Half Immortal Chapter 23

Half Immortal Chapter 23: Ankang ancient town (2)

At this time, the door was half open. Yan Wei sat in the old guest room and looked out. Through Yan Mingguang’s slender figure, he saw the situation outside.

The pale umbrella shines white in the moonlight. It seems that it has been soaked in the snow, but it seems that it has been washed in the clear spring water for a long time, leaving such a smooth umbrella cover. The umbrella ribs were fully unfolded, leaning against each other and standing on the ground quietly and strangely.

The window of the corridor was half open, and the cool night wind in the mountains kept blowing in, which made Yan Wei shrink and involuntarily tightened her scarf.

He subconsciously took out the swallow coin in his pocket and tossed it in his hand.

The umbrella outside the door seems to directly break the quiet performance of this copy and bring pressure to them in an extremely treacherous and mysterious way. Several other guest rooms next door also heard the sound of opening and closing the door, but the five umbrellas in the corridor were still placed silently, and no one moved them for the time being.

Yan Mingguang gently closed the door and came back with his hands.

Yan Wei muttered, “I just said I didn’t have an umbrella, so I’ll deliver it to the door…”

Yan Mingguang: ”

The appearance of these five umbrellas seemed to uncover all the unknowns of this place. Yan Wei just felt a little cold. At the moment, he was in a cold sweat on his forehead.

Sure enough, as Lou said, the difficulty of this copy is far beyond the critical point that the seventh floor should have.

Under the uncanny, Yan Wei chuckled.

The more dangerous it was, the more excited he was, and the blood in his body seemed to begin to flow rapidly.

“Do you hear anything now?” he asked.

Yan Mingguang shook his head.

“I don’t have it either. That’s normal.” Yan Wei hooked his mouth. “Others, like us, closed the door after seeing it. I can foresee the result of the discussion – this umbrella can’t stay.”

The figure of the umbrella is directly drawn on the invitation letter of the copy. The umbrella is still snow-white and reveals an unknown smell. It is absolutely impossible to put it at the door like this.

This is basically the logic that everyone will think of at the first time.

Yan Wei tossed a coin hard, raised his hand and caught the coin in the air.

He didn’t open his palm, just slightly clenched his fist and looked ahead. His eyes reflected the ancient dark yellow candle light in the house, but they were still clear and bright.

“Ice first -”

Yan Wei gave a speech.

Yan Mingguang curled his knuckles slightly and pressed his fingertips on the handle of the whip. The handle of the whip gently raised and lit Yan Wei’s chin, just pushed his jaw up and closed his mouth.

Yan Wei: ”

When Yan Mingguang took back the whip handle and liberated Yan Wei’s jaw, he immediately said, “you’re too careful, aren’t you? You call me waste dessert…”

Yan Mingguang lifted his eyes and glanced at him indifferently.

“OK, I called my own waste snacks first. Then, Mr. Yan, your waste snacks are thinking about something now.”


“Do you remember why we came to a gambling building copy that is destined to increase the difficulty? Because the more powerful the ghosts are, Jiang Xiuyue has no ability to make use of them. In this copy, he has to be careful to protect his life. He can only rely on his experience and conspiracy. He must first ensure that he can live, and then he can have the energy to deal with us.”

“After a while, people in other rooms will come out one after another and receive their umbrellas in the main hall of the mountain temple – because there is the place where the goddess worshipped, and there is also a stone statue of the mountain god holding an umbrella, which is the most suitable place to deal with these white umbrellas when there are no clues. But these people must deal with umbrellas in order…”

He smiled, his eyes twinkling with shrewd cunning.

“Jiang Xiu will also remove the white umbrella, because this copy is too difficult, and he should be careful. But he will definitely be the last to come out, because…”

In Jiang Xiu’s guest room.

Yuemang came in three people this time. In addition to Jiang Xiu, there was a woman named Ning Yi and Zheng Mao who followed Jiang Xiu in. Ning Yi hasn’t spoken since he entered the copy. He can be more like a mute than Yan Mingguang.

It’s just that she is very different from Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang is indifferent and indifferent. Silver framed glasses weaken the coldness between his eyebrows and eyes, but they also add a sense of alienation to him while adding politeness.

Corning wing is very aggressive cold.

Her eyes seemed to hide cold, and her whole body was soaked in the cold blade.

Jiang Xiu and Ning Yi didn’t come in the same invitation at all. When Jiang Xiuping saw Ning Yi in the world in the building, he wanted to take a detour. At the moment, he had nothing to say with Ning Yi.

After the emergence of the white umbrella, Ning Yi didn’t seem to care at all. He just leaned half against the bed and closed his eyes, and didn’t participate in the discussion from beginning to end. Only after discussing with Zheng Mao, Jiang Xiu decided to throw the white umbrella into the main hall of the mountain temple.

Zheng Mao got up to do it, but Jiang Xiu suddenly said, “wait a minute.”

“Brother Jiang?”

Jiang Xiu raised his eyebrows slightly, sneered and said, “it suddenly occurred to me that putting the umbrella back in the hall is not the most safe way. There may be problems in the hall. Maybe throwing the umbrella back in the hall is the trigger of death. In fact, the safest thing is…”

He uttered a pause and lowered his tone one degree.

“Put the white umbrella at the door of another room. You don’t have to go to the hall or worry about death.”

Zheng Maoli showed a clear look.

Who else is the most suitable room?

Naturally, it’s Yan’s room.

“I’ll do it now.”

Jiang Xiu stopped him: “it’s not urgent. We can think that the umbrella can’t be kept, and others can. The first level given to us by this copy is not difficult. You’re out now, and you have a high probability of meeting other players. The white umbrella at Yan’s door may not even have been sent away. Wait a moment, wait until others have handled the white umbrella, and then quietly put our umbrella at Yan’s door.”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang live in the guest room.

The candle flickered and swayed in the cool wind.

Yan Mingguang sat there with his back straight, and the lens slightly reflected the candle light, which moistened his cool temperament with a layer of mystery. The light and shadow outlined the man’s side face. Under the dark light, the depth between the man’s eyebrows and eyes became more and more obvious.

Yan Wei was stunned and then said: “Based on his character I have investigated these days, he will put their umbrellas at the door of our room after everyone has handled the white umbrellas. In this way, if something happens to us, he can also get clues about the white umbrellas. If nothing happens to us, we can guide other players to guess that the umbrellas are back the next day – anyway, there are many strange things in the building “You can find clues to break the game and kill the enemy. This is too profitable for Jiang Xiu. He will do so.”

Yan Mingguang turned to look at him and said slowly, “Jiang xiuqiang has many props in his body index. I fight with him. The props he will use are unknown.”

Under the candlelight of the ancient temple, the unknown breath around seemed to be weakened by the man’s indifference.

It has to be said that Yan Mingguang is like a sense of security when walking. Even in a place where such danger will happen at any time, he can calm people down.

Yan Wei hooked up the corner of his mouth and whispered word by word: “who said you should directly face him? Teacher Yan, don’t use violence in everything. Let him pit himself and bring us clues by the way, okay?”


“Jiang Xiu, who thinks he’s a little smart, you say that if he goes out and finds that there are still open white umbrellas at the door of our room and Lin Zhen’s room after everyone returns to the house, will he throw the umbrellas at their door into the hall, or think we’ve found something and decide to follow us – leave the white umbrellas at his own door?”

Yan Mingguang lowered his eyes and didn’t speak.

But the answer is already obvious.

“Wait and see. What if he is better than us? If he dares to come in and want to kill me, I can keep him here forever.”

Yan Wei’s eyebrows and eyes were slightly bent, and he stood up in a low voice.

He opened the information panel and entered the exchange mall in the building.

The mall is divided into two types, one is some items that can be exchanged for the same amount in the invitation, and the other is props, skills and… Omnipotent wishes that can be exchanged for points.

You can change anything.

At the top of the list of points that can be exchanged, there is even a sky high exchange item “Pandora’s box”. The item profile is to open and get everything you want.

These are too far away from Yan Wei, a player with only 12 points. He didn’t look at it at all. He jumped directly to the convertible part of the invitation and found a convertible prop called false stone.

Maybe it’s because this prop is short-lived, it’s useless except to copy the appearance, no one cares at all, and the price is very low. The only invitation you need is an ordinary two-tier invitation.

Yan Wei exchanged two false stones without hesitation.

[congratulations on the successful redemption. The corresponding quota invitation letter has been deducted.]

[exchange item: false stone, item introduction: you can imitate the appearance of any item or prop seen by any player within one hour (Note: you can only imitate the appearance, but can’t imitate the function, and the effect disappears after one hour, and the stone disappears). Exchange quantity: 2.]

At the next moment, two insignificant false stones appeared in Yan Wei’s hands.

He stopped talking and Yan Mingguang didn’t speak again.

They sat side by side by the bed, listening to what was going on outside under the faint but shaking candlelight.

The sound of opening and closing the door began to ring.

Yan Wei counted, “one.”

A few minutes later, “two.”

A few minutes later, “three. Three rooms have thrown away their umbrellas. Only our room and Jiang Xiu’s room are left. They are waiting for the sound of our action.”

Yan Wei put the two false stones that could imitate the appearance of any object into Yan Mingguang’s hands.

The man didn’t speak, took the stone, opened the door and walked out of the guest room.

He picked up the white umbrella at the door and didn’t accept it. He just held the white umbrella handle and walked towards the main hall of the mountain temple. Three long handled white umbrellas thrown here by players have been placed on the main hall. Yan Mingguang also puts the white umbrellas in his hands on the main hall at will. The whole hall is terrible quiet. The mountain statue holding the umbrella still stands silently, and most of his body is buried in the shadow of the night.

Yan Mingguang glanced and found nothing else. He turned and walked back to the corridor where the five guest rooms were located.

Passing by the door of Lin Zhen’s room and the fish flying boat, Yan Mingguang threw out one of the false stones in his hand, although he didn’t stop.

The moment the stone fell to the ground, it turned into an open, pale long handle umbrella!

It’s as like as two peas in front of their houses.

After releasing this one, before entering the door, Yan Mingguang also put down another one at the door of his and Yan Wei’s room.

There were only one white umbrella left in the corridor, but now it suddenly became three.

The white umbrellas made of two false stones are at the door of Lin Zhen’s and Yan Wei’s house respectively. They are only effective for an hour.

A white umbrella left by the divine woman is at the door of Jiang Xiu’s house. It has not been passive.

With a “squeak”, Yan Mingguang returned to the guest room and gently closed the door.

In the guest room of Jiang Xiu and others.

“Brother Jiang,” Zheng Mao whispered, “they should not come out again. Shall I do it now?”


Zheng Mao’s eyes lit up, gave a bad smile and turned to go out. Before he stooped down to pick up the white umbrella, his smile suddenly stopped, his movements paused slightly, and he looked sideways at the front of the corridor,

Jiang Xiu said impatiently in the room, “what’s the matter?”

“Jiang, brother Jiang, come and have a look!”

Jiang Xiu frowned.

He got up and walked quickly to the door. He also saw two other white umbrellas in the corridor.

The night became more and more dark, and three white umbrellas were placed in turn in the corridor, followed by the pathetic moonlight, which was strangely quiet and particularly frightening.

“What about this? Yan they didn’t throw away the white umbrella in their room at all, even Lin Zhen didn’t.”

Ning Yi still lay half on the sofa without saying a word. She had long hair and shawl, and the bangs slightly covered her cold eyebrows and eyes. Hearing Zheng Mao’s words, she slightly raised her eyes and glanced at the white umbrella outside the door. The cold eyes flashed a look of watching the play.

Such eyes flashed. For a moment, Ning Yi lowered his head again, closed his eyes and was silent.

Jiang Xiu obviously didn’t expect this to happen. He suddenly got up, pushed Zheng Mao away and looked out.

As like as two peas, the three white umbrellas stretched out and fell into the earth, bringing the strange feeling of desolation in the thick night.

“… how could this happen? I just heard four doors open. In addition to Lin Zhen and Yan’s rooms, the other two rooms are ordinary seven story players. Lin Zhen and Yan left their white umbrellas when they went out, and ordinary players in the other two rooms threw away their white umbrellas…”

Jiang Xiu stood at the door with his back taut, his eyebrows locked, and his angry eyes flashed confused.

The mountain wind outside is getting stronger and stronger, and the rustling wind can be heard all the time. The old windows make a “squeak” and “squeak” sound blown by the wind.

Jiang Xiu thought for a moment and suddenly looked up and said, “they must have found something when they went to put the white umbrella. They brought the white umbrella back!”

The ordinary players on the seventh floor of the other two rooms are not strong enough. They may not find the clues they should find at all.

Lin Zhen, such a treacherous building lifting player, is bound to find something wrong. Yan’s behavior style is a mystery. From the corridor copy, Yan’s reasoning ability far exceeds that of most players.

“I see. We can’t throw away the white umbrella,” Jiang Xiu made up his mind and closed the door after Zheng maola came back. “The plan just now was cancelled. We didn’t move the umbrella and put it at the door. It’s getting darker and darker. We may not have time to go to the main hall now, but it’s absolutely right to follow the joint decision of Lin Zhen and Yan.”

He raised his eyebrows and eyes and smiled involuntarily.

… compared with Lin Zhen, who acted treacherously, and Yan, who had a grudge against him, his greatest advantage is to steadily climb up layer by layer and accumulate strength props.

The newborn calf is not afraid of tigers. I’m afraid Yan doesn’t know that in the copy of the world in the building, the most difficult thing to guard against is not ghosts and gods, but people.

The best use is also people.

The sound of the door closing came from a distance. There was no other movement in the corridor. Only the louder and louder wind floated, like bursts of crying from the mountains and forests.

Yan Wei listened to the last sound of closing the door with satisfaction. With a slight hook in the corner of his mouth, he curled up the quilt on the bed and turned lazily.

This room is different from the room in the last copy. There are three single beds. Yan Wei sleeps on the bed by the window and Yan Mingguang sleeps on the middle bed. The bed by the door is empty.

Yan Wei naturally lost the tension of sleeping with a man last time.

But his picky problem was still there. People turned around in bed for several times and didn’t fall asleep.

In the sound of mountain wind, Yan Mingguang on the other side of the bed suddenly opened his mouth: “you are very confident.”

Yan Wei turned his head and looked sideways.

“You say Jiang Xiu?” he chuckled, “In the past few days, in addition to the preparations we made, I also read several copies of records of Jiang Xiu’s visits. Compared with Lin Zhen, his way of thinking is really very good. He must be a little smart to survive the 10 story copy, but it is precisely because he climbed the stairs steadily that he has become a loophole that he can let us drill – he will think Too many. As long as we take advantage of him, he will not only harm us, but also help us try out clues. If everyone throws away their white umbrellas tonight, won’t we get nothing? ”

If the novice players on the first floor see that there are still white umbrellas at their door, they will only feel that they are looking for their own death.

Jiang Xiu was clever, but he was mistaken. He thought they had some evidence and thought it was right to leave the white umbrella, so he left the white umbrella at the door of Jiang Xiu’s own room. At that time, what will happen to the white umbrella in the room at the door is clear at a glance?

“You know people very well,” Yan Mingguang said.

Yan Wei was stunned.

This is actually something he knows, but now Yan Mingguang directly points it out. He actually has a strange feeling.

It’s like being used to seeing through human nature all year round, but being seen through by others.

Yan Wei was interested: “you took the initiative to say two words. Yan Mingguang, Mr. Bingbing and Mr. Yan, what are you thinking? You said I know people’s hearts very well, and I really do — for example, you are now… Thinking about other people in Jiang Xiu’s room?”

Their single bed is separated by a small aisle, and Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang are piled on their sides respectively. Yan Mingguang’s eyes reflect the leaping flames, and his pure black eyes flash a trace of surprise.

“You’re worried that the other two people in the room with Jiang Xiu will be implicated,” Yan Wei sneered. “Let alone whether the two people are innocent, even if they don’t stand in line with Jiang Xiu, this is an unpredictable copy of life and death… Compassion is the most useless thing.”

Yan Mingguang was speechless.

“We’re tied together now, and I won’t lie to you. Mr. Yan, I seem to have told you? You can say I’m cold-blooded or I don’t have a heart. What I lack most is compassion. I’m not only cold-blooded, but also careful. Oh, I’m a little willful…”

Yan Mingguang still didn’t speak.

Yan Wei wanted to tease the man and see that he showed some different expressions. But Yan Mingguang didn’t have any feedback. What he said was boring, so he didn’t say more.

The mountain wind blows and rubs the shadow of trees. The wind brings the rustle of leaves to sleep.

Yan Wei turned over several times and finally fell asleep. Before he fell asleep, a sense of danger rushed into his mind suddenly appeared!

With a “Hoo”, the candle went out.

The old guest room of the ancient temple fell into darkness in an instant, and the pathetic moonlight seemed to spread a misty song in the distance.

The sound seemed to come from afar, and sounded everywhere.

It was like a song sung by a young girl with a raised voice. It completely melted into the mountain wind, stabbed into her ears bit by bit, and stimulated people’s nerves inch by inch.

“The stars are shining, the moon is hanging…”

“This is the mountains and rivers given by God, this is fertile land, this is the blessing of heaven…”

“Rain quickly, rain quickly, the crops will grow up…”

“Let’s hold up our umbrellas…”

Yan Wei heard the lyrics clearly.

That was the song sung by the children after they entered the copy in the evening, but this time the song was very ethereal and gloomy, and the sharp girl’s voice was creepy.

After the four lyrics are sung, the song repeats again, and the four lyrics repeat again and again.

Yan Wei touched the black ring and confirmed that his immortal state still had 24 minutes to open. He closed his eyes in the quilt and listened to the song with vigilance.

“Let’s hold up our umbrellas…”


“Let’s hold up our umbrellas…”


I don’t know how many times I repeated it. When the shrill girl sang the last sentence again, the song suddenly slowed down a little.

“We — support — good — umbrella –”

Jiang Xiu’s room hasn’t moved yet. In the room where two ordinary seven story players are located, a long but sad scream pierced the night: “ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Yan Wei breathed and was about to open his eyes and get up, but there was a sound on Yan Mingguang’s side.

The man quickly turned over, tiptoed, turned around, turned over to Yan Wei’s bed, opened the quilt and drilled in.

The very narrow single bed suddenly crowded two men. The quilt was full, and the hot breath collided with each other, surrounded by warm heat in the cool wind. Yan Wei was half a head shorter than Yan Mingguang. At the moment, they leaned sideways against each other. He curled up slightly and his face leaned against Yan Mingguang’s shoulder socket.

The seven story player’s shrill scream continued. He and Yan Mingguang clustered on the narrow single bed. The man raised his hand and covered his mouth at the moment of coming up. Under the quilt, the whip was quietly tied to his left wrist.

Yan Wei unconsciously breathed quickly. He didn’t know whether it was the warm palm suddenly pasted by the man or the tension from the continuous scream.

[don’t talk.] Yan Mingguang spoke faster than usual through the whip. [I sat by the bed.]


Yan Wei’s eyes moved gently, leaning against Yan Mingguang’s shoulder socket, his eyes lifted a gap without trace.

On Yan Mingguang’s bed, the sheets may be very messy because they were suddenly lifted, and no one was lying on them. But beside the bed, a “person” with blood flowing all over his body and blurred flesh and blood on his limbs and face sat quietly beside the bed, and the sheets had fainted and stained with blood.

The screams of players in another room continued, piercing the night in sharp despair.

Yan Wei also slowly reacted.

——This is a “man” who has been skinned and his limbs and bones have been removed.


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