Half Immortal Chapter 187

Half Immortal Chapter 187: Black Sea Town Coffin (26) “I die first around.”

Yan Wei did not respond to Zhuo Xidong.

Although after recovering his memory, he did not deliberately hide his past before going upstairs this time, he did not like to be recognized. If it hadn’t happened suddenly and had to confront Zhuo Xidong head-on, he actually wanted to pass the old opponent and end this copy.

Especially now, based on his own speculation and evil thoughts, he has understood why he started again last time.

After the destruction of the building, Yan Mingguang also disappeared. He couldn’t do it and all his previous achievements were wasted.

Yan Wei thought, how about recognizing it? If those people know that he can end all this early, but hesitate to give up close at hand, don’t blame him? If he didn’t do it again, would those players who died from his last summit to this summit lead a completely different life?

Hundreds of passers-by who died in the copy, opponents who had a dispute with him in the copy this time, and friends who failed to survive this journey. Zhou Tian, Ding Xiao, and now Lin Qing are dying

No one has the responsibility to stand in front of everyone, nor the right to blame others for not saving themselves. The life of one person and the life of tens of thousands of people is also an immeasurable eternal problem, and no one is more expensive than anyone.

Yan Wei knew, but he couldn’t help blaming himself.

He glanced at Zhuo Xidong, turned his head and turned the viewing bottle in his hand. He just wanted to take Lin Zhen and them away from the Shen house. Yan Wei was more worried about Lin Qing and Lin Zhen when he combined the words he had just said with Lin Qing’s accident.

Zhuo Xidong was ready to fight with other players, but after he recognized Yan Wei, he suddenly raised his hand to stop all players in Shen Zhai camp without moving forward.

His thin face was full of surprise at the moment. His eye mask covered one of his eyes, but his other eye looked at Yan Wei directly. In addition to being surprised, it was more frightening.

He is too familiar with the sound.

In that invisible copy, his proud skills were seen through by the other party again and again. Every time he thought there was no omission, he was dissolved by the other party. He was hidden in the dark for so many years, and only exposed some information in the copy of ghost marsh, all because of V.

When hearing V missing in the top copy, Zhuo Xidong felt different from others.

He was relieved.

The original sigh of relief was held in his throat at this moment.

V brought him too much shadow. Even after such a long time, he still remembered the feeling of being beaten under pressure and failing no matter how he tried. At this moment, Zhuo Xidong flashed in his mind that many opponents would appear here to speculate, and finally there was only one idea – V and he were in different camps.

He can live in the building for so long. What he is good at is these instant decisions.

Whatever the reason, V was his opponent, who also got the Guanyin bottle.

Zhuoxi immediately said, “we give up the Guanyin net bottle. Lao Xu, you give us all permission to enter and exit the barrier. Let’s go!”

He said nothing in the shenzhai camp. Other players didn’t dare to ask, and immediately cooperated with Zhuo Xidong. The player named Lao Xu was the one who controlled the barrier. The legendary props in his hand flashed. Lin Qiao waved them, and those people suddenly disappeared in front of Yan Wei and others.

Geng Liang was stunned: “run!”

Zhong Bufan was not surprised. If Yan Wei is really the one, the name is enough to make people fart and pee. Zhuo Xidong is decisive and knows that hard robbery is impossible – although Yan Wei didn’t say anything, Zhong Bufan just blindly believes that V there is a way.

Yan Wei was a little surprised.

It was a mistake on his part. He really didn’t expect that he was such a deterrent to Zhuo Xidong that they didn’t start, and the other party left?

“No,” Zhong Bufan suddenly sank in color and looked up at the transparent barrier that only players can see above. “This legendary prop has a certain time limit and can’t be broken by violence. When they leave the Shen house, we can’t get out.”

Lin Zhen: “my brother…”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang looked at each other.

Yan Mingguang shook his head and said, “this is absolutely in line with the rules.”

He can not be shackled by the copy rules, but also compete with evil thoughts, but can not affect other players besides the copy. He can go back and forth freely, but Yan Wei and others can’t take him away.

Yan Wei glanced at Lin Zhen and his face was more heavy.

Since the evil thoughts are out of hand, in order to let him retreat from difficulties, he can’t just take Lin Qing lightly. Even if he can’t see it, he can guess that Lin Qing is… Dying at the moment.

But Lin Zhen has not had any new injuries since just now, except for some insignificant skin and flesh injuries.

Lin Qing… What do you think?

He put the Guanyin bottle into his sleeve and said, “I’m afraid Zhuo Xidong wants to find another way, but our top priority now is not to compete with them. Let’s go out first…”

He looked at the small courtyard sealed with huge resentment and whispered, “array.”

At Jiang Jingyun’s mortuary, there is a player who didn’t know the array existed before.

Unknown is variable.

Under the endless monument.

All guesses and uncertainties have been answered in Zhuo Xidong’s sentence “it’s you”.

When the dust settled, they had no words.

Xu Miaomiao looked up and held the bone stick with a slight force. She didn’t tell Ding Xiao about Yan Wei’s identity. Everything was her own guess. At the moment, she was completely affirmed by Zhuo Xidong. She still had a trace of untrue feeling.

Beside him, Ding smiled sweetly: “it’s him.”

Xue Wan almost didn’t hold the knife in his hand.

Xiang Ying shook his bald head and sighed, “it seems that I have had so many high-level copies, and this insight is still good.”

In the distance, the inner boundary of the building is quite marginal.

The player who thought he was mistaken “rubbed” and “rubbed” his eyes and mouth, but he didn’t know what to say.

The inner boundary of the building seemed very quiet, but almost every corner always made a sound. Thousands of words, but in the end they come together into almost the same words.

——Here he is.

“That’s a one-way delivery array! From your description, if I’m not wrong…”

Song Chengan completely ignored the ice cold of the thick snow under the long steps. He squatted in the snow. The snow in front of him was also stained with Lin Qing, leaving blood on his body. Holding a dead branch in his hand, he quickly drew this array in the snow according to Yan Wei’s description.

“This is a one-way transmission array that starts from where and ends with Jiang Jingyun’s body. If -”

Yan Wei at the end of the communication immediately said, “if I draw a reversal array based on this array, will Jiang Jingyun’s body become the starting point when it stops in the coffin?”

“Theoretically speaking, as long as you can successfully use the reversal array, the transmission array at the coffin stop will briefly turn the direction and send you to its original starting point. Moreover, from your description, this transmission array is not short and can indeed transport you out of the sunken house. But what about the grievances at the coffin stop?”

“Just go out. I have my own way,” Yan Wei asked him. “How’s Lin Qing?”

Song Chengan subconsciously raised his eyes and looked at the door of the side hall.

The fish flying boat sat aside, and the wounds on his body were increasing. Lin Qing is sitting powerlessly by the door of the hall. He still has no waves on his face, and his pure black eyes are calm. But his body seemed to blossom, and his whole body was covered with blood. He was “naked” and “exposed” outside his robe, and his skin was turning black inch by inch, as if that terrible corpse spot would grow in the next moment.

It was the dirty resentment from the Black Sea through the array. They rushed into Lin Qing’s body at the moment Lin Qing opened the door, corroding Lin Qing’s vitality bit by bit.

If Lin Qing hadn’t made a quick decision to hurt Lin Zhen in part at that moment, and if there were not fish flying boats to treat and transfer the wounds bit by bit, Lin Qing might have died at the moment of opening the door.

But not much better at the moment.

At best, it’s just… For a moment and a half.

Such a sudden accident, song Chengan doesn’t know how many times he has experienced in each copy. He has long been used to saying goodbye after a brief acquaintance with many people. But this time it was the last time on the top floor. It was close to the top. It was better to lift your hand and pick up the stars. At the moment, you fell down the ten thousand foot building, only so short of breath.

Yu Feizhou told him that Lin Qing heard Lin Zhen’s cry for help.

No matter where the fake cry for help comes from, people like Lin Qing can’t figure out that this is likely to be a trap. Don’t you know one step and three risks in the copy?

But a concern is “chaos”.

No matter how accustomed he was to being indifferent, he still felt his heart pounding at the moment.

When he thought of Lin Qing’s weakness, he made him keep quiet and couldn’t hold Yan Wei back. Finally, he said, “he’s still alive now.”

Just now.

Yan Wei heard song Chengan’s meaning.

He said, “we’ll be there in a minute.”

Lin Zhen was listening. He didn’t know what song he was humming. He leisurely treated his wounds with the exchanged “medicine”.

Zhong Bufan couldn’t help saying, “you don’t care when Lao Lin will die?”

Lin Zhen said, “I’ll die first.”

Yan Wei was eager, blocked and funny for a moment. He didn’t know what to say about Lin Zhen, so he didn’t say it at all. He walked up to Yan Mingguang and said solemnly: “Since Zhuo Xidong has other plans and wants to finish the task while we are locked up in the Shen house, we might as well lend him this opportunity to get Guanyin clean bottle of water and Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body. Since this is a one-way transportation array, there are these grievances next to Jiang Jingyun’s body. Eight / nine are inseparable from ten. On the other end is Jiang Jingyun, who has been haunting Guanyin Town for many years Ghost body. ”

Therefore, all the resentments and resentments that emerged after killing people gathered from the place where Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body was located to the morgue through this array. After all these years, they raised this towering resentment.

I don’t know what the body in the resentment will look like.

If they reverse this array now, the greatest possibility is that they will directly transmit it to the place where Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body is located. Although they go to this step unprepared, this is the quickest way to catch the ghost body and leave the Shen house.

Yan Mingguang nodded, “don’t worry. After you draw the array, tell me with your skills.”

The array is at the mortuary. There is a lot of resentment nearby. Only Yan Wei, who is still in an immortal state, can go in.

When so many of them want to leave, Yan Wei can only go first and draw the reversal array. At the moment when the reversal array takes effect, Yan Mingguang uses the blinking skill to bring Lin Zhen and others to the center of the array. One moment more, Lin Zhen and others are swallowed up by resentment. One moment less, Yan Wei has left the array.

But it was Yan Mingguang who pinched the time.

This person’s identity, even if he is wearing a player’s skin, isn’t every minute in the copy under control?

Yan Wei is not worried at all.

He told Lin Zhen and others, turned his head and walked into the resentment.

Yan Wei endured the negative emotions brought by her resentment, stopped in front of the coffin and cut her finger.

Through the communication between heijie, song Chengan told him step by step how to arrange the reversal array on the Guanyin golden statue.

The array is song Chengan’s director. Although Yan Wei hasn’t studied these array ways related to ghosts, he can imitate them briefly. He keeps focused, bit by bit, and draws a continuous reversal array on the array at the coffin with his palm blood.

At the moment when the last stroke fell, Yan Wei said to Yan Mingguang through his perception: [now.]

At the next moment, the last stroke of the array was outlined, and a complete reversal array was connected. At this moment, the direction of the one-way transmission array was reversed. Yan Mingguang took Lin Zhen and others and brought them into the array with blinking skills.

Resentment comes, and the array starts at the same time.

The silk of the blockade barrier above Shen’s house did not move, but Yan Wei and others were spinning in front of them. In the blink of an eye, they came to nowhere.

When Yan Wei stood still, he smelled the beautiful fragrance of flowers he had smelled in Guanyin school. In front of him, candles flickered, bed curtains fell, the house looked warm, but the air was cold.

Sitting by the bed, a figure in a big red dress suddenly gave a meal. It seemed that he didn’t expect them to suddenly appear here.

Zhong Bufan exclaimed, “ah Yu!”


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