Half Immortal Chapter 21

Half Immortal Chapter 21

Yan Wei blinked.

His eyes fell straight on the man with the long bow, his hands clenched slightly, and his nerves all over his body were tense due to his perception.

The sun slanted down and passed the sparsely populated alley in the building, half shining in the sun and half in the shadow. The man in black stood in the shadow, as if he had completely melted into the darkness.

Just now, if he hadn’t heard the long arrow hanging the invitation breaking through the air, Yan Wei didn’t notice the existence of this man at all.

Very strong.

The person in front of me is definitely not a low-level player below the fifth floor.

Yan Mingguang moved his wrist, and the tail of the whip tied to Yan Wei’s hand retracted to the handle of the whip. At the moment of taking back the whip, the man rarely said a human word: [stand behind me.]

Yan Wei moved behind Yan Mingguang without saying a word.

The moment Yan Mingguang took off his hat pocket from the bar and stood in front of the dealer, they were already grasshoppers on a rope. Yan Wei obviously didn’t have Yan Mingguang to fight. It’s understandable to hide behind Yan Mingguang at this time.

If he restrained his shrewd but clear temperament, all his jumps were restrained in his light brown eyes, and his delicate white face completely set off Yan Wei’s cleverness and docility.

The gray windbreaker wrapped his slender but emaciated body. His pure black hair was soft and fluffy, and his thick eyelashes slipped through the sun and fell a fine shadow.

Lin Zhen’s eyes crossed Yan Mingguang and looked at Yan Wei carefully. His eyes became more and more playful: “Yan, your eyes are good.”

Yan Wei’s goose bumps are about to appear when Lin Zhen sees them.

Fortunately, this frivolous look is not a bad thing – if you doubt his identity, it shouldn’t be such a look.

The man’s attention was on Yan Mingguang from beginning to end. His hand holding the long bow also subconsciously tilted towards Yan Mingguang. It was obvious that he was only on guard against Yan Mingguang.

The person in front of them should not have heard their conversation just now.

Yan Mingguang took a look at the mouth of the tiger that was dripping blood. His bony hand tightly held the pure black invitation and said in a deep voice, “who are you?”

Lin Zhen just smiled, his strange red pupil reflected the sunlight, and his tone was full of excitement: “open it and have a look?” he pointed to the invitation in Yan Mingguang’s hand.

Yan Mingguang opened the invitation with one hand.

On the invitation letter, under the dark background, scarlet blood wrote the copy prompt and layer information that the invitation letter can open.

In addition, the invitation letter has signed the name of a player – Lin Zhen.

Game player as like as two peas, I won the right to choose invitations, and I got two identical invitations. My name has been signed, “Lin Zhen smiled, looking up slightly, enjoying a general deep breath.” “This invitation is for you. I heard that you are not afraid to provoke Jiang Xiu… I can let Jiang Xiu get another invitation to enter this copy, ah… It seems that now it depends on whether you dare to sign your name on this one.”

Lin Zhen fiddled with the strings of his dark long bow in boredom. A black arrow appeared on the long bow out of thin air.

At the next moment, the long black arrow came out of the string, “whew” pierced the wall and completely penetrated the wall on one side of the alley.

Yan Mingguang turned a blind eye to this powerful show, but said solemnly, “purpose.”

“My purpose? Alas, I have no goal. I only like two things – defeating the strong and being defeated by the strong.”

Lin Zhen turned his wrist, put his long bow on his back, turned and disappeared into the shadow.

“Yan… I look forward to seeing you in the copy – it doesn’t matter to bring a pet.”

The man is gone.

On the invitation letter held by Yan Mingguang, the name of “Lin Zhen” lies quietly there. The copy clue is only the pattern of a half open umbrella, and below the pattern is the number of copy layers.

——Seventh floor.

This is actually a seven layer copy related to the umbrella!

Yan Wei closed his eyes and listened carefully. His perception didn’t give him any information. Lin Zhen, who suddenly appeared, was obviously stronger than all the players they saw at present. Yan Wei still didn’t want to take it lightly. He still maintained his docile expression and said, “let’s go back first?”

The sound slipped through the air, and the whip tied Yan Wei’s wrist again.

[?] Yan weiyizheng, [let’s go back like this? Do you really think you’re walking your pet?]

[prevent accidents and facilitate communication.]

The man’s face was still cold, his divine feelings remained unchanged, and the voices from the whip were engraved with indifference.

This is the best way to keep Yan Wei’s identity from being exposed.

Yan Wei glanced at the whip and followed it to the other party’s dark eyes. The deep outline seemed calm and could not see any emotion.

… but why did he think Yan Mingguang was gloating just now?

Light wine area, the bar where Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang came just now.

All players watched the two leave in the dead silence, and then there was a lot of noise.

“Just after the first floor, the player provoked Jiang Xiu on the tenth floor? Doesn’t he want to escape quickly? Moreover, his high-profile provocation to Jiang Xiu is tantamount to hitting yuemang’s face. Other organizations that want to attract will only wait and see now.”

“It’s a pity. The first copy of the newcomer can open the gambling house and be recorded in the endless stone tablet. This Yan has infinite potential. Just hang back and grow up later…”

“With Jiang Xiu’s character, he will go to Yan if he deliberately drops the building.”

“The spirit is too high. No matter how high the potential is, it is only potential. Before it grows up, it is equal to no strength. I thought there would be one more seed. Now it seems that he can’t get out of the next copy.”


Jiang Xiu sat in the box of the bar and watched the video projection of Yan Mingguang in front of the dealer.

His face was low, his forehead was blue and his voice was angry: “he really has courage.”

The dealer standing by with a pure black invitation in his hand nodded and bowed: “brother Jiang, it’s not worth getting angry with the rabbit who has just passed a copy, isn’t it?”

Jiang Xiu turned his head, took the invitation and opened it.

On the invitation letter, the copy prompt drew an umbrella pattern, with seven layers. The invitation letter opened the copy five days later.

“Lin Zhen sent it?”

“Yes. He said… He said that he would bring Yan into this copy…”

Jiang Xiu sneered.

“Lin Zhen doesn’t join any organization and never acts with others. When he sees the strong, he rushes forward, enters three copies and carries the building to the seventh floor three times in a row. He is a person we can’t understand.”

“Then I’ll return this invitation for you?”

“But everything he has to do has been done. Don’t come to me these days. I’ll go downstairs to…”

Jiang Xiu glanced at the layers on the invitation.

“Down to the seventh floor.”

After Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang returned to the apartment arranged for them, Yan Wei called Gao Ming, and the three discussed in Yan Wei’s apartment.

Yan Wei also learned some basic information from Gao Ming.

Players in the world inside the building call those who have the potential to ascend to the top as seeds. Jiang Xiu, who has become enemies, and Lin Zhen, who sent them invitations, are both seed players.

Jiang Xiu’s force value is high. He is steadily fighting from one level to another. Behind him is the support of yuemang, a large-scale organization. He has a wide range of contacts and many props. He is also a ten level player.

Lin Zhen is mysterious and unpredictable. His sword goes sideways. After entering the world inside the building, he only climbed the building three times and passed the sixth floor. Every time he enters the copy, he lifts the building three times in a row and opens the gambling building again.

They were all hard ideas, but Yan Wei finally made a decision. Together with Yan Mingguang, he signed the invitation letter on the seventh floor and directly chose to lift the building from the first floor to the seventh floor.

This is not a blind death, but Yan Wei’s thoughtful decision.

First, he spent a whole day to quickly understand the general difficulty of the copy, and went to the gambling building area to roughly define that the copy difficulty of the corridor hotel should be about five or six floors, so their next copy into the seventh floor with higher difficulty is within the scope of their survival.

Moreover, even if they don’t enter this copy, they choose to hide temporarily and accumulate strength and experience from the second floor. It’s difficult to avoid Jiang Xiu layer by layer. When they meet Jiang Xiu with ten layers of experience and props in the lower copy, the possibility of counterattack is almost zero.

However, in the seven level replica with higher difficulty, the difficulty represents opportunity, the strength improvement of rapid feedback, and the higher possibility of finding powerful props – they will have more room to mediate with Jiang Xiu at that time.

I’m afraid Lin Zhen also thought of this, so he decided that Yan would sign the invitation letter.

After Yan Wei and Gao Ming explained this, they gave Gao Ming the invitation they had falsely received from the dealer of the bar, leaving only a large number of invitations on the first and second floors, which were used to exchange some needed things in the mall on the information panel.

The next copy is too dangerous. Yan Wei and Gao Ming don’t intend to let Gao Ming take risks. Yan Wei chooses a three-story simple copy with the authority to win the gambling house, while Yan Mingguang changes a four story simple copy and gives all these to Gao Ming. In addition, Gao Ming’s own invitation letter for two-story simple copies is enough to ensure that Gao Ming’s next three copies are safe.

Four days before the copy was opened, Yan Wei was basically analyzing other copies and practicing his skills under the guidance of Yan Mingguang.

The man slightly encircled him from behind. His bony hand forcefully held his wrist and corrected his posture. He said, “the strength and accuracy are good. It’s wrong to force before reaching the bull’s eye.”

Yan Mingguang was half a head higher than Yan Wei. In this posture, Yan Mingguang slightly lowered his head from the rear. The warm breath of the man’s voice was just sprinkled on his ears.

Yan Wei couldn’t help but turn his earlobe red. He threw the dagger out of his hand. Instead of hitting the center of the circle on the wall, he completely threw it in the direction of the world.

Yan Wei: ”

Such a cool and good-looking man can’t blame him for throwing it.

Even if he’s a fag who doesn’t want to fall in love, he’s a fag.

He blinked, lowered his eyes, collected an embarrassed look, took the dagger picked up by Yan Mingguang, and hung Erlang said, “your students have become this virtue, Mr. Yan, you can’t do it.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

The five-day copy buffer is fleeting.

At the moment when the countdown on the invitation returned to zero, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, who had been waiting in the apartment, only felt that the surrounding light suddenly dissipated and a darkness gathered.

The familiar gloomy and misty prompt sound starts.

[welcome to the building.]


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