Half Immortal Chapter 193

Half Immortal Chapter 193: Black Sea Town Coffin (32)

Yan Wei watched Mr. Bai soft fall to the ground. At the moment of swallowing his breath, his dead breath ate his body back. He was like a Yu, and his whole body was covered with body spots in an instant.

I’m afraid in a few moments, Mr. Bai’s body will turn into rotten corpse water and flow into the cold snow like ah Yu.

Yan Wei was absorbed in controlling the moon wheel just now. He was sweating all over. At the moment, he was finally relieved. His stiff back finally relaxed. Yan Mingguang wiped his hands carefully on one side. Then he came to him, took him in one hand, provided him with focus and rested for a while.

There were fish flying in the boat, but he and Yan Mingguang had no skin injuries except physical and perceptual consumption. Yan Wei was protected by them all the time. He didn’t even have a blood stain on his body. Yan Mingguang’s wounds were all removed by the fish flying boat, and only some traces of injury were left on his clothes.

The hands of the fish flying boat had rotted enough to see white bones in some places. He frowned and said nothing.

“How’s it going?” Yan Wei quickly changed a lot of wound medicine that was priceless in the mall and sprinkled it on the fish flying boat.

The fish flying boat just smiled: “nothing, my healing ability is fast, I’m good without breaking, and I can pick up when I break.”

Yan Wei still changed a lot of wound medicine and sprinkled it on the fish flying boat’s hand. Yan Mingguang was not vague. Yan Wei sprinkled his left hand here and he also changed some wound medicine and sprinkled it on the fish flying boat’s right hand there, saying, “thank you.”

Fish flying boat can’t cry or laugh: “it’s supposed to be a copy together.”

Yan Wei saw that the flesh and blood on his hand was indeed healing with the naked eye, so he stopped.

But as soon as he breathed a sigh of relief, he frowned and said, “where’s the hint?”

The tone hasn’t come yet.

In the Guanyin temple, song Chengan was pale and gasping for breath. But instead of sitting down to rest, he stared at the evil golden statue of Guanyin.

Geng Liang also found something wrong: “Yan Wei, didn’t they just kill Mr. Bai? This big array…”

“This big array has not been destroyed. Even except for the insignificant part we demolished at the beginning, other places are intact.”

Song Chengan’s eyes became more and more dignified: “this big array connects Mr. Bai and Shen’s house, so that death can pass on to each other and promote evil. There must be a core to control the other two. Mr. Bai is dead, the array is still there, and Mr. Bai is not the core… We were entangled with this array for a long time just now. If it was the core, I couldn’t be unaware of it.”

Geng Liang was surprised: “what is the core?”

“Shen Zhai.”

After hearing what song Chengan said, Yan Wei secretly screamed.

The fish flying boat asked, “what’s going on?”

Without Yan Wei answering him, Shen Zhai suddenly told him the answer with more than a hundred times the black gas rising into the sky.

In front of Yan Wei, Mr. Bai’s corpse covered with corpse spots turned into a pool of corpse water at this moment, emitting a disgusting stench. But the corpse water did not disperse spontaneously, but was suddenly sucked into the land in a mass of black gas and converged to unknown places.

It was like nutrients, sucked by something.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang looked at each other. The other party did not hesitate. They took him and the fish flying boat and quickly went towards the Shen house. At the same time, Yan Wei opened the communication and said to song Cheng’an and Geng Liang at the Guanyin temple, “Mr. Bai is also a member of the Bureau. Killing him can’t break the array. You stay there and be sure to pull out the array.”

Song Chengan’s tone was dignified: “I’ll do my best.”

But a word back and forth, the dead spirit has blackened most of the day.

Even ordinary people in Guanyin Town can really see such a movement. For a moment, the whole Guanyin Town was shrouded in fear and panic. The people near Shen’s house ran all the way to the other side, and the scream became the only accompaniment in this cold and snowy day.

It was as if they were running too fast. In addition to the death that spread rapidly in the direction of the Shen house, the sea suddenly spread the hatred and evil spirit, which came from both sides and flooded most of the houses in an instant.

Yan Wei’s perception was higher than others. At this moment, countless shrill cries for help and shouts came into his ears.

They walked against the crowd, and finally came to the boundary where death spread.

As soon as Yan Mingguang landed, he subconsciously raised his hand and caught the flying Zhong Bufan.

Zhong Bufan’s right arm has been completely broken, and his shoulder is blurred with blood and flesh. His whole body was covered with blood, and his face was completely bloodless. In addition to his broken arm, there were several wounds on his body that were obviously eroded by death. It is not too much to describe them with the word “tragic”.

The dead spirit spread very fast. As soon as they reached the edge, the dead spirit rushed.

Yan Mingguang pulled them back one street after another before they settled.

“Where’s Yu Zhengqing?” Yan Wei asked in the first sentence.

Zhong Bufan took a deep breath and whispered, “dead.”

He didn’t have too many words, and he didn’t need too many words. This angry posture is enough to show what a tragic struggle they had just experienced in Shen house.

If it weren’t for Yan Mingguang’s quick eyes and quick hands, Zhong Bufan would have been swallowed up by death.

Yan Wei’s eyes darkened.

Without his asking, Zhong Bufan quickly said: “Yu Zhengqing and I acted. After we handed the clean bottle of water to Zhuo Xidong, we stayed next to Shen’s house to observe. They did not tear off the seal as promised. After taking the clean bottle of water, they began to use the method of suppressing the Dharma array, sprinkled the clean bottle of water and arranged the array. But after the array was arranged, instead of dispelling the dead spirit in Jiang Jingyun’s morgue, the dead spirit suddenly rose into the sky and broke through the courtyard Seal. ”

This is what Yan Wei had expected. Guanyin clean bottle of water is not a good thing.

But Mr. Bai is a schemer. They thought that if the leader died, all this would come to an abrupt end. But now it seems… Obviously not.

In the dead breath pouring in like a flood, it seems that a figure with floating clothes is standing. The people around are running away in panic to the place where there is no dead breath, and the screams are heard all the time, but the figure seems to be unaffected, walking step by step in the black gas, as if approaching them.

Zhong Bufan then said, “after death, the coffin suddenly broke, and Jiang Jingyun’s body suddenly rose from the body inside. In the blink of an eye, he killed Zhuo Xidong’s group, and none of them survived! Yu Zhengqing and I were outside. We immediately reacted and wanted to run back to find you first, but she seemed to feel our existence, chased us, and Yu Zhengqing was defeated…”

Jiang Jingyun?

The fish flying boat said, “is it difficult? These dead spirits really nourish Jiang Jingyun’s ghost body?”

While talking, the dead spirit poured out again, and the figure in the darkness was getting closer and closer. The people who fled around didn’t have time to see them. Some people who stood still were running aimlessly, and some old, weak, women and children had no help. They couldn’t escape the dead spirit in the sky, and were drowned in a moment.

As soon as the voice of the fish flying boat fell, his face changed. Seeing that the dead spirit was about to overflow a crying child, he rushed forward, hugged the child and rolled back a few times.

Yan Wei raised his hand and the moon wheel emitted a dazzling white light. At this moment, the huge barrier quickly opened in front of the black gas, isolated between the fish flying boat and the dead gas, and isolated in Guanyin Town, which has not been spread by the black gas. With a seemingly motionless attitude, he bumped into the flood beast.

This terrible death was carried down by the moon wheel. He suddenly turned white and vomited a mouthful of blood from the concussion of the five internal organs.

Yan Mingguang immediately held him: “I’ll use the moon wheel.”

Yan Wei just shook his head, “you have more important things to do.”

Zhong Bufan was stunned: “Yan Wei, you…”

Even if the incident happened suddenly, they could have retreated to the Guanyin temple one after another, and they could have a moment and a half to respond. At this moment, they stand here and are of no use except to save the lives in those copies.

Yan Wei glanced at the child held by the fish flying boat.

“They want to live,” he said.

Yan Mingguang averted his eyes from Yan Wei.

“If I’m not dead, I can still come and go freely in this dead gas. But now I can only use the moon wheel…” he paused, and his face became more and more pale. “Although the moon wheel is powerful, this dead gas corrodes all things. The barrier I cut out will block such a large area of dead gas, and my own consumption can’t stand it. We must solve the ghost thing that brings these dead gases.”

The fish flying boat that was coaxing the child looked up: “Jiang Jingyun ghost body?” after asking, he patted the child on the head and asked the child to run quickly.

Yan Wei only blocked it for a few minutes, but it was enough for the people to run away. But he still supported the barrier of the moon wheel and thought that if he persisted for a while, those people would have more vitality.

He was just thinking about the context of the whole copy, and now he understood it all.

He said, “she is not Jiang Jingyun.”

In this moment, the figure with floating clothes in the dead spirit has come to Yan Wei and others. She stopped and stood in front of thousands of dead spirits. Even though Jiang Jingyun’s face was full of blue and purple dead faces, her expression was vivid. She was looking at Yan Wei and others with interest and a little anger.

“Ah,” she licked her lips and said darkly, “it actually blocked my death. Which Taoist priest or mage from the big temple or Taoist temple doesn’t know how to live or die.”

“Jiang Jingyun” raised her hand. With her actions, the dead spirit suddenly hit the barrier set by Yan Wei.

Yan Wei felt his whole body shaking. He staggered and vomited another mouthful of blood.

The barrier broke, but the dead spirit didn’t move forward – this thing actually followed “Jiang Jingyun”. She was just moving forward, and the dead spirit came overwhelming. At the moment, she stopped, and the dead spirit quietly flooded the houses.

Yan Wei’s perceptual power dispersed. Facing Yan Mingguang and others around him, he also said to song Cheng’an and Geng Liang, who are far away in Guanyin Temple: [she is an evil thing suppressed under the sea in Guanyin Town since ancient times.]

A Yu thought she was a wrongdoer, but in fact she was just a move of chess in Mr. Bai’s hand.

Mr. Bai thinks he is a man of layout. Isn’t he a chess move in the hands of others?

His game seems to be linked, causal adhesion, but it misses a beginning.

The evil law in ah Yu’s hand was given by Mr. Bai. Then, as a once ordinary scholar, where did Mr. Bai come from these subversive arrays and evil laws? Did he get it by chance, or did something secretly give him this opportunity to think he got it by chance, but in fact he also made others’ knives and wedding clothes for others?

Ah Yu has used the evil method for five years, but her face has not changed greatly. Mr. Bai has used the evil method for five years, and Jiang Jingyun has not returned from the yellow spring. Where have all these resentments gone?

This five-year game is not to let Mr. Bai give birth to Jiang Jingyun’s resentment, but to reverse the suppression array in Guanyin Town, absorb these greed, anger and infatuation, cultivate Jiang Jingyun’s body into a container for evil things, and let the ancient evil things break through Jiang Jingyun’s body!

The task of “suppressing resentment” is not to deal with ah Yu, suppress Jiang Jingyun, or kill Mr. Bai.

But to bring this evil thing back to the bottom of the sea.

“I see… What we want is not a small array, but a large array enough to suppress ancient evil things.”

The evil thing has looked at them for a few times and said playfully: “I hate you Taoists and mages who like exorcising ghosts every day. After planning for so long, it’s not easy to break the seal with some fools. Since someone stopped me…”

It smiled and licked its lips. Its hoarse voice didn’t have any emotion that human beings should have: “just kill it.”

The sound was still floating around, and it had come to them in the blink of an eye.

The fish boat pulled Zhong Bufan, who was seriously injured, back. Yan Wei was like dealing with Mr. Bai, who was dead, holding the moon wheel to assist Yan Mingguang. The evil thing immediately slapped Yan Mingguang. In the next moment, Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei flew back under the huge impact. Yan Mingguang’s arm was torn open and corroded by the dead spirit.

The evil thing blinked and said innocently, “it’s really not beaten.”

Yan Wei’s whole body was tight and a cold sweat came out of his forehead.

He and Yan Mingguang have as much as 30000 or 40000 in terms of perception and body index, but they are not the opponents of this evil thing.

This evil thing is not a ghost that can be dealt with by hands.

If you can’t crack it violently, it shows that there is a way to break the game without fighting with evil things.

Seeing the evil thing coming towards them with a smile, Yan Wei said, “run!”

Before the voice fell, Yan Mingguang pulled up Yan Wei and left. The fish flying boat dragged a disabled Zhong Bufan, a little slower, and death was about to spread over his back.

A dark arrow came through the air, rubbed the back of the fish flying boat, stopped the dead breath, and the arrow also scattered in the dead breath.

Yu Feizhou escaped and immediately ran forward with Zhong Bufan. On the roof not far away, Lin Zhen dressed in black and held a bow in his hand. Countless arrow feathers came out of his hands and intercepted the dead breath.

“Are you awake?”

His eyes lit up. Lin Zhen was cold with a face. His red eyes were full of calmness. His tone was heavy and said, “don’t be stunned, run.”

The fish kept running under the feet of the flying boat, followed Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, but their eyes darkened quietly.

The next moment, the young man who covered them with bows and arrows retreated on the eaves and changed his look. His serious eyes suddenly became full of jumping off, and his tone was very bad: “Hey, brother, why are you so fierce? Be gentle.”

The solemn tone sounded to himself: “now on the line of life and death, you give me peace.”

“Slightly slightly, anyway, you can’t pull my hair now.”

Fish flying boat: ”

Yan Wei: ”

Ahead, Geng Liang met Yan Wei and said, “what’s the matter? Song Chengan is still trying to dismantle the array in the temple, but he said that even if the array is destroyed, these dead spirits can’t be stopped.”

“I can’t stop it.” Yan Wei gasped. “Those interlocking arrays are to help this evil thing break the seal. Now it comes out through Jiang Jingyun’s body. Those arrays are ‘successful and retired’.”

This evil thing can’t be killed by their power.

Is it difficult for him to make a second comeback and finally fold in such a place?

Yan Wei looked back and saw that although Lin Zhen and Lin Qing could not block the dead breath in a large area like his moon wheel, they could consume a small piece of dead breath because they were scattered. Although Lin Zhen and Lin Qing are not as powerful as him and Yan Mingguang, they don’t have to fight with evil things. Instead, they can deal with them for a while.

He said to Lin Zhen standing high, “Lin Zhen, Lin Qing! Can you entangle with it for a while?”

A serious voice came, “OK.”

The naughty tone said again: “ah, the little sister who hasn’t taken a bath for five years, who doesn’t know whether it’s a man or a woman, come and hit me!”

Evil Wu thought they were fun and immediately went to Lin Zhen. But he was also very angry. He was provoked by Lin Zhen and said, “what an interesting child.”

The evil things didn’t move, but the dead Qi around chased Lin Zhen away.

“Take things seriously. Don’t provoke it. Just lead it away.”

“How can you lead him away if you don’t make him angry? He’s not stupid. If I say to go with me, I’ll go with me. Anger is not the most useful thing. Come on, come on, little sister who hasn’t bathed for five years!”


Yan Wei saw that those dead breath briefly followed Lin Zhen and Lin Qing away. He took a few breaths and said, “I just figured it out.”

Zhong Bufan: “what?”

“The treacherous core of this top-level copy is that the task has been guiding us step by step, making us feel targeted at every step, so there will be no problem with the published task. The published task is really no problem, but the task has not clearly told us the objects we need to deal with in this copy.”

If you tell them to suppress evil things at the beginning of the task, it won’t come out at all.

That evil thought really keeps doing these shameful obstructions all the time.

He said, “Zhong Bufan, when you and… And Yu Zhengqing gave them the clean bottle of water, did you know who the clean bottle of water was?”

Zhong Bufan took out the white porcelain bottle and two props with his only hand: “this is the rest of the clean water bottle they used and the props assigned to Yu Zhengqing and me. At that time, I thought the clean water bottle might be useful. It took a moment to let Yu Zhengqing…”

His eyes were dim and he handed it to Yan Wei.

Yan Wei held it tightly and said, “he certainly died in vain.”

Zhong Bufan was silent.

“Geng Liang, take this clean bottle of water to Guanyin temple and ask song Chengan to use it according to the suppression array given to us by Mr. Bai and sprinkle the water in the center of the array. He will lead the painting of the array, and the rest of us will send the remaining props to the four corners of Guanyin Town according to the array arrangement.”

Everyone was stunned.

Yan Mingguang first understood: “since this evil thing broke through the ancient suppression array, we will draw one centered on the Guanyin temple.”

Geng Liang didn’t understand: “but didn’t you say that this array lied to us? Zhuo Xidong used this method, but he completely released this ancient evil thing!”

Zhong Bufan’s gloomy look suddenly brightened: “but we also have a reversal array.”

Fish flying boat: “I see, I see…”

Zhuo Xidong made a fool of himself because he used the evil array.

But what they have to do is to lay a great evil array, draw a reversal array and suppress this ancient evil thing again!

Behind them, death filled the sky and blotted out the sun. In front of him, countless screams for help sounded, and the high Guanyin Temple stood quietly in the distance, unaware of the half dilapidated Guanyin Town.

Not far from the other side, Lin Zhen, who was attracted by evil things and dead gas, hissed back his bloody palm corroded by dead gas and shouted, “little pet, I can’t hold it! If it comes again, I’ll be entangled with these dead gas!”

A serious tone followed from the same mouth: “Yan Wei, you do your best.”

Yan Wei threw Lin Zhen and Lin Qing props needed in one direction and asked them to go to a corner and sit down with the props.

“I can use the moon wheel at most to block the dead breath for three minutes,” he said.

Time was pressing, and they stopped talking. Yu Feizhou and Zhong Bufan also left quickly with props needed in different directions. Geng Liang grabbed the Guanyin clean bottle of water and turned his head towards the temple.

Without Lin Qing’s and Lin Zhen’s temptation, the evil thing saw Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang still in place, laughed and rushed all over the sky to press them.

Yan Wei took a deep look at Yan Mingguang.

Naturally, only Yan Mingguang, who can not be bound by the copy rules in a short time, can stay for that moment.

The moment Yan Mingguang took the prop from his hand, he grabbed his hand tightly and whispered, “protect yourself.”

“I will,” he said. “I want to make another choice with you.”

Yan Mingguang took the prop from his hand and plunged into the boundless dead spirit.

In this way, there are Yan Mingguang, Zhong Bufan, Yu Feizhou and Lin Qing, who currently share one body, sitting in the four corners of the array with props. Song Cheng’an and Geng Liang set up the large array with Guanyin large array and Guanyin clean bottle as the core, and then reversed the array and overturned the large array to achieve the purpose of suppressing ancient evil things.

Yan Wei turned back and the moon wheel in his hand burst into dazzling light again. In the air shock, the moon wheel drew a barrier to stop the evil spirit pouring like a flood.

With Jiang Jingyun’s face, the evil creature showed an interested smile to Yan Wei.

“What a great man,” he said, “but how long can you last?”

It waved, thousands of dead breath, suddenly restless, crazy, pounding the transparent barrier in front of it.

Yan Wei looked pale and took a deep breath. He maintained the rotation of the moon wheel in his hand. He didn’t pay attention to this thing at all. In a word, all his mind was devoted to stopping these dead breath. The evil thing also followed the dead spirit and was briefly stopped by him outside the barrier.

His heart seemed to hang a clock, counting minutes and seconds, counting down the world he could still adhere to.

It’s only more than two minutes.

In Guanyin temple, Geng Liang had already given song Cheng’an a bottle of clean water. Song Cheng’an did not dare to procrastinate at all. Within a few minutes after the collapse, he spent all his strength with Geng Liang before drawing a large array linking the whole Guanyin Town and the reverse function array with his own blood.

Geng Liang was exhausted and couldn’t stand. The whole person sat soft in front of the Guanyin golden statue and muttered, “start the array. Can this copy be broken? Do I have a day to climb the top?”

At this time, there are only dozens of seconds left for Yan Wei to hold on.

Song Chengan is almost exhausted, but he still has to take the last step to start the array and can’t rest. He drew the palm of his own cut into the last step of the array, stopped in front of the Guanyin golden statue, sighed falsely and said: “Yes, when I came in, I didn’t expect that I could really come to such a day. I used to have a favorite who was about to propose, but I was confused and came here. After staying here for so long, I almost forgot her appearance. However, there was a time difference between inside and outside the building. After I went out, I should have time to take a good look at her face and prepare a proposal? It’s also – —”

His voice stopped suddenly.

Yan Wei is gambling with his life to stop the towering death. There is not much time left.

Geng Liang couldn’t see or hear anything. He asked eagerly, “why don’t you start the array?”

Song Cheng’an was stunned, and the tone between the words gradually fell from the hope just now, moistening a trace of coolness.

“The array cannot be started… This array needs Guanyin clean bottle of water to sprinkle on the core, that is, the Guanyin golden statue. Use the golden statue as the array eye to hook the whole Guanyin Town. But this golden statue…”

The golden statue has lost its aura after five years of evil spirit erosion.

I can’t do the heart.

The four sides are complete, both arrays are ready, but the heart of the array is lost.


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