Half Immortal Chapter 191

Half Immortal Chapter 191: Black Sea Town Coffin (30)

“Let’s solve this copy first,” Yan Wei smiled. “You just stayed in Wanhua building. Has the matter been solved?”

As he spoke, he suddenly bent down and grabbed a ball of snow and threw it on Yan Mingguang.

With this man’s body data, can you avoid it? It’s a blink of an eye. But the snow hit Yan Mingguang’s shoulder impartially. The man shook his head reluctantly: “don’t make trouble.”

Yan Wei curled his mouth: “it’s boring -”

He was hit by the snow suddenly thrown by Yan Mingguang.

Yan Wei: “… You learn very fast.”

His teacher Yan has changed back to that eight winds, right? The appearance of moving, but the eyebrows and eyes are warm, and the snowballs under his hands are getting bigger and bigger.

Yan Wei listened to him in a few words and finished ah Yu’s business. He looked at it. Can’t he see it? Clear the content of the evil law, frown lightly, but not? After pondering for a moment, she said, “ah Yu is really just a move of chess. She thinks she has got a magic method that can change her appearance. It has hurt many people in recent years. The whole Guanyin Town is shrouded in clouds and the sea water has darkened. But I’m afraid this magic method has other uses.”

“There are only two possibilities for the situation behind this. Either someone transferred the dead spirit to Jiang Jingyun’s body through what ah Yu did to do something with her body, and? Jiang Jingyun is really just a body. Or ah Yu is just a cover for Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body, and Jiang Jingyun is the one who did evil behind ah Yu.”

“The former,” said Yan Mingguang.

Yan Wei nodded: “the latter is impossible. If ah Yu is the shield of Jiang Jingyun’s ghost, some dead people in Guanyin Town are not her hands. As long as she knows several dead people who have nothing to do with him, she can’t know nothing about it. She thinks that all the evil Dharma has really fed back to her.”

The haunted Guanyin Town in the past five years, as well as those who died or were scared crazy, were really done by ah Yu.

However, ah Yu was also used by others. She had done evil things for four or five years. In the end, these dead Qi converged on Jiang Jingyun’s body.

Why was it remitted to Jiang Jingyun’s body?

“Clock? Where’s fan?” he asked.

“I’ve been running around all day and have a rest.”

Yan Wei nodded: “yes, it’s almost dawn. I hope Lin Zhen and Lin Qing can go well.”

They no longer? Talk.

The East is already gradually rising, a little white. I don’t know when the flying snow stopped, leaving only white on the ground. Yan Wei was overqualified and used the land to wrap it in the space cut by the moon wheel. He put the tiny snowball he rolled on the big snowball rolled out by Yan Mingguang, and then took back the props.

He taught Yan Mingguang, one? The dead branches next to the snowman are equipped with “hands” on both sides, and their faces are dotted with eyes? He said his mouth and made a look of joy.

In the distance, the direction of Shen house, isn’t it? Know why? Suddenly, there was a trace of black gas and rushed into the sky.

As soon as the sky was bright, it was slowly covered by the black gas, and immediately it was like a cloudy cloud. But these black gases are still small. Their players are different from ordinary people. Can they be first? Step by step, the people of Guanyin Town are afraid they don’t feel it yet.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang look heavy and look at Shen’s house at the same time. Not a day? Yes, song Chengan and others also found them here, while Yu Feizhou stayed with Lin Zhen and Lin Qing just in case?.

Clock? Where did you look? Seeing the snowman, he subconsciously wanted to break his mouth and say “it’s really elegant”. When he turned to see Yan Wei, he immediately remembered the identity of the other party. He swallowed this and immediately felt that Yan Wei, even making a snowman, had deep meaning.

Song Chengan doesn’t look good either? It was so beautiful, and the tone was very urgent: “these are the resentment, hatred and death of Jiang Jingyun’s mortuary. This thing was sealed in the yard by the mage in the copy setting. How could it be suddenly released? If it goes on like this, the death will spread. Isn’t it? Corpses will be all over the city?”

Yan Wei already knows something.

“This seal doesn’t seem to have come out by myself. I’ve been in the morgue. If the seal is broken, it won’t be such a small momentum. At present, it’s obvious that only players can see it.”

Clock? Fan immediately understood: “Zhuo Xidong, the dog, deliberately tore open the seal for us to see? What is he doing? He is so hard to please! At that time, the dead spirit will spread and the whole Guanyin Town will become a dead city. Both of us will fail in our mission and have to take the back when we die?”

Yan Wei smiled helplessly this time? Sound.

Yu Zhengqing skimmed his sleeves: “what are you laughing at? We’re almost finished.”

“I’m just laughing. Some people can calmly give up their lives in order to make others stick to their goals. Some people can also maintain goodwill in the copy. I’ve even seen players that even ordinary NPCs in the copy should protect,” Yan Wei said, his voice gradually moistening with coldness. “But for the first time, someone threatened the opponent with all their lives in the whole copy.”

Zhuo Xidong? I’m ashamed that I’m an old opponent who keeps fighting with him in the whole ghost marsh copy. I know I can’t rob him, but I can’t use this one? He took advantage of his compassion.

Song Chengan asked, “what do you mean?”

“He’s asking me to directly ask for Guanyin purified water.”

“He’s crazy!”

“He’s not crazy. He’s more sober than anyone.” Yan Wei sneered? “He’s telling me, no? Give him the clean bottle of water and let them win the copy of this time. Then everyone will die together and the whole Guanyin Town will be buried with us.”

Yu Zhengqing? The chip said, “he thinks beautifully. How can we give him –”

“I’m really going to give it to him. He’s really right.”

Everyone was surprised.

Those present either knew Yan Wei’s identity or Yu Zhengqing, Geng Liang. Although they didn’t know it, they didn’t know it anymore? Dare to have any objection to Yan Wei. For a moment, they could not understand Yan Wei’s meaning, and no one spoke at this time of racing against time.

Yan Wei said: “I don’t mean anything else. He’ll give it to him if he wants. We haven’t killed Shen’s house all night. Zhuo Xidong should have guessed that there is no ghost of Jiang Jingyun at all. He wants to get Guanyin clean bottle of water, suppress these dead spirits and end this copy. The reason why I say he wants to give it to him is because I think Guanyin clean bottle of water may not be a good thing.”

Geng Liang subconsciously blurted out: “how is this possible? The shenzhai camp also had a clear goal to suppress Jiang Jingyun after the beginning…”

“Jiang Jingyun is fake,” Yan Mingguang said. “The clean bottle of water must be true?”

Geng Liang was speechless.

Yan Wei raised his hand and took out the white porcelain vase.

“Who can take it and give it to them? If he wants it, I’ll give it to him. Song Chengan, the array of Guanyin temple is a great help to promote the evil spirit of Guanyin Town. No matter what the truth is, if you stay for a moment, there will only be more and more evil spirits in this period. Can you go to Guanyin temple and try your best to break that array now?”

“I can, but I’m afraid I can’t do it alone.”

Geng Liang said, “I’ll go with you. I’m born with five senses, which just helps you feel the array flow.”

Yan Wei threw the porcelain bottle to Yu Zhengqing: “in that case, how about you and Zhong Bufan go to give the porcelain bottle to Zhuo Xidong? Don’t be careless. Give it to them a little reluctantly and let them quickly suppress the dead spirit.”

Yu Zhengqing opened his mouth, but he acted faster than his mouth. He still wanted to refute. He had taken the porcelain vase in his hand.

Yu Zhengqing: ”

Zhong Bufan nodded and bowed: “OK!”

When he first entered the copy, Yan Wei was still hidden behind song Chengan and just said a few words from time to time. But up to now, everyone has no objection to his understatement instructions.

The dead seal broke a corner and struck everyone’s heart like a sudden countdown. No one dared to procrastinate. In the blink of an eye, Yan Mingguang was the only one left in front of Yan Wei.

“Do you know where we’re going?”

Yan Mingguang chin light, reached out and grabbed him.

The short-range blinking skill starts. Yan Wei takes a breath and is already in front of Mr. Bai’s residence.

Yan Wei glanced at the man on his side: “it seems that heroes think alike.”

All they thought of was this dignified Mr. Bai.

This seems to have nothing to do with it, but if you choose carefully, you will find that the only connection between ah Yu and Jiang Jingyun, who died four or five years ago, is wanhualou and… Guanyin school.

Why Guanyin school?

When they first learned about Jiang Jingyun’s situation in those years, a few words mentioned that Jiang Jingyun was sold into the Wanhua building, and the guests who wanted to hold the beauty back were like crucian carp across the river. Even the Guanyin school had scholars.

Which scholar of Guanyin school?

In Jiang Jingyun’s room, in addition to the clothes and skirts of Hualou women she is afraid to regard as a disgrace, there are also some of her own clothes. On the contrary, the colors of those clothes are very plain and the styles are biased towards men, which are completely different from women’s things.

The portrait of Jiang Jingyun found by Yan Mingguang shows that although she is a peerless woman, her clothes are also very heroic. She doesn’t comb her hair in a bun, but her hair is tied. At first glance, she feels like a romantic talent. Although it can still be seen that she is a woman in the portrait, no matter her clothes or eyebrows, that heroic spirit can’t be erased.

Ah Yu said that Jiang Jingyun didn’t know where to learn the poems and songs. The same women are different. They are full of poetry and calligraphy.

Ah Yu also said that she has a sweetheart. The person she likes is a stunning woman.

Ah Yu can kill innocent people for the sake of a superficial appearance. She has stained her hands with countless blood in the past five years. If the woman was still alive, she would not mention each other at all, or would she mention that? Did she think or have killed each other?

She didn’t mention anything. The woman could only be gone.

According to Yan Mingguang, ah Yu didn’t want to die before, but when all the things Zhong Bu mentioned about ah Yu came to Jiang Jingyun’s body, the woman suddenly changed her appearance, sang the plays they couldn’t hear clearly, and silently killed herself. Did she think she would die if she couldn’t run away, or did she feel like a joke because of the news , no business?

Jiang Jingyun… Is that the gorgeous woman?

If a living person touches the dead spirit formed by the condensation of resentment and hatred, it will become a dead object, or a half dead thing like ah Yu. If a dead person touches it, it is a good thing to catalyze a fierce ghost and condense resentment. Even if Jiang Jingyun doesn’t turn into a fierce ghost, he can almost become a fierce ghost after soaking in the dead spirit for so long for so many years.

What kind of person in Guanyin school can write? His hands are dizzy? He can see good words. He can teach Jiang Jingyun poetry and Fu. He can come to Wanhua building when Jiang Jingyun is in trouble in an attempt to redeem the other party. He can also draw a reversal array in Guanyin temple and nourish a dead body with towering death for five years?

There seemed to be some singing sound in the yard. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang looked at each other. Yan Mingguang walked in front and stepped into Mr. Bai’s yard.

A few steps later, they came to the small stage. Mr. Bai stood in front of the stage in a green shirt and still looked dignified. He was looking at the troupe singing on the stage and seemed to be singing the drama gently.

The schoolboy once told them that Mr. Bai likes to listen to the opera. Sometimes when he is interested, he will invite the opera team to sing.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang stood still on the road, and the melodrama became a string, which flowed into Yan Wei’s ears and coincided with the melodrama hummed by ah Yu sitting on the steps stepping on the snow.

It’s a “Butterfly Lovers”.


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