Half Immortal Chapter 184

Half Immortal Chapter 184: Black Sea Town Coffin (23)

Guanyin temple.

The great temple under the night added a bit of solemnity. The incense burner under the hundred section steps still emitted a curl of smoke in the slightly cold air, and there seemed to be some incense in the stove. Above the steps, the main hall of Guanyin temple is open?, The lights are on inside. The gold statue of Guanyin, which is three stories high, stands quietly in the center. In the silence, the appearance of Guanyin statue adds a bit of strangeness.

Song Chengan and others had the identity of guests of Guanyin temple. They stayed in the temple in the middle of the night and said they wanted to learn Buddhism all night. So did the monks in the temple? No doubt, will? This? The hall was left to them.

Yu Zhengqing crossed the threshold and walked into the hall: “there is no trace of Jiang Jingyun’s ghost. I used the legendary props to find the ghost. She has never seen the ghost in Guanyin temple at all, unless she has a way to cheat the legendary props, otherwise, she seems to have no direct contact with Guanyin temple.”

Song Chengan is standing in front of the golden statue of Guanyin, looking up slightly, with? This? Guanyin, who looks down upon all living beings, looks at each other.

“But? The more I look at it, the more I think it’s not a right thing,” Song Chengan said.

Lin Qing is sitting cross legged on a futon, holding this in his hand? I don’t know what I’m drawing.

Yu Zhengqing walked behind song Cheng’an, too? He looked up at the golden statue of Guanyin and said, “although I didn’t find the ghost, you’re right. There’s something wrong with this big temple.”

Song Chengan looked back at him and motioned him to continue.

“The main hall of Guanyin temple is surrounded by 33 side halls of Guanyin Dharma phase, which surround the main hall in a circle. The arch shines on the main hall and contrasts with the four sides of Guanyin Town. It is a typical shape of calming evil and eliminating evil. However, these Dharma phases and the golden statues of Guanyin seem to moisten an evil spirit,” Yu Zheng’s blue face is dignified, “I can’t see it a few days ago. We live here. We only occasionally feel strange evil spirits, but now, after walking around the Guanyin temple, I can clearly feel that the 33 Guanyin dharmas are approaching evil spirits.”

Song Chengan took out the Zhenguan array from Mr. Bai and said, “Lao Lin, are you ready?”

Lin looked as usual, stood up calmly with a paper and pen and said, “OK.”

Yu Zhengqing didn’t know what medicine was sold in Song Chengan’s gourd. He glanced at what Lin Qing had just painted and said in surprise: “the topographic map of Guanyin Town? What are you doing with this?”

Song Chengan moved his eyebrows and put the Dharma array map used by the “town hall” on the ground. He took the topographic map of Guanyin Town painted by Lin Qing and placed it next to the “Dharma array map”. He took out a Zhu pen from nowhere, first pointed it at the four corners of the Dharma array map and said: “The array for suppressing Jiang Jingyun’s coffin is to dispel the resentment around the coffin with Guanyin clean bottle of water, and then put our props at the four corners of the coffin, and the Millennium aloes stand in the center to hold the heart of the array…”

When he lifted the Zhu pen in his hand, he fell on the topographic map of Guanyin Town and circled around the four corners of Guanyin Town, “… Guanyin Town is a four-way terrain with wide sides and narrow waist -”

“It’s a coffin.” Lin Qing said calmly.

“It’s a big coffin that has been pressed by the four sides. And this is the center…” Song Chengan slowly drew the prototype of Guanyin Temple in the center of the topographic map.

This time, needless to say, Yu Zhengqing understood: “can’t this be a suppression array formed by taking the whole Guanyin Town as the scope and the Guanyin Temple as a millennium aloe tree to suppress the needle eye?”

This? The whole Guanyin Town is just a big coffin integrated into the big array!!

Song Chengan was not happy because of this conclusion. His face became more dignified and his eyes swept back and forth on the two pictures.

“The method Mr. Bai gave us to suppress Jiang Jingyun’s body is just a reduced version of Guanyin Town. He said that Guanyin Town has existed for a long time since it was collected for many years. This suppression array should have been maintained for a long time to suppress evil and eliminate evil. How…”

How come Guanyin temple is getting more and more strange now?

With such a large array, Guanyin Town should live and work in peace and contentment. Why did such a treacherous thing as black sea trouble happen?

Song Chengan looked up and looked at the golden statue of Guanyin, which was dozens of feet high, and then slowly closed his eyes.

Yu Zhengqing was about to speak. Lin Qing raised his hand and stopped him. He whispered to him, “he’s using his skills. Don’t disturb him.”

Song Chengan’s skill is array Dao.

Lin Qing and song Chengan are old super high-level players. Yu Zhengqing didn’t dare to put a spectrum in front of them. He stepped back, lowered his voice and said, “we have made progress here. Don’t drop the chain over your brother and them.”

Lin Qing glanced at him: “we should be careful not to hold them back.”

Yu Zhengqing choked and felt that the atmosphere of their camp was very strange. Song Chengan seemed to lead the players of the whole camp, but? In fact, the important decision was never made. Instead, Yan Wei did what he said. And Yan Mingguang, he couldn’t even bear to blink when he didn’t say a word at ordinary times. Such strength was hidden behind Yan Wei 。

Lin Qing is even more strange. He is famous in the world inside the building. He is crazy and looks calm. Once he makes any decision, he has to do whatever he does.

Such a person would say “you can’t hold them back”.

It’s like

It’s like Yan Wei, an old monster like Zhuo Xidong.

Yu Zhengqing can gradually feel that Yan Wei seems to have a mysterious past and undetectable strength, but the other party is so young and looks like he has never seen before. What old monster can he be?

Ahead, song Chengan suddenly opened his eyes.

As soon as he threw the Zhu pen in his hand, he jumped up in place, stepped on the clothes of the golden statue of Guanyin, and jumped on the crown of the golden statue of Guanyin in an instant.

At the moment of standing firm, song Chengan’s always calm expression suddenly changed!

Lin Qing asked him, “what do you see?”

“… an array.”

“Suppression array?”

“No, the Guanyin Temple itself is the eye of the suppression array. Its function is the same as that of the Millennium aloe tree. This is a new array.”

“Do you mean that in addition to the fact that Guanyin Town itself is a large suppression array, there is a reversal array on the Guanyin golden statue?”

Yan Wei followed Zhong Bufan, followed by Yan Mingguang, one after another to ensure that they would not be found.

Zhong Bufan leads the way to the east of Shen house according to his memory. Yan Mingguang keeps in touch with Lin Zhen all the time to ensure that Lin Zhen will not be found by Shen house players when he disguises as Jiang Jingyun “haunted” because of any negligence.

Yan Wei originally did this job, but song Chengan strongly asked for contact just now. Yan Wei had to ask Yan Mingguang to keep in touch with Lin Zhen with heijie. He connected song Chengan’s communication request.

The three of them were running around Shen’s house in the dark. Heijie conveyed song Chengan’s voice: “yes, I’m sure that this array has the function of reversing. However, I can’t break it for the time being. This array has not only a long time, but also a strong function. It reversed the pressure suppression array of the whole Guanyin Town and turned the evil elimination array into something that encourages evil spirit and resentment!”

Therefore, the gold statue of Guanyin is more and more evil, and the whole Guanyin Town is more and more treacherous.

Yan Wei frowned: “does the Black Sea have anything to do with the reversal of the suppression array?”

“It’s possible.”

“What does Jiang Jingyun have to do with this big array?” Yan Wei still feels wrong.

The suppression array is an ancient method, which was left by the ancestors. However, this reversal array can only be written by the later generations. Who is it? So many of them do no good except bring sneakiness. What is the purpose of the later generations?

He thought it was Jiang Jingyun’s resentment that led all the people who had been buried under the sea to die. As a result, the sea became darker and darker, and there was a phenomenon of corpse lifting in Guanyin Town.

However, if there is such a reversal array to promote evil, does Jiang Jingyun bring Tianda’s resentment, or does Tianda’s evil encourage Jiang Jingyun? Who is the cause and who is the result?

There seemed to be a scream in the distance. Several shouts shouted in panic, “haunted” and “help”. These cries for help completely broke the calm of the Shen house at night. The lights were on around, and the noise of footsteps came from all directions.

They have reached the two small courtyards in the East. Yan Wei can obviously feel that many people with fluctuations in the data rushed out.

The fish took the bait.

“Song Chengan,” said Yan Wei, “you should first find out the reversal array. I want to know how to arrange the array. Only by knowing the array diagram can you see that this array has fallen for several years.”

“OK, now I’m trying to restore the arrangement of this reversal array.”

Yanwei cut off communication.

In front of him, Zhong Bufan suddenly stopped and looked at him with a ghost expression on his face.

Yan Wei: “… What are you doing?”

“You were just directing song Chengan?”

Yan Wei: “…” he thought something had happened.

Behind him, Yan Mingguang stepped forward and said, “Lin Zhen has done a good job. Now he leads Zhuo Xidong and those people away from here as far as possible.”

At the same time, Yan Wei also received the news from Geng Liang that all players in the shenzhai camp had gone after “Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body”, and Geng Liang stayed in the courtyard for the reason that someone needed to stay, as if to lure the tiger away from the mountain.

Two corpses of players are hanging on the gate in front of you, which is obviously what the players of shenzhai camp said before. Zhuo Xidong killed two players of the same camp in order to frighten others.

Yan Wei walked directly to the gate in front of him and said, “we still have to hurry as soon as possible. Although Lin Zhen is good at speed, there are more than a dozen big foxes behind him. He will not be able to hold on for a long time.”

Geng Liang had come out of the yard and met Yan Wei.

Zhong Bufan was shocked and was about to start. Yan Wei stopped him and said, “I’m my own man.”


“How can you use this desperate method? Zhuo Xidong will come back later, and we may not be able to retreat all together,” Geng Liang hurriedly walked up to Yan Wei. “Moreover, Zhuo Xidong must find something wrong.”

Geng Liang worked so hard that Zhong Bufan felt there was no reason to doubt. He was stunned: “no, you are really your own? There are nine of us.”

Yan Wei: “if we scare the snake, we can scare the snake. Anyway, we can leave temporarily after we get the Guanyin clean bottle of water. When we catch Jiang Jingyun’s ghost, we can bring everyone back to kill him.”

As he said this, he had dispersed his sense of knowledge and felt that he was suffering from the situation of the two small courtyards in front of him.

As soon as he dispersed, his sense of knowledge suddenly touched the thick resentment in a small courtyard and suddenly shrank.

Beside him, Geng Liang has explained with Zhong Bufan that he is an undercover. Now in this situation, he directly helps Yan Wei beat around, and there is no reason to doubt that he is in another camp.

Zhong Bufan is not stupid. After thinking for a moment, he won’t doubt it.

But the fact that there are now nine people in their camp is also on the surface.

“What’s the matter? I’d like to believe you’re my own, but? If so, we can only have one more hostile camp but undercover. But? Everyone here is very reliable. Who from the hostile camp comes to us to help us? So positive, I wish the shenzhai camp would be destroyed?”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows and glanced at Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang collected his eyes without feeling guilty at all.

Yan Wei chuckled and said, “maybe he’s a fool.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Yan Wei knew what was important and what was important. He joked about Yan Mingguang and went to the small courtyard full of evil spirit.

Geng Liang hurriedly shouted to him, “that small courtyard is Jiang Jingyun’s morgue! There are towering grievances and evil spirits in it. If you touch it, you will die. In order to solve the infighting during the day, Zhuo Xidong killed two players who didn’t agree with him.”

Yan Wei smiled: “that’s what’s good. If not, I won’t go.”

Geng Liang was stunned. Zhong Bufan clapped his hands and shouted: “things that can’t be found three feet into the ground are naturally under his eyes and absolutely impossible to go!”

Yan Mingguang already grasped Yan Wei’s hand and crossed his fingers with Yan Wei. The man said calmly, “I’ll go in and get it.”

Yan Wei turned back and blinked quickly. The eyes of the peach petals were full of laughter.

“Care is chaos, Mr. Yan,” he said. “You forget, when I went in today, did these grievances kill me or did I run after these grievances?”


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