Half Immortal Chapter 20

Half Immortal Chapter 20

Once inside, the brightness outside disappeared, the red and green light flickered in the darkness, and the music was mixed with the faint sound of rolling dice.

Gao Ming finds a central seat and sits down first. He whispers to Yan Wei: “In the building world, there are various organizations established by players themselves. Some facilities and entertainment are generated by the mechanism of the building. Some – similar to this kind of bar – are opened by those organizations to earn invitations. Over time, it has become the most well-informed place. After all, everyone has it.”

The invitation letter is the ticket to the replica. After each player passes the customs, he will get several or more replica invitations of the next level of difficulty. Yan Wei also got several second level invitations after this customs clearance.

Each invitation will lead to a copy. Maybe a copy will send dozens of invitations, or maybe only one.

Players can usually choose a copy of the invitation letter after customs clearance according to the few words on the invitation letter. As long as the player signs his name on the selected invitation letter, the copy will be dragged into the corresponding copy as soon as the time comes.

Since the invitation letter gives a certain degree of freedom to choose a copy, it naturally gradually becomes a similar currency in the world inside the building. Although most of the circulating invitations are of ordinary difficulty, and the simple difficulty can not be met, at least they have the right to choose a copy.

Naturally, the more invitations you have, the more likely you are to choose copies that are beneficial to you, and the circulation of invitations will become common.

The three people sat down one after another. There were several tables around. The players in the building couldn’t help looking at them.

Gao Ming’s clothes are old-fashioned and monotonous. Yan Wei smiles. His looks and temperament all reveal a clever atmosphere. Yan Mingguang sits there with his back straight and cold. He doesn’t look like a person who will come to such a place where dragons and snakes mix, but he appears here.

When the attention around him slowly dissipated, Gao Ming took out an invitation and pretended to relax. Generally, he bought three glasses of wine and then said: “You should also feel that all the abilities obtained in the replica are also available in the building world – but it is said that these abilities can only be brought out by climbing the top. There is a buffer period between each replica. The higher the replica, the longer the buffer period, unless the player takes the initiative to sign an earlier invitation. During the buffer period, we live in the building world, entertainment Practice strength, analyze other copies, gambling house… ”

The three glasses of wine they ordered had been put in front of them, and the wine was swinging in the glass with a faint halo, deep and dark.

Yan Wei lowered his eyes and stared at the wine glass for a while.

He smiled: “it’s a completely self-contained world… Interesting.”

He raised his glass, his chin tilted slightly, the mouth of the glass touched his upper and lower lips, his Adam’s apple rolled, and drank it without changing his face.

The thick aroma of wine filled her mouth. Yan Wei narrowed her eyes and calmed down. With her super layer perception, she listened to the miscellaneous discussions in the sound of rock and roll.

… just mentioning the Corridor Hotel and Yan’s voice without concealment, he heard six or seven words in a moment.

Sure enough, as Gao Ming said, their copies have attracted a lot of attention in the building world, at least among players who are not high-level players.

Yan Wei blinked and immediately straightened out all his thoughts.

Their gambling house copy makes almost all betting players pay more or less. People with all kinds of thoughts are staring at any player who may be Yan. Even if he hides, can he hide it?

The projection of the gambling house only blurs his facial features and name, but other features still exist. Moreover, he can’t leave the copy later. As long as the players who pass the copy are not only him, someone can guess and bring his information out of the copy. At that time, he may not know anything about it, and the situation is extremely passive.

As for joining the organization as Gao Ming said

If you are an ordinary player, you won the medal of the best player, and several organizational forces threw olive branches. Choosing the most appropriate is obviously the safest and safest measure.

But he can’t.

As long as he is in the copy, he will not die the next day. After joining the organization, this skill can’t be hidden and can be easily used.

So Yan Wei rejected the safest approach from the beginning.

Since you don’t join the organization, you may be beaten passively later, it’s better to take the initiative directly now.

He chuckled and leaned on the back of the sofa. Just now his clever and docile eyes slipped a trace of cunning.

“Yan Mingguang,” he raised his hand, put his hand on the shoulder of the man around him, and whispered in the man’s ear, “we –”

“It’s a teammate.”

Indifferent voice seems to be wrapped in a layer of cold fog, but not with a sense of alienation.

Yan Wei looked at the man’s cold side face. The man’s deep eyes reflected a weak light, which set off each other with the tall bridge of his nose, like snow, like pine, like a quiet cold night.

If Yan Mingguang was not encountered in such a place where all kinds of blood were buried, but under the simple lights and wine, Yan Wei would be around this person at the bar, point a glass of whisky to the other party, raise his glass and ask the other party in the crisp sound of glass collision: “handsome boy, you look like a story.”

Unfortunately, it’s here.

Yan Wei restrained his mind, hooked the corner of his mouth and whispered something in Yan Mingguang’s ear.

After a few words, Yan Mingguang glanced at him.

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows.

For a moment, the man nodded, “OK.”

Yan Wei smiled.

He turned back and asked Gao Ming, “how do you exchange messages here?”

Gao Ming quickly replied: “Look ahead, the players in the building who sit behind the bar under the dark red light call them makers. They are the intermediaries of information circulation. These people are usually players who have been walking on a fixed number of floors. They are completely rooted in the world in the building. Once the floor rises, they deliberately fail to fall down and go back and forth. They stay for a long time and know more. They can sell their news Earn invitations, or use them in exchange for information they know. ”

Yan Wei glanced at the bar not far away. The dealer sat there. From time to time, some players came forward, sent the invitation, said a few words and left. It was obviously buying and selling news.

His eyes must be bright and he gets up quietly.

Gao Ming hurriedly grabbed him: “if you want to change who is checking our news, maybe the invitations of the three of us are almost enough for one message.”

Yan Wei just turned his head and said to him, “go back to the apartment first.”

Yan Mingguang still sat quietly aside, his hat pocket covered most of the man’s face, and he couldn’t see his face in the dark haze.

Seeing Yan Wei finish, Gao Ming quickly walks through the crowd to the bar where the dealer is located. The moment he sits down, his obedient and gentle temperament is swept away, and his light brown eyes are filled with accident shrewdness. It seems that he is born to mingle with three teachings and nine streams, and his whole body is melted into smoothness.

The dealer of the bar was a bald man. When he saw Yan Wei, he sneered: “I don’t sell news to the little rabbit who doesn’t have many invitations.”

Yan Wei raised his eyes, smiled and said, “I’m here to sell news.”

“What news do you have?”

“I’m a player on the first floor. Of course, I sell the news on the first floor.”

“Novice? Get out.”

Yan Wei blinked. His thick eyelashes cast a shadow on the bottom of his eyes. He raised his hand, dipped his fingertips in wine and wrote three letters on the table.


“This is the news that novices can know.”

The dealer’s eyes changed, and his eyes became serious: “what do you know?”

“I know who he is. You know, this news is too valuable recently. I have no channel to contact people who want to buy it, so I can only change hands with you. You told me how many invitations you can exchange this news for. I only accept half of you. I’ll tell you Yan’s information. Is this deal cost-effective?”

The dealer looked at Yan Wei from top to bottom and said hesitantly, “how do I know if what you said is true or false?”

Yan Wei glanced at him. Without saying a word, he got up directly and wanted to leave, as if he hurried to find the next one.

The dealer immediately stopped him: “wait a minute! OK, deal. Our bar owner is yuemang. If you sell fake news, you don’t want to come out of the copy.”

Yan Wei’s resolute expression suddenly dissipated. At this moment, it seemed that he had changed. He smiled friendly at the dealer: “don’t worry, I just want to earn some invitations.”

“You may have heard of our yuemang seed player, Jiang Xiu. His brother died in the copy because the gambling house of the Corridor Hotel lost. Jiang Xiu said in yuemang that anyone who has news of Yan can exchange for an invitation letter for ten copies of the fifth floor. If you are willing to spend the invitation letter to buy from other makers in the lantern wine area, you can verify it. I have nothing to cheat you . I can help you sell the message to Jiang Xiu. I’ll give you five five copies of the invitation. ”

Yan Wei listened silently and kept in mind what the dealer said.

Yuemang should be an organization, and this Jiang Xiu… Seems to be the one who intends to retaliate against them. He can afford ten five-tier invitations, and all those who may provide information will be paid the same. His level of strength… I’m afraid he has exceeded ten tiers.

His heart was clear, his face still looked like a fool, and he stretched out his hand.

The dealer hesitated again, but perhaps it was because Yan’s news was too popular. As soon as the dealer gritted his teeth, he took out five five floor invitations and put them in Yan Wei’s hand: “speak quickly.”

Yan Wei’s eyebrows and eyes bent.

His light brown eyes were still clear and bright, and the tail of his eyes moved slightly to draw a slight happy color.

He touched the black ring with his fingertips and put away the five pure black invitations. He just smiled and said, “thanks, man.”

Then he took his pocket in one hand, turned around and took a few steps aside.

The dealer immediately looked down and shouted in a deep voice, “what do you mean?”

Yan Wei pointed to the front.

The man in the hooded sweater stepped forward in the confusion, with a straight back and slender legs. The half face exposed outside the hat pocket was light but clear.

He went to the dealer, raised his hands and lifted his hat pocket neatly. The deep three-dimensional facial features are exposed to the dim light of red and green, and the silver white hair is particularly bright.

Yan Wei shrugged: “do what you say – this is my news.”

The dealer was stunned for a moment, his eyes stayed on Yan Mingguang’s silver hair, seemed to gradually understand, and stared at Yan Mingguang.

The deafening music of the bar continued, but the players in the surrounding buildings stopped their actions and looked more or less this way.

“… silver hair? Hey, have you seen the projection of the corridor hotel that just came out these two days? This man seems to be one of the three people who survived in that copy…”

“It looks very strong.”

“Is it Yan? Everyone guesses that the player with silver hair is most likely Yan. He dares to come out at this time. So many people want him to die.”

“What are you afraid of? Just accept the solicitation of the organization. Isn’t Jiang Xiu also backed by the moon…”


Yan Mingguang seemed unaware of these blatant discussions.

He just touched the black ring and clicked the information panel. His cold voice penetrated the complicated noise: “add a friend and give my information to Jiang Xiu.”

“Tell him if you want me, I’ll see you in the copy.”

“I’m Yan.”

In an instant, in such a big bar, under the restless music, there was only dead silence.

On his side, Yan Wei’s mouth was lightly hooked, and his eyes were as bright as stars.


Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang got out of the car.

As Gao Ming said, as long as you get on the bus and choose the destination, you can instantly reach the station where the destination is located. But in the blink of an eye, they appeared near their apartment from the light wine area.

Not only achieved the desired effect, but also falsely received five invitations on the fifth floor. Yan Wei was in a good mood.

He tiptoed slightly, put on Yan Mingguang’s shoulder, whistled and said, “it’s really a happy cooperation this time.”

Yan Mingguang has recognized Yan’s identity in a high profile in public, but in the copy of the Corridor Hotel, Yan Wei is the one who gets the best player.

This means that their next copy must also enter together in order to continue the mode of Yan Mingguang attracting attention in the light and Yan Wei giving advice in the dark.

They walked into the alley around the corner. Yan Mingguang asked him, “aren’t you worried?”

“Worry?” Yan Wei’s eyes moved slightly and nodded, “Of course I’m worried. Jiang Xiu’s strength and experience are likely to be up and down the tenth floor. If he really comes down to us at all costs in the next copy, it must be difficult to deal with. But if we just hide desperately and don’t know when Jiang Xiu has found out and hurt us in the copy, it’s even more terrible – it’s easy to hide with an open gun and hard to defend against an arrow.”

Yan Wei hung one hand on Yan Mingguang’s shoulder and the other in his pocket. He grabbed his swallow like coin and said, “it’s an iron rule that players can’t kill each other. No matter what he does, he can kill with a knife. There’s still room for cracking. Worrying about this emotion can coexist with challenge.”

Yan Mingguang glanced at him and said nothing.

Yan Wei: “on the contrary, I’m more worried about another thing. If Jiang Xiuzhen comes to us, his players will definitely enter the copy when they come down, which will certainly lead to higher difficulty and gambling mechanism. Why don’t I communicate with you openly at that time is a problem.”

Before his voice fell, Yan Mingguang suddenly pulled his hand off.

The next moment, the sound of the whip breaking the air sounded. Yan Wei blinked and found that his hands had been tied up by the prop whip obtained by Yan Mingguang in the copy.

Yan Wei: “… What are you doing? Although I don’t deserve beating Sometimes, I won’t tie it up?”

[you can communicate like this.]

“How is this –”

Yan Wei gave a speech.

He has been looking at Yan Mingguang. He can be sure that this man didn’t open his mouth just now.

Yan Mingguang held the handle of the whip in his hand, and the tail of the whip wound Yan Wei’s white wrist for several weeks, tightly tying his hands together.

[this whip… Can people communicate directly through talking in their hearts?]

[HMM.] Yan Mingguang rarely hesitated. The man paused for a moment before he said, “there are restrictions.”

Yan Wei took another look at the whip tied to his hand, and pulled it slightly from the corner of his mouth: [it can’t be… Can you communicate like this by binding people?]


Yan Wei: […]

Before he could make complaints about the Tucao, he felt a sense of power in his mind. He shouted the alarm in his mind. He shouted in his heart: “your right rear is five o’clock!”

The faint sound of breaking the air from far to near. A long arrow with dark body was like chasing the clouds day by day. With a “whew” sound, it came to our eyes in an instant!

At the same time, Yan Mingguang raised his hand on his side and accurately grasped the arrow with his bare hands at the moment when the long black arrow approached!

A thick invitation letter hung on the long black arrow.

The arrow was obviously powerful. Although it was caught by Yan Mingguang, it slipped forward for a while. Shengsheng wiped Yan Mingguang’s tiger mouth with blood marks, and then turned into nothingness, leaving only the invitation in Yan Mingguang’s hand.

The blood dripped from the man’s powerful palm, and they looked at the direction of the long arrow at the same time.

A man dressed in dark clothes came out with a long bow. His eyes were dyed dark red, his face was flirtatious and looked like a smile.

“Caught my arrow with your bare hands? I really feel right. You are really strong.”

Lin Zhen walked out of the shadow of the dead corner of the visual angle and was about to continue talking, but he paused at the moment when he saw Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang in the front.

At the other end of the alley, a slender man with a cool but neat temperament was holding the whip handle of the whip, and the tail of the whip was tied to the young man’s wrist on the side of the man.

The bound young man was dressed in a slightly wide gray windbreaker, which made him thinner. His eyes like peach petals blinked, as if dotted with stars, and his exquisite facial features revealed a clever and docile temperament.

Lin Zhen’s eyes followed Yan Wei’s beautiful face and saw the tied hands.

He smiled vaguely and said to Yan Mingguang, “Yan, I didn’t expect you to have this hobby.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Yan Wei: “


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