Half Immortal Chapter 181

Half Immortal Chapter 181: Black Sea Town Coffin (20)

Lin Zhen rarely (Lou) expressed an indescribable expression.

He looked down at his red dress. There was no decorative embroidery on it. His coat was still a thin layer of gauze, but from the perspective of clothes, it was indeed a dress suitable for Hualou girl. When he took out this dress from that room, he didn’t think too much. He just felt that other clothes should be so tacky and peaceful. This was just what he wanted.

Lin Zhen didn’t resist much. He was eager to play more with this novel thing. Now that he has played, he must play with all his heart. Lin Zhen chose several empty rooms, so he chose such a satisfied one.

He said, “can’t I be haunted during the day when I wear this to go outside?”

Yan Wei: “…”

Yan Wei carefully glanced at Lin Zhen’s current dress. In addition to this dress, although Lin Zhen’s bun is not neatly combed, it somehow has a tied shape. In addition, when they join this copy, they will automatically have the long hair of both men and women in this era. Lin Zhen’s long hair is loosely draped down, coupled with his deep facial features, especially his dark red (SE) eyes different from Lin Qing, which really has a flavor.

Zhong Bufan said bitterly, “how can you dress up like a model? You can have a peaceful temperament…”

Yan Wei: “…”

He really forgot who was the one who resisted to dress up as a girl in Hualou at the beginning.

He couldn’t cry or laugh: “well, stop talking, Lin Zhen, come in quickly and change this dress. Although a dress doesn’t seem to be a problem, it’s also strange -”

Not far from the corridor, someone suddenly shouted, “childe!”

Yan Wei followed his reputation and saw Ah Yu walking towards them quickly. He said, “why has it been so long? Someone from Shen House said it was far away from here. Unexpectedly, it was dark and urged him to go. The steward had delayed for a while. I waited for you for a while, but you didn’t come down. The man is urging again now. The steward can’t wait. Let me take you down.”

She looked at Lin Zhen and Yan Mingguang Zhong Bufan in the house. She was surprised and surprised at first, and then her eyes fell on Zhong Bufan. Her expression suddenly became unspeakable.

But she was in a hurry to hand over the job and didn’t comment too much on it. She hurriedly said, “now that we’re ready, we’ll go down soon. Three… Cough, three, just go straight to the backyard and get on the carriage.”

At present, it seems that it can’t be delayed. Lin Zhen didn’t have time to change his clothes, so he had to wear them downstairs.

Yan Wei is quick. Just put on the servant’s coat.

Although Yan Mingguang changed their costumes, it was easy for others to see the flaws if they watched for a long time. They put on their hats wrapped in long yarn and took the lead in going to the backyard to get on the carriage before the Shen Zhai servant who came to pick them up saw them.

Ah Yu and Yan Wei walked behind, glanced at Yan Wei’s clothes and sighed, “I always feel that the servants’ coarse linen clothes are vulgar. Today, I saw the childe wearing them. It turned out that the coarse clothes are not clothes.”

It’s people.

She said, raised her hand and gently touched her face.

When the light went out, Yan Wei looked down at her face. This face is really ordinary in Hualou, but if it is vulgar, it is far more than.

The last time he saw that ah Yu cared about her appearance. In such a place, it will be somewhat dwarfed by the contrast. It’s just that ah Yu doesn’t have to face the fate of those women. Isn’t this appearance a kind of protection?

He slowed down his tone: “looks are just skin bags. It’s a disaster to have less or more. Girl, it’s actually very good.”

“That’s what you said last time. But you have a lot. You may not understand the thoughts of people who don’t have it when you haven’t lost anything because you don’t have it.”

Yan Wei thought what she said was right, so he didn’t say much, but said with a smile, “but you can’t say you didn’t have it. Appearance is more important to people, spirit is more important than bone, and bone is more important than skin. Maybe what I think is more important. I don’t see a girl these two days. I think she looks better.”

Yan Wei didn’t lie about that.

Last time he came, he looked at ah Yu’s side face in the candlelight and couldn’t find any prominent memory points.

But this time, standing in front of the backyard, surrounded by white snow and complicated bricks and tiles, in the bright day, he looked again and thought ah Yu was more beautiful.

“Thank you.” ah Yu seemed to be really happy.

Yan Mingguang and others have already got into the carriage, and the servant from Shen’s house is also sitting in front of the carriage waiting to catch up.

Ah Yu explained Yan Wei’s habit of trading between Wanhua building and Shen house, but she was still very worried: “ah, this… A woman can hide from the world as long as she doesn’t neglect. If the man pretends to be a woman, he will show his Lou if he doesn’t have soft facial features for a long time. What’s more, Shen picked up the girl to do… Do that…”

Yan Wei smiled and said, “don’t worry, we have our own way.”

All they have to do is sneak into Shen’s house, but they don’t really want to serve Shen.

Yan Wei took out all the silver money he had with him: “it’s you who helped us this time. If anything happens later, although it’s said that we won’t lead to Wanhua building, you still have some risk of responsibility. Take the money and it’s the reward for helping us this time.”

Yan Wei actually left some leeway.

In fact, if something really happened at Shen’s house, implicating the Wanhua building, ah Yu helped them, and the person in charge will push her out to take the blame. Even if the Wanhua building is not involved, this is the place where Jiang Jingyun stayed before his death. Jiang Jingyun also (killed Sha) many people in the Wanhua building. Ah Yu’s stay here is easy to have an accident after all.

She is just an NPC in the copy, an NPC that Yan Wei never paid too much attention to in the past.

But Yan Mingguang is right. All existence in the world is alive. The people in the copy are passers-by to the player, and the player is also passer-by to the people in the copy. No one is really detached.

Ah Yu helped them. He was willing to help him in a world that was all to ah Yu.

Ah Yu took it and seemed to be frightened by the amount of money in her hand. She staggered and said, “is this, is this a little too much…”

“Not much. These should be enough for you to leave and settle down in another place. The rest can’t guarantee anything. The girl is kind-hearted and should have a good ending.”

Ah Yu was stunned.

Yan Wei has turned and got on the carriage.

The servant from Shen’s house waved his whip and drove his carriage towards Shen’s house.

Few people go out these days, and the streets are empty. The servant should also be afraid of the evil spirit of making trouble. The car drove very fast and swayed forward on the spacious Avenue.

Yan Mingguang sat in the carriage.

Zhong Bufan’s face (color SE) looked down at his chest. “Is the girl’s family so troublesome? It annoys me.”

Yan Mingguang just sat upright and looked at the curtain hanging from the carriage. Even if only a tiny crack in the curtain could see the shadow of Yan Wei sitting in front of the car, he seemed happy to watch.

Lin Zhen turned his eyes and said, “don’t you just plug it without a belly pocket?”

“…” Zhong Bufan doesn’t want to admit, “you didn’t wear it either!”

“I’m flat.”


Yan Wei sat in front of the carriage.

The servant who drove the car may also feel that his temperament is not like a person who does chores all year round. After asking a few questions, Yan Wei prevaricated the past with an excuse of falling in the family.

He was not Yan Mingguang, who would kill people by chatting. Following the servant’s questions, he said he was curious about Shen’s great cause. In turn, he asked the servant something.

Yan Wei has dealt with all kinds of people. When he was in the world outside the building, he was a child wandering in the crowd. In a few words, the servant didn’t realize he was talking in a routine and told all the information about Shen Zhai he knew.

Shen’s house is indeed a big business, but Shen Yuanwai, the owner of Shen’s house, has never been married. He just has some unspeakable hobbies. He buys girls all day and carries them out. But in recent years, Shen Yuanwai has not only intensified, but also become jumpy and easily frightened. It’s clear that no one in Shen’s house has bumped into the evil spirit making trouble in the town, Shen Yuanwai was very nervous. He was afraid of being haunted.

Moreover, a few years ago, I don’t know why a large area in the backyard was sealed off from people. It is said that the place is not very safe. Since that place was sealed, Shen Yuanwai has become more and more suspicious.

There used to be a mage in the house who came to do things regularly. Later, the mage didn’t know why something happened. Member Shen invited many people from other places, saying that they wanted to be sneaky. Now those experts live in a small courtyard of the house. Next to the residential courtyard is the sealed place. No servants dare to go these years. It doesn’t matter if they live next door It’s disgusting.

Yan Wei naturally knows that these so-called experts are the players of Shen Zhai camp. Shen Zhai camp has many people, and the task is naturally a little harder than them. I’m afraid living next to the courtyard where Jiang Jingyun’s coffin is located is also to solve the leakage of resentment and some related things.

Geng Liang told him that so far, Shen Zhai camp has not received Guanyin purified water.

Where will it be in Shen’s house?

Yan Wei thought that an accident suddenly occurred in a funeral procession that had gone wrong with them.

I don’t know if I was careless when sealing the coffin. There were a lot of scratching sounds in the coffin. After a shock, the coffin plate was suddenly shaken open and slightly offset. The coffin lifter was unprepared. The coffin fell to the ground suddenly, and the coffin plate fell to the ground with a “when”, and a corpse covered with body spots and turned blue climbed out in his birthday clothes.

There was a scream around, and the driver immediately waved his whip and hurried away.

Yan Wei looked back and saw that the corpse had accidentally pierced a man’s chest and was sealed into the coffin again with the joint efforts of others.

On his side, although the servant driving the car was so flustered that his face was pale, he was not surprised. This was not the first time.

Yan Wei takes back his eyes and looks at the paper money scattered all the way on the ground.

The replicas in the building are intertwined with all the emotions in the world. The more complete and emotional, the higher the number of layers. They may not be complete, or they may exist for a short time, and they will be broken up or reorganized. But for the mayflies in each replica, these are all.

It’s like ah Yu who lives in Wanhua building, Mr. Bai who drives away evil spirits for Guanyin Town, and the ordinary servant who drives the car beside him.

For him, destroying a building and going out of a building is a broader world that can be seen. But for the creatures in the world in the building or those born in the building, if they are allowed to do so, it will basically subvert the cognition from the beginning to the end, right?

Yan Wei didn’t know what he was thinking, but he thought so far.

Outside the copy.

Those high-level players who searched all the player records turned out the classic copies of the names, and also pulled down the codes with stories recorded on the endless monument one by one.

They are looking for traces of Yan Wei.

Suddenly, a player shouted, “I found one that matches the data -”

When the player’s eyes fell on the code that matched the data trace, suddenly there was no sound.

Other people’s eyes were thrown.

The man stared wide and said after a long time, “it’s impossible. How can it be him!”


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