Half Immortal Chapter 194

Black Sea Town Coffin (end)

Half Immortal Chapter 194: Black Sea Town Coffin (end)

Yan Wei still blocked the evil thing.

He just felt that all the body index and perception he had accumulated since he climbed the stairs twice poured out, and his blood was about to be drained. This thing in this short more than 100 seconds, but raised his hand to indicate that the black gas hit the barrier he maintained for three times, and he was almost unable to hold it.

The moon wheel began to tremble in his palm, and the whole barrier was weak.

He knelt on one knee, supported the dirty ground in one hand, held the moon wheel in the other hand, and clenched his lower lip. The lips were all blood from a bitten wound. The smell of blood stimulated his senses and maintained his clarity.

The evil thing stood in front of the barrier, passed through the barrier, looked at Yan Wei from top to bottom, and laughed a few times.

“This friend who doesn’t know whether he is a mage or a Taoist, it seems that if I try again, you won’t be able to hold on?”

Yan Wei just looked at it and said nothing.

Why haven’t song Chengan and Geng Liang started the array? This time is enough for Yan Mingguang to go to the four sides of Guanyin Town. What’s wrong with the array?

Is it difficult? The way he thought is not the way to break the game at all?

Double array superposition is useless?

Yan Wei was a little tired. For a moment, he couldn’t sort it out.

If the array hasn’t been hooked when the evil thing hits, he can think of a way to protect himself temporarily, and even think of a way with Yan Mingguang to fight the evil thing until the day he doesn’t die, but

But there are thousands of innocent lives in Guanyin Town, as well as fish flying boats, Lin Zhen and Lin Qing… What should they do?

Is it difficult for him to walk again? Will he still be alone in this top-level copy?

Or make a wish now with the Pandora’s box he left after his first climb to the top. But what do you wish for?

If the copy of the wish is suspended and they are allowed to start again, all the climbing will be in vain. Once again, how many players will die in the building world before the next climbing? Make a wish to end everything now. Isn’t it back to the end of the last summit? Everyone is happy, except… Yan Mingguang.

He doesn’t want to choose either.

He felt that he was really greedy. No matter where he came, even when he had no choice, he wanted so much. But he felt that he was really easy to be satisfied. He didn’t ask for anything. What he wanted was the peace of the people he wanted to protect.

We’ve reached this point.

Everything is ready. Why hasn’t the array fallen yet?

He asked song Chengan with a black ring, but he didn’t get any reply.

Guanyin temple.

Song Chengan’s heart cooled.

Geng Liang hurriedly asked him again: “what can I do without the array heart? What else can be the array heart? Can legendary props work?”

Song Chengan shook his head: “No.”

Geng Liang was not proficient in the array and couldn’t see it, but he saw it completely at that moment.

Geng Liang said anxiously, “what should we do? Yan Wei can’t hold on. I can feel that the barrier he has set up is very weak here. Is there a problem with his idea? Let’s tell them quickly, let’s run first -”

“No problem.” Song Chengan whispered, “Yan Wei’s way of thinking is really the way to break the top-level copy.”

Gold statues can’t be used as array hearts. They really need new array hearts.

Legendary props cannot be replaced. The reason why the golden statue can hold such a large array is that the golden statue is worshipped day and night and is contaminated with aura. It is not a dead thing and has the spirit of compassion. Only then can it deserve such a grand array.

Where do they find other such dead things?

Dead things can’t be found… Living things can.

Any player with extraordinary strength, as long as he doesn’t have any evil thoughts in his heart and turns his sacrifice into his heart, this dharma array will become.

Yan Wei’s method is not wrong. He even found the most correct way to break the game in this copy. The problem with the golden image is also the last problem of the top-level copy of the ten dead and lifeless. These days, they have crossed one difficult problem after another and come to this moment, this last hurdle, which tests the hearts of the people.

One of the living people must take the initiative to sacrifice in order to achieve this array and break the game.

Someone’s gonna die.

Someone who has seen the hope of reaching the top at this moment, but wants to put out the fire and willingly plunge into the endless cold.

He thought through this and thought of this step, but between lightning and flint. A few seconds passed quickly and slowly. The horizon was still divided into two parts by black and white. Guanyin Town was still crying and asking for help.

If it was in the copy of song Cheng’an’s past, he had told Geng Liang and Yan Wei about it at the moment, so that the rest of the people – the rest who are not as strong as him could stand up.

But at this moment, he did not do so.

He thought that a few days ago, on the path of Guanyin school, he asked Yan Wei why he climbed to the top again.

Yan Wei’s answer is to end everything. Like V in his understanding, what he asks and reads is completely different from him.

He has lived in this world where life and death are greater than the rules for so many years. He is used to greedy for life and living. Until now, he has almost forgotten what the person he likes looks like. He only remembers each other’s name and that he is a very lovely girl.

He never had an ambition other than to save himself, nor a great love to save others.

But in this world, there are also people who not only live for themselves, but also have enviable beliefs, which others will unswervingly believe when they see them.

He lived in a way that he admired.

Time pinches seconds.

Song Chengan whispered, “I may be obsessed.”

Fortunately, after this time’s obsession, he had no chance to regret.

He opened his mouth and said a man’s name to Geng Liang loudly. It seems to be the name of a very ordinary girl. Zhang Sanli Si is general. Maybe you can catch a lot of them in the world outside the building.

Geng Liang’s eager expression was stunned: “what?”

“At first, I wanted to remember her appearance, but when I came in, I didn’t bring a picture, my hands were clumsy, and I couldn’t draw. I could only remember it in my mind. Later, there were too many copies, and I saw too many strange things. When I looked back, I found that I didn’t know when to start, and suddenly I couldn’t remember what she looked like.

“But I still remember her name. If you can go out and meet a girl with that name, be kind to them… Maybe one of them is her?”

Geng Liang didn’t understand: “what are you talking about? We can either take out an array heart immediately or go to Yan quickly -”

His words made the whole man tremble.

Geng Liang can’t see it, but his perception can still feel it – Song Cheng’an connected the stroke of the array to himself!

The next moment, the big array started, reversed the array, reversed the effect of the big array, and the four sides of Guanyin Town sent out skyward beams, even the direction where Yan Mingguang was drowned by death. It seemed that there was a curling Sanskrit sound in Guanyin temple, and 33 Guanyin dharmas lit up at the same time.

The golden light is all over the sky.

Yan Wei was at the last moment before he was exhausted. Seeing the evil thing waving thousands of dead pressure, the whole Guanyin Town suddenly shone golden all over the sky. All the weight that seemed to be pressing on him was gently removed by something. In front of him, the evil thing slowed down and suddenly retreated a few steps, making a deafening cry.

Under the halo, the dead spirit dissipated in the golden light, the haze dissipated, and the sun was just right.

Yan Wei watched with his own eyes on the contact list popped up by heijie, and the words “Song Chengan” were unknowingly gray.

Like the friends on his list who had died on his first climb to the top, it could no longer light up.

His nose was sour, but he knew there was something more important in front of him.

The evil thing attached to Jiang Jingyun’s corpse suddenly lost its cover. It was so exposed to the golden light that it fell to the ground and rolled with a wail. The prompt sound hasn’t appeared yet. The evil thing needs no body to be suppressed by the golden light.

He stood up, took out a legendary prop like a long knife made in the past, walked forward and stabbed the blade into the eyebrow of “Jiang Jingyun”!

The golden light is bigger.

The array has been formed. Yan Mingguang doesn’t know when he has returned to his side. The dead sky climbs over a dark cloud and sprinkles snow everywhere. The scream of evil things suddenly stops. With the thing being pressed into the bottomless sea again, Jiang Jingyun’s body turns into corpse water at this moment, mixed with the snowflakes falling on the ground, and there is no trace in an instant 。

Yan Wei loosened his hand, and the legendary props scrambled outside were thrown on the ground.

“Why didn’t that stupid thing stop me?” Yan Wei said.

Yan Mingguang raised his hand, touched his hair and said softly, “I’ve been stopping him.”

Yan Wei raised his eyes slightly and looked at him across the snow, “Mr. Yan… He has never been your opponent. This time, he can appear because you actually…”

In fact, no matter how open-minded he was, he thought about it a little bit in his heart – if Yan Wei agreed to evil thoughts, why would he stay?

This person contains all the wisdom and good thoughts of the world in the building. After the player falls into the replica, there is only so much experience over the years and the only selfish desire integrated into it.

Yan Wei blinked slowly, looked at the man in front of him, took another step forward, came up to him, raised his hand and held him in his arms.

The long lost prompt finally came to the minds of all the living people at this moment. This time, Yan Wei recovered all internal injuries in the copy, but the long black step no longer appeared – there was no higher place.

[congratulations on the player’s successful ascent to the top.]

[since this copy is a special top-level copy, no data summary will be made. Your final data has been refreshed in your information panel and will not be changed or changed again.]

[players can choose to exchange points for items in the mall, or directly leave the world inside the building. Note: if players choose to leave with their strength retained, the percentage of the main line progress of the player’s top-level copy will become the percentage of the player’s strength retained.]

[please make your choice.]


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