Half Immortal Chapter 183

Half Immortal Chapter 183: Black Sea Town Coffin (22)

There, the factotum gradually approached Yan Mingguang, who did not move. Yan Wei hid behind the bedding and looked dignified.

He doesn’t? I’m worried about Yan Mingguang. Don’t talk about this man? Just an ordinary servant of Shen house?, No player in Shen’s house? Maybe in front of Yan Mingguang? It’s good.

What he wants is Shen Yuanwai’s death? I’ve forgotten about it. Moreover, judging from the words and attitude of the worker, Shen Yuanwai is not? These two? God just died? Yes, but death? For a long time.

When will he die? of

Why doesn’t Geng liang? Know about it?

Shen Yuanwai died? After a period of time, everything in Shen house worked as usual. Who else? Go to Wanhua building to buy a girl and maintain the superficial behavior of Shen house. Who is hiding these?

Yan Wei’s mind flashed into the copy for a moment? To get clues, I feel that everything is in order, but it seems that I am in a situation where I can’t find it? Vortex to the blind spot. This feeling? I feel that there are many copies of Yan Wei’s experience, which means that there are always key points they don’t see.

But he can’t find it yet? Yes.

The factotum is dead? In front of Yan Mingguang?.

The next moment, this man? He raised his chin slightly and didn’t move his steps. When he raised his hand, he screwed on the worker’s upper arm and yanked the man in an instant? It was thrown on the table.

Between the movements, a fine wind blows the white hat hanging down? Yarn. Yan Mingguang’s face was almost buried in the haze of candle beating, and the outline was moistened with a thin layer of cold. The man? If you are pressed on the table and see it, you will cry out. Does Yan Mingguang have the other hand? Do you know where he took out a dagger and threw it at the man? Ear side throw——

The man? Frightened, he almost lost his voice. The dagger stuck to his ear and deeply stabbed into the wooden table, but it was just fine without leaving any wounds.

Yan Wei got up from the bed and walked to Yan Mingguang’s side. The factotum has long lost his lust at the moment. He doesn’t mind seeing Yan Wei? Know what’s going on, just know if he’s offended? If something should be provoked, open your mouth and beg for mercy.

Yan Mingguang gave him a cold look.

At a glance, the worker couldn’t even beg for mercy? Exit.

Yan Wei looked at Yan Mingguang, turned and went out of the room. Did Lin Zhen and Zhong? Whoa, whoa. When the three of them entered the room, Yan Mingguang had tied up the servant, though? Didn’t plug each other’s mouth, but this man? Standing aside holding a dagger, the servant didn’t know? Dare to speak.

Clock? Fan looked at Yan Mingguang in surprise: “did you do it in the room? I didn’t feel it just now? What was the noise…” what’s strange about this, “Lin Zhenda? Step forward?, Roll up his leniency? Red sleeves, sit at the table? Poured a glass of water and drank, “I don’t feel it, not to mention you.”

Clock? Anyone who doesn’t have time to talk to Lin Zhen is poor.

He was secretly surprised that Yan Mingguang was stronger than he thought, and Yan Wei was not? As approachable as it seems? It’s gentle and harmless. Even Lin Zhen, who doesn’t seem stable, sometimes looks like a pure first time to the super high level, but sometimes shows some strength beyond expectation. Who came in this time?, Why are they so annoying? exceeding one’s expectations?

no It’s an organization organized by V.

He walked up to Yan Wei?, He smiled and said, “how did you catch this ordinary worker? Do you need me to help you find something? The first two times made you a little better. This time I have to show you. I must be no worse than you in terms of my understanding of V’s way of breaking the game.”

Yan Wei just gave him a white reward? Eyes.

Clock? Fan’s words didn’t get any response. Where was Yan Wei? In front of the bound worker? Squat down slowly and smile: “speak.”

Although he is dressed as a servant? Is your face white in coarse linen? Fair facial features are gentle, but they can’t be covered? Live. Even if? His eyes reflected the knife light in Yan Mingguang’s hand. Is this smile still? Removed some of each other’s fear.

The man? “You, who are you? What are you doing here? I didn’t? It was intentional, I don’t know –”

Yan Wei smiled again, this man? Look, the words subconsciously stopped.

Yan Wei said, “finished asking?”

“Finished asking…”

“OK, I asked you to finish, but I didn’t promise to answer you. Now it’s my turn to ask – what’s the matter with Shen Yuanwai?”

The worker who was still panicked just now is completely pale this time?, Didn’t say no for a long time? One word.

Clock? Fan rolled his sleeves and walked forward with his clothes and skirts?: “Let me do it! Let me do it!”

Yan Wei: ”

“I already know,” he said.


Lin Zhen sighed, “you understand again.”

On one side, Yan Mingguang didn’t ask at all. He raised his hand and knocked the servant unconscious.

Clock? Fan almost drew a question mark on his face: “didn’t he? Didn’t he say a word? You just asked a question, and then you understood

Yan Wei walks to the table and greets Da? The family sat around the table. When Yan Mingguang sat down next to him, he said, “if he doesn’t answer, he has already answered. There is no master’s record at all. Zhuo Xi Dongdu determined that the Guanyin clean bottle of water is in the Shen house, which was said by Shen Yuanwai himself, but the Guanyin clean bottle is not anywhere they have looked for.”

Lin Zhen stood up and gave up completely: “forget it. Anyway, I don’t understand. Just say what to do.”

“I see…” does Zhong? Everyone mumbled to himself.

If when? What strange thing happened in the house. The factotum has been beaten by them just now? Binding, for the NPCs in this copy, they may not be? Do you know where the reckless man from may want someone at any time? Life, under such circumstances, how can that strange thing happen again? Terrible, is it terrible to lose your life?

Knowing that they would kill at any time?, But this worker still? Scared? Dare you tell me who told him to keep the secret?, There will be more terrible means.

Shen Yuanwai is dead? What are you going to do to put people directly? Just kill or freak out. Who else can there be?

Nature? Only players from shenzhai camp are left.

I’m afraid several players who came to Shen’s house first think Jiang Jingyun’s death? Related to Shen Yuanwai, or when? What happened when it happened? Now it’s gone? Traceable things, anyone? Kill Shen Yuanwai directly. But they found that there was no way to solve Jiang Jingyun’s resentment by killing Shen Yuanwai. Is Guanyin Town still? Shrouded in treachery, but they need to continue to act on Shen Zhai’s side and paralyze the opponent’s camp – that is, Zhong Bu? Fanyan threatened them.

So? Everything in shenzhai keeps running, still? Buy a girl from Wanhua building. It’s just that these girls, I’m afraid, have given them to the servants. Are you going on a business trip? More movement, again? The girl’s body was carried away, creating the illusion that Shen Yuanwai was still alive. And these servants must? Threatened, too, no? Can spread this secret, including other players in shenzhai camp.

Players have much more means than the ghosts in the copy. Is the worker afraid of death?, But more afraid of dying in pain?, Nature? no Dare to speak.

Zhuo Xidong and several informed players should have reached a consensus and lied about it. He lied that he learned the whereabouts of Guanyin clean water bottle from the master’s records. In fact, it was before Shen Yuanwai was killed? Tell them.

Those two? Did a player say what he said when he passed by? Fan also heard that at the moment, together with these speculations, everything is connected into a line.

Except for a few players, others? either? Do you know that Shen Yuanwai has long been killed by his own people? Kill, that’s why you complain about drosidong? Stubborn. Zhuo Xidong? But it’s clear, so? Can’t find it the first time? When we arrive, we have to search again.

If the worker says anything, don’t you? On the true or false answer, Shen Yuanwai’s death? I’m afraid it’s all about the copy itself. But without saying a word, all this became clearer.

Clock? Fan narrowed his eyes and looked at Yan Wei. The confusion in his eyes gradually became clear. More importantly, he was curious about Yan Wei. What’s more, he didn’t know about himself? Too? Willing to admit your admiration. He doesn’t? Want to admit, but must recognize – in front of? The new face of the super high level really compared him.

He sighed and turned to look at the bronze mirror in the room, didn’t he? Willingly said: “… I’m a little more beautiful than you.”

Yan Wei heard this: ”

He’s not? I really want to compare in this place.

“Well,” he said, “you are the most beautiful.”

Clock? Fan: “…” always feel something wrong? yes.

He said, “before I entered this copy, I only admired v. but now, hey, how do you feel? I think I need one more you.”

Yan Wei was not flattered at all. After hearing this, the young man was surprised? He also frowned and said, “what do V have to admire…”

He didn’t seem to finish, but the clock didn’t? Where can you feel? He was belittled by Yan Wei’s tone. Not this time? After admitting it, he immediately replied, “you are also a person who imitates his game breaking techniques. Can’t you see what kind of person he is from his copy records? In the world of the building, there are capable people? Like crucian carp crossing the river, people with faith? But rare and valuable people with ability and faith? There is no one in ten thousand.”

“So what? He still failed.”

Yan Wei’s voice didn’t fall. Under the table, Yan Mingguang suddenly disappeared? Grabbed his hand. Can’t he see when the candle goes out? Too? Qingyan Mingguang’s eyes?, But can you feel it? By this man? His fingertips slid gently on his palm, writing? A few words with light weight were written.

This time, you won’t lose

Yan Wei? Consciously, the corners of the mouth are curved.

Clock? Fan said, “what about failure? Besides, he’s just missing, not necessarily dead? He’s in the copy. Anyway, in my heart, V is the most admirable player in the world in the building, and his copy record is also the most worthy of repeated observation and speculation. You’re a young man. If you don’t understand, I can understand.”

Yan Wei: “…” don’t bother to pay attention to this annoying? Fine.

He re focused on the clean bottle water: “if so, I have a guess about where the Guanyin clean bottle will be. But if I’m right, we need to go to the two yards in the East.”

“Gee, those two yards are going to fight with Zhuo Xidong directly? Then go quickly. My bow is almost rusty.”

Does Yan Wei cry and laugh? “There are more than a dozen of them. Even if at least three of them have been reduced, we only have three to play. Even if we have to fight head-on, we can’t get nothing at this time.”

Lin Zhen wanted to scratch his head. He raised his hand and touched his woman’s bun. He had to put down his hand, didn’t he? Xie said: “how do we get there? The players in Shen mansion don’t care. There will be people anyway. Stay there. If you want to go, you have to fight. It’s impossible. Suddenly? They’re all out of there.”

“Why not?”


Yan Wei turned to take a look at Lin Zhen and examined Lin Zhen from top to bottom? Red dress. Under the candlelight at night, the color of the dress became darker, adding a bit of strange and gorgeous feeling? Sleep.

He raised his eyebrows: “what if Shen’s house is haunted?”

Clock? Fan patted the table: “Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body is the goal of all of us. It’s no exaggeration to pour out.”

Yan Wei nodded.

Lin Zhen fiddled with the red ribbon hanging on his arm, dazed? “Ah, yes. No? Yes, little pet, are we haunted? Do we want to catch it? If we can find Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body, where can we get the Zhuo? Is it something? Where is Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body haunted?”

The words fell, and the three eyes threw at Lin Zhen at the same time.

“What am I doing?”


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