Half Immortal Chapter 26

Half Immortal Chapter 26: Ankang ancient town (5)

Jiang Xiu glanced at Yan Wei.

He hasn’t had a good face since he appeared. At the moment, he stares at Yan Wei with a gloomy look. His knuckles move slightly, as if he wants to make a move.

Yan Wei’s perception surged in his mind and clearly felt a contemptuous killing intention – but Jiang Xiu didn’t do it. The man just stared at him for a few seconds, then sneered: “I’m only 0 now, and you… I’m afraid it’s always 0? Ghosts under the building rules give priority to attacks, which can’t be blocked by Yan’s protection.”

“You know I’m 0?” Yan Wei glanced and said honestly, “I’m 2 points.” these 2 points are also thanks to Jiang Xiu’s “dedication”. If Jiang Xiu knew, he would be angry.

Jiang Xiu didn’t believe it at all: “I don’t have the ability. I talk a lot.”

“No score, very little IQ.”

“You -” Jiang Xiu clenched his fist, clenched his teeth and stared at Yan Wei, and finally swallowed it.

As a seed player who climbed steadily from the first floor to the tenth floor, although Jiang Xiu was vindictive and arrogant, he was not stupid. He knew that if he killed the player, he would be wiped out by the building.

Although Yan Wei is immortal today and can use this to lure Jiang Xiu down the bottom line of the killer trigger building, it is normal that such a simple method of provocation will not be fooled. Yan Wei is just a mouth addiction.

Compared with Jiang Xiu

Yan Wei’s eyes moved to Ning Yi who stood at the end.

She looked only about twenty years old. Her face was very young. She was tall, with long hair and shawl. Her delicate face was as cold as a layer of frost. From seeing the corpse to seeing the skin and bone umbrella in the bed board, Ning Yi had no reaction from beginning to end. His indifferent eyes could not catch any emotion, but looked at the front indifferently.

At the moment Yan Wei looked at the past, Ning Yi noticed his eyes. But she just glanced over, and then glanced back without waves.

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows and gently hooked the corners of his mouth.

Compared with Jiang Xiu, the woman named Ning Yi gave him a greater sense of crisis. As for Lin Zhen… Yan Wei doesn’t take neuropathy into account. He could feel that the fish flying boat acting with Lin Zhen was very strong, but the man could not see a trace of evil spirit. He didn’t look like a man who would become an enemy.

[Yan Mingguang] he said, [pay attention to Ning Yi. I think she is more difficult than Jiang Xiu, and her friends and enemies are unknown.]


At the moment, Yan Wei is 2 points ahead of the first. Yan Mingguang has just obtained 1 point. They have also strengthened their strength because of two answers. But these two times, one is because Yan Wei is in an immortal state at the moment, so he can boldly tease ghosts. The other is just now. The next clues will only require more and more strength. It’s hard to say whether they can answer successfully every time. The rest are 0 points. In order not to be the last place tonight, the competition will only be more intense in the daytime today.

Yan Wei has some expectations.

Others looked at the white bone umbrella in the bed board and the bloody body. They were silent for a long time with different expressions.

Finally, Song Yu sighed and said, “I’ve lived together all night. I’ll bury him. This umbrella… I’ll put it next to his body.”

The fish flying boat smiled gently: “please.”

Several players first went back to the room and began to check the room. Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen, who had done this long ago last night, went to the backyard of the mountain temple for breakfast.

Outside, the rain was still falling, and the trickle of water fell from the tiles of the mountain temple. The mountain wind was slightly cool. Shenpo stood outside the small kitchen, facing the wide and green mountain wall, holding a very normal looking umbrella in both hands, and singing the folk song of the ancient town in an old voice.

“The stars are shining, the moon is hanging…”

“This is the mountains and rivers given by God, this is fertile land, this is the blessing of heaven…”

“Rain quickly, rain quickly, the crops will grow up…”

“Let’s hold up our umbrellas…”

On the main hall of the mountain temple, the children in the ancient town who use the main hall as a school also sing songs. Simple children’s songs are mixed with this old song, floating in clarity.

Yan Wei and others sat at the log table. The dishes on the table floated a curl of heat, but the people’s eyes looked at the door.

I saw that shenpo had finished singing once and worshipped the mountain three times with her umbrella. Just now, Lin Zhen was not afraid of death and went directly to ask shenpo what happened last night, but shenpo just denied it and bit her to death. She didn’t do anything last night. Then she began the so-called worship of Mountain God in the rain.

“It’s a pity,” Lin Zhen ate a meal bored. “The divine woman can’t ask anything or trigger anything. I still wonder if it will be fun if she gets angry. Yan, otherwise you will have a fight with me?”

Yan Mingguang didn’t lift his eyelids.

The cook brought up the newly prepared sweet potato porridge: “we all rely on the mountain to eat the mountain. We don’t have any precious things. It’s all these local dishes. Travelers don’t mind.”

Yan Wei turned to look at the cook who prepared food for them.

The cook’s name is Hu Ayu. According to her, she came to help temporarily in the town. According to the goddess, there are tourists passing by the mountain temple these days. She lives alone and has no financial source. She comes to take this job to make a living.

Her head is wrapped in a flower towel. She is wearing clothes with a national style in this ancient town. She looks in her twenties. Her skin is white and her facial features are exquisite. She is a beauty that can not be covered in the kitchen smoke. When she put down the porridge, she happened to meet Yan Wei’s eyes and showed a gentle smile at Yan Wei.

It’s really rare to meet such a copy in the building. It’s not as strange or nagging NPC as a waiter, painter and God woman.

Yan Wei smiled and asked her, “is the town at the foot of the mountain?”

“Brother Yan is going to the town? Just walk down the avenue when you get out of the mountain temple. Two days later, it is the 12th Annual mountain god Festival. Umbrellas are placed at everyone’s door. Brother Yan should be careful not to touch it.”

Lin Zhen also listened and asked, “why can’t you touch the umbrella?”

Hu Ayu ignored him.

Yan Wei didn’t speak as eagerly as Lin Zhen, but smiled in the corners of his mouth. His peach petal eyes drew a close arc. He chatted and asked, “is it your custom?”

She smiled at Yan Wei with a soft voice: “yes. We believe in the mountain god, and the rain is a gift given to us by the mountain god. Every year in the harvest season, we will welcome the gift with an umbrella. The mountain god Festival is the rainy season, and everyone will put their own umbrellas outside to show their respect for the mountain god. People in our town…”

Yan Wei noticed Hu a Yu’s pause.

Her face changed slightly for a moment, then she resumed her smile and said, “she has a bad temper, so be careful.”

Bad temper?

Hu Ayu has turned and left. Several players at breakfast all act. Lin Zhen looks at Yan Wei angrily: “why don’t you ask me? Do NPCs look at their faces?”

Jiang Xiu sneered: “when we have breakfast, this is an information point that will certainly let us know. Whoever asks the same question will tell us in the end.”

The fish flying boat slowly took a sip of porridge and said in a steady and gentle tone, “Yan Wei is also a player. He can ask, that’s his ability.”

Then he nodded to Yan Wei.

Yan Wei has always been polite to people who treat each other with courtesy. The other party respected him and he nodded politely.

The strength of the fish flying boat was unpredictable. Jiang Xiu ate a flat in his place. He got up and patted Zheng Mao: “after eating, we’ll go down the mountain.”

Zheng Mao quickly put down his chopsticks and followed Jiang Xiu out.

The God woman still held an umbrella in the rain and worshipped the mountain wall. Jiang Xiu did not dare to move his umbrella rashly in this copy, and directly braved the rain through the backyard.

Zheng Mao trotted after him: “brother Jiang, why don’t we find some clues on the God woman first? This old thing must know a lot.”

“You all know that shenpo knows a lot, but others don’t? Now it’s rush answer mode, and everyone is staring at places where there may be clues. In addition to Yan, there are also players who point out the theme of the copy – or Yan. We all have 0 points. There are a lot of players who want to find clues on shenpo, because shenpo is the most obvious breakthrough. But the rules of rush answer mode are one A progress is worth one point, whether it’s the great progress of finding out the theme of the copy or the leather umbrella in the dead’s bed board. Then why should we go there to fight for a point that everyone is staring at? The words of the cook were obvious just now – the people in the town have a bad temper. This is an information point, and there must be rush to answer points. ”

Jiang Xiu actually thought very clearly.

He entered this copy because Jiang Ping died in the gambling building copy participated by Yan. His goal is very clear – to let Yan Mingguang die, and to let Yan Wei, who is ignorant of good and evil, die in this copy. Now the copy has been made more difficult and entered the best player bet and rush answer mode. His original advantage will be pulled down. He must get the rush answer score ahead of Yan Mingguang.

He narrowed his eyes and sneered: “As long as I recover the gap between the two points, we’ll go back to the mountain temple immediately. Then where Yan goes, I’ll stop him, so he will be the lowest point. Anyway, I don’t have points when I come down the stairs, and it’s meaningless to rush to answer for the first point. I just wanted to avenge Jiang Ping and make Yan Mingguang unable to get out of this copy, but he fooled me yesterday and lost me an eight Story Prize I will not only let him die, but also let him die in pain… ”

“And the sharp mouthed waste around him. I want to see them skinned and boned with my own eyes.”

Gambling area.

“Jiang Xiu is so insidious. If you don’t be the first, just let Yan always be the bottom.”

“He deserves to be a seed player. The first night he should just make a mistake and want to make a mistake. He recovered today. He was right. There is a shortcut in the rush answer mode, that is, no matter what rush answer is 1 point. Compared with many people competing for 1 point, a person slowly looks for the points that no one is competing for, but wins more.”

“But shenpo has more clues. Maybe she can find out a few points.”

“There are seven or eight people sharing. Where can I get the points of the ancient town?”

“Look! Sure enough! Jiang Xiu is still smart. The worship of the mountain god is over. The fish flying boat and Lin Zhen follow up together.”

“Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei also followed! There are three other players! Eight people… Even if there are three or four points, it’s not worth it.”

“An experienced player like Jiang Xiu is still competing with a group of players on the seventh floor and above for the answer points of shenpo. Yan will not survive this time. The one called Yan Wei who is with him has made no contribution to the present. Maybe he will drag his feet and let Yan die faster. I’m curious about how he will die in the end.”


Gao Ming crowded among the players and looked at the projection.

Yan Mingguang now opened the projection perspective again. In his picture, he directly grabbed Yan Wei’s hand with a whip, and the two followed behind shenpo. In the projection of other perspectives, other players are also hidden in different angles. Obviously, they all want to get copy clues and answer points from shenpo.

There were people around who decided that it was not worth it, but clever shook his head.

“… how could he do something worthless?”

That person is gentle and obedient on the surface, and getting along with others always brings people a sense of comfort, but if he really acts

Yan Wei can calculate everything wisely than anyone and maximize the benefits he can get.

In the copy of Ankang ancient town.

After worshipping the mountain god, the God woman walked behind the mountain temple with an umbrella and went deeper and deeper around the mountain wall.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang followed closely.

[I can feel that there are others, two of whom are particularly strong. They should be Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou. Ning Yi didn’t come to grab this point?]

Yan Mingguang said, “I can’t see through the fish flying boat.”

Don’t you ask me why I came to compete with so many people

The man didn’t answer his question, but said, “sooner or later, you can fight, or you can come early.”

Yan Wei smiled in his heart. Then Yan Mingguang stepped over an uneven rock and said: [what we need to do now is to narrow the gap by answering first. Our goal is different from theirs – they just need to win. We need to improve our strength by answering first, and we also need to answer first… So that others can’t win. What we need to do is to grab the points they can get. There must be more than one clue here. Why did she put her skin and bone umbrella at our door and shoot again in the morning Denied? Who skinned the girl to make a skinny umbrella? And this morning, all the skinny umbrellas in the hall disappeared. Where did they go? There are at least three points here. We get three points, which is equal to three points less for all other players.]

They need points, and the points between Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang must be balanced – so that Yan’s identity can always fall on Yan Mingguang when the final settlement is made.

No matter how many points there are here, they should get the most! Today his immortality is still there, which is a good time to widen the gap.

[I know what calculation Jiang Xiu made when he went down the mountain. His cleverness… Used the wrong place again. I won’t let him get that point.]

While talking, the God woman suddenly stopped.

She has reached the deep mountain. There are thick green trees around. Raindrops continue to condense and fall from the green leaves. The land is full of mud in the rain and has some fragrance of plants and trees. But I don’t know why. Vaguely, Yan Wei seems to smell the rotten smell wrapped in the smell of plants and trees.

God stopped in front of a covered well, put away her umbrella and opened the wooden cover of the well.

——The decaying smell mixed with the fragrance of grass and trees in the forest is stronger.

After lifting the cover, the God woman pulled the rope hanging by the well, and unexpectedly raised her feet and sat by the well, grabbed the rope and slid into the well bit by bit!

Yan Wei frowned uncomfortably and asked directly, “go in?”

“The width of the well can only enter one at a time.”

“I’m advanced.” Yan Wei cut the nail and cut the railway. There must be something at the bottom of the well. He won’t die today. It’s safest to go in first. He knows that Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou must be watching, and other players are also watching, but such a stalemate will only waste time. At that time, he may have to fight the player next to the well first. It’s better for him to jump first.

Yan Mingguang glanced at him.

Yan Wei didn’t say anything. He just raised the corners of his mouth and smiled at the man.

With “a little bit of death” last night, he knew what Yan Mingguang could think of.

He said, “Mr. Yan has protected me for so long. At least my useless dessert will play a role of trial and error. If something happens to me later, I’ll have a conscience to save me.”

This time it was Yan Mingguang’s turn to make a firm decision: “don’t save.”

Yan Wei was the same as he didn’t hear: “thank you in advance.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Yan Wei took back his eyes and went out directly, “I’m going down.”

When I came closer, I could not see the bottom or any water in the well. Instead, it was like an empty pit. The rope was still tied beside the well. Yan Wei shook it in his hand. There was no weight below – shenpo had completely gone down.

The two had finished their discussion. Yan Wei didn’t hesitate. He grabbed the rope and turned over. In the twinkling of an eye, he slipped into the well with the hemp rope!

Yan Wei just went down. Yan Mingguang didn’t even grasp the rope. He raised his feet and jumped into the well with the rustling wind.

As soon as they got down, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou, who had wanted to wait and see, jumped down one after another. The remaining three players hurried up, but found that the well had disappeared!

At that end, Yan Wei slipped to the bottom before long.

It is not so much a bottom as a pool full of blood smell.

From the above, I can’t see anything, but not long after I slipped down, the pungent rotten smell became stronger and stronger, mixed with a very thick bloody smell.

The bottom of the rope… Is a blood pool!

In the dark, the pool reflected an invisible dark color and gave off a disgusting smell of blood. The worst thing was that Yan Wei barely swept through in the dark, but he didn’t see the foothold he could reach – there was still a long way to the Bank of the blood pool in front, and he could only swim in the pool.

Let cleanliness mania swim in the blood pool. It’s better to let cleanliness mania die.

The point is that this cleanliness mania can’t die.

Yan Wei: ”

He grabbed the bottom end of the rope, his eyes slightly coagulated, thinking whether to wait for Yan Mingguang to come down, or think of a way to directly reach the Bank of the blood pool.

The sound of “whew” suddenly sounded in the air, three times in a row.

The black arrow feather pierced the air and brought a light wind passing by. A figure with a long bow fell down above, grabbed Yan Wei who was still holding the rope, and turned over and stepped on the swirling arrow feather!

Three arrow feathers stabbed into the surrounding rock walls at one time. The people who came down grabbed Yan Wei and steadily led Yan Wei to the edge of the blood pool. The visitor was dressed in black, as if he had melted into the surrounding darkness, but a pair of dark red pupils were bewildered by evil spirits.

“Lin Zhen?” Yan Wei was stunned. “Where’s Yan Mingguang?”

Lin Zhen took back his long bow, smiled at him, leaned forward and said, “I’m afraid your Yan has fallen to another entrance. Yan’s little pet, do you want to find a way to ask me to protect you? Although I’m only interested in the strong, I also like to watch the weak ask for help. Don’t worry, when I come down, I’ll close the projection of the gambling building, and other players won’t see you begging for mercy.”

Yan Wei moved his eyebrows.

Another entrance?

Lin Zhen seems to know something else. This information was not touched by a group of players when they were together, that is, last night. Last night

Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou went to the main hall of the mountain temple earlier than them!

The goddess received them in the main hall. There is also a mountain god statue in the main hall. Maybe there is a secret about the hole in the well. Combined with the other entrance that Lin Zhen blurted out just now

In the underground space filled with bloody smell, the blood pool flows slowly. The young man stands by the pool water, his clean windbreaker swings gently with the slight wind flow, and his posture is upright. His temperament is that the blood color in his eyes can’t be suppressed.

He bowed his head slightly. His light brown eyes flashed cunningly in the dim light. His tone was with a smile: “how about making a bet?”

“Oh, you actually want to bet with me? What do you bet? What do you have worth gambling? Little pet, I’m not a good man. I don’t have the compassion of fish flying boat. Don’t challenge my patience.”

“Bet that from now on, who gets the first answer points? If I win, you listen to me and unconditionally provide me with protection. If you win, I listen to you and tell you everything, including Yan.”

Lin Zhen was not interested. When he heard about Yan, his expression changed slightly, and his dark red pupils flashed with expectation.

“OK, I can play with you -”

When the other party takes the bait, Yan Wei gently hooks the corner of his mouth: “Yan Mingguang must have followed me in. You and the fish flying boat acted together. After you landed, you looked up, indicating that you actually expected to see the fish flying boat come down. After we jumped in, you and the fish flying boat also came in one after another – you looked up instead of looking forward, indicating that the fish flying boat came in behind you. Although I was the first to come in, we The order of coming in… It’s me, Yan Mingguang, you, fish flying boat? ”

Lin Zhen’s casual expression was slightly put away, his hand holding the longbow was unconsciously clenched, and a thick nature appeared in Yan Wei’s eyes: “you guessed right? How did you –”

Yan Wei just went on: “But you didn’t see the fish flying boat, didn’t look for it, and didn’t look up again, that is, you didn’t think someone would come – you were sure that only the four of us came in. But at that time, I felt that not only our four players were present, we all came in, and other people couldn’t stop acting, that is to say, they didn’t come in, but they couldn’t come in again.” Yan Wei slowly raised his eyes, his eyelashes trembled slightly, and his eyes were hooked with a smile. “Including God’s mother, five people came into this unique well, and only five people could enter.”

Lin Zhen’s smile collapsed slightly: “are you clumsy?”

“Combined with the ‘other entrances’ you just blurted out… When you went to the main hall to throw a leather umbrella last night, you found something like a map and the records of the Divine Mother in the main hall, which wrote the information of the well? The information probably said that after the well came in, it would fall into different entrances randomly, and only five people could enter at a time ?”

Lin Zhen’s smile completely froze on his face.

Yan Wei is not finished yet: “Combined with the information you got, there is a strange well that only five people can enter, and we are divided into five guest rooms – the number of guest rooms implies that there are five girls who have been skinned and made into umbrellas. The underground is filled with rotten smell and blood pool… The dirty things that the five girls turned into after they died are here. The God woman is familiar with the road and even dares to come in , she knows this place very well. If a person who knows that ghosts are buried in the ground dares to know that ghosts are still coming down, she may be the one who makes leather and bone umbrellas. ”

“According to the information now released, shenpo skinned and boned five girls, made umbrellas from their skins and bones, and threw their bodies here. In the evening, shenpo put the skin and bone umbrella at the door of our room, and the fierce ghost came out of the well and killed the players with the skin and bone umbrella. In the well, the endless blood and water of the girls flowed into the pool and dyed the water here red, Forming a blood pool, the resentment souls of five girls also make this place strange. Only five people can come in. After coming in, they will fall to five different bloody places at random. ”

As soon as the voice fell, Yan Wei heard the reward prompt of the building in his mind. His perception, which was far higher than the level of floors, was raised again. At this moment, he seemed to feel all the wind and grass, and he could clearly know the flow direction of every water flow.

[congratulations to the player for breaking all the logic between shenpo and skinny umbrella. As the first player to find this clue, you will be rewarded with perception 2 and points 2.]

[you got an extra 1 point for answering questions.]

[you currently have a total of 3 points for answering questions, ranking first among the players in this replica. Please make persistent efforts to survive.]

Yan Wei gently raised her eyebrows.

What he thought was right. Although he was right, this clue… Is just the tip of the iceberg. If the girl, God woman and skin and bone umbrella are the whole face of this copy, the reward for this clue will not be simple 2 points of perception and 2 points of points.

Wells and umbrellas are just the beginning. I’m afraid there are still great mysteries in mountain temples and ancient towns.

He secretly wrote down these doubts. At the same time, all players in the copy received the prompt sound of the building.

[the progress of the copy has been updated. Some players have successfully answered the specific contact between the shenpo and the skin and bone umbrella. The shenpo is the person who made the skin and bone umbrella. She skinned the girl and threw their dead bodies under the well in the back mountain of the mountain temple. At night, the skinnless girl came after the skin and bone umbrella and killed those people next to the skin and bone umbrella.]

[rush to answer continues. Please try your best to survive.]

Yan Wei listened to a series of prompts from Lou with satisfaction and felt his strength to improve again.

The so-called gambling appointment began and ended in less than a minute.

He walked forward with a smile, patted Lin Zhen, who had been petrified, and said, “let’s go – bodyguard.”


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