Half Immortal Chapter 192

Half Immortal Chapter 192: Black Sea Town Coffin (31)

Mr. Bai looked back and looked at Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang standing not far away.

The two of them are obviously not good at coming, but Mr. Bai still looks leisurely. He smiled at Yan Wei and said, “you can’t give up the ceremony. Since you are a guest, you have to knock before you enter the door.”

Yan Wei took a step behind Yan Mingguang and said calmly, “Sir, it doesn’t seem to have much effect at this moment.”

Mr. Bai smiled and said, “it’s reasonable and reasonable. This man, what poetry and books do you read and learn about rites and music? In the end, using these poems and books for rites and music only binds you, but it’s cheaper for others.”

Yan Mingguang frowns – these words are obviously contrary to his ideas.

Yan Wei gently moved his eyebrows and silently touched the black ring with his fingertips. His whole body was tense, but his mouth was like chatting: “Sir, I was here when he asked us to help suppress evil in the town. I asked Sir, did ancestors and books ever say, which is better or worse for everyone?”

“Did you find the answer?”

“Isn’t that what Mr. said? There is no final conclusion. But I thought about it today. I think there is no final conclusion for thousands of years, but it seems that Mr. has made a choice for Mr. long.”

Mr. Bai gave him a deep look. The play came with the music and drums, leaving no silence in the small courtyard.

He said, “I used to think that life is good, good at poetry and music. Later, I found that these things are just useless shells that break with a touch.”

“It seems that Sir knows why we are here.”

“Ah Yu is dead, so you should know.”

On the stage, it was Liang Shanbo who sent Zhu Yingtai out of the Academy. The long drama passed through the cold and softened the snow. Mr. Bai turned his head and looked at the dead spirit in the direction of Shen house. His eyes were full of joy.

Yan Wei said, “I guessed some, but I’m not sure. Is Mr. willing to solve my doubts?”

Mr. Bai raised his hand and pointed to the house: “please go in and sit down.” after that, he himself waved to stop the play team and let people leave. He was the first to enter the bamboo house.

Yan Mingguang glanced at Yan Wei, who nodded silently.

If the person behind all this is really Mr. Bai, the Guanyin Temple array is still there, and the Shen house is still dead, they’d better find out everything and adapt to the situation.

They followed Mr. Bai into the bamboo house. Without the smell of wine that filled the room last time, Yan Wei smelled a burst of ink and a slight smell of flowers as soon as he entered the room. The fragrance of this flower is very weak, and it is almost scattered. It seems that someone brought it here before.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang are familiar with the fragrance of the flowers.

It’s the fragrance of flowers that ah Yu touched when she started.

“It turns out that Mr. Jiang cooked wine to entertain guests that day to cover up the fragrance of flowers in the house. She often came to sing this song” Liang Zhu “for Mr. Jiang. Unfortunately, she didn’t know until she died that it was an evil law that could change a woman’s appearance. In fact, it was to catalyze Jiang Jingyun’s” resurrection from death “into a fierce ghost.”

“It’s a pity,” said Mr. Bai, like Yan Wei, who cooked wine on one side last time. “I wanted her to go unknowingly. Unexpectedly, she was going to die a little more sad.”

He warmed it with the charcoal fire in the house for a moment and poured a cup of warm wine for Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang.

Yan Wei didn’t dare to drink this time.

Mr. Bai did not insist, saying: “I was the only one who recognized her when she came to the Academy disguised as a man. When she knew I saw it, she didn’t hide it in front of me. She had classes on weekdays and shouted to my teacher to seriously learn from the sages. After school, she liked to come to my humble bamboo house and let me tell him the stories in the dramas – because these dramas were slang, which were all things from the market. She was alone A girl can’t see it at home on weekdays. ”

At this point, everything seems clear.

Jiang Jingyun’s family suddenly fell and was sold to the Wanhua building. Mr. Bai did his best, but he didn’t win the wealth of member Shen. He kept his arms clean all his life and kept his manners, but he was defeated here in the end.

Mr. Bai said no more, but Yan Wei almost connected all this: “Jiang Jingyun was tortured to death by member Shen Wai. You couldn’t save her. You chose such a method. Relying on your good relationship with Guanyin temple, you quietly left a reversal array on the gold statue, turned the array of suppressing evil deeds into a thing that encourages sneakiness, and let ah Yu, who was deeply interested in you because he saw you in the Wanhua building, think he has got evil that can change his appearance FA, he has killed so many people in these years, and the dead gas is constantly sent to Jiang Jingyun’s body. The resentment gradually darkens the sea… ”

Even these players who each have identity come to Guanyin Town. I’m afraid Mr. Bai designed them step by step.

What is as like as two peas in the hands of Shen Shen, who are in the same way as Mr. Bai?

Because that’s what Mr. Bai deliberately let Shen Wai get. Jiang Jingyun has never turned into a fierce ghost. What about repression? Since Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body doesn’t exist, how much of the Guanyin clean bottle of water, which is as essential as Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body, may be a good thing…? if this “repression” array is really deployed, is it to suppress evil or

Yan Wei subconsciously looked at the dead breath slowly emerging from the direction of Shen’s house outside the door.

Zhong Bufan and Yu Zhengqing, who went to Shen’s house, also sent a message to the rest of them, saying that the clean bottle of water had been handed over to Shen’s house camp, and the other Party promised not to give up dead breath.

He looked back and heard Mr. Bai say to them, “since someone has foolishly helped me, you can now take it as if none of this has happened and leave Guanyin Town. Since then, these things have nothing to do with you.”

Yan Wei gently groped for the black ring with his fingertips.

Their task is to suppress resentment.

Jiang Jingyun himself is not the source of resentment. The evil end of all this is the scholar in front of him. Zhuo Xidong can’t end this copy at all. Only when the source is removed can this copy be broken.

It’s better to wait until Lin Zhen wakes up. Song Chengan and Zhong Bufan solve both sides. They meet and deal with the NPC that is likely to be the copy boss.

He collected his eyes and was about to say something about the lie that they were going to leave. Mr. Bai’s hand holding the wine pot suddenly gave a meal, and the smile on his face changed to cold at this moment.

His gentle voice was wrapped with the blade: “your eyes tell me that you don’t want to leave Guanyin Town.”

The world inside the building.

All the life and death in the copy, from the eyes of the people under the projection, is just a picture that can’t participate. They can only watch the progress of Guanyin school camp and shenzhai camp respectively, watch this top-level copy that attracts the attention of the whole building world, and finally come to the end.

At this moment, no one has questioned the guess that Yan Wei is v.

Although no one points out his identity in the copy, the attitude of those super high-level players who can shout their names towards Yan Wei is obvious to all. Even the opponent shenzhai camp can completely give up the face-to-face fight after seeing Yan Wei – who else can Yan Wei be?

Just now, the players who quarreled with each other because of their bold conjecture did not talk much at the moment of determination.

There are not even people talking about how copies break.

Because they are no longer worried about this. Maybe at the beginning, they just thought, if someone at the top of this time succeeds, does it mean that other players also have hope? Even a little, it is also hope.

But V is different.

What V pursues is not personal self-interest, but the end of everyone.

If he succeeds, thousands of players in the world in this building will no longer be afraid of the life and death of the copy.

They believed in V’s ability to break the game, almost blindly trusted and hoped for the moment when v broke the game. From the moment when Yan Wei’s identity was recognized by everyone, they had begun to subconsciously have the same goal as Yan Wei.

There are many ways to live. Yan Wei showed them the best one.

Yan Mingguang reacted very quickly. When he raised his hand, a dagger flew out like an arrow feather and collided with Mr. Bai’s hand!

The hand looked like flesh and blood, but it was like copper skin and iron bone. With the action of Mr. Bai, it was about to catch Yan Wei in a moment, and was blocked by the dagger thrown by Yan Mingguang. Under the sound of “clang”, the shaking air dispersed the tea table wooden table among them, and the fragments scattered.

The whole bamboo house was scattered at this moment.

The cold wind blew across Yan Wei’s cheek. When he stood still, Yan Mingguang took him back a step, turned his head and fought with Mr. Bai.

Mr. Bai has lost his calm and elegant posture just now, and his whole body began to take a faint breath of death. He has no weapons. He relies on a pair of copper and iron hands to connect Yan Mingguang’s attacks several times.

Yan Wei looked intently and saw that Mr. Bai was covered with a light layer of black gas, which was almost the same as the black gas at Jiang Jingyun’s morgue. If he touched it, he would die like those who died in the hands of ah Yu. Mr. Bai looked at them without a trace of emotion. His eyes were full of killing intention. Surrounded by this dead gas, he was like a Shura ghost temple from the yellow spring.

He held up the moon wheel, stood behind Yan Mingguang, and used the moon wheel to protect Yan Mingguang’s naked body week at all times, so that those dead spirit could not infect Yan Mingguang’s body.

Several times back and forth, Mr. Bai was suddenly thrown out by Yan Mingguang’s whip and landed in the snow.

His neat bundle of hair also spread out and fell down in the action, raising it disorderly in the cold wind, like a ghost or a devil.

Yan Mingguang just took advantage of thousands of victories to pursue, but Mr. Bai suddenly smiled.

At the next moment, the dead breath on him became more than ten times stronger! As soon as Yan Mingguang’s whip arrived, the dead breath dispersed with his actions and corroded the whip in an instant.

Yan Wei glanced at Mr. Bai’s sharp hand. His perception perceived the power flow on the other party. The moon wheel moved and shouted, “Yan Mingguang, step back! He connected himself with the whole evil array. Shen house, Guanyin temple and himself are three complementary arrays, and he can call each other!”

Dead gas circulates and flows continuously.

The heavier Yan Mingguang started, the deeper Mr. Bai was injured, and the more consistent he was with this towering death.

As long as these monstrous evil spirits don’t disperse and the three array cycles, the living ghost can’t be killed at all!

Yan Wei’s words were a step too late. Yan Mingguang’s physical reaction in life and death had played a role at that moment. As soon as the whip was corroded by death, Yan Mingguang turned over and threw a dagger straight into Mr. Bai’s eyebrows.

The knife hit the target.

The blade entered the center of Mr. Bai’s eyebrows, but he still opened his eyes and showed a smile to Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei.

Dead breath came out ten times and a hundred times. Mr. Bai raised his hand, easily pulled out the dagger in the center of his eyebrows, and suddenly grabbed Yan Mingguang!

This catch was more than ten times stronger than the attack just now. Yan Mingguang was caught in the arm while dodging. The black gas immediately corroded the skin on his arm. In a moment, Yan Mingguang’s arm was covered with blood and flesh blurred.

Mr. Bai can hurt Yan Mingguang. And the monster is getting bigger and stronger.

“Little friend, it seems that he wants to eliminate harm for the people?” Mr. Bai smiled. His expression is still as pure and proud as a scholar, but the blood stain in the center of his eyebrow and the dead spirit around him are very gloomy, which makes him look like a full ghost.

He didn’t continue to chase after Shen Zhai. He just looked at the direction of Shen Zhai and said with a smile: “the array I gave you and Shen Yuanwai can not exorcise evil spirits, but also promote ghosts. In addition, the group seems to have started? That’s a coincidence. They help me add a fire. I’ll kill you again and feed Jingyun with your dead spirit… She can come back.”

Yan Mingguang glanced at the wound on his arm. His expression remained unchanged, as if he could not feel the pain. He calmly stepped back a few steps and opened a certain distance from Mr. Bai.

Yan Wei came forward and held him. “How’s it going?”

Yan Mingguang shook his head: “we are not fighting him, we are fighting the whole evil array.”

At the same time, Guanyin temple.

Song Chengan was standing in front of the golden statue, holding the array plate in his forehand. His perception was involved with the trend of the array, and he broke every line of the array bit by bit. Geng Liang helped him feel the trend of evil in the temple.

It took too long for the big array to turn into an evil array. If it was careless, it would be eaten back by evil Qi. Song Cheng’an took it apart very carefully. Even if his hands were unambiguous, he didn’t make much progress for a while.


He suddenly opened his eyes, took an unsteady step back, and a bloody smell came up his throat.

“Poof -”

The blood spewed out and splashed on the incense burner in front of song Cheng’an. The blood gas was mixed with the smoke and dust. Geng Liang’s nose moved and his face changed. He stepped forward and immediately helped song Cheng’an who nearly fell.

Geng Liang was surprised and said, “what’s the matter with you?”

“Someone…” Song Cheng’an took a deep breath, wiped the corners of his mouth with the sleeve of his Taoist robe, and then said, “it may also be a ghost. The thing laid out just mobilized the big array. He was using it, I was dismantling it, I dismantled it carefully, he used it like a flood breaking the dike, and I was hurt by the array.”

Geng Liang’s ears moved slightly: “I seem to hear a big movement in the school opposite the temple.”

As he spoke, Yan Wei happened to send them a message and eagerly described Mr. Bai’s affairs in a few words. They were communicating. After listening, song Chengan heard the sound of fierce struggle at the other end.

He said to Geng Liang: “Yan Wei said that Mr. Bai connected himself to the array of Shen house and temple and shared these dead and evil spirits. The harder they started, the more lifeless Mr. Bai became, but the more powerful he became. We must help them stabilize the array and at least weaken its support for the ghost. Can you control your perception and support others’ perception, but will it not affect it?”

Geng Liang nodded: “I haven’t done this before, but it should be OK.”

“Then bless my perception,” Song Chengan said in a deep voice, looking up at the golden statue of Avalokitesvara in front of him. “I’m afraid we don’t have so much time to dismantle the array safely.”

Guanyin school.

Yan Mingguang and Yan Weitong beat Mr. Bai directly from the broken bamboo house to the front hall. Some students of the school ran to see what had happened. Before they got close, Mr. Bai waved and grabbed them alive, pinched their neck, and their resentment and hatred flowed into Mr. Bai’s body. The student turned into a pool of corpse water in an instant.

Other students around didn’t want to explore what was going on. They immediately scattered and fled out of Guanyin school.

The school that was like a breeze and a moon yesterday is now in a mess, and all the students are scattered like birds and animals.

Yan Wei was protected by Yan Mingguang. His eyebrows were frowned. The moon wheel in his hand kept turning. He kept protecting Yan Mingguang’s naked body all the time to ensure that those dead spirits would not be contaminated by Yan Mingguang.

But Yan Mingguang’s current identity is still a player after all. Even if he can occasionally pause all the time and space in the copy, this method consumes more and has limited opportunities to use. When he fights with Mr. Bai like this, Mr. Bai becomes more and more crazy, but he is still an individual and will only consume more and more under the drag of the wound.

It was another round trip. Yan Mingguang raised his feet and kicked the ghost, but the moon wheel could not be isolated from such contact. The dead breath also instantly eroded his skin and left a bloody wound on his leg.

Mr. Bai didn’t know the pain at all. Without any pause, he turned on the ground and rushed straight at Yan Wei.

Yan Wei quickly raised the moon wheel to protect himself. The “ghost” suddenly rushed to the moon wheel, and Yan Wei rolled back with the barrier of the moon wheel.

Yan Mingguang’s long knife followed and stopped Mr. Bai.

The two people entangled together again. Seeing that the increasingly strong dead spirit brought new wounds to Yan Mingguang, Yan Wei shouted: “Yan Mingguang!!!”

The next moment, the wound healed in an instant, leaving only the rather broken clothes still stained with blood.

Yu Feizhou held his blue bead in his hand, and the wound gradually appeared in the same place as Yan Mingguang. He gritted his teeth, endured the pain, and began to heal his wound with the blue bead.

Yan Wei Ran to him: “your injury…”

“My skills are in this regard. If these injuries are transferred to me, they can be cured in a moment. It’s not worth staying on Yan Mingguang.”

Yan Wei was relieved to see that the rot on his body was indeed healing quickly. He just heard the fish flying boat and said, “Lin Zhen didn’t wake up. I heard what you’ve been doing here. I thought you must need help after playing for so long. First, I left a protective prop for Lin Zhen and come and have a look.”

Yan Wei looked anxiously at Yan Mingguang, who stopped Mr. Bai, and quickly said: “Yan Mingguang is not his opponent. Even at the beginning, the man surnamed Bai couldn’t hold back several times. But he was linked with the dead spirit. He had already lived himself into a ghost, and these dead spirits were his hotbed. The more he was injured, the more he could accommodate these dead spirits. Instead, we were afraid of hands and feet, killing or not.”

Fish flying boat frowned: “then you must hit it well.”

“But now he is dead all over, and the blade will be corroded when he gets close.”

Yan Mingguang has completely given up these weapons and fought with Mr. Bai with his bare hands. Only a little carelessness will hurt his skin and flesh.

The weapon will be corroded. If you want to hit it successfully, someone must come forward with bare hands and kill him in an instant. You can’t let him hook the resentment and hatred flowing in the whole array of Guanyin Town at that moment.

Yan Wei clenched his fists and his breathing was slightly heavy.

He glanced at the fish flying boat and his eyes lit up suddenly.

Fish flying boat: ”

“If Yan Mingguang rushed into these dead Qi and killed him, can you bear the corrosive injuries in a few seconds?”

Fish flying boat was stunned: “I can, but it’s not enough for me to transfer the wound.”

Yan Wei said, “leave the rest to me.”

He turned his eyes to Mr. Bai, who wanted to kill them, and suddenly shouted, “Mr. Bai wanted to kill us, but now we are known all over the school. Soon, Mr. Bai’s respect will spread all over the world.”

Mr. Bai smiled grimly and said, “then die – there are no good people in the world anyway.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “no?”

He seemed to be intentional. The tone of this sentence was very gentle, and every word seemed to have a taste of ridicule. He said, “isn’t Jiang Jingyun a good man?”

Mr. Bai obviously made a move.

But Yan Mingguang didn’t take advantage of the victory – he saw Yan Wei’s eyes, slightly stopped his hand and stood in front of Mr. Bai, ready to go.

Yan Wei seemed careless. In the same tone as chatting in the past, she said, “I never knew her, but I think a girl who was full of poetry and books and came from a high school was suddenly abused to death overnight. Under such a situation, she never gave birth to those harmful resentments after her death…”

He said, looking at Mr. Bai’s every move as if he were glancing at him at random.

Mr. Bai stared, his black hair covered most of his face, his face was lifeless, like an evil ghost in broad daylight. He stood there, his whole body tense, as if he had been attracted by Yan Wei’s words.

Yan Wei chuckled, “Sir, have you ever thought about it or dare not think about it?”

“… what do you think?”

“You set up such a huge situation, reversed the protection of Guanyin Town, took the girls who like you as swordsmen, gathered thousands of dead Qi to nourish Jiang Jingyun’s body, and even made up a high sounding reason to make us think that we brought magic tools to suppress evil deeds, but in fact, you used other people’s hands to lay new evil laws next to Jiang Jingyun’s coffin to promote resentment… All this Isn’t everything just to let her come back from death in another way and be a fierce ghost who can’t live forever? ”

Mr. Bai was suddenly angry: “who do you say can never exceed life?”

“She even suffered such devastation before she died and didn’t want to turn into a ghost for revenge after she died. Don’t you just want to go to a stable yellow spring and have a peaceful afterlife? Isn’t that what you do contrary to what she wants to do and let her be a monster that can’t be polluted by the world?”

“The world can’t tolerate her…” Mr. Bai’s eyes were dazed for a moment. He didn’t realize that Yan Mingguang’s injury was slowly turning to the fish flying boat next to Yan Wei. “I’ll just let her.”

Yan Wei snorted coldly, “the world won’t allow you to look like a ghost. What qualifications do you have to allow others?”

“Shut up!”

“Sir, I only ask you, the body that died with great resentment has not turned into a ghost under the influence of five years of death. Is this terrible death not enough, or the dead man… Unwilling to wake up like this?”

Mr. Bai trembled all over.

At this moment, his face exposed in his hair became more and more lifeless. His dark pupils were like invisible deep pool sludge. They turned the dirty color washed from several yellow springs, which was terrible. But his expression was unprecedented blank. On that evil ghost like face, there was a completely opposite childlike blank.

In a moment, his eyes were fierce and his voice tore out of his throat: “I’ll kill you!”

Yan Wei’s eyes coagulated and shouted, “right now!”

The next moment, the moon wheel in Yan Wei’s hand floated in the air. Yan Mingguang blinked in front of Mr. Bai, raised his hand, inadvertently stretched into Mr. Bai’s dead breath, and suddenly grabbed his neck!

Death quickly eroded Yan Mingguang’s hands. The fish flying boat skill was launched. Those erosion appeared in his hands in an instant. He was holding the blue beads with blood.

The moon wheel separates the space around Yan Mingguang and Mr. Bai, isolating them from the outside world as much as possible.

Mr. Bai’s eyes widened and his breath flew from his sleeves.

At Guanyin temple, the whole array trembled. Song Chengan and Geng Liang spread their perception. At this moment, they tried their best to hinder the operation of the array.

In the school, death did not arrive in time. Yan Mingguang pinched Mr. Bai’s neck without hesitation at this moment.

It was a successful blow.

He stepped back a few steps, left those dead spirits and came to Yan Wei and the fish flying boat.

Mr. Bai stared at the front with round eyes, as if looking at the direction of Yan Wei, but his eyes gradually lost focus. The black dead breath lost its carrier and slowly dissipated in the cold air, and the world was lonely and cold.

The thick snow seemed to absorb dirt. His eyes were at a loss, and his eyes fell into the messy snow. The half man’s ghost body seemed to be pulled out of his spine in an instant and fell soft.

At that moment, suddenly, he seemed to see a woman in a man’s plain robe standing on the snow, with a jade crown and hairpin, looking back at him.

His ears were clearly silent, but I didn’t know where the ethereal drama came from, sliding into his mind like a ball.

“… take you to the horse’s house in a sedan chair, and the autumn wind will take me to the yellow spring… The sound of funeral mourning and music is broken on the one hand, and the wedding trumpet is blowing towards the sky on the other… [1]

“… in the world of Yingtai, Shanbo has become a ghost, and life and death are difficult to follow… [2]

People who have been dead for five years are in the world, and thousands of resentments and hatred can’t pull back the ghost walking on the yellow spring road.

People who are still alive do not live or die. They are more like ghosts wandering in time than evil spirits.


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