Half Immortal Chapter 188

Half Immortal Chapter 188: Black Sea Town Coffin (27)

Ah Yu didn’t seem to think that Yan Wei and others would appear here. She looked at Yan Wei and others. Yan Wei and they also looked at her. At this moment, they were stunned.

The dense fragrance of flowers around seemed to be substantial and wrapped around the people. Incense was burning in the house, and smoke curled and intertwined with the veil. In the middle of the night, there were only a few candles beating in the room, so that everyone’s figures were entangled together.

The silence lasted only a moment.

Ah Yu’s ordinary to minran people’s faces were suddenly covered with a haze. She clearly reflected people’s shadow under the lamp, and maintained the steady breathing that living people should have in this thick aroma, but her whole body seemed to be soaked with dark ghost. At that moment, with a wave in her hand, the long red ribbon rushed like a sharp blade quenched with blood.

The slender whip cut the air and hit the red ribbon with a rustling sound.

Yan Mingguang stood in front of Yan Wei, his expression did not move. His pure black eyes were calm, as if he didn’t pay attention to the “female ghost” in red.

Lin Zhen also turned over and jumped onto the beam in the rear. He pulled the long bow string in his hand and shot several arrows that couldn’t see the track clearly.

Ah Yu took the ribbon in one hand and turned around to avoid the arrows. There was a deep ghost spirit all over her. She really looked like a half dead evil ghost. She didn’t want to fight at all. Yan Mingguang pulled the red ribbon forward with a thin soft whip. She released her hand and took a step back.

Yan Wei reacted quickly and took out the moon wheel. The moon wheel emits a faint white light, which covers the dim candle light in the house, and instantly cuts a closed space in the house.

Zhong Bufan was sure at this moment – he didn’t recognize the wrong person!!

The same legendary props, the same use methods, and the same style and skills. He studied the copy of that person no less than a hundred times. How can he not recognize it?

At this time, ah Yu suddenly bumped into the barrier, turned around and gave Yan Wei a negative look.

She is not as gentle as dealing with Yan Wei in the daytime. Her eyes are filled with endless black gas, and her resentment is like a poisoned snake. Her ghostly figure flashed and raised her hand to catch Yan Wei.

Yan Mingguang’s face suddenly sank before there was any fluctuation. In the blink of an eye, he took Yan Wei back one step. The other hand grabbed ah Yu’s arm with his bare hand and threw it on the ground!

“You go first,” the man said as he fought with ah Yu lightly. “There’s little space here. I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

Yan Wei frowned.

Once the transmission array at the morgue was reversed, they should have been sent to the ghost body of Jiang Jingyun, who was harming Guanyin Town, but the thing in front of them was obviously ah Yu. They have all seen the portrait of Jiang Jingyun. It was a heroic woman with a beautiful appearance before her death. It could never be like ah Yu.

If the resentment around Jiang Jingyun’s coffin, one life after another and the fierce corpses, as well as the increasingly dark sea in recent years, are all written by ah Yu, what about Jiang Jingyun?

Is it difficult that Jiang Jingyun didn’t turn into a fierce ghost at all? All the rumors are just a cover. What really caused trouble is the person who is more like a ghost than a ghost?

There must be a secret, but now there is obviously something more important.

Yan Mingguang had already continued to shoot. Yan Wei stopped Lin Zhen who was going to continue to pull the bow behind him: “give it to Yan Mingguang here. Let’s go. Lin Qing can’t delay!”

Lin Zhen made a move.

Zhong Bufan suddenly said, “I’ll stay. Anyway, it’s unnecessary for me to go back with you. I don’t know the reason for ah Yu. It’s more useful for me to stay and help Yan Mingguang.”

At least he is a smart man. Since he has fully accepted Yan Wei’s identity, he has completely put himself in the dog leg position.

Why do you have to compete with V?

What young man doesn’t understand V’s power?

That’s bullshit.

Zhong Bufan didn’t think there was any problem with his attitude change at all: “that person didn’t talk much. I just contacted you here. It’s a little useful?”

Yan Wei: “…”

He said, “it’s OK. Without me, the barrier I cut with the moon wheel can only last for a few minutes, but it’s enough for Yan Mingguang. He’s just because we’re here. You go out of the room with me and let him play until he catches ah Yu.”

Zhong Bufan naturally agrees.

Yan Wei immediately picked up the moon wheel, took Zhong Bufan and Lin Zhen, knocked open the door of the room and saw the familiar corridor.

——Sure enough, it is the Wanhua building.

It turned out that they felt the sinister smell of “female ghost” in Wanhua building that day, which was written by ah Yu.

“Goodbye at Guanyin temple. Lin Zhen, let’s go.”

Yan Wei said that, went directly into the other room with Lin Zhen and Geng Liang, jumped out of the window and left.

Zhong Bufan took a nostalgic look at the leaky window. While regretting what nonsense he had said to Yan Wei before, he felt that he had not played well enough just now, and didn’t know whether he would save some impression.

When he heard a violent collision in the room, Zhong Bufan turned his attention back.

He was still thinking about how to help. Unexpectedly, the sound was really earth shattering. The sound waves shook Zhong Bufan back a step. The surrounding people and the people in the Wanhua building immediately rioted.

The corridor of Wanhua building is still very quiet at this moment, and the girls in the surrounding rooms haven’t had time to react.

Zhong Bufan looked into the room, but found that everything in the room was broken into powder in the small heaven and earth cut out by the moon wheel. Broken porcelain and broken wood pieces are mixed with an intoxicating aroma in the air.

Ah Yu was lying in the mess, her lips full of blood. She seemed to be badly hurt by the earthquake, and her bright red clothes became very dark. Her right cheek was scratched with a long wound by the broken porcelain just now, from the corner of her mouth to her auricle, dripping with blood.

Yan Mingguang just stood where he had just been, as if he had not moved.

Zhong Bufan realized what Yan Wei meant when he said they couldn’t show off in Yan Mingguang.

Just now, if he was in the house, he would be even worse than the woman who was neither human nor ghost. The space cut by Yan Wei with the moon wheel is not to prevent ah Yu from escaping, but to prevent Yan Mingguang from damaging other rooms and accidentally hurting others in such a small space.

This simply subverts Zhong Bufan’s cognition of the upper limit of body index.

But on second thought, V nothing around him was a genius.

Someone has pushed the door on the corridor to come out to have a look. There are people’s voices bustling around the Wanhua building. Zhong Bufan no longer procrastinates. He quickly walks back to the room, closes the door, and uses a prop to isolate the sound to ensure that he can’t hear what’s inside.

Under the obstruction of the moon, everything outside the house was normal. As soon as he closed the door, he couldn’t see what kind of fight had just passed inside. Those who came to explore the sound had no idea that something had happened inside the house, so they passed by outside the house.

Yan Mingguang exchanged a sinister spell from the mall and stuck it on ah Yu. Ah Yu lay on the ground with blood all over. After struggling for a few times, she couldn’t stand up.

“Are we going to take her back to Yan Wei now?” Zhong Bufan subconsciously focused on the murderous God in front of him. “She is not a ghost. She is a living person. We have to hide people’s eyes and ears on the road if we want to take her back.”

Yan Mingguang looked down at ah Yu.

She was hurt all over and was pressed by the evil spell. She had no such treacherous arrogance just now, and her ghost like dark eyes were full of holes. She earned so much that she slowly raised her hand, and her fingertips trembled against the wound on her cheek.

Ah Yu’s fingertips were already full of the blood scraped by those debris. At the moment, she met the blood on her cheek, but she suddenly gave a sharp roar for some reason.

Like a bleak ghost cry in the middle of the night in the distant mountains.

Yan Mingguang shook his head and said, “don’t take her. She’s not Jiang Jingyun. It’s meaningless.”

Zhong Bufan naturally knows the truth. He squatted down slowly, took a look at ah Yu, who appeared here for some reason, and said in a harsh voice, “Why are you here?”

The last time they saw Ah Yu, the other party was just an ordinary servant in the Wanhua building. They helped them cooperate with the steward of the Wanhua building and let them enter the Shen house smoothly.

But they came out of Shen’s house through the array. The destination should be the location of Jiang Jingyun’s ghost. But when it comes to this, there must be no ghost of Jiang Jingyun here. Although ah Yu’s body smelled of yin and evil, the blood on her body, the long shadow under the lamp and the breathing of the living man all showed that she was not those dead dirty things.

She is a living person.

A living man full of evil spirits.

The information disclosed in it, if you think deeply, can overturn all their previous conjectures in an instant. Use clean bottle water to dispel evil spirits and suppress the ghost body. The other magic tools to ward off evil spirits sit in all directions to completely seal Jiang Jingyun’s coffin, so as to solve the haze of Guanyin Town in the past four or five years. This method is shared by both of them, so Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body and Guanyin clean bottle water have become their competing props.

Guanyin got the clean bottle of water, but a living man in red appeared in front of them.

Zhong Bufan didn’t dare to think about it for a moment.

He saw that ah Yu was still stunned, his fingertips still stopped beside the wound, but his expression became more and more like a smile. He lined up with the lower half of her bloody face. Of course, he looked like a fierce ghost.

He sank his face and said, “if you don’t want to talk, I have my own way -”

“There’s nothing I don’t want to say,” ah Yu suddenly opened her mouth, and she smiled. “Do you want to find the ghost of Jiang Jingyun? Ha, Jiang Jingyun has long been rotten in that coffin. How can he have that ability.”

Yan Mingguang’s eyes coagulated, and Zhong Bufan’s face suddenly changed.

Not far from Wanhua building.

Zhuo Xidong hid in the dark. Listening to the sound just now, he almost broke his teeth.

When Lin Qiao saw that he was hiding and running all the way, he was quite angry: “Lao Zhuo, we see that you have more experience and high strength, so we all follow you. How can you let us run when you see them? Now there is a problem with the sound of Wanhua building, and it took us a lot of money to feel that the source of evil gas is Wanhua building. Now you won’t let us go?”

Zhuoxidong gave her a surreptitious look.

“What do you know? If you meet him, you won’t come to a good end! They have obviously succeeded in the movement of Wanhua building. We can’t rob him. There are thousands of players in the whole building, and no one can rob what he wants!”

Lao Xu, who used space props before, frowned: “all the people just now, except Geng Liang and Zhong Bufan, are fresh faces. Is there any old player we don’t know? Not to mention, now it seems that Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body and Guanyin’s clean bottle of water are in their hands. They just need to go back to Shen house. All of us have gone in vain!”

The crowd was silent for a moment.

The current situation is obviously only hard robbery, but Zhuo Xidong doesn’t know what evil he has been hit. It seems that he is afraid of something. Just now, the news of the Wanhua building came out, and Zhuo Xidong pressed everyone not to take action.

After a while, Zhuo Xidong gritted his teeth and said, “now that they have all got it, we can’t get the clean bottle of water and the ghost back by grabbing. If we can’t win the frontal confrontation, it’s better to break the jar and fall, and the sword walks at the wrong edge once / that man… He has no shortcomings, but he has a fatal point.”

“Let’s go back to Shen’s house and directly untie the seal of Jiang Jingyun’s morgue, so as to let this towering resentment wantonly return!”

V I’m not afraid of anything. I don’t even care about my life. He seems rational and calm, but he is actually more cruel and crazy than anyone. Even those who dare to challenge the building seem invincible.

Only one thing – the heart is too good.

On the other side, Yan Wei went out of the Wanhua building with Lin Zhen, Geng Liang and went straight to the Guanyin temple.

When they arrived, song Chengan was holding up the shaky fish boat. Lin Qing sat on the steps and leaned against the door, covered with blood. The blood flowing down earlier melted with the ice and snow and frozen into bright red cold blocks.

The fish’s lips turned white and said, “I’ll try again.”

Song Chengan couldn’t help saying, “you can’t try again! His wound is that his resentment has rushed into the five internal organs, and the original vitality is rotten. You transfer these skin and flesh wounds, just drink the dove to quench your thirst!”

“Song Chengan is right.” Lin Qing’s tone still doesn’t have a ripple. He looks like a dying man calmly watching his life pass. “You should keep your strength. Yan Wei and Lin Zhen still need it. Go on like this…”

The cold wind poured into Lin Qing’s throat. He coughed weakly. “We’ll only die together – and take Lin Zhen’s dead boy.”

In the final analysis, he and Lin Zhen are a person. Lin Zhen is a soul separated from him. Life depends on him. When he dies, Lin Zhen must be together.

Lin Qing suddenly felt so bad.

It seemed to be his long lost emotion. He didn’t even know what he was feeling.

I still didn’t get to the end. Didn’t take Lin Zhen to the end.

He thought so.

He is a well-known figure in the world inside the building. He founded the mysterious black bird with people like Yan Wei. Except for the copy of Yan Wei, he has never been the second. Although they are also those mole ants dragged by life and death, at least they are not the smallest mole ants.

In the copy, people leave all the time. Some people die meaningfully, and some die ironically. His death was not spectacular, but it didn’t seem to work.

Like a magnificent symphony, it played a heroic front tone, and suddenly the keys cracked.

Die without illness.

It should be a pity.

But he was so cruel to himself that these emotions were selectively cut out by him, creating a crazy Lin Zhen. He didn’t have the fear that he was going to die, and he didn’t feel pity. He had a pool of stagnant water empty in his heart. He wondered if Yan Wei would have many obstacles after he died.

And Lin Zhen, heartless and heartless. I’m afraid I don’t even know if I can blame him.

Lin Qing thought. His eyes fell on the white snow in the distance without focus. The moonlight sprinkled, and he was almost shaken by the white light. For a moment, Yan Wei squatted down on his side.

“How could this happen?” Yan Wei guessed one or two in the communication, but he didn’t expect Lin Qing’s injury to be so terrible, “these are…”

He glanced at Lin Qing and revealed the back of his sleeve – it was black.

Song Chengan said, “corpse spot. At that time, I was studying the array on the golden statue of Guanyin. Lin Qing heard Lin Zhen calling for help and followed the sound. At that time, when the big array was running, evil Qi and ghost Qi rushed directly into his five internal organs. I felt… There was no way to return to heaven.”

He said and glanced at Lin Zhen.

Lin Zhen stood leisurely aside, and the wound on his body was not treated. The madman took a look at Lin Qing, then looked at the fish flying boat, “cut” and said, “do you want to take one of them? Your skill of fish flying boat is useless? In this way, take one of them, and we will directly reduce the number of staff by three. Gee, it’s very powerful.”

Yan Wei doesn’t care about the fool who doesn’t have anything good in his mouth.

Geng Liang said, “I can’t see it, but I can feel a strong sense of death. This is…” the dying man.

Yan Wei looked carefully at Lin Qing’s injury and came to the same conclusion as song Cheng’an.

“Is it hopeless?” Lin Qing asked him.

Yan Wei unconsciously grasped her hands.

I don’t know when the primary school began to float in the sky. The cold wind poured into Yan Wei’s collar. It was chilly and frozen to people’s heart.

He is unwilling.

Lin Qing was obviously cheated by that evil idea. The dirty thing couldn’t move him, but wanted to make him regret. All this is just because of him. He wants to take Lin Qing and Lin Zhen to the top, and he also wants to challenge the slightest impossibility, which makes evil thoughts focus on Lin Qing who should not have been involved.

Because enough people have died.

Lin Qing is different from other passers-by. This man is his friend when he first came here. He is a teammate who can rest assured that he doesn’t need memory for the second time.

But song Chengan is right. His body is hopeless.

After the fish flying boat stood firm, song Chengan put aside his hand, took a step forward and took a deep breath: “let me try again.”

Lin Zhen frowned and looked at him: “you’ve been hurt all over… 800 times? Try again. It’s really one hundred times. That Zhuo doesn’t earn money. It’s too uncomfortable.”

He also smiled; “I said you’re more nervous than me? People are dying, but… Hey, brother, how long can you hold on enough for me to fight with Yan Mingguang? I haven’t been able to fight him yet.”

When Lin Qing was at the end of his power, he raised his eyelids and didn’t move his bloody face: “are you in trouble?”

Lin Zhen skimmed his mouth.

Lin Qing looked at Yan Wei and said calmly, “Yan Wei, leave me alone. Do what you want. I’m not afraid of death. Lin Zhen doesn’t know what death is. Emotion is the most useless thing – you taught me.”

Yan Wei clenched his hands tightly, and his fingernails had pinched out blood from the palm.

“You’re afraid,” he said. “Lin Qing, you’re afraid.”

The fish flying boat did not know that Lin Qing’s skin trauma had been transferred several times. The corpse spots like sludge climbed up every inch of Lin Qing’s skin again and again. Lin Zhen, who should have been the transfer station for wound transfer, is still safe except for the first injuries.

Even though Lin Qing knew that Lin Zhen’s life depended on him, and Lin Zhen couldn’t escape the moment he closed his eyes, he still didn’t do anything extra.

Lin Zhen is another completely different Lin Qing.

Is he reluctant to give up, or does he not want to see another self so embarrassed when he opens his eyes, and do not want the other party to die before himself and see his own death?

Or… Both.

He was in high spirits and dared to do everything. With a moon wheel in his hand, he dared to do the thing of dividing the soul.

If he hadn’t done it at the beginning, the discarded half of the soul would not turn into Lin Zhen in the years. At this moment, Lin Qing would not step into the yellow spring for the other half of the soul, nor would the last two half of the soul go the same way.

He knelt down beside Lin Qing without moving. The pool of blood on the ground soaked his trouser legs and knees, and the cold moisture stuck to his skin through his clothes. The snow fell on his slightly cold shoulder hair, which was blown by the wind. It could not be melted and piled into a piece.

Yan Wei was almost blinded by snow.

It turns out that every time people act against the sky, they have to pay a price.


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