Half Immortal Chapter 196


Half Immortal Chapter 196: Extra

“Some of the people who are still alive in the building have been in for too long. Even if the time flow rate inside and outside is different, some people have been missing for more than ten years for the world outside the building.”

“That’s inevitable. It’s not too early or too late for me to come in, is it four or five years? If all my brains go out, there will be no chaos in the world? Those who want to go back must send them out bit by bit in batches, erase their memories in the building, and create an ordinary memory in their minds that can fill the gaps in these years and explain their disappearance. This is not one day at a time I can finish it, so you… ”

“You suspended the time in the building?”

Yan Wei stooped slightly in front of the low tea table in the living room of the apartment, reached out and gently picked up the hourglass. His wrist moved and the hourglass reversed——

The thin blue sand fell from the crack.

He was stunned. Yan Mingguang came from the rear and slowly pulled him up: “didn’t stop, just adjusted the time flow rate ratio.”

Yan Wei didn’t know how long he swam in the super high-level copy. He couldn’t rest for a moment in life and death. At the moment, he finally relaxed, and his bones were lazy. The man held him behind him. He didn’t look back. He fell directly into Yan Mingguang’s arms.

Behind him came a low smile as clear as snow. The man naturally hugged Yan Wei behind him.

Yan Wei thought to himself that he really swallowed the malice and integrated the thousands of emotions of the world in the building. The dusk cold breath on this man dispersed a lot. Yan Mingguang, who smeared thousands of emotions, would hold him from behind and smile.

Yan Wei yawned and said, “is it to make the time flow rate of the world in the building as fast as possible?”

“Well,” Yan Mingguang said patiently and word by word, “in this way, the world outside the building has had a full ten years in the past day, which is enough for me to slowly deal with these people who want to go out. I can start with the people who have stayed here the longest, deal with some, and then adjust the time flow rate. When the world outside the building has passed for a period of time, I will send a new group of people out.”

In this way, Yan Mingguang can slowly deal with the memory of those people. The world outside the building will go back to a group of people every once in a while, so as not to cause panic.

At the same time, Yan Mingguang, as the absolute controller of the building at the moment, can also change the rules of the world inside the building and completely erase the life and death in the copy – the failed people will not die, they will be erased and return to the world outside the building again.

The building will not die out, it will even continue to operate, absorb thousands of positive and negative emotions in the world, and send those selected people in. People in the world inside the building will continue to abide by the rules of climbing the building and maintain the operation inside and outside. Those who are willing to stay can exist in another world with different social rules. Those who are unwilling to stay can also leave after failure and no one will die.

Perhaps the world outside the building will appear some strange “strange phenomena” as Yan Wei said when he came in. But these phenomena, like those puzzles that have not been solved for thousands of years, will become one legend after another, which is difficult to solve for thousands of years. They will not affect anything. They look like true or false. Over time, they will become a joke.

The world is full of resentment, hate, love and hate. These emotions will easily spread out. We need an outlet – the building itself. The building itself consumes these emotions through the operation of the copy, and the building continues to grow. They can’t change this detached existence, but they can make Yan Mingguang the rule.

Yan Wei crossed the black ring with his fingertips and looked at the continuous influx of information in his information column – farewell, thanks, Lin Zhen. That guy is full of nonsense.

He sighed: “although Lin Qing and Lin Zhen choose to stay here, there are still many people who want to leave. It’s really a big project. Do you want me to help you?”

“You’re tired enough with so many single copies,” Yan Mingguang said. “Give it to me.”

Yan Wei finally stood up straight, turned back and caught Yan Mingguang’s sight.

Yan Mingguang is still wearing that pair of silver framed glasses. His dark eyes look clearer under the reflection of the lenses. His white hair, a symbol of goodwill, had now fainted black, with only some previous traces, and his hair was slightly gray in the twilight.

It’s a way to walk in the street and only attract attention because of being too picky.

It’s a normal person who can walk in the sun and step in the snow with him.

Yan Wei smiled: “then why do you give me back the immortal skill? I have nothing to do with my copy now. You don’t do it for me to deal with this mess. Can I give it up with this skill? I –”

Yan Mingguang’s fingertips pressed on his lips.

Yan Wei was stunned and almost didn’t bite the man’s finger.

Yan Mingguang looked down at him.

“No,” Yan Mingguang said slowly, “that was the first gift I gave you.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows and said no more. Yan Mingguang never explicitly told him what kind of past the group of consciousness attached to the building had before they met, but this sentence alone was suddenly enlightened.

Although that consciousness can’t be said to be upstairs, it is also the soul of these thousands of mixed emotions. Before good and evil are completely cut by him, does it also look at the players from the first floor to the 99th floor with this cold and ruthless building?

Skills are given to those outstanding players. As for what skills are given, there is no absolute rule intervention, and why can’t the group consciousness participate in it?

He first discovered the consciousness and then cut a good with the moon wheel, or did the consciousness first notice him among all sentient beings, which was deliberately exposed to him, and gave him the unique immortal skill in this copy, so that he can go to today step by step, let this skill go around, and then become a sharp weapon for the giver to control the building rules, Finally came back to him.

Yan Wei turned his head and looked at the birds in the distance. He whispered, “I’ve been busy for so long. I haven’t stopped coming and going. Now I have nothing to do. It’s empty.”

He said, already walked to the window, Yan Mingguang approached slowly behind him.

At the moment, they are opening the window. Outside the window, the dark endless stone tablets are close at hand, straight into the sky. The cool wind from the high place slightly blows the tip of Yan Wei’s hair.

There were many voices outside, and even some cheers. The new rules had been scattered through the black ring. That was the conversation of players.

In the center, the long black stele standing for a long time engraves the names of players with outstanding data, retaining the once classic copy records. But at this moment, the records are still preserved, but those bright red names suddenly began to disappear slowly, as if something had wiped on the stone tablet, bit by bit, and finally erased the two codes Yan and V at the top.

At the next moment, the upright white font began to appear under the long monument. One strange name after another crowded on the long Monument and climbed up the top of the long monument bit by bit, forming a friendly list of the originally gloomy and treacherous black long monument.

Xu Miaomiao, who had come out of the copy, stood in the crowd, looked up slightly, and the word “Ding Xiao” appeared in the name above.

She turned her head and looked at Ding Xiao, who could only be attached to the puppet and retained a small part of her soul.

Ding Xiao looked at his name gently and said, “so many people died on the way upstairs. Miao Miao, won’t you go out?”

“I’m out. What can you do? Before I entered the building, I had experienced a smooth life. My parents were old enough to have a son. I’m afraid they would have been old for so many years…”

It’s better to stay here and maintain the wand that can control the puppet. At least you can continue to tell yourself that Ding Xiao has been here.

She looked up at the names of the dead on the monument and said, “it’s good to stay.”

In the distance, Gao Ming looked at these names, sighed, and finally chose to leave.

The white names were neatly arranged together, and finally the dust settled. At the top of the long monument, it stayed on the three words “Song Cheng’an”.

Xiang Ying glanced at Xue Wan and said: “… It’s also very good. Some things don’t bring life or death, but they just make people miss them. I still have a lot of worries in the world outside the building and want to go back. Children, are you leaving?”

Xue Wan sneered, “how boring it is to go back?”

Xiang Ying said no more, turned around and mumbled away against the flow of people.

“Yan Wei… Yan Wei… I seldom see such an unforgettable name. Unfortunately, I can’t remember it when I get out of the building.”

The words floated into the passing Zhong Bufan’s ears. He looked around and couldn’t find Yan Wei. Magpie bridge saw Geng Liang lighting something on the information panel of heijie.

He raised his hand and hit Geng Liang on his side: “what are you doing?”

“You have to erase your memory when you go out,” Geng Liang said. “Old song told me something before he left. I dare not forget it. I’m asking Yan Mingguang if I can remember it.”

In the apartment near Changbei.

Yu Feizhou sat with Lin Zhen across a tea table and looked helplessly at the young man talking to himself.

A rather uninhibited tone sounded first: “ah, brother, I don’t want it. I think it’s good now!! if you wish us to separate, you can take care of me again!!”

Before the words came to an end, the conversation suddenly turned into a calm seriousness: “I don’t want to stay in the same body with you anymore. You’re too tired. Since our points are combined into one, enough to exchange Pandora’s box, make a wish and break the connection completely, wouldn’t it be better?”

“No, no! I think it’s so good now. You can’t take care of me whatever I do!”

“Make a wish to separate completely.”


“Make a wish.”




“Then make a wish to kill me.”

Lin Zhen: ”

Fish flying boat: ”

Upstairs in the apartment, Yan Wei took back her eyes from the window.

He sighed: “there are so many people… But the long monument is engraved enough, and the dead people are not as many as I thought. Since the building is formed by absorbing emotions and has been formed for many years, how can there be only these people?”

“Because we are not the only defenders.”

Yan Wei turns back and looks at Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang then said, “it has been absorbing emotions and regenerating for so many years, and it has been destroyed by vows under the hands of some lonely and brave people who will appear for many years. It has been generated and destroyed… Until this building where we are, we don’t know which one it is.”

“We don’t know the number,” said Yan Wei, with slightly curved eyebrows and bright eyes, “but we know – this must be the last. Ah, by the way, can you go out?”

“Yes. There is a mechanism for exchanging points in the building. I just need to modify the rules so that we can go out at any time.”

“After you go out, you need to know too much.”


“Where do you want to go first? Go to the extreme north to see the snow first, or go to the seaside first?”


“Choose one…”



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