Half Immortal Chapter 189

Half Immortal Chapter 189: Black Sea Town Coffin (28)

Yan Wei’s mind was full of the names of Lin Qing and Lin Zhen, but Yan Mingguang’s name always flashed in his heart.

Yan Mingguang is his biggest act against the sky.

He went against the biggest sky in the world inside the building, but he wanted to find a perfect law among thousands of people and one person. At this moment, Lin Qing’s accident was like a blow to the head, which made him want to lose his future in his inability to keep his eyes.

This is going around. No matter which time, he always has to go through these wrong pushing hands to let him admit his life?

His unwillingness and distrust of life are really worth thousands of yuan.

Lin Qing slowly raised his hand, pushed him, and said casually, “Yan Wei, your coin has fallen.”

Yan Wei blinked and saw two coins falling into a pool of blood on his side. Just in time, he ran and climbed up the steps in front of the hall. I don’t know when he dropped the two coins he had with him.

Yan Wei moved his frozen hand, explored his origin and picked up the two coins.

Passers-by hurried, but the two coins accompanied him from beginning to end, and from end to end. One of the coins was always held by him. The other coin contained his memory and data and turned into a copy. When he ascended the stairs for the second time, he returned to his hand, returned those things he had to him, and changed back into an ordinary coin and returned to the original——

Yan Wei made a move.

He grabbed the coin that had other functions and returned to himself. His amber eyes suddenly seemed as bright as a spark.

“No, it’s not a failure! There’s another way!!”

There is no way out.

He doesn’t believe in fate.

Lin Qing just has no medicine for his body.

But his soul is intact. The connection between him and Lin Zhen is also the connection of soul will, which has nothing to do with this body.

This body was unable to recover, but Lin Zhen’s body was intact.

As long as he completely cuts out Lin Qing’s soul and puts it into Lin Zhen’s body before Lin Qing can’t hold on, he can keep these two completely different consciousness at the same time.

In the Wanhua building.

Zhong Bufan was really stunned when he heard what ah Yu said.

At this point, he and Yan Mingguang knew very well that ah Yu was afraid of hiding a big secret. This is related to the root of Jiang Jingyun’s ghost making trouble in Guanyin Town. From their current point of view, it is already the whole face of the copy.

He was ready just now. There were many obstacles in this step, but he and Yan Mingguang didn’t do anything. Ah Yu actually opened his mouth.

After Zhong Bufan’s subconscious joy, he is unfounded.

Yan Mingguang seemed to be almost what he thought. The other party looked at ah Yu condescending, frowning and speechless.

Now we can only go one step at a time.

Zhong Bufan wanted to see what tricks the top-level copy of the legendary ten dead and lifeless could play. He smiled and said, “well, if you want to say that, I’m all ears.”

Ah Yu raised her eyes, glanced at him and sneered, “if you don’t believe me, I won’t say it.”

Before the words fell, Yan Mingguang, who had been pestling aside, suddenly moved. In the blink of an eye, Zhong Bufan was cool in front of him. Yan Mingguang already grabbed ah Yu’s shoulder blade and pinched it——

“Ah –!”

Ah Yu gave a hoarse cry of pain, and the whole person was paralyzed on the ground. Her bloody face twisted into a ball under the pain, completely like a ghost.

Zhong Bufan found that the red ribbon had been quietly wrapped around the arm where Yan Mingguang crushed her shoulder bone. If Yan Mingguang hadn’t done it just now, the red ribbon might have hit the nearest Zhong Bufan.

Zhong Bufan began to have lingering palpitations.

Although he is good at deduction, at least he is also a player who can enter the top level. His body index is worse than the fighting players in this copy, and it is enough to surpass the others in the world in the building. But ah Yu’s last struggle, he didn’t even feel it.

He was still surprised that ah Yu was caught too fast. It turned out that Yan Mingguang was too powerful instead of the half human and ghost NPC.

Yan Mingguang just released his hand and said to ah Yu, “you should talk well.”

Zhong Bufan sighed and said, “is she still willing to say this?”

Ah Yu immediately took his words and said, “why don’t you say it? I can’t run away. What does it have to do with whether I’m willing to say it? There’s nothing I can’t say, and there’s no secret.”

This is the most cooperative “ghost” Zhong Bufan met.

Maybe she knew she couldn’t run, or maybe it was because her shoulder bone was completely crushed. Ah Yu didn’t move at the moment. She didn’t look at the clock or Yan Mingguang. Her eyes fell on the broken mirror.

The mirror fell to the ground and couldn’t see her face. She couldn’t see anything, but she seemed to want to look like this.

“You… You are the people invited by Guanyin temple to expel ghosts?”

Zhong Bufan wanted to say “drive you”, but he looked at ah Yu and remembered that the girl had always cared about her appearance. At the moment, she was lying on the ground in such a panic. He thought he didn’t want to hang up with the dirty word “ghost”.

He now dared not challenge the aunt’s mood, but swallowed it.

On the contrary, ah Yu said to herself, “yes, it’s not exorcism, it’s me. What you want to know is why I want to kill those people and why I make Guanyin Town like this? There’s no magnificent or earth shaking reason, just me…”

“I like a person. He has a sweetheart. His sweetheart is incomparably beautiful. I can’t compare… I have to find a way to look better.”

Yan Mingguang whispered, “there is no way to change people’s hearts in this world.”

Ah Yu smiled.

She was already hurt all over. The smile affected her all over. She laughed out of breath, and her breathing seemed to fill the blood in her throat.

After a long time, she said: “Yes, there are so many ways in the world, but none of them can control people’s hearts. So I can’t help it. I can only find an evil method to absorb the souls of those people and change me, which makes him look down on his face. As for those people… They are not good to be caught by my evil way, but those who accidentally see me kill people , I can only give them a ride, or let them… Crazy enough to never recognize me again… ”

“Jiang Jingyun… She’s just a name. It was Shen Wai who did all the bad things himself. Finally, he suspected that he had killed people. How can there be any fierce ghost of Jiang Jingyun.”

This woman is just a humble servant in the Wanhua building. She lives in the hut with only a bed curtain and dressing table and goes back and forth in the gold selling cave every day. There is no such thing as the beauty of the woman in the flower building and her ability to jump out of this small place. It seems that she can’t find it in the crowd.

When Yan Wei gave her the ransom money, her obedient eyebrows and eyes would change, smiled with the guests and said “thank you” in a cramped way.

After a long silence, Zhong Bufan slowly said, “the resentment that has haunted the whole Guanyin Town for five years is all due to your selfish heart.”

“Who do you like?”

Ah Yu stopped talking.

Zhong Bufan then said, “you said Jiang Jingyun was just a cover. She didn’t turn into a fierce ghost at all. You did all these things. I believe you did all these things, but Jiang Jingyun… Have you ever been to Shen house?”

“What am I doing there? Shen is paranoid for fear of Jiang Jingyun’s revenge, but I’m not Jiang Jingyun. Why should I kill him? He’s alive and can help me unconsciously and push all this on Jiang Jingyun…”

Zhong Bufan sighed, “you think Jiang Jingyun is a cover, but you are actually the cover.”

Ah Yu was stunned.

“If you go to Shen’s house, you will find that there are great grievances where Jiang Jingyun’s body is located. Fortunately, there is a mage seal, which has temporarily blocked those grievances. We can find you and find the root from that place.”

Yan Mingguang looked at ah Yu with pity, “you are chess.”

Who is the chess player?

Ah Yu’s evil method that can change her appearance actually absorbs the ghost resentment of the dead and sends them all to the place where Jiang Jingyun’s body is located. Since she has done so for five years, her appearance has not changed much, which is enough to show that all these gains have not been fed back to her.

“You mean… The essence I absorbed…” ah Yu’s voice trembled. “All… All on Jiang Jingyun’s body?”

“I said, little girl,” Zhong Bufan shook his head, “that’s not essence, that’s death. I’ve also seen those resentments. They may really make you look better, but the main function must not be this. Resentment and hatred of death are good things when the dead are stained, but they will become dead things when the living are stained.”

Isn’t this girl just like a living and dead thing?

Zhong Bufan still wants to find a way to find out who ah Yu likes – that person is most likely to use ah Yu to condense these dead people, but ah Yu smiled a few times, his lips moved and suddenly sang a song.

When he listened attentively, it was a play cavity soft into his bones, wrapped in the last trace of warmth in the cold, and immersed in the mess all over the ground.

She sang very vaguely. Zhong Bufan and Yan Mingguang could only hear which familiar play it was, but they couldn’t really hear it.

The play text rolled a few words in ah Yu’s throat and suddenly stopped.

Zhong Bufan was stunned. Suddenly, ah Yu fell soft on the ground. The bloody side face fell close to the powder on the ground, and the play text disappeared with her life.

Yan Mingguang asserted, “she killed herself.”

I don’t know what method ah Yu used to commit suicide. It’s related to death. The death accumulated in her body for many years spread to her whole body at this moment. She just swallowed her breath, and dirty and embarrassing body spots began to appear all over her body. The body spots quickly spread and rotted her body.

But in a moment, such a big man decayed directly in front of Yan Mingguang and Zhong Bufan, and there were no bones left. The red dress stained with blood quickly collapsed and soaked in the smelly corpse water and blood.

She was busy with her appearance for half her life, and finally died so untidy that she turned into a pool of dark corpse water.

Yan Mingguang frowned and saw a slight bulge in the red dress.

Zhong Bufan obviously saw it, and he knew from the bottom of his heart that he had to do this dirty thing. He didn’t procrastinate, pinched his nose, lifted his clothes and skirt, and found a bag of silver money and a Book soaked in corpse water and blood.

Zhong Bufan recognized the purse. In the daytime, Yan Wei gave it to ah Yu and asked her to leave the Wanhua building with the silver money and spend the rest of her life in the world in this copy.

And that book

“It’s the evil law,” Yan Mingguang said.

The book is wet and can’t see anything. Even the handwriting on the book cover is dizzy and can’t be seen clearly. But even if it is so vague, you can see that the handwriting is natural and handsome, which is everyone’s pen.

He glanced at Yan Mingguang and saw the other party turn and walk towards the door.

“Take this thing and meet Yan Wei first.”

In the student house of Guanyin school.

Yan Wei pushed the door out and stepped over the threshold in the face of the cold wind. His face turned a little white.

Geng Liang was guarding several entrances of Guanyin school. Yu Zhengqing, who had just gone to inspect around, also came back and waited outside the door with song Chengan fish flying boat. As soon as he came out, the fish boat stepped forward and asked eagerly, “what’s the matter?”

Yan Wei consumed too much just now. Now standing outside the house, he feels colder than before. He held his hand, buried his chin in his collar and said, “I used the moon wheel to put Lin Qing’s soul into Lin Zhen’s body. They… He…”

Yan Wei paused and suddenly didn’t know what to call him.

“I’ll wake up soon,” he said. “Yan Mingguang just sent me a message about the great progress of Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body. You should also hear the progress of the copy of Lou reward. I’ll go back to the house and rest for a while. When Yan Mingguang comes back, we’ll see the next step. As for Lin Qinglin, what will happen after Lin Zhen wakes up…”

It depends on whether Lin Zhen’s own soul can resist the temptation of this half of the soul after integrating into the body, and maintain the separation of the soul, so that the two of them will not re integrate into one person.

If Lin Zhen didn’t hold back and integrate his soul, then Lin Qing who existed before Yan Wei divided his soul just returned with another body, and there was no serious Lin Zhen and more rational Lin Qing. If so, Lin Zhen and Lin Qing will only be the first Lin Qing in the end.

If Lin Zhen held back, the body would have two separate souls from now on.

Although Lin Qing’s body can’t die anymore, in this way, even if it is the result of soul fusion, it can be regarded as saving a life.

If the soul does not merge, it is the best result, but two people have to stay in one body. But Yan Wei also had a thought in his mind that Lin Qing and Lin Zhen were two players. In this way, what about their data panel? What’s the point?

If Lou counted them as a person, the points of Lin Qing and Lin Zhen would be enough to exchange for a Pandora’s box.

As Yan Wei said before taking people in, yufeizhou and others naturally understand this truth. Good results or bad results have long been clear, and all the people present were silent for a moment.

The fish flying boat broke the silence and said, “go and have a rest first. I’ll go in and watch the situation.”

Yan Wei nodded, “OK. But we can’t relax, Zhuo Xidong… I always think he won’t give up easily. We may need to deal with it at any time.”

Song Chengan: “don’t worry.”

Yan Wei just thought about one thing in his heart. Now he has tried his best to talk about Lin Zhen and Lin Qing, and turned back to his room.

Once the door was closed, there was no candle burning in the middle of the night. The house was cold and silent, not even beating light and shadow, only faint moonlight. Yan Wei went to the bed and sat down. Only then did he have time to change the clothes he had just soiled in the snow and blood and wipe the two coins stained with blood.

The corner of the coin revealed some silver light in the moonlight. Yan Wei took it in his hand and stared at the two coins that made him think of cutting out Lin Qing’s soul again. He didn’t put them away.

For a long time, he picked up the coin that accompanied him from beginning to end.

One turns into a copy, carrying what he has on the first floor. Where does it come from and finally where does it belong.

The other one followed him all the time, as if it were just a cold dead object, which had no effect.

… is it really useless?

When he first climbed the stairs, he knew everything. Didn’t he expect the accident after climbing the top and that Yan Mingguang would make a claim and hide something from him?

Yan Mingguang’s swallow pendant is not a prop, but an ordinary object, so Yan Mingguang hid his back hand to recover his memory and crossed the sea. In the second copy, he first thought of everything. The coin in his hand is also an ordinary object that does not belong to any props in the building world.

Yan Wei’s eyes coagulated, held the coin in one hand, spread out the palm in the other hand, and took out the moon wheel again.

The moon wheel was suspended in the palm of his hand, emitting a faint white light, bit by bit

Cut this coin!

At the next moment, the coin cracked under the distortion of space, and an all black box fell out of the unique space in the coin. Subsequently, there was a series of copied memories belonging to Yan Wei. This short memory suddenly rushed into Yan Wei’s mind and fused with the memory of the first time he took back.

Causal completion, suddenly enlightened.


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