Half Immortal Chapter 24

Half Immortal Chapter 24: Ankang ancient town (3)

Yan Wei had some accelerated breathing and stopped at once.

He tried his best to control his expression. If he closed his eyes, he was actually buried in the shoulder socket connecting Yan Mingguang’s neck and shoulders. His eyes showed gaps and carefully observed the situation they encountered.

The skinnless man sat on his side by the bed, his eyes dark under the flesh and blood. It just sat there quietly, with its side face, looking at the direction of Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang.

For a moment, Yan Wei even felt that he looked at him.

But this thing didn’t move from beginning to end. It just sat there silently in the misty and gloomy song and the shouting of players like being tortured, looking at them without blinking.

When Yan Mingguang came over, he was holding Yan Wei. At the moment, he turned his back to that thing and couldn’t see the situation.

He asked Yan Wei: [see clearly?]

[I’ve seen it clearly. I’ve seen it carefully several times from top to bottom. It’s a skinned and boned man. Hey, I didn’t say that it’s too scary. I’m almost blind. Can’t I give some mosaic copies in the building?]


[and it’s actually a girl! Why do I, a fag, watch a girl’s “naked”! I haven’t seen a film since I was a child in Dalian. When I watch a girl without clothes for the first time, I don’t even wear skin!!!]


Yan Wei was really hurt to his eyes.

He took back his eyes, slipped his fingertips over the black ring and looked at the information panel without trace – there were 13 minutes before the immortal state was turned on.

He didn’t move, and kept his posture clustered with Yan Mingguang under the quilt. He was all ready for the war, and he could feel Yan Mingguang’s muscles tense.

They were not afraid and were ready at any time, but it didn’t move from beginning to end.

After a while, some movement finally came out of Jiang Xiu’s room, but there was no scream, but it was like a fight. The fighting was very fierce. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang could hear it clearly across the two walls!

The scream of the ordinary seven layer player gradually weakened, and then disappeared completely.

People are dead.

The ethereal song continues, but it is getting louder and louder, as if it is gradually pulling away.

He grasped the whip tightly around his wrist and finally stopped talking. He said calmly: [there’s something going on in Jiang Xiu’s house, so there should be an accident. They are better than ordinary players on the seventh floor. It’s certainly not that easy to be killed, but we should spend at least one or two of their props this time, and use them to try out clues and earn money. Fortunately, we pit Jiang Xiu and leave such a contrast, otherwise we’ll be afraid and mistakenly think that the white umbrella is good. Now look Come on, we took the white umbrella, so the ghost didn’t do it to us. The white umbrella is indeed a kind of death trigger.]

That thing hasn’t gone yet

[didn’t go, but didn’t do anything to us. I guess it’s because we didn’t have a white umbrella. I just don’t know why the seventh floor room in the other room died and listened to the sound…]

He died miserably.

Under the gaze of this monster, Yan Mingguang was more fearless than Yan Wei. His tone was still cold and indifferent: [not because of the umbrella. They threw the umbrella into the hall. When I got to the hall, I had three white umbrellas.]

Three, including the one they threw into the hall, a total of four. Except for Jiang Xiu, who was trapped by them, other players threw white umbrellas into the hall.

How did that player die?

[we’ll check the cause of death of the player on the seventh floor later. The problem now is the skinned and boned thing sitting by your bed. I suspect that the skinned and boned girl like us will appear in everyone’s room, because the scream lasted for almost ten minutes, and no one opened the door or came out from the beginning to the end.]

The perception obtained from the first copy strengthened Yan Wei’s vision, hearing and smell. With so many voices mixed together, he could still distinguish clearly – there was no sound of opening and closing the door in the other four rooms.

In this copy, except for the two of them who came directly from the first floor, they all passed some copies. It is impossible not to know that the player’s death means clues. But so far, there is a sound of fighting in Jiang Xiu’s room, and the others are silent.

The biggest possibility is that there is a skinned and boned girl sitting in the accident free room like their room, so no player dares to venture.

They all heard screams, but no one moved lightly because there was a dirty thing sitting in the room.

The ethereal girl’s song is getting lower and lower.

Jiang Xiu’s room suddenly spread a burst of golden light!

If the floor gap lowered by the player is too large, the basic value of the player will be reduced according to the floor under the floor balance mechanism, and no points can be obtained. However, the props actually exist – this is the biggest support for the player.

The golden light was obviously sent out by the props in Jiang Xiu’s hand.

The golden light was particularly bright in the dark night when all the candles were out, and it also spread slightly to Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang’s room. The skinnless thing shrank and seemed to want to leave. Then the golden light dissipated, and there was no other movement in Jiang Xiu’s room.

It’s two minutes before midnight.

There are still two minutes before the immortal state is turned on.

The song was almost inaudible. The roaring mountain wind knocked on the old wooden window. The moonlight was as bright as new, and the skinned girl slowly stood up.

At this moment when perhaps other players were relieved, Yan Wei slowly opened his eyes and looked at the thing without covering up.

The light brown eyes are as bright as stars, and the slightly curved end of the eyes makes a smile on the treacherous and terrible night.

[Mr. Yan.]


I may die a little later. Don’t stop me

Gambling area.

In front of the projection of the copy of the gambling building in Ankang ancient town, Ukraine was crowded with a group of players.

For the whole building world, high-level players are always a minority, and low-level and middle-level players account for the majority. Although Ankang ancient town is a seven story replica, many more players pay attention to this replica than those who pay attention to the gambling replica of high-rise buildings.

Many players can’t even understand the copy of the gambling building on the high floor.

Instead, it is a copy of Ankang ancient town. The number of floors is not high. There are some seed players who are expected to climb the high floors, which are the objects that most players like to observe and analyze.

Due to the upgraded gambling building mode, the projection is divided into 12 parts, which are the perspectives of 12 players. Among them, the parts of Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei have become all black, and the projection part of Ning Yi has nothing – all three have turned on the privacy mode.

The first day of the copy is the time limit for free betting. After the upgrade, the gambling reward is greater. Countless players crowded here to observe the situation.

“Unexpectedly, three people didn’t open their perspectives? After opening their perspectives, they got more feedback from the gambling house, so they gave up…”

“Are you afraid that there are too many people staring? One of the three people is Yan, who openly provoked Jiang Xiu. He was still open when he entered the copy, but now he is closed. Maybe he wants to do something with the man he has been holding with a whip…”

“I thought this Yan was a character who dared to compete with Jiang Xiu just after one floor. Unexpectedly, he brought a cumbersome copy. Ning Yi couldn’t see it from his perspective. It’s safer to choose one of Jiang Xiu, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou.”

“Curious, why did Jiang Xiu see three umbrellas in the corridor? From Lin Zhen’s perspective just now, he clearly put the white umbrella in the main hall of the mountain temple with the fish flying boat.”

“The female ghost in Jiang Xiu’s room made a move, and he forced the female ghost back with the golden light prop. This golden light, which I just saw in Jiang Xiu’s gambling house last time, was an exorcism prop he got in an eight story copy, but he used it the first night… He was so stupid this time, the mountain temple was full of unknown, and the song dedicated to the mountain god was also unknown. The Song said to hold an umbrella , it’s not good to hold an umbrella. The obvious death trigger of the white umbrella dares to stay. ”

“I can’t say that. Jiang Xiu’s basic value has been weakened by the demotion system. Otherwise, where would he be so embarrassed?”

“Oh, my God, this player died miserably. He was skinned and skinned alive. He screamed for at least ten minutes before he died. Shit! Lin Zhen smiled at the female ghost in his room for ten minutes in the scream…”


In the copy of Ankang ancient town.

After the golden light prop was used, the ethereal and cool song disappeared quickly. At the moment, there was only the sound of the wind in the mountain temple.

Lin Zhen and Jiang Xiu’s room is only separated by a wall. Jiang Xiugang uses golden light to force back the skinned female ghost. Next door, there is a sound of knocking on the wall.

Lin Zhen’s voice with a few evil spirits came through the wall: “Oh, is this your prop? That’s really thank you for sacrificing yourself. You not only don’t want any points to go downstairs into the copy, but also use a prop to help all of us push back the dirty thing. You’re stupid and poisonous. I apologize. I admit my mistake. You’re stupid and kind.”

Ning Yi didn’t move in Jiang Xiu’s room from beginning to end. Zheng Mao watched Jiang Xiu use the golden light props with a gloomy face. At the moment, a cold sweat broke out on his forehead: “brother Jiang, this… Why didn’t Lin Zhen and Yan’s room move, just us… Now we are not only attacked by ghosts, but also help others drive away ghosts. We knew we would throw our white umbrella -”

Zheng Mao’s words suddenly.

Jiang Xiu looked at him gloomily, and his eyebrows and eyes were full of displeasure.

Zheng Mao immediately made a gesture to shut up and covered his mouth.

Jiang Xiu frowned and looked at the blood stain left by the internal organs of the house. At the moment, he also reacted and said, “those two umbrellas are fake!!”

In Yan Wei’s mind, the prompt sound of the building starts.

[player permanent skill on.]

[current state of skill: undead state, lasting for 24 hours. After 24 hours, it will switch to normal state.]

By the bed, the dirty thing had stood up slowly. Its leg bones seemed to have been pulled out, leaving only stiff flesh and blood.

Yan Wei directly opened the quilt and held Yan Mingguang’s shoulder with one hand. Then Yan Mingguang turned over and jumped out of bed with Yan Mingguang.

The first scene of the player’s death has disappeared, and the female ghost in front of him – perhaps not called a female ghost – has become the biggest clue. If the immortal state is turned on, it is the best opportunity.

He was still hesitant to do this in front of Yan Mingguang, but on second thought, since Yan Mingguang is the teammate he chose, this way of cooperating with copies may still exist in the future, and he can’t always bypass Yan Mingguang to use skills.

And with Yan Mingguang’s character, even if you see it, you won’t ask.

Just like now, the man just helped him jump around in front of the dirty thing, just asked him “are you sure”, and didn’t ask anything else.

Yan Wei grabbed the swallow coin in his pocket, took out the gloves finally prepared this time, slowly put them in his mouth, whistled and said, “Hello, little sister!”

“Little sister” looked at him directly, and her bloodstained pupils were dark and unpredictable. Just being looked at can make people hair at the bottom of their hearts, fear and panic.

Yan Wei took a step forward.

Yan Mingguang held the whip tightly and stood aside, watching the young man’s eyes approach the skinned and boned “man” brightly, and stretched out his hand to death.

The man said, “I don’t mean to insult you. Gentlemen won’t take advantage of you, not to mention I’m still a fag. Don’t worry, I’ll bypass the key parts…”

Yan Mingguang: ”

The dirty thing wanted to go to the door. Yan Wei was right between it and the door, blocking its way. It stared at Yan Wei faintly. For a moment, Yan Wei felt the danger coming from all directions.

The things in front of him didn’t move, but he felt that the suffocating killing machine completely surrounded him, as if he had killed him.

This feeling appeared for a moment, and then slowly dissipated.

——Half undead skill, fatal wound is invalid.

Yan Wei was almost sure that he had just shot this thing at him because he came up to stop him. Under the function of skills, nothing happened. There was still this strange and terrible “man” in front of him, and Yan Mingguang still stood aside with a whip.

He hooked the corners of his mouth, slightly bent his eyebrows and eyes, directly grabbed the arm of this thing and began the autopsy.

During his action, he was surrounded by danger just now. For a moment, it seemed as if the feeling of death came again and again. But he had carefully looked at the front and looked sideways at the back of the “man”.

The ghost seems to have found that he can’t kill Yan Wei. Instead of trying to do it, he changed his way around people’s mind.

The ethereal song sounded in Yan Wei’s ear again, light and empty, coming from all directions, deep and cold as if the song from hell, shaking people’s nerves inch by inch.

“The stars are shining, the moon is hanging…”

“These are the mountains and rivers given by God, these are fertile fields, and these are the blessings of heaven -”

Before the song was finished, the young man’s clear voice sounded, gentle but with a jumping song and a gloomy and ethereal sharp voice: “rain quickly, rain quickly, the crops will grow up…”

“Let’s hold up our umbrellas…” Yan Wei finished his last sentence and sighed. “There’s something wrong with your song. It’s raining all the time, and the crops will be waterlogged to death. If you grow up, you may be able to make steamed bread.”

The dirty thing choked directly to his teeth.

Yan Mingguang, who witnessed the whole process and heard Yan Weikou’s hi: ”

If there was a chimney on the head of this skinnless thing, it must be smoking at the moment.

Yan Wei turned a blind eye and hummed the song again: “the stars are shining, the moon is hanging… This is a god given mountain and river, this is a fertile field, this is a blessing from the sky… It’s raining, it’s raining, the crops are going to grow… Let’s hold up our umbrellas…”

“Oh, don’t say. The tune is good. Don’t hold your voice. It sounds good. I’ve finished reading it. You really have some clues… It’s hard, little sister. Good night. Take your time.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Yan Wei observed that thing before and after. For a long time, he didn’t know why he hadn’t killed Yan Wei, but looked at him faintly.

When Yan Wei got out of the way, this thing could not wait. He walked to the door for a moment and immediately disappeared into the guest room, leaving only a row of blood footprints on the ground and the blood stain on the bed in the middle.

Silence returned to the house again.

Yan Wei carefully took off his gloves and moved so carefully that there was no blood stain. He threw his gloves into the dustbin and breathed: “I’m not at a loss tonight. It not only consumed Jiang Xiu’s obvious prop of good quality and weakened his strength, but also found a very important clue from the thing just now…”

Yan Wei gave a loud voice.

Under the cool moonlight, the man held a whip and a pocket in one hand. His black pupils couldn’t see the bottom. His eyes looked at him deeply. Before going to bed, the man took off his glasses. At the moment, there was no blocking of lenses. His deep eyes were a little less gentle, and the strength soaked in the man’s bones occupied all.

Yan Mingguang’s low voice came through the darkness and Moonlight: “- ‘a little bit of death’?”

Yan Wei’s eyes turned, his expression twinkled, and his eyes glanced away.

“A little?”

“Well,” he said, lowering his head and tilting his mouth, “a hundred million points.”


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