Half Immortal Chapter 19

Half Immortal Chapter 19

The three letters “Yan” entered by Yan Wei lit up on the filling panel, especially in the completely dark separate space around.

[the information of the best player in the replica Gallery Hotel – Code Yan – has been recorded. Players can query this record on the information panel. Please note that the next replica entered by the best player may have one of the following two situations: the probability of dropping props in the full replica increases by 10%, or the probability of difficulty increase in the full replica increases by 10%. One of the above two situations occurs randomly.]

With the gloomy and misty prompt sound of Lou, the slightly bright “Yan” floated into his information panel and remained on the information bar recorded by the best player.

Yan Wei slowly groped for the black ring on the index finger of his left hand with the fingertip of his right hand.


Yan Wei saw the power of the whip prop Yan Mingguang finally obtained. Without that whip, they couldn’t resist the skeleton for so long.

He also saw the result of the difficulty increase of the copy. Except for him, Yan Mingguang and Gao Ming, all the other six people who came in died in the copy of the corridor hotel.

These two possibilities are two extremes at all.

Half hell, half heaven.

Yan Wei removed his eyes from the information of the best player and carefully scanned the settlement data and the obtained props skeleton eyes. The surrounding darkness slowly faded into a bright color like fading.

The tone of the prompt on the floor changed a tone, and the original gloomy and erratic voice was replaced by a high child voice, like a jumping child talking.

[welcome to the world inside the building…!]


Gambling area.

Although many new players have been introduced into the world inside the building recently, the number of copies of gambling buildings has also increased rapidly, and the projection of gambling games has continued one after another, there are still very few copies of gambling games compared with the player base of the world inside the building and the copy frequency that occurs all the time.

Players are crowded under the projection of each gambling game.

Recently, the only one appeared on the copy projection on the first floor of the gambling area, and the probability of copy success has soared from 3% to 100%.

“How long has it been since I opened the copy of the gambling building? I’ve been killed in such a desperate situation?”

“Originally, the probability of gambling houses on the first floor was very low. Now it has soared by 97 success percentage points… Breaking the record. If it is recorded in the endless stone tablets, those organizations in the central area may notice.”

“Let me lose the bet… Those who survive this copy will not meet me one day.”

“Do you still want revenge? New players who can complete 97% anti kill, if they are at the same copy level as you, it’s up to you? And the remaining players have opened the privacy mode, and you don’t know who they are.”

“What are you afraid of? I’m not the only one who wants to find them, and I’m certainly not the only one who wants revenge. After the evaluation result of the best player comes out, those organizations won’t be idle.”


Some players looked at the already black projection and were stunned. Some looked low, flustered and regretful, while others opened their mouths and scolded

A few minutes later, after a period of silence, the projection slowly emerged a paragraph of words.

[the settlement of the replica Gallery Hotel on the first floor is completed. The initial number of replicas: 9, the final number of surviving replicas: 3, and the final number of customs clearance replicas: 3. Because the replica triggers the gambling mechanism, the difficulty of the replica is far beyond the critical value, and the customs clearance players in the replica completely crack the replica. This replica will be permanently recorded on the endless stone tablets in the central area. All players in the building are welcome to check it at any time Read and watch.]

[best player code for this copy: Yan.]

Under the dark projection background, the three bright red letters seem to be written with blood, and the strokes are haloed around, like endless dark fire burning in the thick night.

Lin Zhen’s dark red eyes are enchanting and treacherous. He licked the corners of his lips, and there was still a bloody smell in his mouth that he had just bitten his fingertips.

He touched the dark long bow behind him with his backhand, dressed in black, and looked at the code of the best player slowly fading. The projection of the whole gambling game faded, and he turned and raised his feet.

Jiang Xiu raised his hand and stopped him: “where are you going?”

Lin Zhen turned his head and appreciated Jiang Xiu’s angry appearance from top to bottom. He lengthened his tone and smiled: “of course – go find this’ Yan ‘… It should be that strong silver haired man?”


Yan Wei thought that after coming out, he could immediately take a look at the building world that Gaoming said was no different from the real world. Unexpectedly, as soon as the surrounding light appeared, he was forced to sleep and rest by the mechanism of the building.

When he woke up, he was lying in a newly decorated and spacious apartment.

French windows introduce light into the living room. The sky outside the window is as blue as washing, and the early sun is hanging obliquely in the East. The light of broken gold penetrated into the space, and flowed into Yan Wei’s eyes slightly and brightly.

Yan Wei blinked and looked at the birds passing quickly outside the window, slowly pulling out of his sleep. He was lying on the soft sofa, his side was immersed in the sun, and his skin was slightly warm and hot.

Empty and bloody eyes, a raging fire burning paper, a skeleton broken in the fire

Yan Wei sat up, lowered his eyes, looked at the black ring on the index finger of his left hand, and confirmed that all this was not a dream.

This is the world inside the building. This apartment is the residence that Gao Ming mentioned before and obtained automatically after entering the building.

Yan Wei stared and quietly looked at the tea table in front of him. The next moment, he suddenly stood up and threw his feet. His strength is increased by the body index obtained from the copy of the Corridor Hotel, and Shengsheng divides the tea table into two.

In less than a moment, the broken tea table was restored in an instant.

Yan Wei knew it clearly.

This is the residence arranged for them in the building, the place to settle down, the place to rest during the copy buffer period, and… The place to bind players. Things here can’t be destroyed. Players can live all the time, but they can’t leave completely.

He also wanted to observe for a while. Suddenly, there was a hurried knock at the door.

“- Yan Wei? I’m Gao Ming. Didn’t you go out? Is the address right…? this is the address of your friend on the information panel.”

“Yan Wei? Are you there?… Yan Wei?… according to the copy out mechanism of the building, you should just wake up at this time. Don’t go out. The world in the building is new…”

“Yan Wei? Yan Wei? Are you there? Yan -”

Yan Wei received a free dark gray windbreaker from the mall on the information panel. The windbreaker immediately appeared in front of him. He took off the bloody windbreaker and put on the new coat, which opened the door.

At the door, Gao Ming stood anxiously, raised his right hand and was habitually pushing his glasses. Seeing Yan Wei appear, his eyes brightened: “I thought you were out. Fortunately. Do you have any other arrangements? If not, I want to take you to a place.”

Gao Ming said, raising his hand to pull Yan Wei.

Yan Wei leaned to avoid without trace, but he still kept up with the wise footsteps.

The residence given to them is an apartment in one building after another. The door spacing of each room is very large, and the corridor is also very spacious. They go out all the way and basically don’t see any players.

Such a design, if players do not want to, it is impossible to be disturbed by other players.

They walked to the door of the apartment. Yan Wei saw the sky and all kinds of high-rise buildings that had no gap between the outside and the real world. He stepped down and said, “you were afraid I would go out first. What happened outside.”

Yes, not questions.

Gao Ming has long experienced his speculative ability. He continues to lead the way in front of him. He turns his head to look at him and speaks slowly: “it’s not what happened. Let’s talk as we walk. But I didn’t expect… You follow up and ask me again.”

Yan Wei chuckled, “you’re in a hurry. You won’t pit me.”

Although his ability is limited, Gao Ming is a person who can live with the pain of digging his eyes in order to help them stop the boss at a critical moment.

“To make a long story short, I’d like to introduce some basic things to you first. You can explore these things yourself during the copy buffer period. In fact, what I know is the most basic. All the facilities in the building world and the real world are basically the same. You can live, entertain and practice the ability of copy, except that players have props, physical strength and perception that the real world can’t have In addition to the supernatural abilities such as power, the only difference is us… “Gao Ming said,” we can’t control our own life and death. ”

Yan Wei is looking up slightly and looking at the towering stone tablet straight into the sky ahead.

The stone tablet seems to be far away from them, but it is so clear that the edges and corners are particularly clear.

A pure white bird glides across the blue sky, overlapping with the snow-white clouds, as if it were infinitely bright. But all the light doesn’t seem to shine on the dark stone tablet. It seems close at hand, but it seems out of reach.

“Control life and death? It’s better to choose life and death than control.” Yan Wei smiled sarcastically and raised his hand at will to the stone tablet, “what’s this?”

When the building was in the copy, everything was explained clearly. As a result, there was no hint of these 7788 things in the building world.

Gao Ming: “that’s why we’re in trouble.”

Yan Wei was interested: “tell me.”

They walked through apartment buildings and commercial streets that were no different from the real world and stopped in front of a station. Yan Wei also noticed that there was a conflict between players on the street corner just now, but it was just a point to point. It seems that the world inside the building still limits the players from killing.

Gao Ming has begun to explain: “It’s very complicated, but it’s actually very simple to say. We opened the gambling house – this is known in the copy. I thought, at most, as I knew before, some people bet after opening the gambling house, and nothing else. But this time, when I issued the copy, several players who had contacts with me were beating around the bush. Did I go there A copy called “Corridor Hotel” feels that the time when I go in and out of the copy is a little consistent.

After I denied it, I quickly inquired about it and looked at the copy records of the gambling building. Only then did I find that the world in the building has not had the super-high difficulty of a copy of the gambling building for a long time, and the gambling building mechanism once judged that our success probability was 3%. Finally, you and Yan Mingguang passed the customs… ”

“It’s us,” Yan Wei corrected him. “The three of us have cleared the customs.”

Gao Ming was stunned, smiled a little embarrassed, raised his hand and pushed his glasses several times, then grabbed the corner of his clothes and said: “OK, you take me through the customs. In a word, the gambling building mechanism followed up the proportion of losing and winning in the copy of the corridor hotel. The people who bet that we failed to pass the customs accounted for 99.6% of the number of bets. This gambling game was even recorded on the endless stone tablet – that is, the stone tablet you see, which records all the classic and difficult copies.

As soon as the code of the best player comes out, people who pay attention to this copy begin to look for Yan… I don’t know whether it’s you or Yan Mingguang. It seems that this code is suitable for both of you. Anyway, some of these people are organizations that want to attract new people, and some are — ”


Gao Ming was stunned and opened his mouth: “how do you…?”

Yan Wei gently collected his windbreaker, took out his customized swallow coin and gently tossed it in his hand. Endless thoughts were buried in his light brown eyes.

He chuckled: “because after most mediocre people make a wrong decision, their subconscious reaction is always the incentive to criticize them for making a decision – not their own final bet. There are not only many such people, but also many people who want to find Yan.”

“The place you’re taking me to has something to do with it?”

“Ah, yes,” Gao Ming nodded fiercely, “the station in the world inside the building sends a bus every ten minutes. After getting on the bus, you can reach your destination instantly. I want to go to the light and wine area in the entertainment area through this station, where dragons and snakes are mixed.”

Yan Wei once again grabbed the coin thrown up and then dropped it. His eyes were closed, and his clear voice was accompanied by a tone of no hesitation: “It’s a good place to know all kinds of channels and news. You want me to know these things as soon as possible and sort out the advantages and disadvantages. In this way, if someone finds them, I can also know how to deal with the solicitation of the so-called organizations in the world inside the building or other careful retaliation. I can even decide whether to take the initiative to expose the information.”

Gao Ming sighed: “for players who have not yet entered the organization, the next copy is very inferior. Although the building stipulates that players can’t kill, and they can’t kill in the world inside the building, if they are really found and hated, for those middle and high-level players, they should make a low-level player unable to get out in the copy…”

It’s too easy.

When the cool wind blows, the pendulum of Yan Wei’s windbreaker moves gently, and a slight shadow falls in the inclined sunlight.

A dark bus with a breeze quietly stopped in front of the station.

“Here we are. Let’s get in the car.”

Yan Wei didn’t move.

As soon as his eyes coagulated, he raised his hand and stopped Gao Ming who was waiting to come forward.

He said, “why didn’t you catch Yan Mingguang?”

Gao Ming: “I sent him a message through the black ring. He told me he couldn’t go…”

Yan Wei raised his chin slightly and pulled down an elegant and exquisite arc in the warm light. He glanced at the address information of his friend on the information panel, hooked his mouth, “cut”, took his pocket with both hands, turned and walked with his back in the direction of the station.

“He said there were too many things he didn’t do.”


Twenty minutes later, the world inside the building, the lamp wine area.

One bar after another was lit in the daytime, and rock music was deafening.

Yan Wei followed Gao Ming and slowly changed into a pure black Hooded Sweater behind him. Wearing a hat to cover Yan Mingguang’s silver hair, the three people successively entered the largest bar in the lamp wine area.


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