Half Immortal Chapter 2

Half Immortal Chapter 2: The Promenade Hotel (2)

The warm blood also burst into the waiter’s body. Most of his thin face was soaked with blood. The red blood droplets slowly slipped and dropped on the pure black tuxedo.

The tuxedo can’t see the color, but it is enough to see the color patches that become darker after being stained with blood.

The waiter smiled again: “guests, please come to the restaurant with me.”

In such a scene, it was obvious that the people present saw each other for the first time. Several players had already vomited out with pale faces. Only the man leaning on the front desk just raised his eyelids, and his expression was still indifferent and calm, as if nothing had happened just now.

Yan Wei saw such a scene for the first time.

He felt that he should be like others, nausea or nausea, but he was not very afraid of such a picture, and even a little… Excited.

The more difficult it is, the more he wants to challenge.

Before it appeared here, the mysterious “building” had said that death… Could happen at any time. After that, there were only a lot of such scenes.

He can’t die.

He will only be the one who lives.

Yan Wei blinked and quickly thought about how to deal with himself in this copy. Doing the most eye-catching one in a dangerous place will only cause trouble. It’s better to keep everyone quiet and wait for the opportunity.

His challenging eyes were instantly restrained and replaced by the same panic and fear as everyone else.

At this time, the waiter had turned and walked towards the corridor.

The silver haired man with glasses followed without hesitation.

Yan Wei said in a slightly lighter tone, as if very worried: “if you don’t follow up, you seem to die…”

He raised his foot to go, but he shrank back. After such a few times, Yan Wei followed up “hesitantly”.

Seeing that Yan Wei has “looked scared” to keep up with the waiter, some players were reminded by Yan Wei’s “careless words” and said tremblingly, “do we have to go…?”

“I’d better go with you… I don’t want to die yet…”

The rustling footsteps began to sound. The body whose head was broken lay in a pool of blood in the hall. The body was separated and no one cared.

The waiter led them into the long corridor leading to the restaurant and said, “please remember the route. I’ll only take you once. You need to have your own activities in the hotel in the next few days. On the way to the restaurant, you can visit the decorative paintings of our hotel. You will like them.”

With that, the waiter didn’t care about the players’ reaction anymore. He walked very far ahead, and the eight people who were still alive followed quietly at a certain distance.

Before long, they found that the waiter didn’t care what they were talking about. Then they introduced themselves to each other, and then they talked slowly.

“There are a lot of oil paintings hanging on the wall of the corridor, even a string, hundreds of them.”

“Take a good look at these paintings…”

“Said to find the ‘ladder’, could it be the ladder on which floor of the hotel or the ladder in the painting?”

“But the paintings are all people, and there is nothing else… All portraits of women?”

Among the players, a woman in a broken flower dress said in front of a portrait, “it’s really painted, especially the expression and eyes, ‘she’ seems to be really smiling at me.”

With that, the long skirt woman subconsciously raised her hand and seemed to want to touch the oil painting.

Yan Wei just wanted to raise his hand and pull back the long skirt woman, which was similar to looking for death. Another cold voice suddenly sounded: “if you don’t want to die, don’t touch it.”

The person who spoke was Yan Mingguang — the silver haired man Yan Wei had noticed.

When they introduced themselves, he still walked aside indifferently, but said his name in silence and nothing else. It seems that he has no interest in these temporary “teammates”.

Yan Mingguang’s expression was indifferent, and her tone was cold and inhumane. When a woman with a long skirt was drunk like this, she subconsciously withdrew her hand and said bitterly after a long time: “… What, a picture can’t kill.”

Another player immediately dissuaded: “be careful… The waiter mentioned the painting exhibition just now. Maybe there is something wrong with the paintings here.”

Another person said, “what layer of copy do we have? Is it related to painting?”

“It’s not certain whether there is a problem with the painting, but the waiter looks… Something’s wrong?” Yan Wei puts his back to the players behind him, hooks the corners of his mouth, and speaks with a cautious tone, “it’s not like a person at all…”

The rest of the people changed their complexion more or less.

A young man named Gao Ming raised his hand, pushed his old black framed glasses and said, “he really isn’t. It takes about 300 kilograms to wring a human neck with his bare hands. Not only that, judging from the waiter’s body and skin, he should be dead, just a body without blood but skin.”

As soon as these words came out, several players breathed one after another.

Yan Wei paused and looked back at the calm wise man: “how do you know? You’re not afraid of him…?”

Gao Ming sighed helplessly: “I’m afraid it’s OK. I’m a forensic doctor. There are many dead people who can’t move. I’ll see you for the first time. Everyone’s best to stay away from the waiter, or you won’t die when…”

Yan Wei blinked.

He whispered: “… Who said we must stay away from things that are not human?”

The volume was very low, but Yan Mingguang seemed to hear Yan Wei’s words. His eyes moved and looked at Yan Wei. A quick flash of surprise appeared in his cold expression.

Gao Ming was stunned: “what did you say?”

Yan Wei chuckled, “nothing.”

If you can live just by avoiding, this so-called copy is meaningless at all.

If “Lou” really wants to kill them, it’s easy. There’s no need to beat around the bush. Since waiters exist, they must not only exist to kill them. Now that he has entered this copy, he has only two things to do.

1、 Live.

2、 Try your best to find the “ladder” mentioned by Lou and get out of this copy. It is unknown what the ladder is, but if you just wait passively, it is difficult to find the so-called ladder.

Yan Wei has an idea in mind – the copy only says that you can’t disobey the NPC, but doesn’t say that the NPC is not communicable at all.

The waiter walked in front without squinting, and had thrown away the players who didn’t follow closely. He went up now and the people behind him didn’t notice him.

He took the time, quickened his pace and walked directly to the waiter.

The waiter seemed unaware of his approach and still walked forward with a smile.

“Man,” Yan Wei whistled and suddenly said in a chatty tone, “these portraits…”

His “good friend” suddenly stopped, turned his head and looked at him in a gloomy way. His bloody face was full of cruelty. It seemed that he would stretch out his hand to break Yan Wei’s neck in the next second.

Yan Wei did not flinch.

He has always been good at finding the most suitable way for his situation with the fastest speed, and even raised a gentle smile at the moment.

He also stopped, pointed to a portrait behind the waiter, and quickly said, “it’s very pleasing to the eyes,” he paused, but it’s not enough, and added, “it’s as pleasing to the eyes as you, man.”

“…” the waiter’s very stiff face seemed to twitch.

Then, the waiter resumed his smile with dedication. His low voice rose slightly and said, “of course. Our boss’s painting has the most rare aura in the world.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows.

These portraits are all portraits of women. Although they don’t seem to be at the peak of their strokes, they are even young, but they are lifelike and look lifelike. Obviously, as the waiter said, they are full of aura.

“Your boss?” Yan Wei knew that he might indeed have asked for effective information. He slowed down his tone and continued to ask, “is it the owner of this hotel?”

“Yes, but he has been devoted to painting all his life!” the waiter seemed very proud. “He was born for painting. His portraits are more realistic than those of all masters! These are only his early paintings, which do not reflect one tenth of his skills.”

The corridor echoed softly with the hoarse but high voice of service. Yan Wei stood in the middle of the corridor with him. He looked at the waiter. Yu Guang swept to the mirror behind him. There were only portraits and his own images in the mirror.

Such a picture sets off the deep and treacherous of the narrow corridor, and the cool wind seems to be floating in the room.

Yan Wei felt a little cold. He pulled his scarf, bowed his head and buried his chin in the scarf.

He noticed that the waiter specially emphasized the word “early” and asked, “early? Is his level higher in the later stage?”

The waiter looked at him. The whole person paused for a moment and slowly said to him, “of course, he painted a better portrait later.” the waiter’s tone became more and more deep. He stared at Yan Wei and said in a low voice, “it’s as good as you.”

Yan Wei has been praised since he was a child. He doesn’t know how many times he looks, but only this time, he has a meal in his heart. He has no reason to think what this sentence reveals.

As soon as the waiter’s voice fell, he suddenly burst into a cold sweat and felt something staring at him behind him.

He suddenly turned and looked back, but only saw the portrait of the woman behind him. The portrait in front of him, like other portraits, is bright in color but harmonious. The woman in the picture is wearing a beautiful Western-style dress and looks forward with a smile. A pair of smart eyes are smiling, as if she is smiling at Yan Wei.

At the moment Yan Wei saw “her”, she unexpectedly met Yan Wei’s eyes, and her dark eyes suddenly


The girl’s smile in the painting is more and more strange because of this sudden change.

On both sides of the long and narrow corridor, floor mirrors stand opposite each other and reflect each other. The hanging oil paintings show countless images that are shrinking layer by layer.

At this moment, Yan Wei saw… This portrait was painted in the mirror, and countless shrinking reflections winked at him at the same time.

But the next moment, the portrait returned to normal, and all the dead things around him returned to stillness again. All the portraits hang quietly on both sides of the wall, interlaced with the floor mirrors. The players walking behind still looked around carefully without any abnormal performance.

It seems that everything just now is Yan Wei’s illusion.

But he had seen it really.

Behind Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang saw Yan Wei turn around and look around, saying word by word, “you’re being watched.”

Yan Wei was stunned: “what do you see?”

“No,” Yan Mingguang stopped by the wall and leaned slowly, “guess.”

When the crisis came, Yan Wei didn’t bother to act with Yan Mingguang. He put away his flustered and frightened face and stared seriously at the motionless portrait for a while.

With a hook in the corner of his mouth, he mumbled: “… Interesting.”

He just speculated based on the death of the first player that an NPC like a waiter cannot have the ability or right to kill players anytime and anywhere. What conditions must be triggered – for example, not going to a restaurant.

After they came to this copy, the waiter is the only copy they can touch so far.

So Yan Wei felt that what they had to do was not to stay away from the waiter, but to take the initiative to get more clues from the waiter while keeping alive.

And the last sentence of the waiter just now… This kind of feeling

He asked for a clue, so the trigger was targeted?

Well, the hotel owner who is good at painting portraits must be an important clue in the mouth of the waiter just now.

Yan Wei was not flustered.

He thought back to what the waiter said just now, and walked back to the short hair woman who was carrying his satchel. He smiled quickly and borrowed the eyeliner and lipstick from the game player.

After borrowing, Yan Wei hurried to the front of other people who could not see clearly. He used lipstick to smear on both sides of his cheek. He painted his eye with his eyeliner, and painted the beautiful eyes into panda eyes.

After completion, he caught up with the waiter who was walking in front again.

“Man!” he whistled again.

The skinny waiter mechanically turned his head and looked at him.

The moment he saw Yan Wei’s face, the “buddy” who could wring people’s neck with his bare hands twitched his whole thin face for several times.

Seeing the waiter’s reaction, Yan Wei said with more confidence, “thank you for praising me as good-looking as your boss painted later -”

“No!” the waiter almost hurriedly interrupted him, looked at him gnashing his teeth, and made a grinding sound of “ho ho ho,” such ugly eyes!! how can they be compared with the level of the boss! ”

Yan Wei also intensified and smiled at the waiter against the processed face.

The waiter clenched his fists, distorted his face, and looked at Yan Wei with his eyes open. Obviously, he was very angry.

The moment the waiter said this, the feeling of being stared at from behind suddenly disappeared.

The pressure behind Yan Wei dissipated slowly.

The blinking portrait never showed any abnormality again.

The next moment, the misty and gloomy voice belonging to the “building” sounded in his mind.

[congratulations to the player who successfully cracked a death trigger and obtained a copy of the limited time buff.]

Yan Wei slightly lifted the corners of his mouth.

[congratulations on the player’s obtaining the limited time buff “waiter’s disgust with your appearance”, expiration time: midnight tonight.]

Yan Wei pulled at the corner of his mouth.

… can this thing also be called buff?

[I’m sorry to inform you that because the player hurt the NPC waiter’s eyes, the player obtains a debuff “waiter’s disgust” in the copy. Please try your best to survive.]

Yan Wei: “


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