Half Immortal Chapter 25

Half Immortal Chapter 25: Ankang ancient town (4)

The night was eerie, the blood stains on the sheets reflected the moonlight, and the mountain wind roared.

In such a treacherous scene, Yan Wei’s eyes kept turning, looking left and right, but he didn’t look at Yan Mingguang.

If Gao Ming is here, Yan Wei can go up and hold each other’s shoulders, laugh and say, “what you look at is death.”. But now it is Yan Mingguang who looks directly at Yan Wei. His expression is so pale that he looks like a facial paralysis, but his dark pupils can’t see the bottom, can’t speak clearly, and the way is unclear.

Yan Mingguang seemed to be able to see through his ideas.

Before entering the world inside the building, Yan Wei was a person who liked to walk around all over the world and stayed in all walks of life. I’ve seen all kinds of people and have many friends, but therefore, he doesn’t really care who he is. He has no face, no skin and no psychological burden.

No one really knows what he’s thinking anyway.

However, his shameless skin seems useless in front of Yan Mingguang.

He smiled and planned to be calm: “in fact, there’s nothing to say -”

“What did you find?”

The man asked him suddenly.

Yan Wei was stunned: “ah?”

“What did you touch just now?”

Yan Wei moved his eyebrows. His eyes moved back to Yan Mingguang, and his light brown eyes flashed an invisible surprise.

Yan Mingguang still looked the same and looked at him slightly. The man leaned against the table, and the slender figure pulled out by the moonlight added a third of coolness.

Yan Wei opened his chair and sat down in front of Yan Mingguang. Compared with the posture that a man should straighten his back even when leaning against the table, he leaned directly against the back of his chair, whistled and said, “it’s not what I touched, it’s what I didn’t touch.”


“I just thought this skinnless little sister was a little strange. She seemed not only to have no skin, but also only flesh and blood. Just now I touched it and found that there were no bones in her legs and ribs – and there were cut marks in both places.”

Yan Mingguang frowned slightly: “pull out the bone.”


Yan Wei rummaged on the table for a while, reluctantly found a broken water pen and a few yellow papers, and quickly drew the shapes of several bones with his pen.

“Look at this, it’s the Missing Bones – ribs. Twelve ribs on the left are missing.” Yan Wei drew all the bones he didn’t touch at that time with his memory, “and this, tibia. One tibia is missing, and the other is still there.”

With a “squeak”, the mountain wind blew the old wooden windows open, and the cool air poured in, making the edges and corners of the yellow paper rise and rustle.

Yan Mingguang came forward to fit the window again. Yan Wei looked at the man’s back and said word by word: “you just threw a white umbrella. Do you remember the details of the umbrella?”

“The umbrella with long handle has the same texture as the umbrella handle. The umbrella handle is solid and thick. There are 12 umbrella ribs, which are curved and fine. There are no springs and bends. It is a natural bending arc. The umbrella surface is very smooth and white.”

Yan Wei pointed to his painted ribs: “12 ribs are missing, and the white umbrella has 12 ribs.”

He didn’t say it directly. The answer was clear.

——This is a long handle umbrella made of a girl’s skin and bones!

Yan Wei took out the swallow coin and tossed it casually in his hand. His eyes drooped gently, his eyelashes trembled in the blink of an eye, and his carelessness disappeared in his serious thinking at the moment.

“First of all, let’s thank Jiang Xiu for his dedication. Let me confirm that the white umbrella is the trigger factor of death, and let’s also confirm that there are skinnless girls in each room, because we saw this dirty thing. There must be one in the tragic player’s room. At the same time, there was a fight in Jiang Xiu’s room, and the other two were unlikely not, so these five dirty things were singing After he got up, he appeared in five rooms at the same time. This is one of them. ”

“Second, I was just thinking about what kind of death method can make people scream for more than ten minutes… He should die the same way as dirty things. I’m afraid that dirty things are fierce ghosts turned into after the skinned girl died. That’s the meaning of the umbrella painted on the invitation letter. The key point of this copy is the skin and bone umbrella. The danger tonight is every player There will be a skinnless girl in my room. If there is an umbrella at the door, the skinnless girl will do it! ”

This is the connection between the ghost they met tonight and the umbrella.

“This may be just the beginning. There are still many questions: where are the stairs? Who skinned and boned the girl to make an umbrella before she died, shenpo? Why did shenpo put a white umbrella at our door? Moreover, this is a mountain temple. There is the word ‘God’. How can these dirty things have anything to do with the mountain god holding the umbrella?”

It deserves to be a seven tier copy that has been upgraded twice in a row.

In the copy of the Corridor Hotel, the theme they painted was very obvious as soon as they came in, and they even had enough preparation time on the first day. But now, the first night they came in, they began to search for clues without giving any time – or, dead people are the first wave of clues.

Yan Wei held his palm lightly, pressed his fingertips on the edge of the coin and smiled.

… more interesting.

“There’s no clue tonight.”

“The girl’s skin and bones are used as umbrellas to trigger death. I’m sure. As for the shenpo and the mountain temple, seize the time to find clues tomorrow. Now it’s time to rest -”

Yan Wei gave a speech.

Just after saying that, he confirmed the conjecture that the skin and bone made an umbrella. In his mind, the prompt of the building sounded up.

[congratulations on discovering the copy of Ankang ancient town. Theme: Skinny umbrella. This discovery officially promotes the copy cracking progress. As the first player to discover this clue, you will receive rewards: body index 2, perception 4 and points 4.]

[player’s current value update: body index 13, perception 37, highest level 1, score 16.]

[you got an extra 1 point for answering questions.]

[the copy is officially opened.]

Yan Wei was stunned.

… main line on? What they have experienced before is just an appetizer before the main line?

What are the rush points?

The tone of the building continues. This time, Yan Mingguang’s eyes moved and obviously heard it – this is a prompt sound that all players can hear.

[because some players in the replica find the first topic clue, the current replica progress is updated – the replica enters the main line and triggers the rush answer mode. From now on, the fastest progress of players in the replica is the public progress of all players. Once a player pushes the next progress and finds the correct clue, the clue will be directly published to all other remaining players (Note: only the first player who finds a clue can get the progress reward. The player will get the corresponding rush answer score, and the settlement reward after customs clearance of the replica will also be distributed according to the progress).]

[the player’s answer points accumulate gradually and will not be cleared. If no player triggers the absolute death mechanism and the ghost loses the attack object, the ghost will give priority to attacking the lowest, lowest, play and home.]

[warm tip: the rush to answer mode will gradually widen the gap between players. Please actively participate in the replica and strive to survive.]

Then, the faint and gloomy child voice spoke out the clues of the skin and bone umbrella just pointed out by Yan Wei, and all players – including Yan Wei himself – listened to it again.

This game has more than one copy participated by the best player. After opening the gambling building with the upgrade mechanism, the clue found by Yan Wei opens the real difficulty.

Yan Wei finally understood what Lou meant when he first came in by publishing tasks to promote players’ enthusiasm.

In the rush answer mode, only the first person who finds out can be rewarded. Although the clues will be published after each rush answer, the additional information, props and strength increase obtained in the process of discovering the clues are unique to the discoverer, which is more conducive to the rush answer in the future. As the prompt tone on the floor said, the farther back, the greater the gap between players, and the rush answer points should be obtained It’s even harder.

But after each answer, everyone will be forced to the same starting point to compete again, and the lowest score is tantamount to death. Players have no way once and for all, they can only keep trying to run ahead.

Yan Wei listened carefully, raised his eyes and met Yan Mingguang’s eyes under the moonlight.

His eyebrows moved slightly, and his eyes like peach petals were clean and flexible in the treacherous night.

“Our decision to come in is not wrong…”

Only the more challenging the copy is, the greater the room for mediation between them and Jiang Xiu.

The rush answer mode is a survival pressure for Jiang Xiu, but for them… It is an opportunity to fight against killing!

“Sleep,” Yan Mingguang just told him.

This time, the prompt sound of the building was not only heard by the players in the copy, but also broadcast the clues of the leather umbrella and the explanations about the rush answer mode.

The players under the projection are boiling.

“It’s actually a copy of rush answer mode! This kind of copy rarely appears? Every time it appears, it’s a classic that can be recorded into endless stone tablets. The copy of rush answer mode last time was a copy of 38 floors? I missed the copy at that time. I can gamble this time.”

“The gamble this time is not so much about who will live to the end and win the medal of the best player as about who will be the player with the highest score in the rush to answer – after all, Lou said, the final reward will be settled according to the rush to answer progress. It is likely that the first person to find the clue of the skin and bone umbrella. Who is this person?”

“I don’t know. I’ve been looking at the projection. I’ve scanned the perspectives of other players except the three black perspectives. No one can tell the clue of the skin and bone umbrella. It can only be Yan Mingguang – that is, Yan, Ning Yi or the person Yan brought in… What’s his name? Yan Wei?”

“The one Yan brought in can be ignored and held with a whip… It’s a burden at first sight. Yan and Ning Yi are very likely. Unfortunately, Ning Yi doesn’t pay much attention to Jiang Xiu, otherwise she can observe her situation from Jiang Xiu’s perspective. I want to choose Ning Yi. As for Yan? Bet whether he will get the best player, it’s better to bet whether he can come out alive.”

“It’s not necessarily Ningyi. Maybe some player found it and didn’t say it, but was detected by the building. It’s possible for anyone. I prefer the fish flying boat with unparalleled strength.”

“Anyway, I won’t bet on Jiang Xiu. As a player who deliberately lowered the tenth floor to enter the copy, his performance was very bad at the beginning. He also directly squandered an eight floor prop, which was too useless.”

“Lin Zhen, this pervert, is actually like a fish flying boat. It’s better to try to be the lowest score and see how ghosts kill.”


In the crowd, Gao Ming struggled to squeeze into a seat in the front row.

Without hesitation, he directly bet on Yan Wei, looked up at the two black pieces in the projection angle of view for a while, and looked at Jiang Xiu’s angle of view.

In the projection, Jiang revised his eyebrows and sat there, planning what to do next with Zheng Mao. The man knew that he was driving a gambling house, and he made no secret of his intention to remove Yan. In the discussion, he mentioned more or less how to deal with Yan.

“… I hope they can pass the customs safely.”

He pushed his glasses and sighed.

The projection perspective of Yan Wei is dark, and the bottom is the proportion of players betting on Yan Wei.


In addition to being clever, the few remaining betting players may be lengtouqing who don’t understand anything, or players who blindly want to choose an unpopular player.

In the copy of Ankang ancient town.

The bright moon gradually darkened, and the clouds became thicker and thicker. They crawled in the already dark night and slowly covered the full moon.

The roar of the mountain wind gradually increased, and the faint thunder came from a distance.

Inside, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang lie side by side on the same single bed.

The bed where Yan Mingguang slept before is now fainted and stained with a large amount of blood. He must be unable to sleep. The remaining two beds, one against the door and the other against the side of the bed, separated by the bloody bed, are too far apart. If something dirty suddenly appears late at night and sits on the middle bed, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang will be separated by ghosts. They can’t coordinate their actions at all, and the risk will be greatly increased.

Yan Wei wanted to change the bed, but all the facilities in this room are too old. The bed frame is fixed and can’t be moved at all.

He had to give up and squeeze into a narrow single bed with Yan Mingguang.

Although he had been lying like this just now, the ghost was on his side, and he didn’t think much about anything else. But now there is silence all around. Only the sound of wind and rain outside and the breathing sound of men close at hand make Yan Wei feel a little hot – even if he doesn’t want to fall in love anymore, his sexual orientation is also a man. Next to him is a handsome, cold and handsome man who is angry and resentful.

He turned over in the narrow space and inevitably bumped into Yan Mingguang. The other party whispered, “what’s the matter?”

“Nothing…” Yan Wei muttered, “I’m just easy to move. I like to hit people when I sleep with people.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

“If you’re upset, you can hit it back, but I’m more vindictive. If you hit it back, I’ll hit it again.”


Yan Wei found a slightly more comfortable position, turned his back to Yan Mingguang and stopped moving.

He is very picky. He has high requirements for living conditions everywhere. It is difficult to sleep if he is not suitable. But now he’s sleeping with Yan Mingguang. He’s actually sleepy for only a moment. The taste of men is very refreshing without any impurities. It is a rather cold male hormone breath. Yan Wei was surrounded by such a breath. His two eyelids quickly closed together and quickly fell asleep in the rain.

In his dream, he saw Yan Mingguang again.

This time the dream and reality are very similar. In the dream, he and Yan Mingguang were crowded on the bed, surrounded by all kinds of ghosts. The air seemed a little cold, so he leaned against Yan Mingguang.

In a daze, the dream ended and it was dawn.

The rain was still falling, and the morning sky was covered by clouds, leaving only a hazy light. God woman walked through the door of the guest room one by one and called the players kindly: “it’s time to have breakfast, travelers.”

Yan Wei yawned bleary eyed. As soon as he opened his eyes, he found that he was actually facing Yan Mingguang, pillowing the man’s arm and nestling in Yan Mingguang’s arms.

The man also maintained his sleeping posture, while he turned over and stuck to each other.

Obviously, the man also found their posture at the moment. His eyes moved from the arm pillowed by Yan Wei to Yan Wei’s face. His eyes were quiet, and his voice was slightly hoarse in the morning: “your face.”


“Press out the mark.”


Yan Wei raised his hand and touched the imprint. He quickly raised his head and moved aside.

With the experience of the corridor copy, Yan Wei first looked at how long the half immortal skill would fail, so as to determine whether the time was correct. Then he looked at Yan Mingguang carefully and confirmed that all these were OK. Then he got out of bed quickly with Yan Mingguang.

After the shenpo asked them to have breakfast in the backyard of the mountain temple, they left at a leisurely pace, as if the skin and bone umbrella didn’t exist last night.

Yan Wei pressed down his doubts about shenpo, wrapped his left wrist around the whip again, and rushed directly to the guest room where the dead man died last night with Yan Mingguang.

Other players obviously thought the same as they thought. In a few minutes, many players who were still alive gathered in this room. When Yan Wei first arrived, the others looked at his cheek more or less, and the meaning of his eyes was unknown. Yan Wei didn’t care at all. If he noticed his sight, he would whistle and look back with a smile. He looked away from the guilty hearts of other players who looked at him.

Soon, eleven players gathered.

The old wooden guest rooms are filled with a strong smell of blood. The blood has penetrated some of the wooden floors of the guest rooms and dyed a large area on the ground. The bloody body lay beside the bed, and the completely skinned face could still see the expression of pain before death.

The player who lives with the dead player is Song Yu, a seven layer player who climbs up layer by layer. He spent a night in such a room last night. Obviously, he was not in good shape and his face was quite pale.

“What happened in your room last night?” asked Jiang Xiu.

Song Yu said: “We lay down early last night. Later, someone put the skin and bone umbrella at the door. I discussed with him and thought it must be triggered by death, so we put the skin and bone umbrella in the main hall of the mountain temple together. After we came back, we continued to rest. Unexpectedly, not long after the song sounded, a bloody ghost stood by his bed, Nadong West shot directly and tore off his skin alive. ”

“Didn’t do it to you?”

“I don’t think so. That thing shot too fast. I don’t think he had a chance to escape or take out life-saving props before he died. I’m almost as strong as him, and I’m certainly not the opponent of the ghost thing. So I immediately used a prop similar to a protective shell to wrap myself, and the protective shell hasn’t been attacked. Later, the ghost thing should have left, When I come out again, he has been skinned alive and died. ”

Yan Wei glanced around. While Song Yu was talking, he looked at the guest room carefully bit by bit.

Zheng Mao asked again, “do you know what he did and was stared at by that ghost?”

“He didn’t do anything. After we divided the rooms, we all acted together. I also did what he did. I didn’t do other extra things or encounter anything strange.”

Most of the remaining players frowned and began to think.

This time, there is no discussion between you and me when you first entered the copy. Under the rush answer mode, players are each camp, and the atmosphere of competition has begun to show.

Yan Wei’s eyes moved, and her light brown eyes flashed a trace of confidence that was not easy to capture.

Song Yu is also different from the players who died the first night – they sleep in different beds.

[teacher Yan,] he said to Yan Mingguang through a whip, [can you take out the bed board of the dead player and have a look?]

Yan Mingguang looked the same. He didn’t look at Yan Wei, but holding the whip handle in one hand, he naturally walked to the blood stained bed and raised his feet – without saying a word, he kicked the whole bed into pieces!

The sound of the broken wood board pierced the air, and the situation under the bed board was instantly at a glance.

——That’s an open white umbrella!

Sure enough, they should not only be careful that the God woman put a leather umbrella at the door, but also be careful of the killing machine that may be hidden deep in the house.

Yan Wei was able to push this out quickly thanks to Jiang Xiu. Jiang Xiu’s skinny umbrella left in front of their house made the skinnless ghosts in Jiang Xiu’s house do it, so the player could not have died by throwing away the white umbrella, but for some other reason. The difference between Song Yu and the dead player lies in the different bed.

Yan Mingguang did this, and there was another mystery under the bed.

Lin Zhen gave a “Yo” and said with a smile, “it’s a leather umbrella hidden in the middle of the bed board.”

They are all players who can enter the copy of the seventh floor. It is impossible to enter the room without searching. However, the bed is fixed on the ground and there is nothing from the gap between the floor and the bed board. Only when the bed is disassembled, can we find that the middle of the bed board is empty and there is an open skin and bone umbrella in it.

Several players turned white. One of them couldn’t resist. He raised his feet and went back to his room. He couldn’t wait to search his room again.

At the same time, Lou’s prompt sound sounded in Yan Wei’s and Yan Mingguang’s minds at the same time – Lou actually counted all players involved in finding clues, and they were rewarded at the same time.

[congratulations to the player who cracked the death trigger clue. As the first player to find the clue, you will be rewarded with 1 perception and 1 point.]

[you got an extra 1 point for answering questions.]

The prompt of clue advance also sounded in the minds of other players and in front of the gambling building projection.

Jiang Xiu’s face suddenly sank.

He thought it was only Yan Mingguang who found it. Looking at Yan Mingguang, he said in a very low tone: “… Opportunism.”

Yan Wei glanced at him, his wrist moved, and he didn’t forget to maintain his personal setting of waste snacks. Bored, he shook the whip holding him, hooked the corner of his mouth, and casually said, “you can get points by opportunism, or you can get one too?” he turned his head, compared a “0” gesture, and showed a bright smiling face to Jiang Xiu, “right? 0 player.”


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