Half Immortal Chapter 195


Half Immortal Chapter 195: End

Yan Mingguang released Yan Wei.

The prompt tone appears, the copy has passed, and now it’s time to select again.

About this choice, they actually found the trap when they went upstairs last time – if they chose to go out of the building, the building would be extremely useless, so that the player could not go out before going out of the building again. Such as formatting or forcing copies. Choosing this is tantamount to suicide.

At this point, he and Lin Qing told them not to choose. There’s no need to worry about it.

As for Yan Wei himself, he did not hesitate to exchange points for goods. He did not look at it. He exchanged almost all the points obtained this time for a Pandora’s box again.

The dark box appeared in front of him and slowly fell into his open palm. Yan Wei gently touched the black ring with his other hand, and another dark small box appeared, lying side by side with the magic box exchanged this time.

He said: “although you are a player, in the final analysis, you are also a subsidiary consciousness of Lou. Lou will not let you exchange Pandora’s box out of fairness.”


“I’m thinking…” Yan Wei raised his eyes again, looked straight at Yan Mingguang’s eyes, and said word by word, “The building is a supernatural existence formed by the emotions of all people over the years. Even if I wish to destroy it now, a few years later, thousands of people’s emotions burst out again, won’t a new building appear again? And… If I wish to destroy the building, it won’t be useful. You are something born out of the building, and you can’t get rid of the rules of the building, Pando Isn’t the magic box its product? ”

In the copy, goose feather and heavy snow fell one after another, and soon piled in Yan Wei’s palm, leaving a thin layer of white on the two cold boxes.

When Yan Wei reached the top for the first time, he would leave the gambling appointment with Yan Mingguang for another time, not only because there was no other way, but also because he had such an idea in his heart.

Yan Mingguang just said, “I’m with you.”

Life or death.

Yan Wei raised the corners of his mouth, slightly bent his eyebrows and eyes, and smiled at Yan Mingguang.

He said: “When Lin Qing was dying, I saw a coin and forgot why I thought of putting Lin Qing’s soul on Lin Zhen. I tried to keep them separated and coexist in the same body. Later, I got the last memory from the coin and realized that I didn’t think of it at that time. In other words, I would come up with this method from my mind at that time, Because I thought before – what if I integrate you with the building? ”

As long as it is the same as maintaining the separation of Lin Zhen and Lin Qing consciousness, keep the separation of good thoughts and evil thoughts, and then let Yan Mingguang fully take the lead and integrate with the same building

Can Yan Mingguang be the maker of the rules here?

If they can change the rules, what’s the matter if the building is destroyed or not? At that time, Yan Mingguang only needs to formulate the rules that can come and go freely inside and outside the building for a moment, and this space will not become their cage.

But that consciousness was divided by him when it was in its embryonic form, cutting out a Yan Mingguang. Over the years, the residual consciousness of Lou was constantly absorbing evil thoughts, but Yan Mingguang existed in the form of players, maintaining a balance with evil thoughts, and no one can really move anyone.

But if he used the moon wheel to melt Yan Mingguang back, Yan Mingguang was afraid that he had no time to absorb the good thoughts wandering in the world in the building, and he would be swallowed by evil thoughts.

Therefore, he needs to ensure that Yan Mingguang will not have an accident. At that time, he can make up for the gap between Yan Mingguang and evil thoughts over the years, absorb those good emotions, completely defeat evil thoughts, swallow the energy of evil thoughts, and completely integrate with the building.

Only in this way can he achieve what he wants – Yan Mingguang is the building, and the building is Yan Mingguang’s state.

Yan Mingguang looked at him, with thousands of emotions hidden in his dark eyes like a deep pool. He seemed to have a lot to say, but the final export was the sentence: “what do you want to do, I’ll accompany you.”

He is not without ideas and ideas.

Only Yan Wei was in his eyes.

Yan Wei raised his hand and slowly opened the first Pandora’s box.

The magic box emits a dark light. It is clearly a small space, but it seems to contain countless abysses. You can’t see the bottom or the head.

Yan Wei’s Adam’s apple rolled gently and said, “I wish… Lou would complete my half immortal skill.”

Yan Mingguang listened carefully and seemed to have guessed what Yan Wei was going to do. His eyes moved and didn’t say anything. He just lowered his head slowly and kissed Yan Wei gently on the corner of his mouth.

Yan Wei immediately hugged his neck.

His lips were cold in the snow and touched with Yan Mingguang’s cold lips.

It’s like a short moment, and it’s like a long ten thousand years. Yan Wei closed his eyes and thought that his skill was finally given by Lou in such an immortal time. When he hadn’t found the young consciousness in those years, did the consciousness see him unconsciously and give him an amulet to go down safely?

Many years ago, a gift from the hazy young consciousness finally comes to consciousness itself.

At this moment, Pandora’s wish for the magic box came true, and the skill of immortality was completed from the restricted half to complete immortality.

The moment he and Yan Mingguang released, he opened the second Pandora’s box. He said, “I wish… To give my immortal skill to the person in front of me.”

The moon wheel rose in the air, and the feeling of immortality was stripped from Yan Wei and rushed into Yan Mingguang’s body.

At this moment, the whole copy began to tremble – he had used up Pandora’s box and finished his choice to climb to the top.

The moon wheel rotates faster and faster. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang are almost face to face, and they are ready at this moment.

“You won’t die now. No matter how strong the malice and the building itself are, there’s nothing you can do about it. You can take your time. I’ll integrate you with the building now. I can’t help you go the next way. But the thousands of goodwill you need will certainly have my share.”

He will constantly and continuously enter the copy, send his goodwill and positive emotions into the copy, and send it to Yan Mingguang who needs to absorb countless goodwill.

Even his emotions may be insignificant among millions of players.

“Yan Mingguang,” he whispered, “I’ll accompany you. I’ll wait for you to succeed and you to pick me up in one copy after another.”

Yan Mingguang chuckled in his ear.

“OK,” said the man, not indifferent cold, not calm without well and wave, moistening warm and wrapped in spring breeze.

The moon wheel emits a huge light, the copy begins to fall apart, and Yan Mingguang disappears in front of Yan Wei.

Yan Mingguang went to the battlefield alone with his complete immortal skill.

Then he will accompany the other party in another way in the copy.

Yan Wei can go in and out of any replica with more than 90 floors in the building, or go back to the world in the building for a temporary rest. But he doesn’t choose to go back to the world in the building. He won’t waste every minute and second. Just at the moment when the replica on the top floor is broken, he directly chooses to enter a replica with more than 90 floors.

He didn’t even choose a multiplayer copy, but chose a single copy – the more people, the more cumbersome, and the slower.

What he wants is to constantly provide his goodwill and positive emotions in these copies to Yan Mingguang, who has integrated into the building.

This time, he didn’t want to choose either.

He just wanted to go upstairs and look at the sun and the moon with Yan Mingguang.

Outside the copy.

Countless players watched this happen.

They not only saw the end of the top-level copy, but also saw all the causes and effects of Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei’s final choice.

That is a great skill and goodness that many people have never seen in their life, and it is also the end that many people look at at at the same time. They sink and float in this constrained world. Everyone doesn’t care how they come in and how long they have come in. They just want to live and live at all costs.

But in this world, there are always people who are different.

Someone is always at the forefront.

Xu Miaomiao rubbed his nose. Before opening his mouth, he heard Ding smile around him and said, “little girl, shall we enter the copy?”

She smiled: “sister Ding still knows me.”

She raised her hand, chose a 90 story copy that was about to start, and signed her name without hesitation.

In another place, Xiang Ying thought, “if he was in this copy, he wouldn’t let song Chengan die. Nothing is more suitable for this thing than him who is familiar with Buddhism and Taoism.” as soon as the idea came out, he thought again – “when would I be the one who thinks about this?”

He sighed: “I finally understand why so many people followed him in those years.”

Many people don’t want to do great good, just because they don’t dare and can’t think. Either they are full of evil but still have some good thoughts, or they are all sentient beings with only a trace of great good in their hearts.

But when someone has stood in front, these tiny traces are not just a tiny trace.

He said to Xue Wan, who was already full of mixed feelings, “kid, I obviously won the bet. But I don’t want your life. Why don’t you accompany me, walk into the copy and contribute some good thoughts? But if you have more evil thoughts, you’d better stay in the world in the building.”

In response to him, it was an invitation from Xue Wan.

In the distance, Ning Yi still had a cold face and signed a new invitation without expression.

Outside the world inside the building, he wrote down his name on the invitation carefully.


One invitation after another rose and signed one name after another.

On weekdays, for fear of avoiding it, or delaying time, or trying to avoid it, copies are opened one after another at this moment.

Yan Wei doesn’t know how many copies he has passed.

He swam among the copies on the 90th floor and entered one after another tirelessly. He never returned to the world in the building to have a rest. He could have one more copy and one more copy if he had less rest.

He never even chose a multiplayer copy.

He should maintain goodwill in the copies, constantly convey positive emotions, try to enter the most copies in the shortest time, and provide assistance for Yan Mingguang. A large number of people will only slow him down. He has never stopped or seen other players.

Is the world like this in Yan Mingguang’s eyes? I have never seen the wind and moon outside. What I see in front of me is those boring things.

Although he is alone, Yan Wei doesn’t feel bored. As long as the world in these copies is regarded as a real world, the NPCs in front of him are all fresh people. With more copies of such a person, he gradually feels that they are much more interesting than those copies that cheat with players.

Yan Wei enters one copy in this way, and immediately enters the next copy at the moment of sending out one copy, so back and forth.

This time, the copy is by a vast lake like the sea. People living nearby say that there is a water ghost here. He doesn’t appear at night, but only appears at sunrise. In order to break the situation as soon as possible and enter the next copy, Yan Wei sat on the shore early in the morning and waited leisurely.

It was just dawn, and the warm sun in the East slowly rose out of a corner. The bright warm light scattered almost parallel from the top of the mountain to the sparkling water, swinging out a golden wave.

Yan Wei’s perception spread, and he already felt that the water surface began to shake, and something dirty was coming out.


The seagull flying over the lake still maintained the posture of spreading its wings, but did not move any more. The slowly fluctuating water surface even solidified the water lines. I’m afraid the water ghost who is about to emerge doesn’t know. It was pressed under the water surface by the one who fell from the sky. There is no chance to destroy the scenery in front of him.

Yan Wei listened to the footsteps behind him and felt that someone sat down slowly on his side at a time when time and space were condensed, ignoring all the rules.

He smiled: “faster than I thought.”

“I’ve come to pick you up.”

He turned his head and looked. The rising sun outlined Yan Mingguang’s side face and plated the man with a layer of Warm gold.

——Bright as day.

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