Half Immortal Chapter 185

Half Immortal Chapter 185: Black Sea Town Coffin (24) “he must not have put all

Yan Mingguang loosened his hand.

But he still took some advice: “resentment not only kills people, but also hurts people.”

At this moment, Zhong Bufan completely abandoned all his views, stepped forward two steps to Yan Wei and said: “Zhuo Xidong learned that the Guanyin bottle was in Shen Zhai for a long time. After looking for it for so many days, he was afraid that the strength of a few people was not enough. He made up a wizard’s script and let all players in Shen Zhai camp look for it. He never thought that the most unlikely place was the most likely place, but -”

“But Zhuo Xidong still hasn’t got the Guanyin bottle, which is enough to show that Jiang Jingyun’s morgue is dangerous?” Yan Wei smiled. “That’s not nonsense? If you really come and go at will, we can still get the Guanyin bottle of water?”

Geng Liang looked sad and said, “why don’t we find a way? Zhong Bufan was right. Zhuo Xidong didn’t think about it. Now I think back, when he used to make an example of others, he chose the yard where he pushed people to the morgue… But when they were pulled out by the rope, it was…”

He turned around and pointed to the two bodies hanging in front of the hospital, which had begun to show body spots.

Yan Wei shook his head and felt helpless about the three people around him – one left and one right in front, leaving him only a space to retreat.

“Is there anything else about your two bodies except body spots?”

Geng Liang was stunned: “no… they should die soon. After they died, the black ring was damaged, and they didn’t come out. Did they use any legendary props, but I didn’t hear anything outside, it should be.”

Yan Wei concluded, “that’s instant death.”

Knowing that he could not stop him, Yan Mingguang whispered to him, “you must come out before midnight. If you can’t come out -”

“If you can’t get out,” Yan Wei tilted his head, gathered in front of Yan Mingguang, and the hot air between his breathing sprinkled on each other’s chin. “Teacher Yan is going to die for me. I’m very selfish. I’m happy to live and die… But I’m going to die a couple.”

This is half true and half false. On the contrary, it is more like a joke to ease the atmosphere at the moment. Yan Mingguang should look at him with a smile as before. His surface expression remains unchanged, and he won’t care too much in his heart.

But his voice had not yet fallen. Under the “color” of the moon, Yan Mingguang’s deep black eyes seemed to flash a trace of hesitation.

Yan Wei suddenly felt something bad.

He believes that Yan Mingguang will live and die with him, but joking is one thing, and how to do it is another. If Yan Mingguang has an accident, he is afraid he will not turn back, but if he really has an accident and it is too late to push Yan Mingguang away, how can he really pull Yan Mingguang away?

He glanced at Yan Mingguang and said in a cold tone, “then I’ll go.”

On his side, the man raised his hand and gently flicked his forehead.

“Heaven wants more,” the man sighed. “Don’t talk about whether you will die every day.”

Yan Wei’s bad taste was instantly driven away by the man’s flick of bending his knuckles.

He raised his hand and stopped Zhong Bufan and Geng Liang, who felt that there were 800 more words to say: “Lin Zhen doesn’t know how long he can distract those people. If he goes on, he doesn’t think Lin Zhen’s danger is big enough? Don’t worry, before midnight, as long as it’s a Shun death attack, it won’t work for me. Even if it’s not shun death, I’m the most injured. After I come out, I can exchange props or wound medicine.” Treatment. You just need to ensure that there are no other accidents when I go to get the Guanyin clean bottle of water. ”

Zhong Bufan was stunned.

The consciousness of the man who had stopped Yan Wei was slowly put down, and the whole person was frozen in place. After studying countless copies, the details and guesses written down overlapped with Yan Wei’s words at this moment, and a strange idea seemed to sprout at this moment.

Zhong Bufan was stunned and said: “… Won’t die before midnight?”

No one answered his question. Yan Wei had walked slowly through the dilapidated gate.

“- won’t die before midnight!?”

Yan Wei’s remark interrupted the fierce quarrel outside the copy.

Since the super high-level player found the code “V” and said the discovery in disbelief, these super high-level players have their own words.

Some think it’s just a coincidence. V says it’s missing, but the last top-level copy has been so long and ended in failure. However, V can only be dead.

A small number of people think that maybe… It’s really possible.

Xue Wan also heard these rumors, but smiled disdainfully and didn’t believe it at all.

Xiang Ying didn’t speak from beginning to end. His face “color” calmly turned the string of Buddha beads in his hand, which was quite leisurely.

The rest of the world in the building, either know or don’t know, or think of it, or still feel incredible, didn’t speak. This code represents something too heavy.

Until Yan Wei’s words.

V’s skills have always been a secret in the world inside the building. However, many people have tried to infer one or two from his copy records. Occasionally, they will find that V’s words and deeds in the copy are very different, and the style of the day before and the day after will be very different.

Midnight is like a dividing line.

When they guessed Yan Wei’s identity, Yan Wei also said the word “Midnight”.

Even Xue Wan, who had been watching the play all the time, was stunned at this moment. He held the long knife and didn’t move. He just raised his head slightly, and his face became more and more dignified.

When he thought of the 49th floor replica, he fought with Yan Wei countless times. In fact, he didn’t really fight face-to-face with Yan Wei, but he had to admit that he was beaten by Yan Wei’s group. It seemed that no matter what he did, he just scratched in front of Yan Wei and solved it with a flick of his fingertips.

This feeling

Like the legendary v.

“Kid,” Xiang Ying smiled, “do you still want to gamble with me?”


In a house in Guanyin Town.

The scholar stumbled into his house with a nearly empty wine pot in his hand. The whole house was empty, only the candles in the bedroom flashed. He was so drunk that he was still knocking at the door and fell to the ground. The wine pot broke into eight pieces with a crisp sound.

He didn’t get up either, so he lay on the ground and read his sweetheart’s name.

His sweetheart refused his proposal a few days ago. He went to Hualou to get drunk for several days. Until today, his money ran out, so he had to come back.

The ground was so cold that it slowed down the heat brought by warm wine. The scholar smelled a burst of intoxicating flower fragrance, turned over and half narrowed his eyes to a bright red dress.

He looked up and, in a trance, saw the face of his sweetheart.

The other party squatted down slowly in front of him, and the smell of flowers became stronger and stronger. The candle on one side suddenly went out for some reason. The surrounding air was cold for a few minutes, but the scholar was unaware. He just stared at the woman in red in front of him and read his sweetheart’s name.

“I like you…” he said, sad and smiling. “You don’t like me.”

The woman laughed.

The scholar felt that the fragrance was getting sweeter and sweeter. The “sweetheart” in front of him had been pasted, and the cold around him turned into endless spring “color”.

long time.

The figure in red slowly stood up and smiled: “what a cheap love.”

Yan Wei stepped into the yard.

Maybe it’s because everyone knows the danger here. The gate of the courtyard is not locked at all. Yan Wei pushes and walks away.

When he saw it, the resentment was so strong that it became black gas. With deep resentment and thoughts, he immediately wrapped Yan Wei who had just stepped into a few steps. He could feel that these resentments and thoughts were as heavy as Mount Tai, and could take people’s “sex” life in an instant.

But his skills were in his body, and these black gases wound up, but he stopped an inch from his side and couldn’t do anything more.

Even so, he still felt the pouring resentment. These evils complained about his nerves, mottled and miscellaneous. It seemed that there were countless complaints, but it was so confused that he couldn’t hear clearly.

It’s like ink stone throwing it into clear water, which instantly explodes the greed, anger and ignorance that block out the sky and the sun, and all of them come to Yan Wei. Even if these black Qi can’t bring substantial damage to his body, Yan Wei also feels spiritual oppression.

A little mental instability is a moment of madness. If many people with weak perception stand here and don’t kill with black gas at all, I’m afraid they will collapse and die first. No wonder the two people didn’t respond after they were thrown here. I’m afraid they lost consciousness before they could use props.

He was in a trance. He stood firm, his perception slowly dispersed, and looked at everything in the yard.

The yard is very broken, and there is only one house in front of it. The weeds around it have fallen below people’s knees, and the ground is full of dust. No one has stepped here for a long time.

Yan Weishun walked along the path, stepped over the weeds and walked slowly into the open house.

At first glance, there was a big dark coffin, which was more deep in the dark air, as if it had absorbed all the light, and could sink people into an endless abyss at a glance. The coffin was covered with dead plates and covered with nail caps, which was obviously reinforced again and again. The coffin was very calm, as if it was just a calm body without anything ferocious.

Yan Wei’s perception went against the black air, swept the room twice, and found a white porcelain vase in a corner on the right.

——Guanyin clean bottle!

He stepped forward a few steps and wanted to bend down to pick up the porcelain bottle. As soon as he lowered his head, he saw that there seemed to be thick blood on the dusty ground under the black gas, and drew several obviously regular thick lines.

Yan Wei paused, endured the pain caused by the black gas, glanced at the ground in the house along the lines, and suddenly found that it was an array.

Thinking of the suppression array and reversal array just discovered by song Chengan in Guanyin temple, Yan Wei knew that this might be another array with any effect, and silently memorized this pattern in his mind.

The black air around me was rolling. It seemed that a wind had blown, but somehow, even the resentment was blowing. Except Yan Wei, the black air in the room was surging, and it was very strange in silence.

“Hide your head and expose your tail…”

Yan Wei endured the deepest and heaviest negative emotions brought by the black gas. His face was already a little pale, but he stood in front of the Guanyin net bottle, his back was still straight, and his face said calmly: “since you told me you were coming, you still have to hide next to you?”

In front of him, the rolling black gas suddenly gave a meal, and then a piece of black gas condensed a fuzzy human shape at a very fast speed, and the ethereal and strange voice came from all directions of Yan Wei.

“This is not a way to say hello to you…” the evil thought sent out several sharp laughter, “He kept you so tight. I wanted to see you several times, but he blocked me back. Gee, he’s more experienced this time than last time. He’s afraid I’ll confuse your judgment and won’t let me even copy. If there’s no monstrous malice in this room, I can come with malice, I don’t know when I can see you…”

Yan Wei’s face remained unchanged, but there was a storm in his heart.


The person who said evil thoughts… Is it Yan Mingguang!?

Yan Mingguang has been blocking evil thoughts into the copy!?

This is not something a player can do at all.

The black Qi congealed figure took two steps forward. Yan Wei calmed his mind, restrained all his emotions, looked at it coldly and said, “if you want to tell me anything that you want to use to obstruct me and disturb my mind, you’d better say it here. Since it’s so difficult for you to come this time, if I go out, you won’t have a chance.”

The evil thought “ha ha” laughed a few times: “you are still so interesting.”

“Why, if you want to do it, I’ll let you do it. You shouldn’t be satisfied?”

“Do you know what I want to say to you?”

“Around, you are to live.”

The evil thought spread out: “that’s hard to say. How can I live? Isn’t it also a choice for the one who has the same root as me – ah, yes, you call him Yan Mingguang?”

“Yan Wei, you are so determined to break this time, regardless of his life or death… He must not have returned all his memories to you.”


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