Half Immortal Chapter 22

Half Immortal Chapter 22: Ankang ancient town (1)

[there are ninety-nine floors in the building. Each floor is a random replica. There are players, NPC and replica boss in the replica. Most of the modes are supernatural terror. The initial players will start from the first floor, climb to the top, then they can completely survive and leave, and bring the abilities obtained in the building into reality.]


[all player information is stored in the black ring and can be consulted at any time if necessary.]

[layers of this copy: 7.]

[location of this copy: Ankang ancient town.]

[current player data: body index 11, perception 33, number of layers 1, score 12.]

[players have arrived, copy open.]

[players cannot kill each other in the copy.]


The prompt sound is almost the same as the last time Yan Wei entered the replica. He already knows other information. The only useful information is the location of the replica – Ankang ancient town.

The darkness around us dissipated, but the light in front of us was not bright.

The setting sun in the distant sky sprinkles warm yellow aftertaste. Under the clouds, birds are singing and the wind is whispering.

The sky light pulls the figure of all players very long, and the shadows overlap, but it looks quite cool in this quiet mountain area.

They are located in a very high temple on the hillside. The temple is a very classical glazed tile building, but it is not a common color. The bricks of the wall are black and the tiles of the roof are dark red, which is particularly strange on the quiet hillside.

At the top of the temple building stood a stone carved half open umbrella.

——Like the tips given in the invitation, a half open umbrella.

In front of the temple, there are players who enter the seven story replica building.

At the moment of entering the copy, Yan Mingguang took out the whip for the first time. The tail of the whip wrapped around Yan Wei’s left wrist for four or five times. The whip body extended all the way to the handle and was firmly grasped by Yan Mingguang.

This is the result of their attempt before they came in.

This braid is poured from the victims’ bones and blood in the copy of the corridor hotel. In addition to the basic attack ability, it also has the ability to see through the soul – that is, the person holding the whip handle and around the whip tail can directly talk in the heart.

The requirement was to tie both hands, but the two tried. It was OK to tie one hand, that is, it had to be wound twice more, so they finally chose such a way that did not hinder their action.

It just looks so strange.

At the moment when the players gathered, almost everyone’s eyes were on Yan Wei’s wrist wrapped with a whip for the first time.

Yan Wei: ”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Lin Zhen was still in dark clothes, as if he could melt into the darkness at any time. He was carrying a long black bow and his dark red pupils were like rubies in the warm yellow sunset.

He smiled meaningfully at Yan Mingguang. Then he walked up to Yan Wei and raised his hand to pick Yan Wei’s chin. “Did you really follow Yan in? He can’t protect himself now. You might as well ask me. I might be able to protect you.”

Yan Wei stepped back and avoided Lin Zhen’s hand.

Meanwhile, Yan Mingguang suddenly stretched out his other hand, holding the folded short blade tightly, and stabbed Lin Zhen.

Lin Zhen didn’t blink, so he raised his hand and fought back and forth with Yan Mingguang.

There are other players around. Obviously, they are not serious. They stop after a few times.

Yan Mingguang’s eyes were cold: “take care of yourself.”

Lin Zhen was speechless.

Their action, coupled with Yan Mingguang’s iconic and obvious appearance characteristics, the players of this copy are not novices. They can understand who they are and look different one after another.

Yan Wei also recognized Jiang Xiu at this moment – the man’s hostility to Yan Mingguang was too obvious. He kept staring at Yan Mingguang while others were still watching. It was obvious that Jiang Xiu came down the building with a purpose.

Seeing Lin Zhen walk away a few steps, Jiang Xiu sneered: “why don’t you fight? I’m still waiting to see the play.”

Lin Zhen picked lightly at the tip of his eyebrows: “why don’t you try with me?”

Jiang Xiu choked.

Now that he has just entered the copy, where would Jiang Xiu think of such a hard idea for Shanglin Zhen as soon as he came up?

He turned the conversation, looked straight at Yan Mingguang and said, “Yan? What a coincidence! I entered a copy with you… Your last copy of the gambling building. My brother died in a difficult copy because of gambling. Unexpectedly, we met this time… Happy cooperation.”

Yan Wei bowed his head slightly. From an angle invisible to the players, he turned his eyes on Jiang Xiu and said in his heart: [happy cooperation? Obviously he’s a ten story player. He deliberately came down to us. He’s shameless. Teacher Yan, ignore him!]

Yan Mingguang looked unchanged and said nothing.

Including the four of them, there are a total of 12 people in this copy, all experienced players. Without the newcomers like Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang making trouble for the first time, they all looked around nervously.

The players with some experience and contacts knew about the relationship between Jiang Xiu and Yan, and no one broke it. They all came forward and briefly introduced themselves.

Just as the last person finished his name, the prompt tone of the building sounded again.

[all players in the copy are ready. Ankang ancient town copy triggers the balance mechanism.]

[it is detected that there are a large number of players lifting and lowering buildings in the replica, and the difficulty of the replica is increased. This replica is changed from player survival mode to completely crack the replica mode. Only by completely cracking the replica plot can we find the “ladder”. In order to promote the player’s enthusiasm, the replica will take the initiative to release the task. Please follow the basic instructions, actively find the ladder and strive to survive.]

[when the difficulty reaches the critical value, the gambling mechanism is turned on.]

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang expected that some people like Yan Wei who raised seven floors at a time, and Jiang Xiu who lowered ten floors to seven floors would open the gambling building.

At the moment when the tone fell, Yan Wei immediately turned on his right to privacy, but Yan Mingguang didn’t turn it off this time – he was already on the bright side, so he might as well stand firm completely.

At this time, the gambling area.

A few months ago, members of mang knew that Jiang Xiu entered the copy at this time and waited here long ago – this is a copy that will inevitably open the gambling house.

As a novice on the first floor, Yan directly declared war on the player Jiang Xiu on the tenth floor. Jiang Xiu went downstairs to find Yan. This matter is not a secret among low-level players. There are other players in the gambling area who do not know the specific time, waiting for the first time to watch the possible gambling projection.

When the projection appeared, the surrounding players immediately gathered and crowded the open space below the projection.

“Sure enough, the gambling building is opened!! this copy looks like a big map. There are twelve players. It’s a big book.”

“The man with silver hair is Yan? How did he lead a man with a whip… Well, he can’t see his face, but he is absolutely beautiful in temperament. Yan is brought in for recreation?”

“That’s for sure. Aren’t there many such players? If you can’t live, you can rely on the protection of powerful players and take the initiative to join others as entertainment. If you die in the copy, you’re unlucky. If you don’t die and are brought out by the boss, you’re making money.”

“God, this copy of the fish flying boat is also there? His last copy and Lin Zhen’s copy not only opened the gambling building, but also beat Lin Zhen to get the medal of the best player in the gambling building copy!”

“This time, except for the burden Yan brought in, it’s not a fuel-efficient lamp. No matter how difficult the copy is, there’s no suspense in the gambling building this time -”

The player’s words got stuck in his throat.

After the gambling building was opened, no matter in front of the projection of the gambling building area or in the copy of Ankang ancient town, the prompt sound of the building sounded again!

[it is detected that there are players for the “best player” medal in the replica, and the number is greater than one, the balance mechanism will be upgraded.]

[the copy will trigger a 10% increase in difficulty and a 10% increase in the probability of props.]

[the difficulty of the replica exceeds the critical value again! The gambling building mechanism is upgraded. In addition to betting on the success or failure of the replica, the betting player must participate in guessing and estimating who is the best player. Choose one of the twelve players to bet. If the betting player obtains the best player medal, the betting player wins the bet.]

In the copy of Ankang ancient town.

Yan Wei gently raised her eyebrows and bet on the information panel without hesitation, choosing that she would survive to the end and get the medal of the best player.

Other players were shocked and operated one after another. They looked serious and their eyes were slightly heavy.

Even Jiang Xiu’s face was not very good-looking.

At the beginning of the copy, it directly raised the difficulty to hell mode. There are so many seeds in the copy. This copy must be impossible to be simple.

The sunset fell completely. The whole mountain is covered with stars and moon, falling into boundless darkness.

There was no modern equipment in the ancient town. The temple lit candles in a retro and primitive way. Suddenly, misty songs sounded inside, like children singing without rules.

“The stars are shining, the moon is hanging…”

“This is the mountains and rivers given by God, this is fertile land, this is the blessing of heaven…”

“Rain quickly, rain quickly, the crops will grow up…”

“Let’s hold up our umbrellas…”

With the clear singing, the gate of the temple opened slowly with a “squeak”, and a group of children ran out of the temple with schoolbags on their backs, as if they were coming home from school.

Behind them, a god woman wearing national costumes and scarves watched the children leave, walked slowly down the stairs and came to the players.

“Here comes the traveler,” the goddess smiled at them under the starry sky and in front of the brilliant lights of the temple, “I received the news that you are going to come here for vacation very early. We have a small place here. There are no hotels, electricity and networks in large places. Only the mountain temple has the guest rooms that used to be provided to the villagers for incense worship. You can only wrongly live in the mountain Temple in the town.”

The shenpo led them up the steps of the mountain temple. The twelve players formed several groups for their own camps and followed the shenpo silently.

The interior of the mountain temple is very clean and neat. It is a temple built against the mountain wall. The main hall is against the mountain wall, surrounded by brick walls on three sides and mountain wall on the other side.

On the mountain wall, there is a stone very similar to the human shape, which looks like a man holding an umbrella. However, there is no trace of artificial carving on the stone, and the edges and corners of the stone are very smooth, which seems to be formed naturally over a long time.

The incense and other objects in the hall are enshrined in front of this humanoid stone.

The woman of God came forward and worshipped the stone. Then she turned and said to them: “This is the mountain god of Ankang town. After our ancestors settled in this place near the mountains and rivers, they found the mountain god statue and built a mountain temple around the mountain god statue. We rely on the protection of the mountain god for good weather and safe harvest. Please don’t be disrespectful to the mountain God when visiting. Recently, there will be a 12-year mountain god festival in the town. You can participate in it in the town, but We need to organize a sacrificial ceremony in the mountain temple. Please don’t walk around the temple. ”

Everyone responded well.

Yan Wei looked around the hall without trace and said to Yan Mingguang: [according to the goddess, Ankang town should be an extremely backward and superstitious ancient town. Some people found this stone statue of people who were just like holding umbrellas corroded by nature and worshipped it as a mountain god. Over time, it seems that there is no problem with this hall, but I am very uncomfortable when I see this mountain god statue and the black bricks they use. I always feel uncertain Sleep.]

[copy in the building,] Yan Mingguang is only concise and concise, [unknown is normal.]

While they were talking, shenpo had taken out five keys to give to the players.

There are twelve players, and there are only five guest rooms in the mountain temple.

Fortunately, this copy did not require the same number of people in each room as last time. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang took a key – Yan Mingguang said that when they lived with Yan Wei, the eyes of several other players kept moving on Yan Wei’s face and the whip on Yan Wei’s wrist. They didn’t know what they were thinking.

As for the others, Jiang Xiu didn’t come in alone. There were members of another two months. The three of them took a key.

Lin Zhen, who seemed to be very independent, took the initiative to work with a player named fish flying boat. The remaining players were divided into a group of three people and a group of two people. The five keys were completely assigned.

The ancient town without power grid is very boring at night. It seems that she is used to resting early. After giving them the key, the God woman led them to the door of the guest room and asked them to blow out the candles and go to bed.

“Excuse me, can you come out in the evening?” a player asked.

“Don’t run around in the mountain temple and affect the sacrifice.”

This answer covers a wide range and generally means yes.

Although it’s OK, it’s only the first day, and I asked to go back to my room to rest as soon as I entered the copy. There’s no active information. Naturally, players won’t be stupid enough to wander around immediately.

As soon as the God woman left, the people also went back to their rooms.

Before Yan Wei followed Yan Mingguang into the room, Jiang Xiu looked at them with a gloomy face and fierce eyes.

The man raised his hand and wiped his neck at them before he went back to the room.

Yan Wei and Yan mingguangli ignored him.

Jiang Xiugen couldn’t have violated the basic principles of the building to kill them. Now the difficulty of the copy is mentioned again and again, and Jiang Xiugen can’t do it easily. The higher the frequency of this man’s cruel words, the more it shows that he has no confidence.

“Do you remember the song the children sang just now?”

After entering the room, Yan Mingguang closed the projection angle of view and immediately took back the always fascinating whip. Yan Wei directly said, “I’ve memorized it. However, in order to prevent this song from being triggered by death, I won’t repeat it.”


“That’s OK. Whether it’s the shape of the umbrella half open on the invitation, the umbrella with symbolic graphic meaning on the top of the temple, and the mountain god holding the umbrella, it shows that this copy is related to the umbrella. But it’s a little strange…”

Yan Wei took out a series of cleaning tools from the storage cell of the information panel. In such a treacherous copy, he began to clean his place to rest and bedding.

He said: “if it is a town that believes in mountain gods and craves rain and uses umbrellas as as symbolic graphics, the town should be full of umbrellas or patterns of umbrellas everywhere. But since we came in, except for the statues of mountain temples…”

I didn’t see any real umbrellas at all.

Just as he was about to continue, there was a sudden sound of staggering footsteps outside the guest room – the footsteps of the God woman.

Shenpo’s footsteps went from far to near, and then from near to far. She stopped before walking for a while. She also listened to the sound of something landing in front of Yan Wei’s door. It seemed that she passed five guest rooms one by one and put something at the door of the guest room.

They were so quiet that they even slowed down their breathing and listened motionlessly until the footsteps of the God woman gradually disappeared and completely disappeared. Yan Wei was relieved.

What was shenpo doing just now?

Yan Wei glanced at half of the undead skills on the information panel. The status of the skills remained in the normal state and could not be turned on until midnight.

In this case, Yan Mingguang is more suitable to deal with such a situation. Otherwise, it would be easy for him to lag behind.

He blinked. His light brown eyes were clear and clever, as if dotted with mild but bright stars.

“Mr. Yan, it’s dark. I’m afraid… Why don’t you go and have a look?”

Yan Mingguang glanced at him: “No.”

He lengthened his tone: “Mr. Yan -?”

Yan Mingguang raised his feet, holding a whip in his bony hand, silently walked to the door and looked out through the cat’s eye.

The corridor of the ancient temple was full of night, and the candles had been blown out. Only the hazy moonlight shed the outline of things in front of the door.

Yan Mingguang frowned slightly, and his voice was cold: “an umbrella.”

Yan Wei’s eyes slightly coagulated: “umbrella?”

“Open your umbrella.”

Yan Wei raised his eyes and asked seriously, “where are the other rooms?”

This is invisible to the cat’s eye.

Yan Mingguang naturally knew what Yan Wei meant. His whip was ready to go, his back was slightly stretched, and he opened the door with vigilance and looked out.

On the deep and narrow dark corridor, in front of the five doors at the same interval, there are five long umbrellas standing on the ground.

The umbrella is white, the handle and ribs are slightly pale white, and the umbrella cover is smooth and bright white, which slides to slightly reflect the moonlight.

The night was quiet, and the moonlight was as white as snow, which made the umbrella more and more pale.

“They are all umbrellas,” Yan Mingguang said word by word. “Five white and open umbrellas.”


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