Half Immortal Chapter 190

Half Immortal Chapter 190: Black Sea Town Coffin (29)

Yan Mingguang is Yan Wei’s benevolence separated from the world inside the building with the moon wheel.

This consciousness has been baptized by the emotions of tens of thousands of people in the copy, and has condensed seven emotions and six desires, greed, anger, infatuation, evil, kindness and compassion. It has just been born, young and hazy.

He was not only so high spirited that he dared to do everything?

He dared to sit down easily even for the impossible.

Although the consciousness was hazy, when Yan Wei used legendary props to assemble the moon wheel, he touched a trace of the rules in the building and felt the existence of this consciousness. But at that time, he was fledgling, inexperienced and did not act rashly.

Later, at the request of Lin Qing, he used the moon wheel to do hands and feet on his soul for the first time.

That experiment completely gave him the confidence to use the moon wheel to split higher-level things. When he used the moon wheel to make one or two copies, and his goal became more and more clear, he suddenly came up with the idea of mayfly shaking the tree.

This consciousness was born very quickly and was in the world inside the building without a trace. It was also bound by the rules of the world inside the building, but it was above the NPCs and all players in the copy. He is going to destroy this world. At that time, the growth of consciousness will inevitably become a major obstacle to his goal.

If such a thing that integrates the good and wisdom, seven emotions and six desires, greed, anger and infatuation of tens of thousands of players is becoming more and more abundant, it will have everything and can do anything. Even he is bound to be an enemy.

So he thought – he can’t stop the generation of consciousness, but can he cut out all the good things in consciousness so that it can’t become a big thing?

He thought so and did so.

But that time, he actually challenged the supreme rules. He spent a whole day in the copy of the moon wheel and finally collapsed. After waking up, it was the first time I saw Yan Mingguang.

At that time, he didn’t know that he had actually succeeded. All the good, smart, compassionate and other good things in his consciousness were cut out by him and had nowhere to go. Finally, they fell into the copy of Yan Wei. According to what Yan Wei thought, read and liked, they turned into a member of thousands of players struggling to walk on the edge of life and death, and met Yan Wei in the ghost chase at midnight.

Yan Mingguang doesn’t know why he doesn’t like to appear in front of people. Yan Wei only walks with each other in the copy. V’s record broke the record of the world inside the building again and again, but Yan Mingguang was always hidden in the dark and never broke into the sight of others.

It seems that Yan Wei’s eyes are full of ambition, and Yan Mingguang’s eyes are only Yan Wei.

Trust and closeness are unexpected but reasonable.

Yan Mingguang was born from what he thought, read and liked in his heart. He integrated all the beauty of the world in the building and was born in Yan Wei’s hand. As far as Yan Wei is concerned, he has the temperament that Yan Wei most wants to have but is difficult to have, as well as the benevolence and kindness that is almost unique in the world inside the building; For Yan Mingguang, Yan Wei is the one who gave him life.

Even though Yan Mingguang can’t tell the past, even though Yan Mingguang obviously has some secrets he can guess vaguely.

They walked through one copy after another. Finally, on the hot spring mountain where all ghosts are rampant, at the moment when Yan Wei was too late to save Ding Xiao, he finally realized in the hazy that his wayward act against the sky created a Yan Mingguang.

At that moment, Ding Xiao chased the evil spirits behind him. Yan Wei wanted to save people, but it was too late to come forward.

The man on his side just raised his hand slowly and snapped his fingers. Everything in the copy stopped at that moment. The rampant ghosts seemed to be frozen, and the little girl chased by the ghosts also maintained the posture of running away and stopped on the road. Time and space are all slightly and skillfully solidified here. Only Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang seem to be outside the copy and look at all this condescending.

Yan Wei was finally determined – he had never seen the romantic world outside the building, had never experienced the long life of daily necessities, and would never breed the evil brought by life.

That’s the good idea that he separated himself from the consciousness of thousands of emotions in the building.

He pulled up Ding Xiao’s hand in the freeze frame. The freeze frame was lifted at this moment. Yan Mingguang pulled him. He pulled Ding Xiao and jumped into the hot spring without ghosts.

In the warm spring water, the man’s equally hot hand grabbed him and his lips came to the corner of his mouth.

There are hundreds of ghosts on the shore, and the scenery in the water is just right.

At that time, Yan Wei only thought Yan Mingguang was a player. If the building was destroyed, it had nothing to do with Yan Mingguang – that’s what Yan Mingguang told him. Yan Wei had no doubt out of his trust in Yan Mingguang.

But he could still vaguely feel Yan Mingguang’s secret.

So before entering the top floor, he was ready to tell Lin Qing and prepared a prop to copy his memory.

In the top copy, the evil thoughts left by him turned into Yan Mingguang’s appearance, which almost confused the false with the true. It’s not that Yan Wei can’t recognize it clearly, but that evil thoughts have the same origin as Yan Mingguang.

Just like Lin Qing and Lin Zhen, they are the same person. What’s the difference?

He confused several times. Finally, when he no longer admitted his mistake, the evil thought told him that if the building was destroyed, all this would disappear completely. Evil thoughts will disappear, and so will good thoughts.

From beginning to end, Yan Mingguang never told him all this in order not to make him trapped in choice.

Finally, they successfully cleared the customs copy. At the moment when Yan Wei exchanged it for Pandora’s box, Yan Wei stopped.

“You know,” Yan Mingguang sighed.

Yan Weiqi smiled, “what if I don’t know? I wish everything would end, become a hero in everyone’s eyes, and happily return to the world outside the building, so that you can turn into powder with all this?”

Yan Mingguang looked at him. His dark eyes seemed like a boundless night sky, filled with a little starlight, black but bright.

He smiled and said, “I will erase your memory of me.”

Let all this stop at the moment when Yan Wei makes a wish. Whether it’s the life and death along the way, the passers-by who once met, or the fate that accompanies him to the end, it will only become a dream.

Yan Wei won’t be sad because he won’t remember.

“Yan Mingguang,” he said, word by word, “for me, it’s better to die.”

Yan Mingguang was speechless.

Yan Wei saw what he hadn’t said from his expression – wouldn’t it be in vain if he gave up what he had always insisted on?

Life and death in one copy after another failed to defeat him, and the foolish evil thought failed to take his life. He had come to the last step, but he was defeated in his own hands.

He slowly came to Yan Mingguang’s ear and said in a low voice, “ice, let’s make a bet. I can’t do it. You can’t let me stay with you. Let’s choose again.”

Together, they do it again.

Choose again.

“I put all the memories related to good and evil thoughts and this Pandora’s box in one coin. The rest are in another coin. Since you can temporarily control the time and space in the copy, should you let us do it again?”

“Once again, you can hide everything about you from me. If you can really hide it from me to the end and let me destroy the building in a daze and forget you to go out, you will win there. If I still find out, I will win. Let’s find a way to go, go, stay… Stay together.”

Yan Mingguang looked at him deeply.

For a long time.


The next moment, Yan Wei’s memory of climbing the stairs in recent years, except for the truth about good and evil thoughts, all the rest exist in a coin. The coin carries most of his memory and data, turns into copies and flows into the world inside the building, waiting for him to enter the building next time.

Another coin, carrying their bet this time, quietly hid the biggest secret, accompanied him from the beginning.

It was not until this moment that the coin was opened that the truth returned to Yan Wei’s memory.

The Pandora’s box, which countless players in the building flock to and do their best, may not be available. In fact, he took it with him silently at the beginning.

Evil thoughts never defeated him, and the top copy never stopped him. All this was just a game made by him and Yan Mingguang for this bet. They circled around and returned to where they should have come.

The beginning of this climb was what he had expected before formatting. Even if his memory was temporarily separated after that, he didn’t remember anything. The dilemma brought by his first landing sank into his mind, making him subconsciously convince himself to make a selfish choice.

So he always likes to emphasize that he is a cold-blooded person, so he tells himself every time he chooses to protect his eyes.

But some of his nature is engraved in his bones. No matter how much he deceives himself on the surface, he finally took the old road of the last round.

Isn’t Yan Mingguang?

The man was so restrained at the beginning. Since he didn’t know each other, it’s better to cut off their feelings from the root? If he hadn’t recovered his memory, Yan Mingguang didn’t intend to tell him much about their past together.

But Yan Wei was unable to be cold-blooded, and Yan Mingguang was unable to be heartless.

The moon wheel turns and slowly closes the split coin. The dark box lay in Yan Wei’s palm with coins, moistening the cold temperature and slightly reflecting the light in the moonlight.

Yan Wei’s face moved. He heard someone standing at his door, but he didn’t knock.

He blinked, his slender eyelashes hanging in the moonlight.

He put away the coins and the small box, got up, walked slowly to the door and opened the door against the moonlight.

Yan Mingguang stood in front of him, carrying the moonlight and sending in a long figure. At night, Yan Wei couldn’t see each other’s expression clearly, but he could feel the man’s eyes looking at him. His eyes fell on him, which was three times softer than the moonlight on him.

One of them stood outside the door and the other inside the door, watching quietly.

Outside the eaves, flying snow covered the sky.

Yan Mingguang finally said, “I lost this bet.”

Yan Wei smiled.

They don’t have to say anything.

He raised his hand, gently pushed Yan Mingguang’s shoulder, looked at the heat in front of him, and said, “Mr. Yan, do you know what will happen when it snows in the world outside the building?”

Yan Mingguang was obviously stunned.

But he replied, “keep warm?”

Yan Wei: “…”

He said, “come.”

He took the lead in walking in front. In the wind and snow, he stepped on the path in the academy and brought Yan Mingguang to a quite spacious place all the way. Beside the path, the grass on weekdays was now covered with a thick layer of snow. Yan Wei took a ball of snow and sent it to Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang: ”


The man raised his hand and took the cold snow from his palm.

Yan Wei said, “knead it into a ball, then roll in the snow until it is as big as half a person, and then stop.”

In the dim night, lights not far away came over the flying snow, weakly illuminating the snow under their feet. Yan Wei raised his eyes and saw Yan Mingguang lift up the corners of his mouth and smile at him.

This person doesn’t often laugh. When he smiles, he is flying snow hanging on the peach petals, and the cold winter falls into the warm spring.

“I went upstairs twice and got back all my memories,” Yan Mingguang said softly. “It’s more Chengfu than before.”

“I didn’t lose my temper this time, just because heartache is better than anger.”

Yan Mingguang’s smile.

“I want to write about a man who has come to this world so hard that he has never seen the real wind, flowers, snow and moon. He has never climbed the mountain to see the sunrise, looked at the moon by the sea, or rolled snowballs in the snow. However, he wants me to go back to see these things and live happily…”

“Are you thinking, what do you want to do now after I won our original bet? What are your plans?”

Yan Mingguang rolled the snowball in his hand, but his eyes paused lightly, “yes.”

“I didn’t think about anything. I just wanted to take him and make a snowman in the snow. Because he didn’t know that living quietly and going out to make a snowman on a snowy day was thousands of times better than the life of fighting and struggling in life and death in the world inside the building. I took him to try, and he might not be stupid enough to go upstairs twice, They all want to deceive me and let me go to the end alone. ”

In the treacherous Guanyin Town, under the snowy night that may suddenly change at any time, the whole Guanyin school is dead because of the dead for days.

Yan Wei stood in the thick snow with Yan Mingguang, and the snowball in his hand gradually widened.

The curved moon flows in the west, and dawn is coming in the East.


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