Half Immortal Chapter 182

Half Immortal Chapter 182: Black Sea Town Coffin (21)

The super high-level players who did not enter looked for traces by calculating data.

At the moment Yan Wei shot in the copy, his perception was materialized by projection. Everyone can see that his data level is more than twice that of other players. Except Zhuo Xidong, who usually hides his power and bides his time so that there is no trace, all the other players who can enter the 99 layer replica this time are players with names and surnames. Basically, everyone knows the data. Even those who are short of perception are probably not good? There will be a value of eight or nine thousand.

Yan Wei is more than twice as many as these people, and the value must float around 20000.

When you climb to the top floor, the highest data is 10000.

The super high-level players are not like those ordinary players. Until now, ordinary players are only amazed at Yan Wei’s unexpected strength, but the super high-level players can understand that Yan Wei is definitely not a newcomer.

To reach such a value, either there is a problem with the building, or under the rules, this person has accumulated super-high values before everyone knows his name.

——Yan Wei is not the first time to climb the stairs!

Yan Wei’s name, or Yan’s code name, has been removed from the top-level copy since it appeared. There are five copies in total. The five copies are the first floor, the seventh floor, the nineteenth floor, the forty ninth floor and the eighty ninth floor.

These copies are recorded on the endless monument together with Yan’s code, and players can refer to them at any time.

So they calculated the highest value that can be obtained from these five copies, and then subtracted this value by 20000. The remaining more than 10000 data is the data obtained by Yan on his first visit to the building.

In this way, the scope is narrowed.

That is, the data falls within this range, not in other copies, or? There are no super high-level players in the building world.

No matter missing, no news, or even dead people, as long as they meet the scope, they are included in the list by these super high-level players. There are not many people, about more than 100. Compared with the tens of thousands of people in the whole building, it is only a drop in the bucket.

But they still looked for it? Long.

No other reason—— No matching was found.

Until this super high-level player was really tired of looking for it. He kept turning over the list to compare the data, too? Didn’t pay attention to the name in front of the data.

As a result, a matching data range was suddenly found.

But the man was just pleasantly surprised by the sudden discovery. His eyes moved and saw the name next to the characteristic data. There were only three words “impossible” left in his head.

Some people around have come up and kept asking what players this person found that match the characteristics. His eyes moved away from the data records in his hands and slowly turned to the endless stone tablet in the middle of the world in the building, to the code he found.

This code is at the top of the long Monument and almost poked into the vast clouds.


He has left one classic copy record after another, but he has never spread his name or left an image.

Who once created the black bird at the lower level.

Once challenged the building itself. Even with the utopian ideal of ending everything, it still makes other players in the world believe and willing to follow the people who die.

Also? Is the initiator of the last top-level copy.

The man was shocked, his hands were loose, and a large stack of records were scattered on the ground. The top paper floated down with the wind and landed slowly with the code of “V”.

Yan Wei and others smoothly entered Shen’s house.

Shen Yuanwai bought a woman back? Shen Zhai is really a common thing? Love?, The carriage of Wanhua building? I don’t know how many times I’ve been here? Once, the gatekeeper took a little look inside and let people in.

In addition to those NPCs who are the gatekeepers of shenzhai, are there any players in shenzhai camp? It’s not unprotected. When the carriage came in from the backyard of Shen’s house, Yan Wei felt the detection props hidden behind the door.

This kind of detection props can be exchanged in the shopping mall of the information panel. As long as the family background is thick enough, how many do you want to exchange? It doesn’t work. Is it OK? Is to find out if there are players passing by. The principle of props is that the person using the props leaves a point of perception on the props. As long as the perception of the player around the detection props is not as high as that of the person using the props, the detection props will perceive the presence of the player and notify the user of the props.

The two camps are opposed. In addition to preventing ghosts, they need to prevent players. It’s just that Yan Wei stays there at Guanyin school, which is the best warning device. There’s no need to kill one stone at all. Shen’s house is mostly the way Zhuo Xidong thought of.

This kind of prop can not only save manpower, but also prevent players from the opposite camp from mixing into the Shen house. It is a good choice.

The premise is that the data of the person setting this prop is higher than Yan Wei.

In the world inside the building, no one’s data can be higher than Yan Wei.

As soon as he arrived at the back door of Shen house with the carriage, he felt the existence of this prop, directly and secretly controlled the moon wheel, cut a barrier around the carriage and entered Shen house smoothly.

After entering, it was almost dusk.

Yan Wei thought they needed to deal with Shen after they went in. How many times did he think? Member shen wants to see how people should deal with it. But the servants of Shen’s house just let them stay first and led them to a yard.

Yan Mingguang and others are not that kind of burly men. Wearing veiled hats, they are not only taller, but also? Not too big a flaw. The guide didn’t find anything wrong. He just talked with Yan Wei, took people to live in the yard and said something to pay attention to.

Yan Mingguang’s identity was that of a girl from wanhualou. They shouldn’t do anything to make others suspicious. When they entered the yard, they pretended to be a model and entered a room alone.

Yan Wei is still chatting with the servants of Shen house.

“… so the two courtyards in the East can’t go? Why?”

The servant’s face was not very good: “why do you ask? I told you not to go. Why do you care so much as a worker? If you stay, you can go back tomorrow.”

It seems that the two courtyards, one is where Jiang Jingyun stops his coffin, and the other is where the players of shenzhai camp live.

Yan Wei secretly wrote down the location, pretended to smile and said, “OK, OK. Then… Let me ask the girls when the owner of your house will come?”

The man said, “I don’t know. I’m a busboy. I can’t even see the master’s face these days. How can I know this? You…”

He whispered, “I’d better pray for the master to come slowly. I haven’t done less. I’ve carried a lot of girls’ bodies.”

Yan Wei laughs to himself. This man is obviously pretending to be a tiger. Do you want to take this kind of thing? Love? make grand gestures. Although there are many mayflies, some people do good with one heart, others are full of evil, too? Some people are not evil, but they can be proud to be a frog at the bottom of a well and a worker in a small world.

He thanked and the man walked away.

Near night, both the streets of Guanyin Town and shenzhai fell into a dead silence.

Yan Wei turned and pushed the door into the room Yan Mingguang had just entered.

A candle had been lit in the house, and the bright light flashed into Yan Wei’s eyes. Plain silk and satin slipped through his eyes. Someone grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him to the window.

The cool wind rushed in from the sleeves, but the warm hands of the other party spread continuous warmth, even breathing with heat. Yan Wei raised his eyes and looked at Yan Mingguang close at hand. He smiled low: “girl, why are you throwing yourself into arms like this?”


Yan Wei blinked, instantly understood Yan Mingguang’s meaning, closed his eyes a little, and his perception dispersed.

Outside the small courtyard, two people walked together. These two people with some props of data fluctuations, words and deeds? How do you behave? Obviously a player. They are talking in a low voice.

“… you said that since the Guanyin clean bottle of water is in the Shen house from beginning to end, why can’t you see any trace even if you dig three feet into the ground?”

“It’s strange. The mage invited by Shen Yuanwai brought Guanyin purified water to exorcise Shen Yuanwai, but he died in Shen’s house. The Guanyin purified water was missing, and there was no additional information. We also saw the record of the mage’s bringing Guanyin purified water from his records. But since he brought it, it’s reasonable that he didn’t hide it The need for water is either on him or where he has moved. ”

“But we’ve all seen it. I think maybe the idea is wrong, and the letter doesn’t mean it must be right. What if it’s not in the Shen house? Zhuo Xidong asked us to look for it again. I think it’s a waste of time. We’re not ordinary players. We haven’t found any places.”

“Look again. I also think we should think about other possibilities, but… We didn’t see the two people who died just now. The bodies were hung at the gate of the hospital as an example. Zhuo Xidong was too cruel.”

“All right.”


The two men have gone far.

They are obviously looking for Guanyin clean bottle of water. What happened last night? Love? After some trouble, Lin Zhen’s existence was also exposed. His estrangement plan could not last so long. Zhuo Xidong has now re integrated the players of the Shen house camp and began to search the Guanyin clean bottle of water in the Shen house.

From the words of these two people, it can be heard that Zhuo Xidong laid a cruel hand on his own people. Although players can’t kill each other, there are too many ways to let people die. I’m afraid the two players in their mouth didn’t obey Zhuo Xidong at the beginning. Zhuo Xidong killed them by some compromise means and hung a warning at the gate of the hospital.

“Everyone here is careful for fear that something might happen to any one of us. Yu Zhengqing is so broken that he is afraid of falling behind.” Yan Wei smiled sarcastically, “how nice they are. Don’t many people worry about losing staff? They killed two of their own people directly to calm the infighting.”

“Not the right way.”

Yan Mingguang stepped back and made Yan Wei stand straight.

At this moment, the first thought in Yan Wei’s heart was that his teacher Yan didn’t take this opportunity to do something. He Yu Guang glanced at Yan Mingguang’s cold clothes, quite disappointed.

“What are you thinking?” Yan Mingguang suddenly asked him.

Yan Wei blurted out subconsciously, “I’m thinking you’re becoming more and more hypocritical.”

Then he regretted it.

Yan Wei quickly lowered his head and felt Yan Mingguang’s straight line of sight. He changed the topic and said, “there is a problem where Guanyin’s clean bottle of water is. Zhuo Xidong and these players of shenzhai camp are not fuel-efficient lights. They can get the month first by being close to the water, but they can’t find it again -”

He gave a speech.

Someone suddenly opened the door and entered!

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang react at the same time. Yan Mingguang pulls Yan Wei. Yan Wei turns around. What time? He turned over to the bed and hid behind the bedding.

Yan Mingguang put on his hat, turned his head and looked at the people across the Veil – the servants who had guided Yan Wei.

The factotum stood at the door, “hey hey” smiled, closed the door behind his back and walked in. “Just now I sent you in, I thought you were the most delicious. I also received many girls. You are the most special temperament I’ve ever seen.”

Yan Wei: ”

The man rubbed his hands, walked towards Yan Mingguang step by step, and said, “just now, the boy in Wanhua building asked you about the master’s whereabouts. I secretly told you that the master has long died. It’s better to play with me. I’m happy and send you back…”

Yan Wei hid behind the bedding and looked very angry.

——Shen Yuanwai is dead!?


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