Half Immortal Chapter 27

Half Immortal Chapter 27: Ankang ancient town (6)

Lin Zhen is still standing where he is.

His dark red pupils, which were always smiling, were full of surprise at the moment. His handsome facial features were very stiff, which was very different from the way he had just been waiting for Yan Wei to ask for help.

“I guessed this after I came down, but I haven’t –”

“Before I could say it, I finished,” Yan Wei said. “Then what? Does it affect our gambling appointment?”

The road by the blood pool was narrow and narrow, and there was a rotten smell in it. Yan Wei frowned and looked rather disgusted. He had taken steps and expected to see a small hole more than one person wide in front of him. The wall of the hole was covered with sticky and wet moss. Yan Wei hurriedly stepped back.

He turned back and waved to Lin Zhen, “let’s go.”

Lin Zhen slowly put away the stiffness of his face, clenched the long bow, looked at him sideways, raised his eyes slightly, wrapped in a loose voice and slowly dragged on: “you hide your strength? Why? What do you don’t want people to know?”

“The hole is too dirty. You go first and help me clean the moss next to me so as not to rub me.” Yan Wei opened the information panel and scanned the most common area of the exchange mall. He generously took out the invitation letter, exchanged a bag of the best quality cleaning cloth, and threw it on Lin Zhen. “Save some use. It cost me a low-level invitation letter.”

Lin Zhen subconsciously raised his hand and took over.

He moved quickly and neatly, bent his left knuckle slightly, and grabbed the two bags of cloth in a whisper.

Lin Zhen saw what it was: ”

The stiffness that had finally converged now reappeared on his face.

Yan Wei has turned back, walked behind Lin Zhen and slowly put on his long prepared gloves. Lin Zhen’s black clothes melted into the dim light, and his whole body was evil and dangerous, but Yan Wei didn’t seem to feel the oppressive body index of the other party. He just put on his gloves, patted Lin Zhen’s back shoulder and said, “don’t worry, I turned off the projection angle of the gambling building when I entered the copy. Other players can’t see you cleaning the cave wall as a bodyguard.”

Lin Zhen: ”

Even if he didn’t see Lin Zhen’s expression, Yan Wei could hear Lin Zhen’s slightly aggravated breathing by the quiet blood pool, which seemed to be a sign before he was angry.

But Yan Wei smiled silently.

He and Yan Mingguang did not plunge into this seven story copy unprepared. Before coming in, in addition to studying their inevitable opponent Jiang Xiu, Yan Wei also carefully watched all copy records related to Lin Zhen. After all, this invitation is from Lin Zhen. If he is wrong about Lin Zhen’s character, he may hurt himself and Yan Mingguang.

Looking at all the records, Yan Wei found that although Lin Zhen was a mysterious dark horse in the eyes of low-level players and new seed players in the building, his behavior pattern was simpler than Jiang Xiu. Simply put, it’s — a competitive psychopath with excellent face.

He likes to run after those who may be better than him or equal to him. He also keeps his promise because he is too competitive and wants face. This man is not a good man, but he is not bad. The most important thing is to do what he says. At the moment when he saw Lin Zhen but didn’t see Yan Mingguang, Yan Wei already had an idea and grasp.

Sure enough, but for a moment, Lin Zhen’s mood turned in twists and turns. Finally, he not only didn’t repent, but also laughed.

“You still have a grudge, little pet,” he said, swinging a long bow in his hand, and a pure black arrow feather appeared on the bow string out of thin air. As soon as the arrow feather appeared, he left the string in the breaking wind, and the tip of the arrow instantly resisted the cloth thrown up by him at the same time. Then another long arrow followed almost without interval.

The long arrow quickly pierced the darkness and crossed the dirty moss on both sides of the cave wall. When the bowstring is stretched, it is enough for other players to constantly shoot arrow feathers from the long black bow on guard. In this way, they are overqualified to open the way for Yan Wei’s cleanliness.

Lin Zhen was still a little shocked just now. Before he took a few steps, the man returned to the previous way. He always smiled with unknown meaning and his voice was casual: “Yan Mingguang must also know that you are hiding clumsiness? You two have always acted together, and he is also very strong. You should cooperate. Little pet, your sheepskin is very successful. I cheated you.”

Yan Wei followed Lin Zhen and walked in the narrow hole, holding a exchanged flashlight in his hand. Li didn’t manage Lin Zhen, but looked carefully at both sides.

“Just now you can’t cross the blood pool alone. Isn’t your body index outstanding? That’s perception. It matches your vengeful and clever character. I haven’t met anyone with high perception to pit me like this. I’m suddenly not interested in Yan. I think you can play better.”


“No. you and Yan Mingguang enter the same replica. Your strength is no worse than him. Why is he the best player? Yan… Yan and Yan… Who are you?”


“Hey, why don’t you go? What are you looking at so seriously?”

Yan Wei is looking at the ground.

The slender fingers of the young man curled up slightly, his fingertips against the edge of the flashlight, his wrists slightly downward, and bent down to look down at the narrow ground. His eyes were clear, and his pupils reflected the light gathered by the flashlight, which was as bright as his expression.

“Do you think it’s very laborious for shenpo to climb the mountain and go down the well?” Yan Wei said casually.

“Oh, she’s so old that if she doesn’t have to work hard, we can be the boss. Besides stones and insects, there are some drag marks on the ground – as a place with ghosts, it’s normal to drag bodies. What are you looking at?”

Yan Wei said, “I’m looking at the width of the drag trace. It’s very thin. It’s much thinner than the girl’s body.”

He didn’t say much clearly, but Lin Zhen in front of him is not a copy of those novice players. This sentence is enough.

Judging from the difficulty of shenpo climbing down the mountain and down the well, she is just an ordinary old man, so she may not have the strength to carry slightly heavier things. The drag marks on the ground will not be made by those skinnless female ghosts who can disappear into the room in an instant, but can only be God women.

The width of this trace is too narrow, not even as wide as the girl’s waist. Obviously, it is not a trace of dragging the body.

What is the God woman dragging?

She didn’t bring anything when she went down the well. The drag trace is likely to be caused when she took things out. What is not too big, but also has a certain weight, and can be dragged out every time without God’s mother bringing it in?

——In the daytime, the skin and bone umbrella disappeared out of thin air in the main hall of the mountain temple.

Now it seems that what is happening now can form a clearer logic.

The God woman used the girl’s skin and bones as an umbrella and threw the girl’s body down the well. What may have happened in the middle. There have been changes here. The bodies of those girls have also become fierce ghosts. The emergence of skin and bone umbrella represents the emergence of skinnless female ghosts. At night, the God woman put the skin and bone umbrella at their door, and the skinnless female ghost would appear in the room with the song and kill the people with the skin and bone umbrella.

During the day, the skin and bone umbrella that did not cause death will return to the well. If shenpo still needs to lure the skinnless female ghost to kill with skin and bone umbrellas, she needs to go down the well again and drag these umbrellas out.

Except for the leather umbrella that caused the player’s death, the other leather umbrella that did not cause any death disappeared. I’m afraid it appeared – or returned to – this unique well.

Shenpo is the one who takes out the umbrella again. So the trace is very thin. It is estimated that it is the width of several umbrellas in the bag, and the slightly furry old moss on the trace is facing the outside, because things have never been dragged in but out.

“Why don’t we go inside and get a leather umbrella to play with? It’s raining outside and it saves you the effort to buy an umbrella.” Lin Zhen has shot several arrow feathers again and said, “Hey, I’m doing it. I think it’s fun to use my bow and arrow to clean up.”

Yan Wei: “can you explain why there are changes here and why shenpo does it?”

“Maybe we look good and want to make us into leather and bone umbrellas.”

“There’s no need to pretend. If you lose your bet, you have to help me, but we’re not teammates who can deliver the back, which I know better than you,” Yan Wei chuckled, and his clear voice echoed back and forth in the narrow well. “You’re not stupid, you also have your own guess. If you don’t want to say, just shut up and don’t waste time fooling me.”

Lin Zhen was offended by him, but he didn’t get angry, and his smile widened: “Hey, you little pet, why do those around Yan Mingguang seem so good and so fierce now? But you guessed the clue of this trace. I won’t rob you of this answer point. Tell the answer yourself.”

Yan Wei mentioned a trace just now. He and Lin Zhen had the answer in their hearts, but the prompt tone of the building didn’t ring, indicating that the rush answer score needs to be analyzed before it can be determined.

Yan Wei shook his head: “now is not the time to say it.”

What he has to do is not just score, but… Control the score range of all players.

He roughly poked Lin Zhen with a flashlight: “open the road quickly. It will take us several hours to return to the mountain temple. I don’t want to stay here until night.”

Lin Zhen was not vague. The long bow moved and several arrow feathers came out in succession. He was not idle: “it’s good to drag it to the evening. Maybe there are more bloody and abnormal pictures to see…”

The sound of their footsteps accompanied by the rustling wind of the arrow feather. The light of the flashlight continued in the dark. It seemed that after a moment, the gathered light spread more and more, and their footsteps echoed longer.

“Oh, the front seems wide -” Lin Zhen’s voice suddenly gave a meal.

Behind him, Yan Wei’s eyes coagulated, and just now his casual expression disappeared. His eyes crossed Lin Zhen’s shoulders and slowly fell into the suddenly spacious cave in front of him.

The gradually widened cave seems to have come to an end, and the spacious ground can accommodate 50 or 60 people to stand at the same time. Under the bright white light from the flashlight, pale umbrellas were neatly arranged there, with drowning treachery in the silence.

Even Lin Zhen subconsciously breathed.

“… Oh, how many are there?”

Yan Wei blinked and said word by word, “127. Don’t you want to play with it? Enough for you.”

Lin Zhen: ”

“Ah, it seems that you don’t even need to get it,” Yan Wei looked straight ahead, his eyes flashing and his tone lengthened slightly. “They’re coming towards us.”


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