?… no, my focus has been skewed by you. What we have to decide now is whether to go to the bottom to find Guanyin clean bottle of water or catch Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body.”

Lin Qing? Just? Stand straight aside. When Lin Zhen took out the long bow, he subconsciously looked here, but there was no movement, as if he had known? The fish boat will stop.

Song Chengan is? From beginning to end, he sat on the stone table and turned over the array book from Mr. Bai?. He’s good at it. Skills? Yeah? Array, take it very seriously, head? Didn’t even lift it. He’s always in the copy? The role of overall planning, such a discussion? impossible? Will let others decide, but this time, song Chengan seems not to take how to allocate seriously at all.

Zhong Bufan didn’t feel quite right: “Lao song, Lao Lin, why don’t you talk?”

At this time, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang stepped into the pavilion.

“We can only do two things at once,” he said. “Guanyin’s clean bottle of water is in Shen’s house. I have a way to get in, but that way can only be used by three or four people at most.”

Zhong Bufan was stunned: “Guanyin’s clean bottle of water is in Shen’s house? How do you know? Tao?”

Song Chengan finally looked up: “The rest of the people just went to find Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body. I’ll also study this array. I’ll contact you through black ring if there’s any progress.”

He’s been familiar these days? Yan Wei’s way of doing things. Now that Yan Wei has spoken, the matter has been settled. Yan Wei should have his own plan over the Guanyin clean bottle of water. Should he do what he is best at? All right.

He then said, “I really have some ideas about Jiang Jingyun’s ghost.”

Yan Wei sat down in front of song Cheng’an and said with a smile, “Guanyin temple?”

Zhong Bufan is good at deduction, although he doesn’t know? About Dao Geng Liang and Yan Mingguang?, But when he looked at the reactions of song Chengan, Lin Zhen and others, he also subtly detected the wind direction in their camp?. Although Yan Wei didn’t say anything, he said that things were in Shen’s house. What are they? At Shen’s house.

He kicked the snow under his feet: “Yan Wei, how do you know? Tao?”

“We have our own way.”

Zhong Bufan swept it? At the sight of others, even? Yu Zhengqing, who had been unable to get along with Xuanniao before, was just a girl at this moment? I stopped talking and finally chose not to express my views.

These people, what is he? I always thought, right? Led by song Chengan, what is its purpose? Others according to their own skills? The director cooperates. But at the moment, song Chengan seems to be? What does Yan Wei mean? Action, this player at the top? Who looks like the latest player in the game?, Is it hidden? The center of their camp.

Zhong Bufan didn’t see Yan Wei’s hand. Second, he thought Yan Wei was just? Like him, he is quite outstanding in the deduction of breaking the game. Some don’t understand how to do it? Others’ attitude towards Yan Wei has imperceptibly changed into what it is now.

——Even himself subconsciously felt that Yan Wei’s decision would not be a problem.

After all? Several times ago, Yan Wei didn’t make any mistakes in the things and methods he came up with.

Zhong Bufan is clear in his heart, but still? Some disagree. So is he? After studying every recorded copy of V, constantly accumulating copy experience and combining his own style of doing things, can he? A little better at breaking the game? He’s a player? One chip. So is Yan Wei? Imitate V’s broken game style, but it seems to be more comfortable than him.

He is used to the world in the building. Will there even be super high-level players? Into the copy? Qiante? I’m here to invite him in, right? In order to rely on his wisdom. Zhong bufanzhi? I always thought, if? Who can? Compare him, then, who must be? Only exists in the legendary v.

But? Now, he was compared by a new face.

Novel and unconventional.

He said: “OK, you have your own way. Everyone has some cards. I won’t ask. If you? Ensure that the Guanyin clean bottle of water is in the Shen house, let me take action with you. I know the problem of Guanyin Temple mentioned by the old song dynasty. Although the Guanyin Temple worships 33 Guanyin dharmas and a Guanyin golden statue, the whole temple is filled with an ominous breath, which envelops the whole place Jue, probably? It’s also related to the array Tao. I’m not good at this. It’s really appropriate for Lao song to go. ”

He’s meddling in Yan Wei’s arrangement, but Yan Wei doesn’t show any displeasure.

Song Chengan just looked at Yan Wei and waited for Yan Wei to nod?.

Yan Wei just said, “I wanted Zhong Bufan to act with us. Since we can only act separately, we should balance the data of the two teams. There are at most four people on my side, Yan Mingguang and I…”

He glanced, “Zhong Bufan and Lin Zhen.”

At first glance, Zhong Bufan thought that there was no problem with this allocation.

But on second thought

Yan Wei has a strong sense of danger and can break the game. He can basically coordinate the actions of these people. Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen need not say that it is not difficult for them to take away a few people.

Yan Wei said to balance the strength of the two teams

Then how does he feel like he’s full!?

Zhong Bufan: ”

Yan Wei seemed to see the meaning of his expression. His eyebrows bent, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and said calmly, “you are still useful. If we want to enter Shen house, it is almost equivalent to moving in a closed small place. Many details and the route in the house need to be paid attention to. Your skill? Never forget, just right.”

From the front to the back, Zhong Bufan, the core of the team, said: ”

I don’t know why, there is a feeling that he has become a tool man.

Song Chengan said, “then we’ll keep in touch at any time.”


Yan Wei got up and patted Lin Zhen on the shoulder behind him: “let’s go to Wanhua building.”

The business of wanhualou seems not very good these two days.

The people of Guanyin Town haven’t had much leisure in recent years. There are many people who have died in these two days. There are “floating paper money” and funeral teams everywhere on the street. There are many fewer pedestrians on the road. Yan Wei occasionally saw “shaking coffins” along the way. People carrying coffins are nervous but dare not let go.

In the deep winter, the whole Guanyin Town seemed to be frozen in the cold.

Yan Wei saw that there were few people in front of the Wanhua building. After thinking, he decided to sneak in. Now there are too few guests. It’s too obvious for the four of them to go in together.

Moreover, they want to use the Wanhua building to sneak into Shen’s house to find a bottle of water for watching movies. They also know about the current situation. When will Shen pick up people? How many people? How do ordinary girls get into Shen’s house?

You have to find out first.

Yan Wei thought of a name. A girl who is familiar with the past Wanhua building how to go to Shen house, but she won’t be too biased towards the people of Wanhua building like those girls.

Yan Mingguang went to explore the way first and found the man. Yan Wei and Lin Zhenzhong Bufan followed him and turned in by the backdoor wall of Wanhua building.

Today’s business is not good. There are few people in the front hall. Most of the servants have nothing to do. After Yan Wei and others climbed over the wall, they don’t need to bother to find someone. They directly found ah Yu in a remote corner in the backyard of Wanhua building.

Ah Yu sat on the steps under the eaves, her feet slightly on the snow, her hands stretched out flat, and she was not afraid of cold snow.

Maybe? It’s rare to have nothing to do. She sat there relaxed and hummed a soft opera tune.

Yan Wei is far away and can’t hear clearly.

Lin Zhen wanted to directly come forward and tie the man up. Yan Wei raised his hand and stopped him, whispering, “No.”

He went straight out.

The snow was absorbing sound. Ah Yu was singing again. Yan Wei and others came to her. She was stunned and stood up in surprise: “… Are you?”

She was obviously talking about Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang.

She also glanced at Lin Zhen and Zhong Bufan in the back, and was even more puzzled: “Why are you here? Are you? Did you go the wrong way after you came in? I’ll take you? Go back to the front -”

“No,” Yan Wei shouted to her, “we are here for you.”

Ah Yu opened her mouth: “me?”

Yan Wei made an excuse and said that a friend had a girl she liked. The family was broken and couldn’t find anyone a few days ago. These people heard that people were in the Shen house. They were ordinary people. When they went to the Shen house, they would only be beaten back, so they wanted to ask ah Yu to do them a favor and let them sneak in as a girl to find their friend’s “sweetheart”.

Sweetheart is just an unnecessary excuse. What Yan Wei wants is to sneak into Shen house without attracting the attention of Shen house players.

Ah Yu, an ordinary servant, seems to be confused. She only knows that Dao Yanwei and others want to go in as a girl in the name of Wanhua building and worry: “If you don’t mind… Can you sneak in as a girl and the Impatiens killed themselves? Then yesterday, another girl ran away in the building. I don’t know how to get there. I can’t find her today. The remaining girl found that the other two girls had these things and refused to go. Later, member Shen will come to carry people. The person in charge is anxious? Rotten Well, I don’t know how to explain. ”

“I can help you buy some people, hide them and fool them. But what will you do when you go in? Shen Yuanwai… I heard that Shen Yuanwai is not a kind man. If he finds out, won’t you?…”

Zhong Bufan bowed and said, “let’s thank you first. As for how we can retreat, we have our own way. Girl, don’t worry.”

Ah Yu’s face was pale.

Yan Wei egged on a few more words. Ah Yu still let go and asked them to wait here. She went to try.

She let go. The Wanhua building is basically? No problem.

It sounds ridiculous, but? For the people of wanhualou, nothing is better than a pie falling from the sky to help them solve such a dilemma. As long as Yan Wei disguised himself as a girl and followed the carriage of Wanhua building into Shen’s house, they don’t have to find three girls. What if? Something happened to Shen’s house. You can also say you don’t know about Wanhua building? Love?. After all, from Wanhua building to? Shen’s house has a long way to go. What’s the relationship between the accident of the girls and the change of the carriage?

Yan Wei knew this when he came. Only then did he dare to ask ah Yu for help.

Fruit? Not its? However, after about ten minutes, ah Yu came back and led them to an empty boudoir.

She said nervously, “the steward agreed, but he said… If anything happens to you, you must bear it yourself, or even if member Shen let you go, Wanhua building will not let you go.”

Where will Yan Wei manage such a trivial threat in the copy? Moreover, their struggle has nothing to do with this small Wanhua building. He just? Said, “don’t worry, you won’t be involved.”

Ah Yu relaxed: “Shen Yuanwai came to the club to pick up people in the evening. He bought three girls this time. There are four of you. One of you can pretend to be the person to send the girl. We usually arrange an attendant to send people to Shen’s house. When we arrive, you take our keepsake and say” ten thousand flower building sends the girl to Shen’s house, and the gatekeepers of Shen’s house will let you go. ”

She pointed to the girls in the house? “There are clothes and rouge in this room, you…”

She said, a little embarrassed?. Yan Wei’s idea, in the eyes of people growing up in her time, is really? An unprecedented grotesque act.

“Let me help you dress up.”

Zhong Bufan quickly raised his hand: “no, no! Let’s do it ourselves!!”

Ah Yu didn’t insist either. She only told them the departure time and left the room.

Yan Mingguang? To? Wei didn’t say anything – he had promised Yan Wei, so he wouldn’t go back. Was he the first to turn around? In front of the wardrobe, he turned over calmly.

Lin Zhen had a heavy heart to play. He was afraid that when he was a boring worker, he would quickly take the girl in the room home? I turned over the things I used. I didn’t think the clothes were good enough. I wanted to find something else. Yan Wei let him do this and told him that he could only? Go to the empty room to find clothes and let him come back on time, so Lin Zhen can play by himself.

Zhong Bufan? I want to compete with Yan Wei for the identity of the disguised servant.

“You? Don’t look like a rough worker at all,” Zhong Bufan had to tell the truth. “You? Look so good. You’re almost the same in the young master’s clothes. You’re just wearing burlap? There’s a problem with capital!”

Yan Wei blocked all Zhong Bufan’s reasons with one sentence: “you are a familiar face. As long as the gatekeeper has experienced and experienced super high-level players, we will be exposed if we don’t enter the door.”

Zhong Bufan: ”

These four of them? Among individuals, there is really only Yan Wei. For these super high-level players now? For me, the most strange.

Even if he has opened a gambling house, he is so three or four? One, or both? A copy below the 50th floor. Compared with him? Tao has been to the copy several times, and the image has been seen all over for a long time. Is it true? stranger. Although Lin Zhen and Yan Mingguang look strange, some time ago Yan Mingguang took Lin Zhen and fish flying boats all the way to the super high-rise, or? Caused a lot of high-level players? Be careful.

There are so many people at the top, everyone? More or less face-to-face.

Only Yan Wei can stride into Shen’s house. The familiar face of Zhong Bufan is certainly not good.

Zhong Bufan accepted his fate, picked a skirt and hung his head? Depressed? He went aside and changed.

Yan Mingguang just chose the clothes.

Yan Wei glanced at the clothes he was carrying and said with a smile, “so plain, Shen Yuanwai saw it? I’m afraid not? Think you? Yes? Go to mourn for him.”

Yan Mingguang said, “that’s OK.” he didn’t like what Shen Yuanwai did.

The man didn’t have the burden of Zhong Bufan. After choosing his clothes, he began to take off his coat and prepare to change it. He’s tall, even? Is the biggest dress still on him? Some are stretched. Fortunately, all the clothes in this era are? Big long pendulum, slightly adjust the seat of dress and belt, can you barely? Wear.

Although Yan Mingguang is tall, he can’t see much volume in his clothes. At first glance, he is still a little thin, but isn’t he? Thin feeling, but? Muscles and? Effect of skeleton proportion symmetry?. Now suddenly put on plain clothes and skirts, it will not be abrupt. Yan Mingguang works very seriously. Even if Zhong Bufan scolds there, he chooses the right clothes. The clothes are plain in color and loose in cloth, which just covers his tall body.

In addition, Yan Mingguang’s facial features are extremely cold, Qi? It’s like snow and fog, isn’t it? The kind of broad-minded man. Women’s clothes and skirts didn’t bring too much conflict, but set him more? Lighter? It’s getting colder.

stay until? Yan Mingguang simply finished his head? FA, at first glance, Yan Wei thought this picture was heroic? And cold, didn’t do anything? Each other’s sense of achievement.

He sighed: “The girl is so pretty. Be careful. Shen Yuanwai really likes it.”

Yan Mingguang smiled slightly.

Yan Wei is not very satisfied. He wanted to use the subject to make fun of Yan Mingguang. What happened? What’s this guy doing? After that, he didn’t feel embarrassed at all. On the contrary, he looked at him so easily that he almost blushed.

He picked up Shi Dai and a fine knife and pen on the dressing table and said, “it’s you? Your eyebrow is a little broad, which affects your beauty. Why don’t I fix it for you?”

As he spoke, he leaned forward and stood on tiptoe, pretending to do something on Yan Mingguang’s face. But just as he got up, the man in front of him raised his hand and dragged him to? He walked up to him and held his restless hand tightly.

Yan Mingguang finally sighed: “Stop it.”

Yan Wei looked up at him.

“Will Shen Yuanwai like me?” Yan Wei whispered. “I do.”

Yan Mingguang on his forehead? She kissed him gently.

Yan Wei didn’t like anyone before entering the building, but he didn’t know? Doyle: what’s your husband and wife? What does it look like. It’s probably as good as it is now.

Yan Wei put down Shi Dai in his hand and muttered to himself, “you? How do we get along when we go out? The world outside the building is different from here. There is no life and death, no blood, and many trivial things here? It’s a big thing outside.”

Yan Mingguang’s eyes flashed a trace of loss.

Yanwei deliberately lead to? It seems that we haven’t talked about the world outside the building. How did your parents get along before you entered the building

Yan Mingguang drooped his eyes and closed his lips for a moment? There was nothing to say.

Yan Wei looked as usual and didn’t ask any more, just? “I almost forgot the sense of order in the world outside the building,” chuckled

He heard? The sound of Zhong Bufan coming out from behind the screen, earned it from Yan Mingguang’s arms, and turned his head? I took a look at the clock.

Yan Wei: ”

He took back the idea that Zhong Bufan was not as serious as Yan Mingguang.

What did Zhong Bufan pick? The colorful clothes and skirts most often worn by women in Hualou are also combed in a complex and upright bun? She also wore a flower made of silk. His clothes and skirts were much more strange than Yan Mingguang’s, but they couldn’t stand it. He was well prepared, put some makeup on his face, and made a flashy feeling.

Yan Wei looked down slightly and saw? The protrusion of Zhong Bufan’s chest.

“… you? A little dedicated.”

Zhong Bufan looked at Yan Mingguang with a green face: “Why are some people so flat, but they can be more Qiao than me?”

Yan Wei: “. He has forgotten who resisted the most just now? Who is that?

Zhong Bufan straightened his sleeves, dragged his gorgeous skirt, looked left and right and said, “where’s the child Lin Zhen? He hasn’t come back yet? It’s been so long to change clothes. Can’t it be? Touch? Where’s the boudoir where a girl lives…”

He said, planning to go out and find Lin Zhen. How many steps did he take to get there? Open the door in front of the door.

As soon as it was opened, what happened to the beam? On the, two sections of bright red silk slowly fall down, and the bright red skirt is placed on Zhong Bufan’s head? The top shook slightly.

Zhong Bufan has also been secretly attacked by female ghosts. Is it cold for a time? Take it to your heart?, He took a step back and took out the legendary props in his hand.

The next moment, the man hanging on the beam hung his head upside down?, The combed bun flickered with his movements. What’s behind him? Scattered red drapes.

“What are you doing?” Lin Zhen said. “Are you going to fight with me? Do you wear women’s clothes? You’re so strange, but? I like it.”

Zhong Bufan: ”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Yan Wei: ”

Yan Wei glanced at Lin Zhen’s red dress and asked him, “which room did you get the clothes from?”

“No? You? Let me go to an empty room? I don’t dare to go if there are people living. I’m not a pervert. I went to a room that seems to have been empty for a long time, and there are a lot of wooden cards on the table that haven’t been carved…”

Lin Zhen shook, jumped down from the beam, patted the dust in his hands, “the clothes in that room are as plain as Yan Mingguang’s, or is it? I really want to try this big red one, so I changed it, which is very elegant. What’s the matter?”

Yan Wei said faintly, “that’s Jiang Jingyun’s room.”

The room was quiet for a moment.

Yan Mingguang: ”

Zhong Bufan: ”

Lin Zhen: “


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