Half Immortal Chapter 186

Half Immortal Chapter 186: Black Sea Town Coffin (25) light and dark contrast, good and evil intersect

Yan Weixin only said “sure enough”.

He had this thought in his heart for a long time. When he learned that his memory was not complete, he was not suspicious or surprised. All these things do not want to be expected. Perhaps he has already been mentally prepared, or maybe the last time he went upstairs, Yan Wei had already engraved his due commitment in Yan Wei’s bones. What was Yan Wei’s reaction in an instant.

He wanted to hear what Yan Mingguang said more than talk with evil thoughts.

His eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and he stood motionless with miscellaneous greed, anger and hatred, as if these heaviest dark and evil words had bothered him at all.

The evil thought wanted him to lose his manners. After waiting for a long time, he had to say, “you already know? Why, you have a heart of stone when you come back?”

“I’ve always been a man of stone heart.”

Yan Wei thought that he got the Guanyin clean bottle of water and wrote down the array. Not only did he race against time to press Jiang Jingyun’s ghost back into the dead coffin, he could have a rest and have a good temper with Yan Mingguang?

“Stone hearted people don’t give up all their efforts in the end, Yan Wei,” said the evil thoughts again. “We are a kind of people. You can give up all your efforts for him last time, and you can give up those who have anything to do with you this time, don’t you?”

——Give up all your work.

So it is.

Yan Mingguang’s words were all exposed by a few words of evil thoughts.

Everything in this world has two sides. Light and darkness match each other, and good and evil intersect. Is there only evil thoughts, but no benevolence and good? Good and evil coexist, but they also die together. There are no eggs under the nest. The building is destroyed, and the evil thoughts disappear. Isn’t it good thoughts?

He failed the first time because he was formatted by the building, and because he was so decisive that there was no choice between thousands of people and one person, he chose to format to give himself another choice?

Yan Wei said coldly, “you know why every time you deal with me and want to reconcile with me, you leave with a dusty face?”

After a bad thought, the black air around suddenly stopped.

“Because you don’t think about Yan Mingguang from the perspective of kindness and emotion, you have these things, and you don’t know what can touch my results. The things between Yan Mingguang and me, the choice between us, what you say and do, don’t change who’s decision between us. You only have evil under the living rules.”

The evil thoughts were angered by his disdain, and the black air rolled like a storm in an instant. The evil thoughts did not break through the rules, but they could affect the great resentment and hatred these days. They walked around Yan Wei and passed by Yan Wei. They were wrapped in countless grievances and impacted Yan Wei. He bit his lower lip tightly and moved.

The lower lip has been bitten by Yan Wei. He seems to have tasted some of his own blood, and his mind is more and more clear.

In his face, there was only one evil idea under the rules of living in the building, which did not come from his opponent.

That is, for the first time, that is, when he reached the top last time, he confused evil thoughts with Yan Mingguang because he didn’t know the existence of evil thoughts, and he didn’t lose. This stupid thing that is not human can’t be called his opponent at the end.

The first time he reached the top, he lost to himself.

Even if she still has the remaining memory, Yan Weixin also roughly understands all this.

He moved his eyebrows, looked lightly at the vague human shape in his eyes, and said, “if you don’t like people, don’t imitate them.”

Evil thoughts remain.

The ethereal voice was angry, but it was as angry as before, and its tone was joking: “I’m not so greedy for life and death. Even if the ashes disappear, ha, Yan Wei, I want you to regret stopping. Yan Mingguang, who I installed last time, this time, since I can’t deceive you, I won’t pretend to be him. I can learn from others. I can’t win you, but…”

The noise is getting louder and louder.

Yan Wei is trying to hear what evil thoughts are going to do, but the black air around him stagnates again. The heavy resentment seems to be condensed by some cold snow. Obviously, there are all changes, but Yan Wei can feel a clear light that comes from nowhere.

The sound of evil thoughts disappeared into the house.

It’s gone.

But what?

It had finished, but Yan Wei suddenly tightened his whole body and his back was cold.

He withdrew his mind, bent down and quickly picked up the white porcelain bottle.

In the middle of the room, the coffin was still lying quietly. The moment Yan Wei’s fingertips touched the white porcelain vase, a hint sounded in Yan Wei’s mind.

[congratulations! Players get the key item in the copy: Guanyin water purification bottle. Please use Guanyin water purification bottle correctly to complete the main task of the copy and suppress the resentment of Guanyin Town. You get the main line progress reward: 20%, and all players in your camp get the main line progress reward of 15%.]

[when your main task progress is 48%, all players in this copy temporarily rank first.]

[note to players: since all restricted props in the copy show “exposure” and are held by different players, the progress of Guanyin purified water bottle and the current copy will be made public to all players.]

Yan Wei clenched his hand on the clean bottle of water.

He put the white porcelain bottle containing clean water into his sleeve and walked out of the morgue quickly in the dark air.

As soon as he stepped on the discharge door, Yan Wei had not had time to see the door under the “color” of the night. A pair of warm hands suddenly pulled him over the threshold. His eyes flashed, and he almost ran into Yan Mingguang.

The “color” of the man’s face at the moment is obviously not good. The “color” of the moon outlines a layer of silver-white “color” on each other’s face The outline of Guanyin and the coldness around him seemed to be covered by Yan Mingguang. Geng Liang and Zhong Bufan clearly had something to say on one side. Just now, the Guanyin clean bottle of water was informed to each player by the news received by their camp. They were obviously very anxious, but Yan Mingguang didn’t say a word. He pestled here like a Bodhisattva, and hard people dared to speak.

Yan Wei was silent for a few seconds and said calmly, “did you drive it away?”

Geng Liang: “it? What did you say?”

Yan Mingguang looked down at Yan Wei and said, “HMM.”

“It’s really capable, Mr. Yan,” Yan Wei gritted his teeth. “If I don’t take the blessing of that dirty and stupid thing, I won’t be as powerful as you.”

Yan Mingguang seemed to sigh gently.

Yan Wei whispered, “I won’t tell you either.”

How did he get that memory? He already had a number in his heart.

But at the moment, it’s obvious that they don’t talk about their private affairs. All the players can hear the prompt just now. Zhuo Xidong knows that Guanyin has got the clean bottle of water at this moment, and the other party is very sure that they can understand everything they do.

Yan Wei restrained his expression and changed back to the appearance of introduction. His fingertips crossed the black ring and immediately sent a communication request to Lin Zhen.

The other side immediately connected: “I rely on the copy of the little pet. It’s a pit!! you still reported collectively when you got the clean bottle of water. There’s nothing crazy on the table. You began to chase me with all your strength. It’s shameless for so many people to fight together!”

As Lin Zhen spoke, there was a continuous sound of arrow feathers.

Zhong Bufan and Yan Ming □□ the situation is a little slow and want to ask Yan Weixian what to do. But he just takes a step and opens his mouth, but he is suddenly nervous to say something.

Not because of the game between the two sides and Lin Zhen’s situation at the moment, because he has just thought about speculation thousands of times.

If that’s true

Zhong Bufan felt that the words he said first were big words.

The man in the eye, don’t say that the edge of the top layer has been “exposed”, that is, the top layer that super high-level players keep secret, has been here twice. He has always been proud of his cleverness, not only can’t compare with others, but also always has to say those shameful jokes to others

For a moment, Zhong Bufan felt that he might as well die on the top floor. He came with a little face.

He was about to stop talking. Yan Wei looked and said, “do you have anything to say?”

Zhong Bufan quickly waved his hand and said, “yes, yes, you — ah, no, no, you have the word.”

Geng Liang: “why did you suddenly meet a head teacher like a pupil?

“…” Yan Wei suddenly realized what kind of mental journey this man had just had.

He took back his eyes and said to Lin Zhen, “you can’t develop so many crazy super high-level players alone. You come directly to us. Yan Mingguang’s skills can change quickly and the clean bottle of water has been obtained. It’s not a big deal even if you have a face-to-face confrontation with them. Come here, we are at the gate of Jiang Jingyun’s morgue.”

Lin Zhen was obviously a little embarrassed when he was chased, but he was obviously happy when he heard Yan Wei’s words: “Yo, I’m going to fight on the ground at last? Then I’m not polite, little pet. I’ll bring these bad things to you!”

Guanyin hall.

Song Chengan and others also heard the news that Guanyin’s clean bottle of water was taken by their own people.

Song Cheng’an knew that Zhuo Xidong had taken a big step at the moment and would not come slowly. After they got the clean bottle of water, they had to make an arrow on the string, and there was any time to delay. According to Yan Wei’s instructions, he was standing on the hair crown of the Guanyin golden statue, his skills in the needle path, and studied the layout of the reversal array bit by bit. Now he heard the prompt sound, which was more complete However, he did not dare to slack off and devoted his whole body and mind to it.

The fish flying boat on the beach finally came back.

“I tried to put my hand into the sea,” said the fish flying boat. “It was blurred immediately.”

Lin Qingmian said, “what’s up?”

“My skill is healing, but it’s no big deal. But this sea water… Can Jiang Jingyun really do it alone – Ghost power?”

Yu Zhengqing “hum” and said, “young people don’t understand. How can it be called Jiang Jingyun’s ghost power when so many corpses are thrown into the sea? These corpses may be caused by Jiang Jingyun, and then these corpses darken the sea.”

Yu Feizhou didn’t quite agree: “why did Jiang Jingyun harm so many people and let them die without peace? Injustice has a owner, debt has a owner.”

Yu Zhengqing sniffed: “how can there be so many clear grievances, debts and owners in the world? Resentment and unwillingness, and not those selfless judges, can they be clearly divided? Since they are all resentful, there is no matter what retribution. Only good people believe in just cause and effect in this world.”

Lin Qing wanted to say something, but his mind was suddenly interrupted by a cry for help from a distance.

His face, which always had waves, suddenly sank on the ground.

——He heard Lin Zhen’s cry for help.

Lin Zhen shouldn’t have been here. The other party moves with Yan Wei. It’s safer than him. How can Guanyin Temple call for help? Moreover, some people can understand themselves better than Lin Qing. Lin Zhen’s “sex” style will never call for help even if he is dying.

He understood all this, but when these thoughts turned around in his mind, he had rushed out of the main hall of the Guanyin temple and headed for the side hall where the cry for help came.

Yu Feizhou was stunned and said to Zhengqing, “please keep an eye on the situation here. I’ll follow it.”

Then he turned and ran out with Lin Qing.

Lin Qing’s strength was higher than that of the fish flying boat. The fish flying boat followed and fell for a long time. When he caught up, Lin Qing had come to the door of a Guanyin side hall and raised his hand to open the door of the side hall.

He saw Lin Zhen’s back.

The other party turned around the moment he pushed the door. The moon “color” poured in from behind Lin Qing and found the blank face of “Lin Zhen” in the hall.

The voice of evil thoughts sounded at this moment: “Alas, the people around Yan Wei are just like him. It’s always easy to do some stupid things because of these indecision.”

The hall suddenly burst out of the towering black air and rushed straight to Lin Qing!

Kilometers away, in the main hall of Guanyin, song Chengan turned over and jumped down the golden statue of Guanyin, but only Yu Zhengqing was there.

“What about fish flying boats and forest conditions?”

“It seems to be a side hall.”

Song Chengan’s face changed.

He has just disassembled the reversal array. The thirty-three Guanyin Xiangpian halls of Guanyin Temple are all the places where the reversal array is pressed. Every time there are dead people, the resentment of the dead flows to the Black Sea. The resentment of the Black Sea rushes towards Guanyin temple. The temple becomes more and more dangerous with the superposition of the grievances of the dead. Especially when Jiang Jingyun was killed by a ghost, the side hall was almost a place of death. He was very angry!

Just now, song Chengan obviously saw that the reversal array started for a moment, and Jiang Jingyun just killed another person.

Take this side hall

Yu Feizhou’s communication suddenly came in, and song Chengan subconsciously answered, “where are you!”

“Side hall, something happened to Lin Qing!”

Although Shen’s house is large, it’s only a few moments for them to go back and forth.

Yan Weigang finished with Lin Zhen. A few moments later, Lin Zhen came to them with the sound of arrows in the yard.

It was obviously not easy for him to go all the way. His bright red dress was not stained with blood in some places and had become deeper.

Lin Zhen made a mess and Yan Wei stopped. He almost stood firm. Fortunately, Yan Mingguang pulled him. At the same time, the players of shenzhai camp behind Lin Zhen also appeared in front of Yan Wei and others.

“Little pet, let’s go quickly.” Lin Zhen gasped. “Something happened to my brother. I can’t hurt them.”

Yan Wei was stunned.

A husky male voice came not far away: “it’s all here. Why don’t you just stay as a guest. Geng Liang… So you’re undercover.”

Yan Weixun’s reputation, only a thin man in a dark “color” robe came to them, followed by many players. The thin man was wearing an eye patch, his face was as thin as his body, and his whole body was full of shrewdness.

He had heard this man before, but he had heard it many times.

Zhuo Xidong.

Yan Mingguang blocked Yan Wei’s face halfway. Zhong Bufan was afraid of Yan Wei’s hands and feet. Facing these people, he was very angry: “I don’t know who I am. Guanyin came to make wedding clothes for others for so long.”

Zhuo Xidong looked at the five of them. They were not good at fighting players except Lin Zhen, who had already won the lottery, and Yan Mingguang, who looked very difficult to deal with. The young man who was protected by others was even less. He looked docile and clever. He couldn’t see any threat “sex” at all.

He was relieved. He said, “I said,” why is there a clean bottle of water three feet into the ground? Sure enough, it’s close to the eye. It’s the mortuary where there are ten dead and lifeless. If you take it out, I may not be organic. Who makes the wedding dress for who, depends on who gets the clean bottle of water. ”

Behind Zhuo Xidong, the air around a player fluctuated for a while. The strong wind that had been blowing suddenly stopped, and a transparent barrier shrouded the top of Shen’s house for an instant.

Yan Wei looked up and understood what it was.

A legendary prop of “sex” space and “sex” quality can block the space for a certain period of time. Unless the prop messenger can rest assured in person, no matter how high the data is, it will be brutally cracked. This thing is obsolete after one time, but it is rarer than other legendary props. It has no attack power and can only prevent some skills such as blinking.

Zhuo Xidong made a lot of money and wanted to keep them here.

Lin Zhen looked at Yan Wei and asked what to say. Yan Wei patted him on the shoulder and said to him, “I know we have to hurry to Lin Qing. Don’t worry, I know.”

It’s still a short time before midnight.

The players behind Zhuo Xidong were about to start, but they only whispered.

Zhuo Xidong suddenly looked at him and looked stunned.

“Although there is a heavy house here, my old opponent, you are not the one who is invincible.” Yan Wei took out the Guanyin net bottle from his sleeve and threw it with his hand. “Come and grab it. I’ll run into the morgue and throw it down. Don’t you? About, you want to get it. The damage to the soldiers will be small. We want to get it, but I have a few steps of effort.”

The young man’s clear voice passed through the “color” of the moon, moistened with the cold of ice and snow, and came to Zhuo Xidong’s ears with great familiarity.

He was surprised and frightened and said, “you!!??”


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